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RealmA wedding and the life of the eternal
Created by Cici
RealmRain Rain, Go Away
Created by Josie Nathan
Seraphina Morning Star 10/18/18 Sera was excited to hear about Aurora finding a little angel. She wanted to meet her so she went to pay them both a visit. Being told she loved Ariel and all things pretty Sera had gone shopping to bring Josie some princess dolls. Finding them outside she walks to the house. "Hi I am Sera Aurora sister."
_Aurora_ 10/16/18 "Of course! You will be the prettiest butterfly ever." Giving smiles as she thinks. "What do you think we should do?"
_Soul_Darklander 10/14/18 *watches* Cants head in surprise* "Well guess you do like candy bars. And just where are your parents sweetheart?"
_Aurora_ 10/10/18 "Well I was thinking maybe doing some shopping to decorate our cabin. what do you think?!" Stopping in front of the ble butterfly exhibit.
_Soul_Darklander 10/10/18 "Lollipops eh?!" *Looks in pockets* Hmm did you borrow them for another girl? I found a snickers bar." *Hands it over*
Poppy Adler 10/10/18 Smiling at the child's enthusiasm, Poppy nodded eagerly. "That is a nice doll. Be careful and don't forget her anywhere. I don't like mean people either, but everyone have been nice so far." Giggling to herself, Poppy thought of one of her newest friends, who had been teaching her new words to be added to her vocabulary.
_Soul_Darklander 10/08/18
*Looks and smiles*

*Kneels taking flowers*
"Nice to meet you Josie. You can call me Soul. The flowers are very pretty like your wings. Do you like candy?"
Poppy Adler 10/08/18 Watching the child, Poppy wondered what this place was letting children run without apparent supervision. Accepting the dandelion, Poppy sat down on her haunches
"Hello Josie. Thank you for the flower. My name is Popppy, just like another flower."
_Aurora_ 10/08/18 "Great!" Taking her hand heading off to see the other butterflies and find a gift shop. "Princess how do you feel about halloween?"
_Aurora_ 10/07/18 "We can ask for sure!" Aurora wrapped her arms around her and gave josie a soft hug as she giggled. "Come on let's go see the rest and find a shop..yes?!"
_Aurora_ 10/06/18 "That will take many butterflies." Aurora giggled softly. "Good thing we have one of those big trees they can live in."
_Aurora_ 10/06/18 Giving a great big smile a nodding. "What would yo name them?"
_Aurora_ 10/06/18 "Once they are done napping they turn to beautiful butterflies." Looking at all the caterpillars "I think they have some we can take home for our garden."
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 -angel.. - Oh? I am glad you found a 'mother' figure to take care of you.
-was going to speak to Livia regarding angels and why she never mentioned them- Well that is very good I suppose.
-points to the webbing between his thumb and finger- Next time she tries to pick a fight with you, just shove this part of your hand into her throat.. with all your strength.
-nods sagely-
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 -nods as he listens- I see. I believe I met her earlier.
-grins- Macaroni and Cheese is very good.
-looks around- Which little girl..
-may not be above pushing another small child down as retaliation for bullying one that is family..-
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 -reaches into knapsack, removes two juice boxes- Where are your parents?
-gives the small child both juice boxes.. one for the girl, one for 'Ariel'- It is dark outside.. should you be out here alone?
-not that anyone would dare step foot onto the Den's lands and harm a child- Have you eaten, kleines Madchen?
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -realises he missed a few people-
-is surprised to find a small child- Guten Abend..
-tries to smile.. nicely, realises he might look frightening to a child that isn't Ella- I am Valentin, I just wanted to see if you needed help.. or a juice box? Some cookies?
-appraises, hands on his hips- Have you been fed today?
_Aurora_ 10/04/18 Following close behind keeping a close eye as he ventured off into the exhibit taking pictures. Smiling watching the butterfly land on her nose. "Josie look here. These are the butterflies before wings."
_Aurora_ 10/04/18 Looks around at all the butterflies flying around then down at Josie seeing the excitement on her face and hearing her squeal made Aurora bust out with laughter. "Go look I will follow you!"
_Aurora_ 10/04/18 Yay you made it!
_Aurora_ 10/03/18 Looking back at her as she spoke. Aurora eyes brighter then they ever have been. "We sure can!" Taking her hand leading them inside.
_Aurora_ 09/30/18 Holding Josie in a hug she felt the feeling of what happiness really was. Finally having someone to love and a family of her own Aurora smiled brighter then ever before.
