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Zach Von Dragneel

Piers De Luca

Dahlia Hill

Jason Kincaid

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RealmSilent Lucidity
Created by Piers De Luca
Jason Kincaid 05/24/17 He put his hand out and offered it to her as she introduced herself. "My name's Jason, or you could call me Kincaid if you like." He grinned at her, showing his own set of rather sharp teeth. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Finding you is a good sign that tonight was the right night to wander aimlessly into town."
Jason Kincaid 05/24/17 Her smile instantly caught his attention and he couldn't help but smirk at her. It was difficult to ignore how impressive of an entrance she made and the air of confidence that surrounded her. "And I guess you're one of the creatures I can trust? That's very good to hear. Perhaps we can help one another if you're ever interested. Two heads are always better than one."
Barbara Hamilton 05/23/17 The back of her hands rubbed at her closed eyes, almost clawing the orbs of sight from behind her eyelids. Dark circles framed her irises and the look of pure exhaustion. Babs opens her mouth to respond to the Russian red in front of her. Instead a long winded yawn emits from her mouth. She blinks her eyes aggressively, and simultaneously moves a finger to poke her lashes against her skin. "You know, some man told me the---" Her voice falls off into a relaxed pattern of breathing. Barbara asleep with one eyelid closed, and the other eye open and focused downwards.
Piers De Luca 05/22/17 I have always liked the feeling of humor. It is like a cultivated field beneath a full moon on a summer's night. It is the taste of fruit punch with just a hint of citrus. Her humor, though, is accompanied by the scent of blood. Her humor is like that field, so beautiful on the surface and relaxing and calm, is filled with landmines and pit traps. I breath in deep the scent of blood along with the musky scent unique to females who have been exerting themselves recently. That would account for the blood, perhaps. I am not afraid, simply because she is not. I have that sardonic, dark humor prompting me to say something funny and clever with a little bit of cruelty. "You," I say, feeding off of her emotion to replace my complete lack thereof. "Seem to have some... on you... just there." I point, but the gesture is useless to her retreating back. A shrug. She'll figure it out. Or maybe all the cool people walk around with blood decorating them these days. I don't even give a thought to what, or who, donated the stuff because I don't really think about other beings besides myself unless I'm forced to. Call me selfish, but that's just how I'm wired.
lacigam 05/21/17 Wow nice profile, so much design, was just passing by and noticed it. Also welcome to the Realm, may your stay be wonderful and dangerously fun!!!
-Samael- 05/21/17 Sam could feel eyes on him as he continued to journey through the Realm. Was he really that big of a deal that he caught every person's eye? Finally the watcher revealed herself and the man watched her with ice cold blue eyes. An odd aura was about this one. His arms reached up to cross his chest with an unimpressed expression across his visage.

"Thanks for the welcome, Aislinn. I will be sure to keep you in mind."
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