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Hold my beer..
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Iodine Violet's Biography
“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.
When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wrote down ‘happy’.
They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

John Lennon

From the time she could walk and talk, Iodine was in trouble- with her parents, at school, with the law. It wasn't that she was a bad child, she was just rambunctious. It didn't help that Cadence, her cousin and best friend, shared the same views of the world and life.

Life was meant to be lived.
They were meant to be free.
They were meant to be happy.

Their mothers busied by the girls' younger brothers.. Cade and Iodine ran free or found company with their uncles. Learned things little girls shouldn't learn- how to hotwire cars, ride motorcycles, and fight. By their early teens, lessons taught became more applicable to life- how to talk their way out of trouble, how to hustle on the streets, how to wrench. By sixteen, disposing of bodies and cleaning crime scenes were a cake walk. See, their families were on both sides of the law and the girls' personalities dictated this necessity to be taught 'things'. What they didn't know- their family were also slayers.

But there were always whispers of vampires and other beings at late night 'meetings'. When the 'children' were supposed to be sleeping. The tales spun intrigued the girls. You could even say Iodine found the idea of vampirism attractive. The immortality. The unfading beauty. The ability to heal. Especially since she found herself addicted to the most potent of all drugs, Adrenaline.

At 18, Iodine decided she wanted to be a vampire. She wanted to live forever. Wanted to do all the things her adrenaline seeking brain could do without suffering irreparable damage to her body. She found the solution in her soulmate, Noah, another thrill junkie. But after 7 years, and many minor transfusions, they started to believe she might be immune to the 'virus'. It wasn't until after an accident, when a large quantity of blood was exchanged, they found she was toxic to her beloved.

Iodine was an anomaly.

Her blood in small quantites, was euphoric and temporary strength.
In large quantities, it killed.
Her touch burned the weak while the strong found it mildly uncomfortable.
And yet, they allowed her to live whenever she walked among them.
No matter how many she indirectly killed in her quest for immortality.

Too weird to live, too rare to die? Possibly.
Maybe she's just a test subject in their secret society.

She doesn't mind though.. as long as it's their bodies left in her wake.
She's got too much living to do to worry about it.
But her family worries about it.
And they're keeping a close eye on their walking, talking bottle of Holy Water.

"And at the same time.. my own block hold a nine.. And a bullet with my name in case I go against the grain."

TL:DR - Thrill Junkie that kills vampires. Sorta not on purpose. FWIW (for the vampires out there) - Iodine almost always has black latex gloves on for work. 99.99% Hypoallergenic. No bunnies here.
I really just want to write.
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Cadence Corelli


Kristoffer Forseti


Marvin Saunders

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RealmHold my beer..
Created by Iodine Violet
The Black Rose~The Crossroads - Entrance~
Created by River Song
Kristoffer Forseti 08/12/18 "Unfortunately for me, my job requires me to be around large bodies of water sometimes. I make sure to be prepared, though. Water wings." He gives her a sage nod as if it has saved his life before. Truly, he hadn't a clue why his body would sink. Was it a curse? Or maybe it was death trying to pull him back. It just seemed everytime he looked down into the abyss he saw giant jaws ready to make a meal of him. His mind told him it was down there waiting for him. There was no avoiding it. If he was in the water, it would get him. A silly fear, but a debilitating one nonetheless.

The man ran a checklist in his head of when he came across this problem. "Only large bodies of water where I can't see the bottom. I think I have a fear of what's in there, oddly enough." Though his laugh was convincing, he was truly embarrassed. Of the horrors he has dealt with, deep water was his downfall.

Once she mentioned where they could acquire more beer he let her gain the lead before following close behind, still munching on his snacks. As they walked and talked she began to ask even more questions. Kris admired her curiosity. Most people just gave him a weird look and changed the subject. It was rare that he could have an actual conversation with someone, albeit vague in nature. However, it seemed that was about to change. She caught him.

