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Ensam är stark.
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New YorkIt All Started With A Beer
Created by Vince Caruso
Vince Caruso 09/11/19
"Don't make it weird?"
[he takes the bit of wood on the leather cord and thumbs over it gently.]
"Do I get to know anything else about this superstition, or am I just meant to obey in silence, like a good little charge?"
[—but Vince is swift in tying the cord around his neck and tucking the piece of wood into his shirt.]
Vince Caruso 09/10/19 [it’s almost against his better judgement, but...]

Vince Caruso 09/09/19
“Aye. Though that hasn’t stopped you from coming around, has it?”
[he c-cks his head]
“What is it you’d like from me, hmm?”
Vince Caruso 09/09/19
"Has Alzheimer's already begun to affect your brain? I am still washing algae out of my hair."
Vince Caruso 09/09/19 [is possibly glaring a little]

"Can I help you with something?"
Vince Caruso 09/06/19 [clamors and makes a grab for anything to hold on to]
"Tough talk does not pertain to being paraded around like a child. This is dirtier than I'd taken you for!"
[can hear the lapping of waves at the shores of the lake]
"Don't do it. Don't do it!"
[clings for dear life, like a cat to it's owner]
[probably even has claws]
"I'm not going down without a fight, you old grump!"
[coils all of his limbs around the man, like a snake, using his whole weight to topple the tangle of bodies into the water at the shore.]
[take that, b-tch!]
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [a sable brow furrowed in confusion, until he'd finally put two and two together]
"Of course I--"
[he'd began to flail, purposefully jabbing at the larger mans sides, kicking his legs the best he could]
"Don't you dare. Kris, I will set you and everything you love on fire, so help me God!"
[more punching. so much kicking.]
"I'll take you down, Forsetti!"
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [feels like he is on a rollercoaster]
"Good. Will you go ahead and toss me right into it? I am ready to die."
[groans, unimpressed, arms dangling helplessly]
[truly has not learned his lesson]
"It wasn't a threat. It was a promise."
[there's a small pause, and Vince goes quiet for a moment. then, he strikes with no remorse, clamping his teeth down on the closest part of Kris's body to his mouth.]
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [loses his sunglasses on the ground]
[is now a very cranky Vincenzo]
"You son of a b-tch. You're just mad because I left you wanting more."
[honestly has no idea when to shut the f-ck up]
"Just you wait!"
Vince Caruso 09/05/19 [is relatively certain he's seeing his whole life flash before his eyes]
"Hey, knock it off!"
[tossed like a ragdoll, is not impressed]
"Put me down you barbarian!"
Merida Campbell 09/04/19 A soft smile graced her lips understanding of the specific runes. She turned her hand over showing the leather bracelet showing the specific runes status from where she was raised "Well, if you ever need assistance or someone to bounce ideas off of... I will be somewhere around here. Again, welcome to the Den."

Merida shrugged her shoulders slightly before turning to head off on to work.
Vince Caruso 08/31/19 [He rolls his eyes and gives the taller man a very pointed once-over.]
"Perhaps because I beat you to every place you'd like to go."
"You should start running faster."
Vince Caruso 08/31/19 [Vince glances at the man as he trots by, and his eyes narrow slightly]
"Yes, and? Worried I was going to miss the view?"
Liam Moore 08/29/19
"Right, bye tough guy."
Liam Moore 08/29/19 A small laugh would come from Liam.
"Calm down there, I have no interest in your ass. You aren't my type."
Gives the male a smug look.
"I like them pretty you I would describe more as ruggedly handsome."
Vince Caruso 08/28/19 You were looking a little rusty. I though you could use the practice.
Vince Caruso 08/27/19 [Vince laughed abruptly, now rubbing the spot on his forehead where he'd been flicked]
"Flirt? You call that flirting?"
[The heat that rose in his cheeks threatened to expose him once again]
"You've been out of the game a while, haven't you, grumpy?"
[He'd grumble slightly then, something about practicing, before he'd toddle off.]
Vince Caruso 08/27/19 "I never said that that fact hadn't crossed my mind." [The same smirk softened into a grin.] "But if the front pockets are where you're keeping the goods, well.."
Vince Caruso 08/27/19 “You often lure young men into rubbing up on the goods by leaving bills untucked from your pocket?” [He smirked] “I could not resist.”
Cadence LeBlanc 08/26/19 -beams-
You too?!
Walls on occasion as well...
Anyway, enjoy your time here.
Beatrice Abbot 08/26/19 -bounces by-
-hands card-
-smiles brightly-

The card was important, of course, addressess usually were. However, it was the scrawled messaged that needed to be passed along, he'd find it. Regardless. Apartment for lease, fully furnished.

