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Brandy Borne


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Born: October 13, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 11
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 29
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 2
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11/24/17 at 10:41 pm
And they denied the truth; they fell within their own abyss.
Brandy Borne's Biography


Subject 3310

Age: Unknown

Home: Large log cabin deep in the forest and mountain in Eureka, Montana.

Almost human with a monsterous head as a left arm with metallic tentacles covering the arm and a long, Xenomorph-like tail. Acid for blood and healing factor

Pale skin, dark hair, neon violet eyes. Sharp features of her face. 5'1. Lean build. 125 lbs. Has the feet of a feline for speed and improves jumping.

Left arm: Biomechanical Giger-like; numerous metallic tentacles covering the "neck" of the arm. They can extend, head appears to be like crocodile's with a sharp axe-like blade surrounding the mouth with many sacs inside the mouth. Can produce sticky velvet webs. Can also be used to store items within the tentacles. Super strength is in the left arm; the jaw is strong enough to cleave a man in two. Tongue is covered in bone spikes and can extend itself further than the tentacles.

3 sacs on each side of the mouth.

First Sacs : spews acid that also bears urakanji venom. Consistency of saliva. Can coat the tip of tail. Clear color

Second Sacs : spews out a strong psychotropic gas. If it's in liquid form the effects are permanent. Blue color

Third Sacs: Sprays biomechanical nanites that invade the victim's body whether it's dead, alive, or inorganic and give Brandy complete control over them. The nanites do not last long on the living, 5 hours at most. The nanites can reproduce. They can also help grow plants. If sprayed on inanimate objects they reproduce to make pyramid and sphere like structures. They feel like fine grade sand. Black and crimson color.

Can do spells but prefers to her own natural abilities.

Loves making hypotheses and figuring out the outcomes of her situations. Personality similar to Deadpool but more sarcastic or such

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Diego Kaspar

Lucia Mitzi Dragon

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Diego Kaspar 11/01/17 Downing the contents of my flute I did as she asked and before long I took in the Montana mountains and the cabin in front of me. +Nice place you got here.+
Diego Kaspar 10/29/17 Her words had indeed intrigued me. If this was an opportunity to expand my reach in the Realm even more, then I would take it. +Very well then, let us see this wondrous things you are so keen on.+
Diego Kaspar 10/27/17 +So Ms. Brandy what brings you by, I mean besides the champagne of course?+
Diego Kaspar 10/26/17 Taking the flute I inhaled the aroma and smiled. It had been a while since I indulged in the finer things and thanks to Brandy, I just might start again. +To new friends and new beginnings.+
Diego Kaspar 10/24/17 Hearing the commotion I look up from my desk and chuckle at her choice of an entrance. +Well, not too sure about the champagne but what the hell. Pop the top and let's down that bad boy.+
Diego Kaspar 10/21/17 Giving her hand a firm shake I release it. +It's a pleasure Lady Borne. So are you the resident greeter of newcomers to the Realm, or am I just lucky that way?+
Diego Kaspar 10/20/17 Offering her a smile I extended my hand. +Diego Kaspar, and you are?+
Caleb Noire 10/19/17 +takes the bottle and smashes it off of the ground+
Do I look like ye friend, yeh feckin' air biscuit? Am only 'ere for one thing. Findin' mo dheartháir. Don' get 'n me way.
Nate Mishal 10/19/17 "Brandy Borne? Jesus H, that's a hooker name if ever I heard one. But no, I'm good. You can be on your way now, shoo shoo."
Nate Mishal 10/19/17 Excuse me? You are?
Diego Kaspar 10/19/17 Seeing the figure I smirked. Not much scared me and she wasn't one of the things that did. +Well, I am not most people. Now am I?+
Diego Kaspar 10/18/17 The voice was not something i was used to hearing as I looked around for the owner. +That I am, but I think it only fair you show yourself as you currently have me at a disadvantage.+
Autumn Dalca 10/13/17 Welcome to the realm.
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