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Athena Maximus
Killed: July 12, 2020 at 10:25 am EDT
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Athena Maximus's Biography
Guess who is back B!tches?!

Profile coming soon. A little info in the mean time.

She is a witch who is very aware of the realm, and it's creatures. She used to have full control over her powers until a recent attack on her and her home. Her home was burnt to the ground and somehow she lost all of her abilities. She is currently trying to travel through the realm and the world to figure out why this happened to her.
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Kiernan Tigra

Black Lord


Last five threads posted in:
Zarek 06/25/20 Stepping in as she slipped her number into his pocket Zarek simply smiled. "Now in all the time that you have known me when have I ever not been looking to have a bit of fun. Rather than had me your number why don't we go see what mischief we can get up to."
Zarek 06/25/20 Raising an eyebrow at that. "My hips are in fine shape as someone might be able to attest to, but it has been too long since the last time I was out and about."
The Preacher 05/26/20 *Laughed and shook his head as she shown him her empty wallet. It may have been of his doing, might not have been. He was known for taking money from others to put into his churches collection plate. Taking from others was a talent that he had become familiar with.*
"If someone fears me, I do not know of it and would not know or understand why."
*Levi proclaimed. He was not a fearful man. He didn't fear anything himself. What was the point in fear. Fear is used to control someones emotions and Levi had no need to do such things.*
"Might I ask why you are seeking such information. Is there something that I need to know?"
The Preacher 05/21/20 Had been attempting to keep to himself, out of sight, out of mind. It had not went so well. Minding his own, the woman had approached him from the rear. Her words drew him around to face her, his movements cautious, his face curious, her words spoke out. His answer was simple, his expression soft.
"Nothing, I am but a man of God. I do his bidding and nothing more."
Head slowly canted to the side, his eyes locking to hers, then he waited to see exactly why this woman had approached him and asked him such a question of what makes him special.
-Julian Michaels- 05/20/20 Julian could be found at any hole in the wall bar in the city he was in, not like he would recall which one he was at. The city that was. Not because he was a piss-drunken fool. But simply because he was constantly moving looking for work.

He was turned around by the voice of a woman approaching him placing his hand on his fedora that was placed upon the bar turning slightly to look at the red headed woman that seemed to be talking to him.

"Hello, Ma'am no, I'm sorry I can't really say I'm new here per I don't really belong anywhere so then again yes I guess you could say i'm new for now?"

"Name is Julian...How are you Athena was it?"
Donte Kaspar 05/20/20 The Kaspar male was without a doubt eye in a new piece of investment. A litte cafe that would be prime money if dealt with properly. He was deep in his observation when he was approached by a female. Smiling he shook her hand with a mischievous grin. "No wouldn't say im new here but the names Donte."
Dr Van Helsing 05/14/20 Looking forward to seeing your profile!
Phantom_ 04/12/20 He blinks up at the blurry figure who’d given him more booze before waving, “Thanks magic bouncing fairy of happiness!” Then begins drinking the booze
Balthazar Remanzi 04/12/20 "Happy forbidden Sunday to you as well." He graciously accepted her gift.
Zander 04/04/20 Lifting his head as he was shook from his thoughts. He looked over the new comer as he pulled his hood down from his sweater. His face had its always present Grin. Well hello there Athena. I'm Zander I'm rather new here myself.
Kiernan Tigra 12/26/19 The Angel smiled briefly as he returned her hug, with arms and wings. "Even so, that doesn't mean that I don't hold myself accountable to some degree. I know it's not 'fair' to myself, but still." With a light shake of his head, he spoke again. "He's back home at the moment I believe. He's not too keen of letting me out of his sight as of late, but he knows I always come home." He couldn't help but chuckle lightly at the thought. "How have you been doing since you've returned then? If you tell me not to worry so much are you at least taking care of yourself?" If she wanted him to worry less, he had to have reason to.. You know, worry less, about her. She wasn't defenseless by any means, but the thought remained nonetheless.
Kiernan Tigra 12/24/19 The Angel's expression saddened as Athena mentioned her rough patches. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed help. That wasn't fair to you." He sighed, knowing that it couldn't have been helped and he shouldn't blame himself. That didn't necessarily make him feel any better. "I'm managing okay. I haven't been back for long though, so I'm still getting used to living 'normally' again. I'm just glad to be back. Do you have a home yet?" He asked curiously. They'd visited just prior to her death, and he was curious if she had a place to stay since she returned.
mist 12/23/19
Kiernan Tigra 12/23/19 Kiernan had spent the last few days walking through the Realm, trying to catch up on what he'd missed over the past few months. It wasn't necessarily 'different' or 'the same', but it was still definitely a home to him. He was so lost in his thoughts at the time that he started slightly when a familiar voice came from behind him. "Athena!" The Angel exclaimed, "It's great to see you to! I wasn't sure if you'd be able to come back or not. How are you holding up?" He bristled a bit, happy to see a familiar face once more.
Gray Taylor 12/12/19 Turning around to face the familiar voice, Gray displays a careful smirk as his eyes land upon Athena. "Look what the cat dragged in." Hands in his pockets, he nods. "Always a pleasure."
Nickolas_Knight 12/08/19 "Oh and what do you have in mind. I am not so sure what I did so the punishment better be good." He laughs.
Nickolas_Knight 12/08/19 "Thank you I am not sure what I did but it must be bad."
Nickolas_Knight 12/02/19 Nick bows his head. "Thank you Beautiful for the welcome."
Mackenzie 11/24/19 Black Magic Woman
What did I tell you about carving pentagrams in the floors?
Daxx- 11/16/19 "No I don't do anything small wise when it comes to ships. As for where to find a crew it all depends on what your trying to do. I can lend you some men or you can usually find some men in tavern and bars."
Daxx- 11/16/19 Daxx thought about it for a moment. "Well Athena Maximus I do indeed have some older sailing ships. But I am not sure they are good for a single person. I tend to have ships that need a crew to man." He shakes the offered hand.
Daxx- 11/16/19 The Pirate tilts his head he stood before one of the newer members of the realm. He bows his head and spoke in a soft tone. "I am indeed a Captain of a vessel. I am Daxx Swamp Corsair of OdD. How may I help you Ma'am."
Briahne Christiann 11/16/19 Welcome back, it's great seeing you've returned!! If there's anything you need, let us know!
Aelin Galathynius 11/16/19 Welcome to the Realm!
LillyEmperium 11/16/19 Welcome back
Mordred 11/15/19 Welcome back!! I hope you stay around this time.
Raven D Morningstar 11/15/19 Don't go dying on us again! *laughs* If you need anything just ask!
Raven D Morningstar 11/15/19 Welcome back!
Mackenzie 11/15/19 I swear to God...
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