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Born: February 10, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 44 (House only: 1)
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Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 291
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
White chocolate Otter Pops - Easter 2017

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Quinn Whitmoore 08/25/20 *Standing with her hands on her hips she looks at him shaking her head in a sarcastic tone* "Draven Justicano I am not getting in that bag to be tossed over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I need to tell your mother you have issues.Does my sister know this side of you?"
Quinn Whitmoore 08/25/20 ~Her eyes grew wide wen she felt some one grab her shoulder then a hand covered her mouth. She rolled her eyes when he talked to her. When he finished she looked over at him shaking her head.~ "Oh my god you have a plan. This cant be good, I'm doomed I tell you. Doomed!!!"
Quinn Whitmoore 08/25/20 ~Quinn just turned the corner when she heard Draven voice and walked toward the bushes.~ "Draven? Draven ! where are you?" ~She turned around looking for him but could see hi anywhere~ "Draven!! DRAVEN!!" ~ Quinn was getting agitated still looking around~ "Ok where the hell is that boy?"
Cassandra Malinov 08/16/20 Cassie hugs her son close with a smile. "I love you my darling."
Marah Whitmoore 08/06/20 Congrats on making the realms most popular Draven.
Quinn Whitmoore 08/06/20 Congrats on making profile of the day Draven
Mazakeen 08/06/20 Congratz on making ptod mate
Skylar Justicano 07/30/20 ##links back##

"I know love Alex has gone completely mad in his head."
Rafe C Whitmoore 07/15/20
Vexa 01/15/20 The petite girl jumps at the tap and turns, eyes wide, mouth filled with pizza. Bogarting a whole pie to herself? Why yes! Chewing quickly, she smiles and whispers while offering the man a slice of pizza. "I'm good Draven, how are you?"
LillyEmperium 01/12/20 Congrats on pod
Livia Vlcek 11/17/19 Band rehearsal? What?! Livia was definitely intrigued as Draven scampered off. The Slayer had all sorts of questions now. What kind of music did they play, what instrument did he play, was there any cute guys in the band? The usual. Maybe she would even become a groupie because let's face it, Livia lived a rock star life. Drugs, alcohol and violence.. check. Yea, she would definitely be calling her nephew as soon as she got out of jail.
Livia Vlcek 11/17/19 What he said was true. Cassie did put on a brave face for her kids. What mothers should do for their children. She admired the woman, really. For all that she had been through. All that she had lost over the years. Livia smiled softly and nodded. "Your mom is wonderful, she really is. And maybe someday we can chat about how I met your mom and why I think she is amazing."

Instead of pushing Draven further to the left, Livia hugged the male and pulled him right. It seemed her husband thought it would be funny to pull out an rpg and aim it towards the bus. Yea, it was getting a little wild and maybe she needed to head home before her nephew was hurt and Cassie came to put an ass whooping on Livia. "I think that maybe we should meet up for a drink. There's some great dives here in Los Angeles. What do you think? We can chill and talk. You can tell me about what you've been up to and I can.. listen and avoid answering questions that could land me in jail." A bright smile turned the scarred flesh of her cheek in on itself. "But seriously.. I'd like to hang out sometime."
Livia Vlcek 11/17/19 "Is that even possible? Your mom is like the Disneyland of people. Happiest person I know on earth." She chuckles and pokes her tongue out at Draven. "Training is always good. I'm proud of you. Did you need any help?"

Pale eyes search the skyline, looking for her husband. He's there, somewhere, probably irritated so she smiles, brightly. Man.. "No, you don't need to come back later at all. Not unless you want to. If you have things to do, I won't keep you. I'm just glad to see you. It's been a long time."
Livia Vlcek 11/17/19 Awww.. Draven.. he's a sweet boy. His parents raised him right and Livia is proud. But this.. this is between she and her newest spouse. She may have taunted him. Which is fine. She shot him the day previous, center mass with a rifle. Of course he was wearing body armour. And he isn't trying to shoot Livia, per se, just shooting around her. Words are hard. "Noo no, sweetpea, I am fine. He will not shoot me. But he doesn't know you. I'm fine. Really."

The Slayer holds up a hand and nods. Everything is fine. Just two stubborn contract killers being pains in the asses to one another. "So how have you been hun? Where have you been? It's been ages. How's your mom?"
Katherine Murray 11/17/19 Hullo lovie, I'm doing just wonderful! -grins- and how are you doing??
Vexa 11/17/19 The smile she wears softens as she takes the paper offered. She's made another friend. She thinks she is very lucky today. Looking back to Draven, Vexa nods and gives a small wave. 'I'll call or text soon.'

