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Jensen Beck
Killed: April 07, 2018 at 09:42 am EDT
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Born: February 08, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Jensen Beck's Biography
Currently doing odd jobs for money! Nothing too big or too small! Need a dog sitter/ wolf sitter? Someone to listen to your problems? Need a stripper? Give me a call!

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Last five threads posted in:
John Doe 02/21/18 I never spend it, I add it to my lint collection. I have the biggest ball of lint in Minnesota.
Katherine Murray 02/21/18 As long as the cop does not strip search you, I think you should be alright. -dies- And hopefully, you run faster than bullets.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/14/18
Katherine Murray 02/13/18 -blinks-
-hands over cash-
I had no part in this if you end up on not Cops. -smiles brightly-
Seraphina Morning Star 02/11/18 Gives a chuckle and pokes his cheek "I will be sure to bring everything possible." leans in with a laugh. "Want to know what is the really scary thing around here?"
December-Rose 02/11/18 The female quirked her head to the side as she gazed at him curiously. "Twas not all that important I suppose." She let out a soft laugh and folded her hands together as she stood before him. She had never been all that interested in technology, she found it more of a hindrance and preferred silence.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/11/18 Jocelyn's head canted to one side. "You lick ice cream off people's faces? Why?" Blue eyes blink slowly. "Um, if I hear any screams and windows breaking, I'll come looking. I'm really no good in a fight."
W_Kat 02/11/18 " I know,right?! It's sooo unfair."
W_Kat 02/11/18 "I could tell but I would have to kill you."
W_Kat 02/11/18 Congrats on PoTD!
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/10/18 *beams*
I guess welcoming is somewhat standard here, and the next step is offering help if needed. So, please find me if you need help. I don't know if I'll be able to, but I'll try!
Seraphina Morning Star 02/09/18 Chuckles at the man's words. "I will be sure to follow the girlish screams with a search party."
December-Rose 02/09/18 Silver eyes cast themselves on a face that she had not seen before. The demoness's stoic expression remained, even as her lips quirked up into her tell-tale smirk. "Welcome," she stated simply, her voice laced thickly with a southern accent, "Watch out for the monsters... they bare the faces of angels." A soft laugh passed her lips as she flashed her teeth in an almost snarling smile... she thought she was quite amusing.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/09/18 *waves enthusiastically* Welcome!
Seraphina Morning Star 02/08/18 "Welcome to the Realm! If any help you need just ask."
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