With a defeated grin he let out a sigh. "No. We are talking supernatural animals. There's more to the world than demons, werewolves and vampires. They are just the more common ones. I'm a hunter. Hunting has been my life since I could remember, and I have become a bit of an expert at it. I also teach up and comers."
Cadence Corelli 08/09/18 Maybe...*shoves her handful of chips in her mouth
He seems smart. Like, Yeah maybe a stoner, but I dunno. He's just chill
*might already be infatuated*
*that's just how she is*
Cadence Corelli 08/09/18 *Shakes her head* No, very human, as far as I can tell.
*shoves her hand in the bag of chips and grabs some* He was definitely high. And it didn't seem like he was faking it. So unless he found some vampire strength weed, he's human.
We'll have to test him when he comes in
Summer 08/07/18 Summer watched as Iodine unpacked what were obvious essentials to the girl and her dog. Taking a seat, she listened as Iodine worked through the plan. Giving a nod, she pushed an ashtray to Iodine then busied her hands with a packet of Sweet ‘n Low. “I give you complete artistic control. Using my own skin tone seems to be a logical choice.” Summer had no real idea on what technically made a good tattoo. She could appreciate the artistry, but the finer details were lost on her. She was humble enough to stand back and let the artist take over.

Giving the wait staff a warm smile, “Whiskey sour for me, please. And make that two menus.” She beamed a bright grin at the server. If there was one person in the world Summer was always hell-bent on being nice to, it was workers in the service sector. Returning her attention back to Iodine, she leaned back in her chair and stretched her legs out, taking care not to nudge Babbo. Clucking her tongue, she said, “I get the next round. Since this is practically a consultation.” She laughed but wasn’t joking. It hardly seems fair to have the girl brainstorm and possibly sketch while paying for her drinks. Looking at Iodine with some curiosity, she asked, “Do you have any favorite pieces on yourself?” Her face scrunched up in thought. “Do you tattoo yourself? That seems...difficult.”
Kristoffer Forseti 08/07/18 The man's head gave a few nods. "Yup. As soon as I look down, I lost all functionality of my body and just go dooooown." To emphasize his point he made a bomb whistle while his index finger slowly moved towards the ground. Then a chip was popped into his mouth in a single fluid motion.

Kris raised his arm up to flex, showing he was, in fact, shredded. Even though he devoured his weight in junk food, his metabolism was superior to most human's leaving him with a smaller percentage of body fat than most in conjunction with rigorous training. "Could be that. Paralyzing fear plus muscle density and lack of breathing equates to Kris sinking to his death. HA!" A smile still persisted despite the nature of their conversation. Death didn't scare Kris. Never did. He was raised to welcome it as an old friend, not as a means to an end.

After her swig of beer he noticed it had become empty between the two of them. The can was maneuvered in his hand so that it fit between his index finger and thumb. In a quick squeeze, it was transformed into an aluminum pancake then placed into his back pocket like it was nothing. "We should go buy more beer."

A chip was about to enter his lips when she mentioned him being a hunter. he stopped. It was hard to tell whether she meant a supernatural hunter or a wildlife one so he decided to keep it as vague as possible. "Well, I do it all. I direct others, educate, handle pests myself. I try to relocate or find other solutions before resorting to extermination. All life is precious, and everything serves a purpose." The chips was placed in his mouth. He munched a few times then continued. "I have connections in hot spots all around the world. I have eyes and ears all over, and we are all skilled in what we do. Sometimes, the government will specifically ask for me but that's only for serious cases, such as the one I had this past year. A whole ecosystem was in danger of collapse due to a sudden spike in overpopulation of a single, rare species. It wasn't doing anything wrong, simply finding it's place in the food chain." Unfortunately, it found it's place right above humans. That part was definitely left out. "It took a year to reduce their size, study them and find a suitable environment."
Cadence Corelli 08/05/18 *Mid typing 'Get your ass over here' when Iodine walkings in*
*Doesn't care about the narrowed eyes*
*pretty much immune to it by now* Well, close the f*cking door and sit your ass down. I've got details for days. *grins*
Summer 08/02/18 Pivoting left, Summer guided the girl and her dog to the corner bar with an amazing back deck. They even had a gate from the side alley so they wouldn’t have to walk through the interior to grab an outside spot. Holding open the gate, she looked at Iodine’s phone as she let them go in front of her. A smile lifted her lips just seeing those scrappy birds. Following them in, she thought about it. She couldn’t help but chuckle as she listened to Iodine rapid-fire questions at her. Clearly, the artist’s wheels were turning. It was exciting to witness. It was a world in which she was completely unfamiliar, despite being among the evidence of such work all the time.

