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Saphira DunBroch
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Saphira DunBroch's Biography
Name: Saphira DunBroch

Age: Unknown


Race: Demon/Witch

Status: Single

Family: Deceased

My name is Saphira of clan DunBroch. I was born and raised in the Highlands just outside of Inverness. I am the only living child of Angus leader of our glorious clan and Mary his child hood sweetheart. Everyone I knew now gone nestled deep within the earth. When I was a young lass, the land was Catholic waging a war in Protestant terretory. When ma was still breathing I remember her words.
"Mo chlach-ghainmhich, ye posses the magics of the old world never forget that no matter what ye pa forces upon yer soul."
"Seadh Mam." I would always say to ease my mind.
It wasn't until they died that I grasped the concept of what she had said but I ken where I could go for answers. The Druids taught me their ways and me see that my abilities came from that of the Earth. That is how I have survived. Am bi thu beň?

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