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Gideon Abernathy


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Created by Larayne
_Lucifer_ 10/11/17 "Twisted! Insane, psychotic, Old horny man. Yes yes yes and hell yes." He pinches his fingers together and grins. "Maybe just a little." Azure eyes shine playfully as he looks down at her then calmly and evilly he smiles taking the number from her hand."And just for record, Noooo I wasn't. You want a heads up." He grits his teeth. "Its all your gonna get."
_Lucifer_ 10/11/17 He stood now arms crossed while she muled over the thought. Azure hues showed amusement. When she said no promises he chuckled. And then she pulled herself back up to his eyes. Biting his lip he waited for her request, knowing what it would likely be. An eye brow rises and he smirks then gives her a cheeky grin. ""Aye, that is possible. How about either a text. Seeing I'll likely not know at that time where to find you." He grins and then smiles. "No worries though, your not docked on any near future records."
_Lucifer_ 10/10/17 He watched as her temper flared yet calmed herself.Was he psychotic, only on days that ended in y. He was impressed. She was quiet the feisty little thing. He watched as she adjusted his cloths and he grinned at her question as she stepped back. Crossing his arms in front of him he nods. "If its possible....What is it? And can it be done with out you smacking the sh!t out of me?" Cool and collective for the most part was him.You had to be to deal with the things he had done and seen.
_Lucifer_ 10/10/17 He straightens himself out and looks down at her while fixing the creases in his shirt. Azure hues dart to the sound of the gasp then the change in tone. He couldn't help but chuckle as she got flustered. He had done what he had come for and it began with her. Clicking his tongue he then chews on the inside of his cheek while waiting for her to calm down. Placing a his index finger to his lips.

"When your finished..." He moves his hands to fall, then be held together at his back. "Keep fighting it darlin. Your fight or flight response is doing its job. You have unfinished business here. I am not here for you...yet. "
_Lucifer_ 10/10/17 As she closed in again, this time he closed one eye.It wasn't fear that passed over him for that next smack. It was the fact that women around here seemed to more feisty then the blubbering messes that he normally dealt with. She then grabbed his shirt and pulled him down slightly to face her. Questions and another. Well that's going well, no sharp pain to answering that. Azure hues peer into her blue pools. "Stomping grounds...aye. And someone has to create chaos, or return the others home." He slides his hands up to hers and slowly pulls her hands free. "And catching those who fall is my job."
_Lucifer_ 10/10/17 It was coming he knew it....just part of who he was I suppose. She closed in on him, he knew it was gonna be one of two things. And there it was, that sharp burning sting. A wince and a step back as his hand went to his cheek. "Ouch!! really!! Damn it women, I tend to keep a lot of people don't take it personally." A cheeky evil grin appears. "I was surely hoping it was gonna be a kiss, darlin." Azure hues dance brightly and then then winks at her.
_Lucifer_ 10/10/17 He watched the young creature while she tapped her chin. A slight smirk coursed its way to his lips in amusement. Azure hues sparkled."Its quite possible, but something tells me other wise darlin. As I am pretty sure, well almost positive I would remember a face like yours."
Marcie Mitchell 07/25/17 As the women spoke she couldn't help but smile, glad that she found someone from home. Well, sort of. She couldn't distinct where Penny was from exactly, but it didn't sound close to her Amersham origins. Marcie returned a light but bright smile and gracefully shook Penny's with a slender hand. "Nice to meet you too." Marcie was a bit taken back by the girl's next comment, it is rather an odd thing to say at the moment. Nevertheless, she quickly adjusted to Penny's eccentric character and replied, "Um, sure." It had only come to her now that Marcie was feeling a bit parched as well.
Marcie Mitchell 07/24/17 The clattering of heels on the concrete sidewalk abruptly stopped as the blonde turned around at hearing the greeting. Her greenish-grey eyes fell upon a woman seeming to be at a similar age to herself and a small smile escaped from her bubblegum colored lips. "Thanks," she began, her slight British accent appearing through her word. The breeze rustled in her wavy locks of hair, most likely coming from the sea. "Mitchell, Marcie Mitchell." She extended a slender hand out infant of her.
Gideon Abernathy 05/01/17 As he approached, his mouth opened to greet her, just a simple hello, or maybe even how are you. However, he was cut short by her question, and mouth just hung slack in confusion as he wracked his brain. What was she asking him? Was this some kind of code they had come up with that he just couldn't place? What exactly was she asking him?

Nothing came to mind, and the silence hung in the air like a noose he was quickly going to hang himself with. Resigning himself to his fate, he replied.
Saito Eiji 05/01/17 Thanks, fam.
Gideon Abernathy 04/26/17 People have died for less...

It was as if a dark cloud drifted over his gaze, his already darkened eyes seeming to take on the abyss. A split second passed before he shook himself of it, hoping she hadn't noticed, but knowing better. This was why he wasn't a people person.

"Never a pimp, though I can't guarantee I won't slip up with the 'ma'ams' a few times." He winked before scribbling something on a piece of paper and pressing into her hand with another light squeeze. He may have overdone it this time, with the cloud overtaking his mind, but there was always next time. On the piece of paper was clearly a phone number, hastily scrawled and hopefully legible.

He began backing away, offering a small wave as he spoke. "I look forward to our first lesson, Master." Laughter permeated the air as he turned and began the journey home at a quick pace.

Hopefully he made it...
Gideon Abernathy 04/26/17 "Oh, no we wouldn't that, and honestly, I can't handle that on my conscience. Too much other bad stuff." His expression was that of mock seriousness, but it was hard to keep the smile from crinkling the corners of his eyes. This kind of light-hearted conversation often evaded him, as he wasn't normally approachable, so best to make the most of it.

"Attractive, huh? I would venture to say that face you made was not that of a woman who found such a trait 'attractive.'"He chuckled, shaking his head ever so slightly. "Then again, I wouldn't begin to pretend to understand the inner mechanisms of a lady's mind. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to help me sometime."

Yeah, right.
Gideon Abernathy 04/26/17 It was hard to miss the clear grimace on the woman's face, though Gideon hid his own smirk well. Growing up in the south with stricter than usual parents, polite courtesies were beaten into you. Literally. Still, he nodded. As he took her outstretched limb in his own gruff hand, he offered a light squeeze of assurance. "Pardon the formalities, haven't quite broken myself of it." Though his expression exuded warmth, it never met his dark, somewhat unsettling eyes. "Gideon Abernathy, and I do hope you can forgive me." This time, he let the grin split his face.
Gideon Abernathy 04/26/17 You're friendlier than I deserve, ma'am.
Gideon Abernathy 04/26/17 Thank you, kindly.
Lucius Dalca 03/30/17 Nope.
Spring Taylor 03/29/17
W_Kat 03/25/17 Congrats on PotD!
Caitlyn Darrow 03/23/17 Welcome to the realm!
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