“I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps black and grey? I mean, The magpie I want is the most common one- the black and white one. The iridescence that you mention sounds really, really cool.” Her eyes widened right along with Iodine’s at her last idea. “Ohhhh my god that sounds amazing. I f-cking love it. The bird is escaping it’s confines??” Her voice is getting higher and higher with each word. “It’s like...meant to be on me. No sh-t.”
Summer 08/01/18 Craning her neck, she tries to get a peek at what Iodine is looking for on her phone. Seeing the image of a bird, she relaxes her posture and blushes at her nosiness. Lifting her brows, she says with obvious enthusiasm, “They are beautiful and often maligned. They are cunning, flashy little daredevils. The little cutiepies are unpredictable, high spirited and they love things that sparkle.” She giggled with mirth and excitement at the idea of having the bird on her body forever. Or at least until she got a new one. Hopefully, that wouldn’t be for a while though.

“A bar sounds good. I could use a drink from the other side of the bar, taking a load off.” Her head tilted, not familiar with the tattoo artists mind. Smiling gratefully at Iodine’s words about parents, she lets out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding. Yea. She needed that drink. Too much thinking about the past’ll do that to a person. “There’s a bar up the road that has outdoor seating. Babbo wouldn’t have to be tied up, he could hang with us.” She looked at the dog, suddenly fighting an inexplicable urge to lay on the ground and roll around with him, wrestling. The thought made her laugh.
Summer 07/31/18 Summer blinked a few times, realizing her question was kind of out of the blue, she blushed and bopped her head around. “I am definitely interested, but am mostly not wanting to hog your time. You’re out here taking Babbo for a stroll and I keep running my yammer.” She laughed, then bit her lip in thought. “I’m thinking on my ribs- front or back, not sure. Artists choice. I think I’d like a magpie. The bird. I love them.” She grinned widely, nodding at her revelation. Yes, she’d love a magpie coming along for the ride during her adventures. Furrowing her brow in thought, she said, “Maybe we can just hit up a bar or coffee shop and you can sketch it there? No need to go back to work if you’re done.” Giving a little shrug, she gave a friendly smile and swallowed down the creeping feeling of awkwardness. Truth was, she liked chatting with Iodine. Finding friendly people was easy. Finding friendly people she actually wanted to keep talking to was rare. She remembered seeing some meme about how making friends as an adult was hard, but truthfully, it was difficult as a kid too. It wasn’t like she had a normal home to bring friends over to. Wrinkling her nose, she shook her head at the thoughts. “My brothers weren’t a big deal. My parents were more of the issue.” She said, completely after that conversation had set sail.
Summer 07/30/18 Waving her hand dismissively, she said, “Ah, it’s no biggie. Trust me, working in bars, I have to get used to it. You know how it goes though. Even after you quit, the desire never really leaves. It’s like a lover you can’t shake.” She laughs hard, nodding her head in surprise at the fairly accurate comparison.

The dull ache inside seems to wane as she listens to Iodine speak of her family. A warm smile lifts her lips, the delight in hearing tales of a normal family nearly soothing to her crenulated heart. “All younger brothers? Damn. My brothers were all older. Not that it matters, brothers are a pain in the ass no matter what the birth order is, I reckon.” She laughed, then furrowed her brows, glancing down the street and looking at her flyer once again. “Is your shop nearby? Perhaps we could sketch something up? I mean...unless you’re off or something. I’m sure you’ve gotta let your hand rest at some point.” She laughed.
Cadence Corelli 07/30/18 RiaBaby
I hired a janitor for the shop. He's super chill.
And maybe slightly good looking???
He starts tomorrow.
Summer 07/29/18 Not needing much encouragement, Summer did a spin with a flourish. It wasn’t much, considering she was wearing jeans and a tank top, but it was more about verve than what a person had on.

