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I have a happy personality with a heavy soul.
Sometimes, it gets weird.

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Quinn Abernathy

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Created by Noli Joudain
Quinn Abernathy 03/17/18 Quinn tries her best to keep her surprise from being seen, but it is difficult for the girl to control her expression. The woman before her starts talking about her sister, but the conversation turns to that of a dead man. She can only assume murder, since there was clearly a disposal. Luckily, these sort of things no longer come as a shock to sweet Quinn Abernathy.

And then, she blames it on a play.

A year ago, she might have believed it. But not now. Her perception of the world has shifted, and her disposition. Still, she does her very best to only see the best in people. Quinn strives to, and usually achieves it, with the exception of a select few.

At the mention of the police department, she perks up a little. Finally, she has useful information. "I met the detective that is working the missing persons cases here... he's really nice. He even spent the night at my place because I heard something outside and was scared. His name is Detective Weston Norse..." she is rattling off the information, as if it is of the utmost importance that Noli know now.

"And Noli, I don't think God is punishing you. I think he is testing you."
Quinn Abernathy 03/14/18 Quinn is not nearly as surprised as Noli, though it doesn't escape her that the woman had not been expecting this response. If it had been a year ago, or even before, she might have been saddened at the look on the woman's face. Instead, it fills her with just a touch of dread. Still sad, but definitely fearful.

"I understand," she nods gently. "It's okay. Really."

Taking the paper, she looks it over once more before carefully folding it and placing it into the bag slung over her shoulder. This is surreal for Quinn. She'd always known that people go missing, and she even knows a why, and how, but never before has she been faced with those left behind. "Quinn..." she looks at the woman and gives her a small smile. "And if I will call you, Noli, if I hear anything about Emeline."

As if second nature, she reaches and places a light hand upon the woman's upper arm. A gentle touch with a big sentiment, before withdrawing her hand to the strap of her bag. "I'm sure you'll find her."
Quinn Abernathy 03/12/18 She nearly screams. The minute Quinn feels that foreign weight upon her shoulder, her anxiety goes through the roof and beyond. Once upon a time, there was none of this. That was then, and this is now. Now, Quinn knows what it is to constantly look over her shoulder. She knows what it is to be followed, chased, and watched constantly. Even now, she feels those eyes upon her.

The voice that comes with that weight is just as strange, and she would turn to set those chocolate hues upon the girl, confidence and light within them dwindled down to near extinction. Something about her seems almost kindred, and she would let out an inaudible sigh of relief when she realizes this girl is a true stranger.

Then, a question. Brow knit in confusion, she lets her sights settle upon the paper before her. A flyer, like so many in the city, detailing woman not so different from herself, missing. In the back of her mind, Quinn must wonder if this is one of them. All the same, further memories rise up from their ashes and Quinn presses her lips together to give way to the mental pressure.

"I'm sorry... I'm not really from around here. I mean, I don't come to town often." Her gaze lifts, and she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. "She went missing here?"
Jay Lian 03/09/18 *stares*

*dabs daintily at corner of lips with a frayed handkerchief*

*smiles creepy citrine*
Weston Norse 02/24/18 “Mhmm.” He murmured, giving the brunette a size-up with his eyes. She really didn’t look like the type to go around picking pockets, but he knew well that appearances could be deceiving. Nevertheless, she looked harmless enough… and he was off duty.

“Just be careful out here. The next guy might take offense, you know.”

Wes gave her a nod goodbye and turned on his heel, heading back the way he’d been going.
Isabeau LaSalle 02/22/18 Noli Joudain just failed at stealing money from you! Isabeau raised an eyebrow "Let me express my annoyance at your attempt and presence before me in a manner that is more in tune with your feeble understanding." She raises her right hand, striking the form before her in one quick motion. "That is all" Turning on her heel she walks away.
Weston Norse 02/18/18 Noli Joudain just failed at stealing money from you!
Noli Joudain just failed at stealing money from you!

Once again, nimble fingers failed to slide his wallet from his pocket. It wasn’t that she wasn’t sneaky enough, it was more the fact that Wes was perpetually on high alert. One of the downsides of being a cop.

Leveling a flat stare on the woman in question, he took his wallet out, detective badge flashing in the waning sunlight, and handed her a $20. “Maybe the third time’ll be the charm, eh?”
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/14/18
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