Adam Frankenstein 09/30/18 Adam saw little foot prints of a small child. He growled angrily at the thought of some one nosing about his private place. He avoided the young ones of this place. There was one who managed to break the stone barriers he put in place for their own safety. Humans were the bane of his immortal existance. She wasn't human, she was a little angel. He growled again at the thought of someone harming a child. Hell he had killed a child centuries ago. He was more a savage than 'human.' Time and watching the 'others' taught him what his 'Creator' deemed not worthwhile. He pushed back the memories and stooped to pick a small scrap of paper held down by a small painted rock.
His scarred face became gentle as he looked a the brilliant blue with its shades of lighter blue. A small Ariel mermaid sticker embossed the small rock. He slipped the garish into his coat pocket and looked at the picture made by Josie. Josie had been his visitor and his brow furrowed with concern. He wanted no visitors especially young children or adults. Josie was an angel and a child. He needed to talk to Aurora about Josie's visit.
He gazed at the piece of paper that had a large figure like himself, smaller one of Josie and her new doll. Everyone had big smiles on their face. It was a thank you note from the little Angel. She had made her visit a secret one and had avoided the times he would have been home to rest from his duties. He whispered quietly. "Thank you." Maybe if Aurora brought Josie to the cabin for a short visit. He could give them their small gifts he had found in his wanderings about the city.
_Aurora_ 09/28/18 Pushing back a bite of her hair. "You princess have helped me more then you know." Smiling more brighter then ever Aurora hugged Josie again.
_Aurora_ 09/28/18 Wrapping her arms around little Josie Aurora smiled bright hugging her tightly. "I am so happy too!"
_Aurora_ 09/26/18 Taking Josie hand into her own Aurora gives a big bright smile nodding. "If you will you will have me, I would love to be your new mommy!"
_Aurora_ 09/26/18 Aurora looks at Josie smiling bright then follow behind her and stands by her side. Slowly kneeling down she turns to look at Josie with a nervous look on Aurora face. " I wanted to ask you if you would like to stay with me?"
_Aurora_ 09/26/18 Slowing down Aurora gives Josie a confused smile. "Well I wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind." Making there way into a dome looking greenhouse with flowers of many bright colors.
_Aurora_ 09/26/18 Getting lead by Josie to the butterfly exhibit Aurora let's out a big laugh following fast on her step. "Hey Josie?!"
_Aurora_ 09/26/18 Poking her nose giving her a bright smile as she takes Aurora's hand once again. Standing up she looks over to Josie. "I don't see why not!"
Raze Wraith 09/26/18 He walks up to the girl and kneels before holding out a small flower of gold, “Shall I say thank you Princess, or do you prefer little one? You were a wonderful flower girl and for that, you have my thanks.”
_Aurora_ 09/26/18 Handing Josie the quarter as her hand was put out giving a soft laugh. Aurora stands behind her brushing Josie's hair back smiling as she made her wish. Aurora stands by Josie's side once again bending down to look at her face and smile.
_Aurora_ 09/25/18 Pondering the question in her head Aurora had never given it much thought. "You know what I would say orchids. But I like any flower that comes in yellow." Giving a small laugh they pass the fountain that also was a wishing well. Handing Josie a quarter from her pocket. "Want to make a wish?"
_Aurora_ 09/25/18 Taking Josie's hand once more giving her a twirl and smiling. "Then butterflies first yeah?!" Almost forgetting Aurora runs back for a smaller map.
_Aurora_ 09/24/18 "That does sound like a very pretty song. We should find the movie afterwards." Aurora paid their entrance into the garden. Upon entrance they stop to look at the map. "They have a butterfly exhibit."
_Aurora_ 09/24/18 "Hopefully they have those and many other pretty flowers as well." Aurora smiled catching some of what Josie was humming. "That sounds nice. What is it?"
_Aurora_ 09/23/18 Keeping an eye and a nice hold of Josie's hand. "Oh that does sound good doesn't it!?" Giving a bright smile as we walk into the park towards the garden. "Hmm I wonder what kind of flowers they will have?"
Adam Frankenstein 09/23/18 He left a brown paper of an Ariel toy doll with a blue dress and other doll clothes beside the little girl. "Hello Miss Josie, something for you. You take good care of her. " He backed away from the little girl so she see what he left her. "Miss Aurora now has a new home for you both. " He turned and walked away.
_Aurora_ 09/23/18 Aurora holding to Josie's hand laughed softly."with whipped cream on top!" Making their way down the fairly crowded street passing all those around them as it was just them alone. "Almost there!"
_Aurora_ 09/23/18 A smile grace Aurora's lips. "And maybe after some dinner and ice cream."
_Aurora_ 09/22/18 Looking down at sweet Josie she gave it a split thought and smiled. " I think we have time to visit the city garden before dinner. How does that sound!?" Aurora voice stayed steady and soft.