Summer stared a bit longingly at the cigarette. Licking her lips like she was looking at a glass of water while wandering aimlessly through the desert. Waving a hand, she shook her head. The look of regret on her face was noticeable. “No thanks. I quit. Cigarettes anyway.” She gave a wan smile. “It was like the one thing I felt like I could control in my life? Funny thing though- they still have a control on me. Damn, I do want one.” Eyes shifting, she said lightly, “Don’t put ‘em too far away.”

Listening to Iodine talk about her family, Summer felt the familiar pang. It never went away. Lifting the corners of her lips to an easy smile, she cleared her throat. “I know what you mean. My family pretty big too. They, um…” She rubbed the back of her neck and stared longingly at the cigarette. “We aren’t that close-knit though.” Her gaze moved to Babbo and softened. It was a scientific fact- a person couldn’t look at an animal and stay stressed. “Family isn’t always blood though.” Her expression warmed, the smile lifting the corners of her eyes and making them dance.
Summer 07/28/18 Summer wasn’t ashamed of what she did for a living. If anything, when someone did try to shame her for it, it just made her dig her heels in further. After all, what is more feminist than doing whatever the hell you want with your body? Even with this ‘fvck ‘em all’ attitude, she did internally sag with relief when someone was cool with it. Sometimes the argument was more effort than it was worth. In any event, Summer found that she was very pleased Iodine was cool with her choice of occupation. Woulda been a damned shame otherwise. “I do alright.” She said humbly. Laughing at the minimization, she wobbled her head and acquiesced. “I’m good at what I do.” She said with a little smile.

