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Summer 08/14/18 Summer laughed heartily at her brother. Damn it was good to see him. Clapping her hands with glee, she nearly shrieked. "Cinnamon! I can't believe you remembered her name! I haven't seen that b-tch in ages." Giggling, she shakes her head and gives a little shrug. "No reason, just burnt out I think. I've been doing it non stop for a few years. Literally. No time to recover from jet lag, just hopping from city to city, getting naked for cash. I isn't a bad living, don't get me wrong. You should see my investment portfolio."

Lifting her brows, she nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! To your hotel! And I can't believe it has taken me this long to ask- do you need some cash, boo? I can float you, no problem. Winter Summers deserves only the finest. We slummed it for far too long." Hooking her arm through his, she examined his tanned skin and grinned. "Isn't it amazing? I will literally lay on the beach for the entire day. All day. Of course, I feel...stronger and stuff, when I do that. It's like it charges me up or some sh-t. Eh, whatever." The blond shook it off, not bothering with supernatural nonsense.
Autumn Summers 08/14/18 "Trust me, I know. Most people hear you coming from a mile away," Autumn grins, once again poking fun at her brother. It's so easy to do, after all.

For the second time in less than two weeks, she links her arm with his. Truly, having Winter's light burning brightly in her life again has made a huge difference in her demeanor. "I know of somewhere that makes alcoholic ice cream. We should go there. As for my friend... why, yes, he's quite nice to look at."

She gives a delicate scoff. "You just want eye candy. Maybe I'll introduce you one day. Come on! Ice cream awaits."
Aleister Carlyle 08/13/18 The wallet was not his target this time around. The message was. Aleister had difficulties in finding other people attractive. Male, female, they had to fit in a certain criteria for him to find them attractive. He was picky. He desired in people what he found in the art back at home: tragic beauty.

The man before him fit the criteria wonderfully. The male kept his eyes locked with Winter's as he opened the wallet, taking the coupon as well as an escort card. "Well worth the effort if you ask me." After sliding the two items into his pocket he pulled a black business card with golden scripture out. He placed the card into the wallet before handing it back to it's owner.

"Tit for tat. And don't worry. I imagine we will meet again rather soon." With a wink the man backed away with his hands sliding back into his own pocket. "Tell Autumn I said 'Hello.'"
Autumn Summers 08/13/18 By the time Winter turns around, there is a wide, sassy grin across Autumn's face. She meets that icy gaze looking mightily pleased with herself.

"No, I do not want to know what you did to get that money. Although it's likely you stole it in the first place, so it wasn't your money to begin with." One brow arches in a challenge. Then she laughs. "Ice cream... funny you should say that. I mentioned my love for ice cream to a friend a few days ago. So, ice cream we shall have. On you, on me. However that works."
Kristoffer Forseti 08/12/18 "Hey. I haven't seen you around. I'm Kris, want some chips?"
-offers a bag of potato chips-
Autumn Summers 08/11/18 "I would rather be annoyed by you than anyone else in the world," Autumn teases gently. Because let's face it, Winter can be very bloody annoying. But he's her brother and she adores him unconditionally.

Then she laughs. "Drinks sound perfect. Well, they're almost always perfect... But if you're capable of making pancakes in the morning it means we didn't drink nearly enough and we'll just have to do it again." Smiling, Autumn moves to stand side by side with Winter, and wraps an arm around his waist. "Onward! To a night of drinking a debauchery!"
Summer 08/11/18 Twisting her lips, she thought. "I mean, it's kind of private I guess. I don't like mine out. It feels like that little part of me that not everyone gets to see, you know? Oh, that reminds me, I'm not feeling dancing lately. Been bartending instead. Anywhosies! I know some are "out and proud"." She used air quotes around the phrase. "Letting their wings flapping out for everyone to see them. I suppose it is just something you will decide for yourself. Perhaps for the first time, you should show me in private." She gave him a warm, reassuring smile.
Aleister Carlyle 08/10/18 The compliment was hardly the reaction Aleister was expecting. Most people scoffed, cursed, glared, mostly negative reaction. this was new. Blue hues studied the male as he spoke of his posterior's ability to bounce a quarter. The male's expression was blank as their eyes met.

Without a word he shoved both hands into the front pockets of the male before, making sure to make note of which pocket the wallet was in while stepping in close to the his target. They were inches away. Al's face was blank for a few more moments before a smirk pulled his features into a more friendly expression.

"Challenge accepted."