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 They smiled and clapped then returned the curtsy. 'Thank you for joining us today. It was such a pleasure to have you!' Giving Josie a great big smile as she watched and spoke.
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Hold the little angel in her arms Aurora brushed sweet Josie's hair as she hugged her tight. "You deserve it sweet angel."
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Taking que from Josie Aurora sits as a princess would and sips her tea as well. The other princesses sat at the table with us and had tea as well. 'How are you enjoying your team princess Josie?' Big Ariel had asked giving her a small plate with a tiny cupcake and some cookies.
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Aurora let out small soft burst of laughter watching Josie practically jump out of her seat with excitement. "You are a real princess Josie! And you are very welcome sweetheart."
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Brushing Josie's hair as she held Aurora's leg as she spoke to the girl playing Jasmine. The princess bringing them both inside to get them pretty dresses and sit them to have tea.
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Watching Josie a bright smile crossed my lips. It was the kind of smile that made your cheeks hurt when you couldn't stop. "Oh my where are my manners princess Jasmine this is my little princess Josie!" Making the introduction Aurora kept smiling.
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 "Not sure but it is a tea party." Making their way back to the boutique we were greeted by a princess named Jasmin.
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Taking her hands once more giving it a soft squeeze "Then I shall try to fill princess Belle shoes."
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 "She is! Well then I think I will try Belle. But I bet her dress is not as beautiful as yours."
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 "Belle! Which one is she?" Aurora short time here she wasn't sure which one she was. Those were things she didn't think she would have to know.
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Giving a small laugh Aurora thought about Josie's question. Giving her a glance with a smile. "I hadn't thought about that.. I guess I can to. Any idea what princess I should try?"
_Aurora_ 09/21/18 Giving a bright smile as she looked at the little princess and softly poking Josie's little nose. "I thought you would never ask!" Taking her hand leading the way back to the shop.
_Aurora_ 09/20/18 "Don ever be afraid. I had promised to look after you, and that promise I shall keep! Looking down at her Aurora gave the biggest smile and hugged her again.
_Aurora_ 09/20/18 "Oh how I have missed you to sweet princess! Aurora bendd to return the hug just as tightly as Josie.
_Aurora_ 09/20/18 "Hello Princess Josie!"
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 Taking the girls hand she smiles. "I have no doubt of that sweetheart. None at all." Giggling softly she leads Josie to the wedding.
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 She smiles at the girls excitement, unable to contain her own. "I think Josie fits you just fine. But I think we should add Princess to it and call you Princess Josie. So, do you wish for me to escort you to the wedding Princess Josie?"
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 She taps her chin softly as though she had to really think about it. With a soft giggle and boop to Josie's nose she smiled again. "You know what? I think you, little one, would make the very best flower girl in the whole wide world. You are even dressed to be one and have a bouquet. Now all you need is the location and the basket of flowers to trail behind you as you walk. What do you say? Would you like to be my flower girl?"
Cici Wraith 09/07/18 Cici loved children, though not all of them shared that same feeling. Hearing the small girls voice she knelt lower to be eye level with the young girl. A soft smile played on her lips as she spoke. "I am Miss Cici. And you must be a princess. I like your dress."
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 “Sure little one, though Cici May have you be the flower girl for the ceremony so you better go ask her really quick.”
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 He smiles and pats the girl on the head, “You ever been to a wedding? If you want to stop by, feel free to. We are having a lot of very good food and cake afterwards.”
Raze Wraith 09/06/18 He chuckles and hands her a necklace with bright, glittering gems in the amulet as he nods, “You were only missing the jewelry that princesses have. Just remember, if you need me I’ll be around youngling.”
Raze Wraith 09/05/18 He chuckles before kneeling down, his form seemed to compact in upon itself until he could stare at her eyes at eye level, “If you should ever need help, then just call for Raze, I’m always willing to help innocents and princesses, and you appear to be both.”
Raze Wraith 09/05/18 “Hello small child of light, are you okay?” His towering form probably looked like a giant at eight foot eight in height. Yet he smiled kindly at the girl, “If you need anything then I’m more than happy to help.”
Anyssa 08/31/18 * Nessa giggled* "Yes I do. Chocolate is my favorite what about you?"
Anyssa 08/31/18 *Nessa smiled at the tot* " Because when I was little I loved them too." * Whispering* " Between you and me I still love them."
Anyssa 08/30/18 *Nessa knelt down to her side and pulled out a all day lollipop smiling at the tot.* " Here you go little one. Please call me Nessa. And I mean what I said if you need anything please look for me."
Anyssa 08/29/18 "Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
Olivia Pierce 08/26/18 "Welcome little one!" Vi frowned to see a little one alone and her first concern for the child. "What can I do to help ou"
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