“My favorite music? Most of the clubs I dance at have a DJ who picks the music. Some of the smaller ones let me pick stuff.” Thinking, her eyes went skyward. “I love the easy, heavy beats of 90s trip hop. Massive Attack and Portishead are always a favorite. I did one set to some Lords of Acid and got a very hefty tip from someone simply for the choice in music.” She laughed heartily at the memory. “Even though they aren’t trip-hop. I like modern stuff too, but I do dig the slightly older stuff. Also a heavy dose of psychobilly.” She holds up a hand and admits, “My everyday music preferences vary from what I dance to. As you can imagine, there needs to be a different vibe. How about you? What do you listen to while in the shop? Or is it clients choice?”
Summer 07/28/18 Her smile widened at the offer to visit Babbo. Would that be weird? Having a playdate with a dog? Nah, she decided. That might be the most normal, balanced thing in her life if she got down to it. Grinning at the thought of finally biting the bullet and adopting an animal, she nodded enthusiastically. “Should I get one, consider you and Babbo enlisted in babysitting duty. For sure.” She chuckled. Without missing a beat, she said brightly, “Oh! I’m a dancer. The stripping kind.” She gave a little shrug. “That’s where the traveling comes in- I hit up clubs all over for gigs. Although I have been feeling a little over it lately, to be truthful. I’m just kinda burnt out.” She ran a hand through her tousled blonde hair, the tiredness showing at the corners of her eyes. “I just hate to get to that point where I don’t love it anymore, you know? I think I’m treading very close to that.” Letting out a sigh, she beamed a bright smile. “Ah well. In the meantime, I’ve been picking up some bartending shifts. That mixes it up a little bit.”
Marvin Saunders 07/28/18 He listened at her idea of three wolves' head. The idea was fantastic and intriguing. It represented who and what he was. Wolves had been a part of his family since time immortal. The first son of a first son carried the burden of the family lineage.
Iodine looked at her gloved hands and he looked at his black leather gloved hands. He nodded and respected her habits of the gloves. But there was something more about her and he intended to explore that at a later date.
"Three wolves head actually is a symbol of my mother's family. Babbo is quite welcomed at the coffe shop. They serve a mean homemade dog biscuit and anything else he would require. Actually my dog is at the coffee shop awaiting me. I have a pug/chihuahua called Belle." He looked a little redfaced and spoke again. "Her manners are quite perfect and she is a well behaved lady."
Summer 07/28/18 Having both hands on either side of Babbo’s neck, Summer scratched firmly, bringing her nose to his. Grinning, she finally stood up, brushing her hands off on the back of her jeans. Giving a little shake of her head, she answered, “No. I don’t have any. I travel a lot. It never seemed right to have one. Even though sometimes I think the companionship would be good for me.” She laughed lightly. “Poor mate, I almost feel bad for the buggar and I’m only thinking in hypotheticals!” Glancing down at the cupcake pup, she asked, “How long have you had him?” As she listened to Iodine, she looked at the girl closer. Pretty, but having that posture of someone who puts their looks last. Like she was a tomboy when she was little, not learning the societal gender norms of fussing with hair. That nearly brought a chuckle to Summer’s lips, having also missed those lessons, but for reasons other than being a tomboy. She cleared her throat, not really wanting to take a trip down dark-and-twisty memory line.
Marvin Saunders 07/28/18 He looked into her eyes with a softened look to his usual icy blue glare. Her own wide urchin-like hues were like looking at an old soul. Her plastic gloved hands were an oddity and a given sign to him. She could be OCD or a fear of human touch. "A Celtic knot with triskele. Perhaps a small wolfshead."
He arched an eyebrow when she said 'trigger finger'. "I don't use guns, Iodone. There are other methods of murder. " He clenched his teeth and reeled his beast within. "I prefer a hands-on similair to your gloved hands. I can tak you to a small upscale coffee shop that caters to a more elite crowd. They have private booths. They serve a mean espresso or excellent cannoli. Any dessert you can imagine. My mother was Italian. My father was in their 'family' business."
Marvin offered more information than he was inclined to do so. "I was taught my 'trade' by an expert who preferred to make things look like accidents."
Marvin Saunders 07/28/18 His icy blue eyes saw her imperfect teeth press deeply into her lower lip. He knew she was seeking the appropiate words to say to him. He was brutally honest about his chosen profession. In some 'more' polite circles that information was taboo. He had a waiting list of contracts. He could pick and select his victims very selectively. He didn't have a care in the world and he wanted to kept it that way. He looked down at the blue Can Corso called Babbo. The dog just stared at him and then stared at his owner. The dog was smart and Marvin liked dogs.

"Well Babbo, it looks like you were right.. but you always are, aren't you." The hand that accepted his card runs across the top of the dog's head but speckled eyes remain on Marvin "Sweet Babbo maybe right but not always, Miss Iodine." He looked at the dog closely and watched the woman's hand ran across the top of the dog's head. "The offer stands and I don't always kill at first sight. That smile was a truly genuine smile as his eyes softened a bit. She had the same olive complexion and the unusually wide urchin like eyes. "A simple tattoo, maybe a Celtic knot perhaps on my gun hand." He tended to brush or brush past most people. "You can call me anytime for business. Advice if needed and I pay for the coffee."
Summer 07/28/18 Perking, Summer said, “Stage name?” She nodded, getting it now. Her name was such that she didn’t need a stage name. But she could totally see how others would need to switch it up. Listening to the reasons Iodine offered for why tattoos wouldn’t stick had her nodding. They all seemed quite logical. She still had the sneaking and sinking suspicion that it had nothing to do with the normal reasons. But Iodine wouldn’t know that. Giving a little shrug, she said, “Alright. Why not.” Glancing at the flier, she took note of the address. “Should I call to make an appointment or just walk in?”

Grinning as she crouched down a little, she gave her hand a dismissive wave at the notion of trying to kill anyone. Her? Nah. Ahem. She slipped her hand under the large dog's paw and shook it. Her face softened like when any reasonable person sees a good boy. Reaching out with her other hand, she let him sniff her before proceeding to scratch behind his ear. “Aww, you are so sweet!” Her whiskey-colored eyes nearly twinkled at the big dog, cooing at him like he was a baby.
Summer 07/27/18 Lost in thought while on her walk, Summer nearly tripped over an uneven piece of the sidewalk when the girl approached her. Eyes moving side to side, brows furrowed, Summer was initially confused. Perhaps this person mistook her for another? There were a few blondes around. Very seldom did people approach her. It's almost like they knew. Relaxing her expression, she smiled mildly and listened. Her eyes lowered to the gloved hand extended out. Taking it, she wondered why a person might be wearing a glove in the middle of summer. A latex one at that. Curious.

