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Imashe Korbinchenko
Killed: February 03, 2020 at 06:51 pm EST
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You managed to break out Dracula. Woot the big man

Born: July 29, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
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 My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Imashe Korbinchenko's Biography

Name: Imashe korbinchenko
Nickname: Imashe
Born: unknown to the world
Eyes: Blue or white depends on mood
Height: 6ft 11in
Hair: blonde dreadlocks later straight
Parents:Chaos and calico
Siblings: Twin Ice korbinchenko
Powers: seeing the future through her powers of a seer.
Relation Status: married to Kristian Mcloud on the 31/12/19
Occupation: Queen/Seer of her Tribe
Pets:Black panther
Family background: Born of royal blood
Language: age old Mamba

Imashe's Background

Born to a ruthless mamba king by the name of Chaos Korbinchenko, who trained his oldest daughters Imashe and Ice twins with special powers of a seer. Imashe could seer the sight of future, where as her twin could see the sight of death. Each to their own and frightening fates, the two girls became strong and ruthless like their father and mother.

Killing warriors, who came to their village just to steal the female mambas and making them in to slaves for the northern men in the north. Believing that the hearts were of great powers to make them stronger.

Imashe came to the other world called the realm and after being alone for many months, she found her mate Kristian Mcloud. Who has stolen her 💝 and brought her life in this place more interesting place to live.

