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I found my life mate and we are very happy..So keep your drama at the door as we won't be listening to any BS
Looking to buy dp packs mails me
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Born: April 21, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 8 (House only: 7)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 165 (House only: 31)
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 3431
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 138
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11/23/20 at 4:46 am
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary

-Savannah-'s Biography
Name:Savannah Dubrinsky
Age: 23 eternal
Status: mourning Life mate Tenkai💘
Children: Tenkai Jr💙
Raven💛 born on the 17/7/2020 at 9.18 pm
Place of birth: Carpathian Mountains
Siblings: Raoul, Goku
Niece: Midori
Mood: Hot and very Excitable
Gifts: Mistress of illusion, An Enchantress
Animals: White Wolf and owl
Hair: Black wavy cascading in waves
Eyes: bright blue and heavily fringed with long lashes
Mouth: lush with perfect teeth and high classic cheekbones
Body: full breasts, molded my narrow rib cage, tucked in waist.
Showing glimpses of my shapely long legs.
My name is Savannah Dubrinsky. I am daughter to Mikhail and Raven. I was raised knowing what my fate would be, even accepting it, a little. However, my mother was human with psychic powers that helped the police. She took a vacation to the mountains and met her life mate Mikhail. He turned her and became a Carpathian.
She raised me with human values and to have my own free will. My life is mine, and that I can decide who my life mate will be. I was sure that it wasn`t Tenkai.
Then on my eighteenth birthday, however, things had changed. One kiss and it felt as if he`d stolen a piece of me. Scared, too young to understand all that was happening to her, so she begged for more time.
Amazingly, as close as he was to turning, he let her have five years, she fled the Carpathian mountains, her home for the new world United States.
For five years she held a magic show, touring the states, mesmerizing her audiences. Unfortunately, she also gained the attention of a secret society of human vampire hunters. They caught up to her in San Francisco, as did Tenkai. She tried resisting him, but she could not deny the connection they had to each other.
That secret society is still out there, hunting vampires and Carpathians alike. Killing harmless humans as well. But she had every faith that Tenkai and the other hunters will defeat them. Until then, she has Tenkai, her lifemate, her love, along with her children and adopted ones who she love s.

After the war on her coven, Savannah returned home to her beloved Carpathian Mountains. She was placed in the healing earth to recover from the injuries she had sustained by attackers unknown to her.
After finding out that her mother was dying by an unknown illness and her father slowly going insane. Savannah went for a walk through the forest, her heart filled with grief and lost in her own thoughts. She found herself being captured by thugs, who controlled by a vilest man named Victor and Armin.
After she escaped from her capturer's Savannah ran into Tenkai once more and joined to take down them down. There was an instant connection between the pair and their bond grew. They married in secret. Nine months down the line Sava gave birth to three healthy triplets in their home, naming them Tenkai Jr, Raven and Jasmine.

You were successful in stealing $2,523.00 from Tenkai.
You were successful in stealing $838.00 from Tenkai.
You were successful in stealing $250.00 from Negan__
You were successful in stealing $12.00 from vamp_goku.
You were successful in stealing $95.00 from Tenkai.
Attacks on pesky lil girl and shadow lord

You killed the Little Girl! X many to remember lol

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Raoul Silverblade



Ice Queen


Asger Thorbergsson

Black Lord

Shadow Man

Geoffrey Drake


Black Lord

Damian Veron


Walker Lee

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Raoul Silverblade 08/24/20 *claps hands* Well done sis for being profile of the day, may the spotlight shine kindly on you *throws confetti, loudly chuckling full mischief*
Raoul Silverblade 07/18/20 Brings as uncle the newborns some cute stuffed animals
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "Oh I belief you and will soon be there to watch it for myself." He said laughing
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "Got it, I will be on the husband sitting part of the deal." Raoul said laughing back at her
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "I thought Middy would help you with the delivery? She at least knows what she must do. But I am on my way."
Raoul Silverblade 07/17/20 "Hello?" Was Raoul who had been woken up by the call manages to bring out still sounding more asleep then anything else
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "Yes and that is the sad truth nut don't think about it the less worry the better for you so just relax and have a great afternoon together." He said with a soft smile
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 He laughs "Banana-cake. Sure we have that for you, you sure got some stranger cravings there sis. Ah yes Goku is greatly missed, he is missing out a lot. Not just your pregnancy but as well his own daughters returning." He hands her her Banana-cake
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "She has ah wonderful of her. I am glad she is watching out over you." He said to her serving her tea and refreshments so she would have a wonderful afternoon without stress
LillyEmperium 07/13/20 Hey are you doing
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "No worries any fat ass jokes will remain between us." Raoul said to her laughing "And don't worry I will meet him but that is now the least of your worry. You are lucky our cousin Middy is back as she can help you with the delivery, she has trained within the temple for matters like this."
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "Ah yes now you running away from anyone is a mission impossible but just a few more weeks then you should be a mother once again. Your husband better be around you then as nothing is as important then being there when your children are born." Raoul said helping her inside so they could drink some tea and eat some snacks
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "Oh yes the amount of time I have been the one to lure the guards away just so you could escape your room are to numerous to count. But park your car and come in so you can at least for a moment escape your watch dogs." He said jokingly about the man watching and guarding Sava
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "I still would if he send them after me to babysit me." He said laughing "You know I don't like being followed or watched over."
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 He laughs "Ah so you are under close watch then. Well can't blame your husband to want you and your little ones safe. HE should just not leave it up to his minions" He said laughing
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 Hearing a familiar car horn I come out to investigate seeing my sister makes me smile and walk over to the car "Hey sis, what are you doing here? Thought you would be to busy getting the baby room in order."
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