Taking the flier, she looked at it, then lifted her gaze to meet the girl. “Iodine, eh? Interesting name. Mine’s Summer. I, uhh...I don’t have any tattoos right now. Um…” She scratched the back of her neck with the edge of the flier, a sheepish look on her face. How to explain, indeed. “My skin heels real quick? So they don’t seem to stay on me. But I guess 40% off is a decent price, even if it is temporary. Not too sure about the piercings to be honest.” She chewed her bottom lip. “I suppose if I didn’t take the jewelry out, it’d not heel, yea?” Why was she asking her? How would she possibly know? Hey, maybe ‘celestial super healing’ was a class they offered in tattoo university. That was a thing, right?

Glancing at the dog, she softened. “Can I pet him? Is it a boy?” She didn't want to offend the pooch if it were a girl.
Cadence Corelli 07/27/18 RiaBaby
Same reason I do as well, Babe. To get them off your back for a bit.
Be there in 15.
Cadence Corelli 07/27/18 RiaBaby
Oh God. Where are you? I'm on my way.
-finishes off the zombie coming at her then books it for her motorcycle-
Esper Valari 07/27/18 Brown bag in head his knee bent to his waist he looks up to the woman approaching him, he takes a swig of the booze inside. His eyes widen to acknowledge her and with a raise of the bottle in brown concealment as a thank you.

Not much is mustered from his vocal cords, the man felt he expressed himself enough. He had quite the many of tattoos. He didn't really need anymore. Not that he could afford one at the moment either. Still he thanked the woman by a simple lift of his bottle to the air and continued to be as normal as he could be for the time of day.
Cadence Corelli 07/27/18 RiaBaby
I'm killing zombies. I could come kill the date?
-she was in a killing mood. Thank god there were a lot of zombies where she was-
Marvin Saunders 07/27/18 He canted his head when the woman with a large blue Cane Corso approached him. He knew people rarely approached him. He arched an eyebrow when the woman spoke to him. People did not talk to him. They avoided him like the plague. He listenly politely to her and her spiel.

He looked at the dog. He was a beautiful dog and his name was Babbo He heard her name, 'Iodine.' She ranted on about tattoos and piercings. She extended a card and the offer of forty percent on tatts or piercings. "Marvin Saunders." He tookher card in one hand and offered her one of his cards. It read Marvin Saunders Hitman 555-KILL. "I do not need a tatt or piercings. IF you have a dissattified customer or a stalker. Call me."
Cadence Corelli 07/26/18 "Is this place new?" Cade peers through smoke and window at the place. "I'm sure I've been down this street before and have never seen it before"

Cade shrugs and hops out of the car. She rolls her eys at Iodine. "But then they'll want a copy. And then they'll post it everywhere." Not that Cade had any shame... "Girl's gotta keep some sort of mystery about her."

She sticks her tongue out at Iodine and enters the bar, ordering the first of probably many drinks.
Cadence Corelli 07/24/18 Cade laughed and shook her head, "No he was definitely vanilla. But like, a good vanilla." The switch from steering to taking the bong was effortless. Almost like they'd done this a few times before. Oh, right. They had.

She flicks the lighter and takes a deep pull from the bong. "Don't worry. I made a list." She wasn't lying. It was probably the weirdest thing about her. But how else was she supposed to decide who was the best if she didn't have notes to compare? Sometimes details were forgotten if she'd been drinking...