IMASHE 💝 KRIS. Eternal love

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Last five threads posted in:
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TransylvaniaMalinov Castle
Created by Cassandra Malinov
Created by Cassandra Carnivale Jadu
Kristian Mcloud 02/03/20 Grats on POTD!!! babe.
Murmur 02/02/20 Congratz
Murmur 01/29/20 Thank you hun!
Kristian Mcloud 01/15/20 he smiled"oh i can do that with no issues" he ggles into the house, with a slap on her behind.
Kristian Mcloud 01/15/20 He smiled"oh no the note it was on the desk, and i forgot it at office, it all happened so fast i had to take the tranport and go, i am sorry"
Kristian Mcloud 01/15/20 He saw her and smiled, his business took him away on emergency"hey you , sorry got held up and business issues, im am back again, no worries" he took her into a long hug.
Kristian Mcloud 01/12/20 He smirked "HAH!! you get pocket lint!" he giggled and kissed her forehead.
Kristian Mcloud 01/08/20 He got home finally after a long day and went to hug her"hey umm what wait" he laughed"what are you up too now?" he smiled and ran after her..."you little sh1t! " he said playfully
Kristian Mcloud 01/06/20 He gets home, and see's her waiting, she was a lovely site, sexy as one gets too, were his thoughts.
Kristian Mcloud 01/02/20 "wow you were expecting me, weren't you" h was very surprised at her, it was nice . He laid down in the place made for him
Kristian Mcloud 01/02/20 "excellent idea ,love" he went inside with her. hand in hand
Kristian Mcloud 01/02/20 "and I love ya as well my sweet woman, what are we doing tonight?" he held her tightly then let her go so they could head inside.
Kristian Mcloud 01/02/20 He grabbed her and pulled in the car kissing her the entire time, soft lips dancing with each others, parting her lips for a french kiss of sweetness and full of passion for his queen.
Kristian Mcloud 01/02/20 He smiled as he got to her, holy hell she looked so hot "you do realize the only reason that robe is still on you is that i love the way it looks on you" he smiled a devious smile
Kristian Mcloud 12/31/19 "from this dy and ever on we are as one"he kissed her with so much passion he forgot he was cold and not human or alive, but her love was just that he thought.
Kristian Mcloud 12/31/19 He reached between then rubbing things sexy and then from his pocket he gets what he had for a day as well "then we shall be married in this realm made for and given to one another" he took her hand and added the ring"thi be a symbol of me too you from now till the end" slipping it on her finger
Kristian Mcloud 12/31/19 He smiled"are you sure? your heart is that taken?" he smiled, a long time of loneliness was just gone
Kristian Mcloud 12/31/19 "how can you take my breath away?" he smiled at her
Kristian Mcloud 12/31/19 "but you have done that already, my love" he touched her hands as she wrapped them around him, and followed them , holding them, he leaned into her whisper and felt her soft lips on his ear and moaned her name
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 He took the glasses from her and waited for her to pour them wine." this is nice baby" he smiled and sat down on her rug she talked about.
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 He looked about and found what he needed to get a decent fire going, then waited for her to come back
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 with her words he stopped and smiled"oh what an excellent idea love" he rubbed his body hard against hers.
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 He laughed "well then cuddling seems to be our night to be" he staered into her eyes and kissed her deeply.
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 He let her go a little and laughed," hide huh, do you really want me not to find you" he smirked a devious smile
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 She made him feel so hot,young and then saw her run "oh you little*** you cant run far enough to tease me like that" he got up and chased her down, and tackles her to the ground kissing her neck and then biting her as they fell, laughing.
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 He gave a soft moan to her as they became one on the bed "mmm i think you have that mixed up, i think i be the lucky one here and right now" He rubbed her back and then lower with light claws, to make her gooseflesh respond to his touch.
Kristian Mcloud 12/30/19 e woke to an angel on their bed, and smiled "what are you up to babygirl?" he took her fast in his arms and held her in a tight cuddle burying his face in her hair, her scent very intoxicating, and then bit her neck for a taste of his queen
Kristian Mcloud 12/29/19 "m yes to our paths leading to the same place of love, danger and togetherness" he took her harder in his arms and whispers "is fate we were brought together"
Kristian Mcloud 12/29/19 he loved her accent so much "aye Lass i would at that" he playfully said and hugged her long and tightly
Kristian Mcloud 12/29/19 I am glad we met mu love, you truly are amazing and perfect "for me, and bring lonely hearts to a warmth not felt in years to a very cold heart." he kissed her back passionately, while holding her tightly
Kristian Mcloud 12/28/19 Congrats on the new rank sweetheart :)
Kristian Mcloud 12/27/19 He watched as she moved, she was so beautiful to him, he was sure he could never forget such beauty in a woman,but he thought maybe from another time and place,all things seem to make it around to the same persons "well i am happy our paths have crossed again then" he pushed her a little more and wondered what she liked to do in her normal day to day life in the realm "so what is a day in the life and times of this angel before me" he giggles softly.
Kristian Mcloud 12/27/19 Her wprds that we met before,was puzzling to him,but she was correct fate was a powerful yet secretive thing at times "we have met?" he began to gently push her away and then again as she came to him again,it was calming to him to have her with him here,not so lonely it kinda changed the place in a good way were on his mind as she was pushed and returned to him by the forces to be. " you said you saw me in a vision, so then may i assume we both had a curious mind and a comforting want to meet again?"
Kristian Mcloud 12/27/19 "Yes that is strange to me as well, lets hope this is a thing meant to be, where ever it may take us, for now that you are here come with me" he reached to take both her hands in his walking backwards slowy he took her to the swing and gestured for her to sit" here sit if you would for me"
Kristian Mcloud 12/27/19 He was stunned, her golden hair and blue eyes against her white fur, took him by surprise like a star in the black of night she glowed, an angel tall as the trees she floated by "Oh gosh its you! how did you find me here?" he walked to her barely feeling like he was walking, as he got closer he felt as if he were human his heart would stop beating for a second, but why he only just met her,but she had something mysterious in her eyes and he was intrigued. " it is amazing we meet again,and here even more"
Kristian Mcloud 12/27/19 He slowed then stopped his swinging,"what the? Someone here?" he said softly from his lips, he stood to listen. It was coming closer,and was that a song from angels he was hearing? he was stunned and warmed to his cold heart at the same time, someone was very lost he was thinking. The sound was close enough he had to knw who she was there was no way it was a male voice,not this heavenly "who are you? are you lost? what intentions do you have?" He called to his invader to his secret place,but in a split second of thought she was familiar to him,but only just.
Kristian Mcloud 12/27/19 His place was near the big park he explored for private walks and just enjoy the new untouched places most didnt venture to, he had this place back among the rocks, an old swing was still there,the rusty chains creaked as he swayed in its seat it was calming to him,the only sounds were his right mow, but what was coming? no one knew this place or so he thought.
Kristian Mcloud 12/27/19 He woke from a nice dream of the woman he saw the night before last, he went to reach for the necklace knowing he had given it to a very sweet and beautiful woman, he wondered how she was doing, and if they would ever meet again. He got up to dress and soon to head out for a walk, he loved the pure white of untouched snow and the park seemed a good place to be at dusk to dawn.
Kristian Mcloud 12/25/19 He smiled "Same to you my dear" he turned back to her "i hope we see each other again soon, I would be honored to get to know you if you liked""
Kristian Mcloud 12/24/19 Her words made sense to him in an old past gone to him kind of way, he smiled at her as thier hands touched,she was amazingly warm,and soft to his more course hands. "I am truly happy to meet you,ive been away for so long,it is nice meeting new people of the realm,and i hope it is treating you with all its respect and danger it has to offer" He brought her hand to his face,and with very soft lips kissed it as if she were a princess, and released it slowly and respectfully. I hope we meet again sometime to share stories and adventures, but for now i will respectfully take my leave of you to enjoy this wonderful night and holiday time" he smiled at her and with a bow he stepped back 4 steps then turned to walk into the fog.."with love and good fortunes to you my new friend"
Kristian Mcloud 12/24/19 He made his way back to her, she was so tall and incredibly beautiful as well, her voice was well matched to her was his first thought "wow then i an truly honored, i hope you never take it off and keep it close to where a heart once was, maybe" He smiled and offered a hand to her as she looked one his face
Kristian Mcloud 12/24/19 He slowed his stride as she spoke again,it made him shiver with content,it soothed him and in other ways made him feel not so alone, it took him by surprise the words she spoke. "never? Then i am honored that i am the first, you have made me smile, and i haven't for a long time, Thank you" He turned to look at the young lady "i am Kris" he bowed slightly to her.
Kristian Mcloud 12/24/19 He turned and took a few steps, the smile still set on his lips,her voice stopped him in his tracks immediately, her accent was so lovely to him,it made him smile deeper then ever "i have something for you as well" He reached for the ruby heart necklace from his neck that was adorned in gold and diamonds,and an inscription"for those who need a heart without one" and he set in on a tree stump on the path "here this is for you my darling girl" he looked to the ground with a sigh and soft smile and started walking again.
Kristian Mcloud 12/24/19 He smiled as she came to him "wow thank you young lady" she was beautiful,sweet and gone before he could smile and finish his words to the young lady.
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