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Aurora Crane
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 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary

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Elowen Jocosta

Nicolas Murray

Last five threads posted in:
Elowen Jocosta 08/30/19 Abrupt but not unwelcomed Wen was approached by a beautiful blonde she had met not too long ago. The women had simply wrapped her arms around Wen's figure giving a squeeze and a peck to the cheek before quickly retreating. The brunette smiled to herself and lifted a hand towards the now retreating figure.

"Nice you see you! Have a good night." Giggling softly to herself Wen turned on her heel and headed back in the direction of the alley she had been following a young man into. Dinner time.
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 Wen smiled brightly at the women and let her face rub against the woman’s hand for a second before putting her own hand on top of Aurora’s. It was nice to have someone touch her and not pull away. She needed it, she needed the reality check and she’d be more than happy to take it in the form of flattery. Most people did not like her touches, in fact, most of them hated it at first. Alas, Aurora had not only accepted it but also started a flirtation. Well this could be fun.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I think you and I will get along nicely.” Grinning she let their hands fall between them, her brown eyes staring up at the women, her pink lips still pulled into a warm smile.
Elowen Jocosta 08/23/19 -approaches-
-tilts head to side-
"You're an ally."
-touches face-
"I'm Wen."
Nicolas Murray 08/16/19 *gives her a slow grin*
Nice to meet you, Aurora.
I'm Nic.
*reaches in and takes a sweet*
And I would never, ever, turn down kisses from a blonde.
Nicolas Murray 08/14/19 Thank you, ma Cherie. For the welcome.
Jewel 08/09/19 Had asked for a few, possibly odd, things. Was going through some stuff. Recently got divorced, right before her ex husband died, and had her feathered friend die just after it all but luckily he came back. The process for the souless beauty was a bit much. Mostly because it consisted of feelings. It wasn't her strong suit.

Had been staying in Skad's room but occassionally ventured back into the hole she shared with Esper to gather some things, leave some behind. With one of those moments, she found two pillows and a basket full of chocolates. Who was this from? Approached her bed and looked over the basket for a clue, she had found the small card with a note written to it. In the middle of it all, the whole 'Janus' thing had slipped her mind. "Oh my.. thank you, Aurora." She said outloud. Needed to replace some items that reminded her of her old mate and these were absolutely more than nice.

She'd have to give Aurora a visit soon.

Matt Boru 08/01/19 Thanks for the welcome lass.
LillyEmperium 07/26/19 You're welcome dear. My name is Lilly, if you need anything feel free to ask
LillyEmperium 07/26/19 Welcome to the coven
Jewel 07/25/19 Not a problem, doll.
Hope you enjoy our family.
You need anything? Don't hesitate.
Jewel 07/25/19 So, you and Mack made nice over sex club talk?
That sounds about right.
Welcome to Sine Metu.
Mackenzie 07/25/19 God. So easy. They’re all so ea- fun.
Jewel 07/25/19 Pulling back slightly, she would watch the woman's expressions of curiousity ontop of confusion. When the idea of joining a group with a person's peers comes up, the first question is almost always 'why' and/or 'how'.

But before another word could flutter from her mouth, the petite Irish came busting up.

"That's how." Points.

Mackenzie 07/25/19 Oh, sweetie. There are plenty of those in New York.
Mackenzie 07/25/19 Did someone say sex club?
Jewel 07/25/19 Little changed expression was given; just eerily calm look kept across her features as she looked to the woman. New York was claimed, by more than one group, but she liked to think that they were the ones to fear. It seemed the newcomer has yet to be picked ip by any coven. To not hear of SM was a shame.

Blinked momentarily.

"Sex club?" Shrugged. Not that she could imagine any single person in Sine Metu being a virgin, she couldn't claim that they focused on sex. "No, sorry.. just no." Shook her head. "We're a coven of like minded members of.." Dipped towards her. "..the darker side."

Jewel 07/25/19 If the girl was attempting to catch Jewel off guard, she had no clue what she was up against. The seasoned member of the Realm was amused by one of its newest residents. "You're in our city." It was her way of a warning. "I won't be the last to venture the depths of your pockets." Yanking her hand from her after she had allowed her to even capture her.

"Ever hear of Sine Metu?"

LillyEmperium 07/21/19 On behalf of Sine Metu, Welcome to the Realm.
Geoffrey Drake 07/21/19 Welcome to the realm.
Daxx- 07/21/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
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