As she exhales, she presses her foot to the gas so Iodine can make the turn. Cade takes another hit before passing the bong back and grabbing the wheel again once the turn was complete. "We'll go over the list while we drink."
Kristoffer Forseti 07/23/18 Once Iodine confirmed the blockage cleared the man gave her a thumbs up with a goofy grin. With the chips declined, he took it upon himself to pop them open and add his leftovers from the previous prey into the newer one. No sense in holding two bags! A couple chips popped into his mouth while he contemplated her question. "Well." Another chip enters to be crunched. "More job opportunities. More people. More junk food."The bag of chips was shaken with his final statement as an example. "You can only live off of reindeer and brown cheese for so long. Norway isn't bad at all. America just has more adventure."

A finger was raised as a thought popped in his head."I do travel frequently, however, so I get to see a lot of,well, everywhere." The male's grin only widened more at the woman's inquisitive mind. Curiosity was as much a vice to her as himself. "Well, sometimes the fastest way down isn't the stairs. As for where in Romania, none other than Bran Castle." The man began to murmur to himself assorted numbers. Something about accounting for height of the jump, distance and trajectory. With a hesitant look on his face he answered. "About 3,000 or so. Possibly more." An accident was mentioned causing the man to tilt his head in question. Kris was not one to push for uncomfortable topics so he kept it in the back of his mind for a later date. "That kind of thing isn't as uncommon as you'd think. I had a close call in deep water once so I try to avoid it the best I can."
Cadence Corelli 07/23/18 Cade sighed, "He's an accountant, but jeez." Laughter was added to the plumage of smoke filling the car after her comment about the ball gag, "Who, me? Not on the first date!"

She takes a right, "Obviously. I left it in your fridge. It was a fancy place. He has money, has a thing for slightly emotionally unstable girls and is fan-f*ckting-tastic in bed. I might be able to endure the tax talk for awhile. But Blondie is definitely on the back burner."
Kristoffer Forseti 07/23/18 Unfortunately, the man couldn't fit a full bag of the delicious snack so he carried around a few snack packs in his pockets. Sometimes they got crushes but that only made them that much easier to eat! The hunter noticed eyes on his bag. After placing the open bag with the beer in one hand, he produced another snack bag for the woman. "I'm just the butcher's boy from Lom, Norway. I immigrated to the states about a decade ago."

The woman's discomforted cough snapped Kris into action. A large hand gave the female firm pats on the back to help with the cemented puff clump."Slow down, now. I'm not gonna take it from ya!"A soft chuckle left the man's lips as she gained her composure once more. "It's a mountain by my hometown. I used to jump from it. Been a while, though." Blue eyes looked around inquisitively as if to find the answer to her last question. When was the last time?

"Last time I think was in Romania a few years ago for a job."He may have been bending the truth ever so slightly. Yes, he did jump off the top of a castle. No, he did not have a parachute or any type of safety mechanism to stop his fall. He also had a Wendigo trying to eat his face as he did. Details, details.
Cadence Corelli 07/23/18 I'm sure half of those girls will have it removed in like 10 years. *Cade catches the keys easily and twirls them on her finger while heading to the driver side* The bod to die for! He needed it though. God, he was such a bore. Who thinks talking about taxes is exciting idle chatter?

But, he was easy to shut up. *Cade winks and hops in the car, waiting until Iodine's in the car and takes off in the direction of Iodine's work*
Anyssa 07/23/18 Nessa gave her a smile

"If I am not doing any Chores at the Sanc home I will be there. You have a great day as well."
Anyssa 07/23/18 Nessa hands her a card with her name and number
Valar Morghulis

" Please feel free to hit me up any time at any hour. I hope you enjoy your stay here."
Devin Landry 07/23/18 No idea! I'm not that person if there is. Not a problem. Enjoy your stay which I hope is a long one.
Devin Landry 07/23/18 Late but never too late. Welcome.
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 Kris tilted his head to the side, much like a confused puppy. A big, muscular confused blond puppy. Eyes looked to the can then back to the woman. "Where I'm from, sharing beer is one of the only ways to drink it. then again, we only had a few mugs because they kept getting broken." Ah, memories. As the woman began to explain her name, the male pulled a bag of cool ranch doritos from his pocket to munch on while she inhaled her cheetos and exhaled her tale.