As a once skilled stripper he knew the art of seduction on both sexes. Gay Day Wednesday was when he made most of his money. His hands slid out, making sure to give a soft squeeze to his legs before their exit. If the wallet truly was in his front pockets, Al would pull it out and show it to Winter.
Summer 08/10/18 Giving a little shrug, the blonde waved her hand dismissively. “It’s nothing remarkable. Just meh, not happy or sad.” Her expression turned theatrically curious, one dark eyebrow arching high as she peered at him. “Did you….just come out to me as an angel?” Her voice went up several octaves at the end of the sentence.

Grabbing his arm, she bounced on her toes. “Ohmigod you must show me!” Summer breezed right past any part about how he might have become an angel. She knew he died. She had died too. Perhaps he made the same circuitous route she had. For his soul, she sincerely wished otherwise. With an internal eye roll, she corrected herself. The Summers clan were damned from the minute they were born it seemed.
Anyssa 08/09/18 Nessa gives Winter a soft smile

" That is so true. And please call me Nessa and hey welcome back."
Anyssa 08/08/18 Nessa gave him a smile back with a nod."Its nice to meet you Winter. I hope that since you dont need my help maybe we can be friends."
Autumn Summers 08/07/18 Autumn's smile is positively joyous. Truly, it's been quite some time since this smile has made an appearance. Months at the very least. "Good. You're not allowed to leave us again."

She lets her hands move from his face, but captures his hands in hers in the process. "I think we have a lot of catching up to do. You just got back, so wherever you want. I'm happy with anything." Autumn beams at Winter. "What do you say? What's your fancy?"
Anyssa 08/06/18 "Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
Blaize E Summers 08/04/18 Blaize stared at his brother for what seemed like hours, despite it being just mere moments. The eldest of the Summers brood hated surprises. Winter reappearing after being presumed dead was a surprise even Blaize was not expecting, and he was keen on the expression 'expect the unexpected.' Crimson hues looked the male up and down, searching for some sign he was nothing more than a phantasm, a ghost.

Iregardless of his better judgement he briskly walked toward Winter, a stern look on his face. It had seemed he was about to assault his brother but instead he was brought into a tight hug. The red head's statuesque features did not falter, but his breathing held a slight hitch in it. "You're lucky I'm more relieved than angry. I'm glad you are back, brother."
Summer 08/04/18 His goofy smile is infectious. It really is Winter, back in all his wonderful glory. She returns a beaming grin at him. “I’m really glad to hear it. So glad.” Giving a short blonde lock of hair a tug, she raised her brows. “Thank you!” Running her hands down her figure, she added, “Everything pretty much changed. Not my choice but I can’t say I hate it. These curves get me mad tips, you know what I’m saying?” Laughing hard, she shook her head. “Any fashion sense I have is learned from you, big brother. That is a fact. Some of my favorite memories are playing dress up. Not with moms stuff, god knows that strung out b-tch never had anything good. We made our own fun.” She laughed, then sighed. “I’m really happy to see you. And even more happy that you’re doing well. That is all I want for you.”
Gray Taylor 08/03/18 Slated, stormy eyes land upon the young man, and nothing needs to be said. Gray Taylor is not a fan. He is, as it happens, the farthest thing from it. So, despite the blank expression written across his features, he is blatantly unwelcoming. It is etched in his glare.

But, just to be safe, Gray spells it out verbally, as well. In his experience, social queues never really did the trick. "It is in the best interest of everyone, if you keep your distance."

Winter Summers just failed at stealing money from you!
Summer 08/02/18 Furrowing her brow as she saw her brother struggle with saying something, she simply opened her arms and pulled him into a tight bear hug. The tallest of the sisters, she was still towered by Winter. He smelled the same, she noticed as she burrowed her face against his chest, still squeezing him for dear life. Shaking her head, she looked up at him. “No apologies are needed.” Realizing she was squeezing the stuffing right out of him, she let go and took a step back, looking him over. “You look good. Healthy. You’re okay?” Her voice was small, filled with worry.
Autumn Summers 08/02/18 Autumn keeps her arms wrapped around Winter, afraid he might disappear if she lets go. It's a testament to how happy she is that her feet dangling off the ground don't bother her at all, as it typically would.

"Don't count on it," she murmurs into his hair before finally loosening her arms to look at his face. Delicate hands cup either side of Winter's face - one on each cheek, green eyes examining every little detail. Her brain is still processing all of this. "As well as can be expected. There have been a few changes. I'd ask how you've been, but..."

No need to finish that particular sentence.
Autumn Summers 08/02/18 The sudden appearance of her brother, who is supposed to be dead, makes Autumn's feet root in place. She stares hard at the familiar visage. Blinks several times.


In a flurry of red hair, Autumn runs the short distance between them and quite literally leaps into his arms, trusting he will catch her. "You're back! I can't believe it's you. I've missed you every single day."
Summer 08/02/18 *gasps and very nearly starts weeping with joy*
Is it really you? My sweet brother???
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