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Ravana's Biography
She had woken up so long ago dazed lost and confused. She couldn’t remember for minutes before looking around the immaculate room with lush rugs but the walls were rough stone . She look up again at the the stone ceiling realizing she was in a cave somewhere . She had been kidnapped from her village and people her neck was sore as she tried to sit up she couldn't realized her hands and feet where tied. Before she could stasrt screaming for help he materialized out of the shadow . “My pet please do not scream. See this is your new home and I am your new master. I will give you a gift that you will never forget and hopefully you will enjoy it. “ *She of course screamed a good minute before she noticed him laughing at her and in a blink of an eye he had his hand on her throat and bites his other hand. He smears it over her mouth as she tries to scream the blood seeping into her mouth she tries to spit it out but his hand was like an iron clamp. She starts to panic feeling like she couldn’t breath. Soon her whole body started to burn she was so hot all over. She trashed and her eyes roll back in her head. He finally lets his hold loose. She fights against the restraints as the burning continues and the added stink of needles all over. She screams in such agony. She thought it was days but probably only hours before she passed out again. She woke again with a start and finds she is no longer tied. She sit up and clutches her stomach feeling so starved . She had no idea what he had done to her. She later finds out from him he had turned her. Much later she realizes he did it because he could no longer bare an existence alone. She at the time thought he was insane to be lonely enough to condemn another to pure night. However it seemed to fit her and brought out that piece of herself she tried to keep locked away from the world. Something very dark and twisted side of her. She couldn’t explain what had come over her after decades of being at his side and learning the world, when she had pushed him into the sunlight . He looked at her with such forgiveness and appreciate she felt he had wanted to die a long time but hadn’t the strength to do it himself. She watched as long as she could in the deep shadow of the cave. .This text shows up ON the imageShe left caves after centuries man learning to build and soon building replaced the caves clans survived in. She went on year long killing sprees killing not even to eat but to watch that light die out of their eyes. The soft throb of their pulse the sudden couple hard beats of the heart to try keep going from so much blood loss before . Nothing they laid still. She later kept from killing long enough to learn about the changing world the languages the dress. She spent hundreds of years alone wondering over the earth and sea. She had only encountered a few vampires but soon grew distaste for them. They all cried about living forever having this gift they considered a curse . She had killed a few feeling they to where to weak to do it themselves. They too had the same look in their eyes. She had decided then she wanted to rule the world. She knew she sounded like the mad scientist or dictator but she honestly wanted this with all her heart. She started making plans studying all kinds of warfare, medical, fighting , and chemistry. She gets closer to it every decade every century but then one day. It hit her she couldn’t do it alone. Or rather she didn’t want to do it alone. Surely someone or something could also help lead her and him against the earth and rule it together. She of course did not find someone and grew board . she realized she was going to have to wait for this person so how to pass time until then. She had to do something to help with the boredom so she became the assassin , for anyone or anything , sometimes she did it for free . Others she accumulated great wealth killing for rich , other vampires, wolves, and witches. Witches is where her life changed again . A young but powerful leader of a witch coven named Morgana had almost killed her. She had dispatched many before none strong enough to phase her. But this witch well she was the one to pull the reins. She halted her in her tracks and tortured her for days . She of course tried to be strong but days and weeks of this she soon found out why this witch had taken it upon herself to teach her a lesson. She had said Ravana had killed her close friends . But oddly enough the witch was attacked again most of her coven knocked off by humans no less. Ravana had just managed to escape her prison when this attack was happening, she should of ran ; however people were dying all around her how could she leave such a scene. She stayed and fought on the witches side and at the end of it saved Morgana. Morgana of course hated this she owned Draven a debt. She granted her freedom of sorts and a ring that would allow Ravana to venture in the sunlight. Ravana of course jumped at the chance to walk again in sunlight even more time to terrorize. Except of course it was not that easy Morgana bound Ravana to her blood line for all of eternity. But that old hag is still very much alive and calls on Ravana to do all her dirty work killing off competition and threats and such.
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