Kristoffer could relate to the stage name more than he was willing to admit. How many times had he gone by a new name now? He had lost count a while back. Still, this woman had more in common with him than he had first imagined. "I think my parents loved me too much." He gave a snort at his own joke. "Where I'm from laws are mostly a guideline since there was never anyone around to enforce them. Have you ever base jumped off Galdhøpiggen in Norway? It's some intense sh*t." The man gave a sage nod before popping a dorito into his mouth. He washed down the delicious crisp with a swig of beer. "Seems you live an exciting life."
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 The woman's tenacity with the cheetos was a sight to behold. Kris almost felt bad he hadn't brought another bag! The crust on the woman's hand didn't bother the male in the least. Formalities and manners were for the highbrow rich folks who probably had never enjoyed a cheeto in their life. The beer was enticing, though. Without hesitation he decided to take a quick swig. Tit-for-tat. Nobody said he was bright.

The male was typically taller than most standing at six foot three but that seemed to be especially the case with the smaller woman. "And I am Kristoffer. Call me Kris, if ya like. That's a rather unique name you have there, yeah? Never met someone named after a chemical element."Nobody said he was stupid, either.
Cadence Corelli 07/22/18 *Smiles wistfully* I do love the pointy things.

I missed tramp stamps! *Cade pouts* Man. That almost would have been worth ditching my date. Almost.

You know I love a good dive bar. Lead the way!
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 A bright, toothy grin ignited the male's visage once the woman snatched the bag of snacks from him. What better way to welcome than with a bag of munchies? A bag of candies. Alas, Kris had already eaten all of his gummy bears and offered the gummy worms to somebody else. The can of beer was a welcomed surprise, too! Bright blue eyes blink for a moment. "Well, I'm just your friendly neighborhood snackaholic. I have plenty to go around. The name's Kristoffer." A large hand, the one without the beer, reached out towards the woman.
Cadence Corelli 07/22/18 Not gonna lie...definitely debated it. Then I went and puked my guts out. You're such a bad influence *nevermind the fact that Cade often encourages the bad behavior.*

*puts her phone away, takes a look around, just making sure no one was after them* You know I'm in. Just no hot slime balls tonight.
Cadence Corelli 07/22/18 *Cade rolls her eyes* Y'know..I'd blocked that image from my head. Thanks so much for bringing it roaring back to the surface. *shudders* He was such a slime ball.

Whaaat? *feigns being hurt* I was thirsty. I'll buy you another!

*Cade sticks her tongue out* No cops. We're fine. But we should probably get gone. I wasn't the only one with a phone out.
Cadence Corelli 07/22/18 To be fair, there was one time where you went to the bathroom. I was hoping a pattern had started.

*Cade jerks away from the nudge a bit, but laughs and holds her phone up for Iodine to see* Okay...I miiiight have missed the beginning. But only by like a second or two.

*The video shows Cade downing Iodine's beer before focusing on the stunt*
Cadence Corelli 07/22/18 *jogs up behind Iodine* Girl, how am I supposed to have your back if you keep running off ahead of me?!
Amber Quinn 07/22/18 After a short moment Amber let's go of her hand. Looking over at Clyde he nearly jumps out of his skin as he hands Iodine her beer back. "Don't be rude love introduce yourself." She tone more dark now. Clyde turns to Iodine plastering a forced smile on his face. "C-clyde Miss. Iodine it's been nice meeting you." He managed to get it out being a little shaky. Amber starts to walk off as he almost trips to take off after her. "I'll see you around, don't be a stranger." Amber calls out to Iodine before disappearing along with Clyde.
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 "Welcome to The Realm! Cheetos?"
-offers a bag of Cheetos-
Amber Quinn 07/22/18 Amber stops for a moment letting go of her servant Clyde who seems to be trembling in her presents. "Hello and welcome, my name is Amber Quinn I hope you have a good time here." She smiles offering her hand.
Anyssa 07/22/18 *Nessa had been gone for a couple of days so she thought she would catch up on those who are new to the realm.*

"Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/22/18 Welcome to The Realm.
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