-bounces off-
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"Name the time and place, and I am there."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"When the time comes, you'll covet having someone like me owe you a favor."
[A c*ckiness twists across his visage]
"I believe we have a deal."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"Naturally. Name your price."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"So, you've already got a leg up on me. Or two."
[He smirked, softly.]
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
"You remember how I said I may come calling if I found myself in need of sage advice? Well."
Vince Caruso 08/24/19
Cadence LeBlanc 08/22/19 Poles. They like to jump in front of me when I'm not paying attention.
Langley 08/21/19 *utters a happy little sound before diving into the open arms*
*is making loud purring noises*
"Kris, you know that I never turn down your hugs! Welcome back you slow azz chicken nugget getter! Don't worry about the next batch. You might get lost again."
Kain 08/21/19

*Carefully approaches you and somewhat scans the new arrival. Smirks wickedly as a Southern drawl echoes in the air.*

Well.. What do we have here? Whatever reason that brought ya here, I bid ya welcome... Hope ya stick stick around.. Oh and try not to die.

*I disappear into the shadows.*

Sigrun Haefnirdottir 08/21/19 A stranger in an even stranger land had seen the hulking frame of female tending to her 'pup' before someone decided to stare at her. Rising from crouched position, the female cut an imposing figure, shoulders rolling to give a rather audible crack! of sound before she's fully standing, clearly dwarfing the human male's height.

One step taken, followed by another and then another as distance is casually destroyed, the height difference between the pair more clearly defined as she craned her head to, literally, look down upon him. Something tickled at her olfactory lobes and the female's nose twitched ever so slightly, a memory surfacing but buried once more, viciously beaten down.

Taking note of how this particular human male didn't seem to back down at her approach sees a bit of a toothy smile, a flashing of faintly elongated canines exposed, and she speaks, tones of voice tainted with an accent that could, possibly, be from the far north. Far, far north.

VaylinShadow 08/21/19 Bows “Welcome to the realm!”
Samantha Winchester 08/21/19 You managed to break out Kristoffer Forsetti.
"Run dude run"
Merida Campbell 08/21/19 New blood was coming into the Den. That was great to see many new and fresh faces. Merida grabbed her jacket as she made her way out of her own place, heading out for some fresh air. Within the distance she noticed a new member, a male one which was great. She whispered to herself. "I'm betting he's with someone already. But it would be nice to have more friends." As she approached the newest member of the Den "Hello. Find everything okay?"

She softly smiles while speaking. "Welcome to the Family. My name is Merida. If you need someone to talk to or get patched, come see me. You can say I am the Den's Doctor on call."
Cadence LeBlanc 08/21/19 -walks toward-
-looks around for poles-
-sees none, keeps walking-
Hello, welcome to the Den! I'm Cadence.
-offers hand-
Adara Litvinova 08/21/19 Get some rest, Kris.
-purses lips-
We will talk later. Welcome home.
Vince Caruso 08/21/19 [A peculiar curiosity had baited his interest. The sputtering and retching had very little to do with it. Tired lids swept his eyes into slits which would give the faulty impression that he was anything but intrigued.]
"Not on my person, 'm'fraid."
[Virgin locks the color of burnt umber swept gently as he shook his head.]
"Keep my arsenal at home. Gives me a reason to keep going back."
[Vince stepped forward, slowly, offering a hand to the strange man.]
"Vince. Vince Caruso. If you're more of the veteran type, perhaps it is I who will come calling if I need some sage advice."
Langley 08/21/19 *glances up and down*
*gives an appreciative whistle*
"Adz said you had my chicken nuggets?"

Of f@#$ing course....
Adara Litvinova 08/21/19 -squints-
Ashlyn Starling 08/20/19 She gave a slight nod with a quick fake smile before giving him a small wave. "You're welcome. I'll leave you alone and let you get back to whatever you was doing. Just wanted to welcome you to the realm. Also they are not poison or anything." She gave a slight laugh before turning her heels and heading off.
Vince Caruso 08/20/19 "Hey there. Welcome to the Realm."
Ashlyn Starling 08/20/19 "Welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun." Ashlyn flashed a quick smile as she held out a basket of homemade cookies.
Geoffrey Drake 08/20/19 Welcome!
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