The girl is already inputting Draven's number as she walks deeper into the swamp. Towards the plantation house and the spirits there. Daylight is fading fast after all.
Livia Vlcek 11/17/19 Aunt Liv? Pale eyes turn to glance at the approaching male and she squints. Literally squints. He looks familiar.. and he's quite attractive. Scarred lips curl into a smile. Who's playing the practical joke. Verdigris eyes surreptitiously glance to the surrounding area. "Well, hello.." And then it hits her. It's Draven. Wut. Wasn't he like waaaaaay younger the last time she saw him. "Ermagerd.. Draven! Hello!" A quick hug, not too tight so she doesn't get the cab driver's blood on her nephew. "Sweetie.. I'm going to need you to take like three big steps to the left. My husband is shooting at me and I do not want you to get caught in the crossfire." She sounds insane but Livia is pretty sure Cassie warned dearest Draven that his auntie Liv might be a tad touched in the head. "I'm doing wonderful honeybun, how have you been?"
Vexa 11/17/19 He's so sweet to understand and Vexa is nearly bouncing with excitement. She can't wait to tell Papa, Mother and Gabe she made a new friend. Unexpectedly, she attacks the man like a rabid monkey except, she hugs him and bounces off. 'Thank you for understanding Draven!'

Terribly excited is the only way to explain how the girl feels. A new friend who likes coffee. Did he like to eat people too? That could be something they discussed over coffee she supposed. Right now though, she's handing him a piece of paper with her phone number in case he wanted to talk or text. 'Few days, promise!'
Vexa 11/17/19 She continued to smile as he speaks, compliments her on the nickname she uses. If he only understood what it meant though, maybe he wouldn't find it so pretty. He seemed truly nice, genuine. She didn't, however, drink. That happened once and it wasn't pretty. It also might be how she ended up 7000 miles from her home. But coffee, she did love coffee. Except today, she was training. Papa was teaching her new things and she wanted to confirm with Gabe before disappearing. 'Can we go another time? Maybe go in a few days?'

It would also allow her to gather tools that made it easier to communicate with others; instead of having to strain their ears to hear what words she might be saying. 'Please? My treat.'
Vexa 11/17/19 Eyes bright, wide, stare at the man's hand. Someone was speaking to her! She grips Draven's hand, shakes it firmly, maybe longer than really needed then let's it slip from her grasp. Brows raised, she begins to speak animatedly like a squirrel on crack. Except no sound escapes full lips, just hints, breaths of words. 'I'm Vexa. Nice to meet you Draven!'

Vexa is mute but it doesn't stop her from trying. If someone was patient enough to listen.
Siobhan Boru 04/30/19 You managed to break out Draven A Ravenwalker.
Siobhan Boru 04/01/19 You managed to break out Draven A Ravenwalker.
"Im not going to ask but run"
Siobhan Boru 03/31/19 *Driving down the road Sky noticed the billboard with her husbands picture on it. Putting the pedal to the metal she drove straight home. Finding her husband she spoke.
" I was driving and saw your picture. So what did you do? Please tell me you weren't doing that sexy dance."
Marah Whitmoore 03/31/19 +Marah goes to her cousin and smiles handing him a drink+

" Well lookie at who made the realms most popular. Congrats on that cousin."
LillyEmperium 03/31/19 *tapping his shoulder * what are you doing? Face is alll over the realm..(congrats on pod)
Siobhan Boru 03/29/19 *Looks at her husband shaking her head*
You managed to break out Draven A Ravenwalker.
"Just what did you do my love?"
Siobhan Boru 03/28/19 *Sky watched him place the ring on her finger and then got up as he helped her. Listening to what he said she raised a bow as she spoke*
" That sounds great but Lexi and Stef? Dont tell me you letting your mom watch them. You do know she has little ones as well and Luna is back. But something tells me you been planning this for a while."
Siobhan Boru 03/28/19 *Sky watched him and smile kneeling down to face him she spoke*
" Yes I will marry you over and over Dra. To me every day is our wedding day."
Siobhan Boru 03/28/19 *Sky takes the roses and looks at her husband and winks*
"Hey there sexy, I remember that tux"
*brings them to her nose and takes in the sweet aroma*
"Thank you. They are so pretty"
Siobhan Boru 03/27/19 *Skylar wrapped her arms around his neck when he lifted her up in his arms. She saw that smile he gave and winked. *
"euuu I can hardly wait."
Siobhan Boru 03/27/19 *Sky smiled and hugged him*
"Well what do you say about making up for lost time there sexy"
* still having that devilish grin*
Siobhan Boru 03/27/19 *Sky watched her husband with raised brows and a devilish grin and sang.*
" I'm too sexy for my clothes ,to sexy for my clothes, to sexy I'm sure."
*Walking to him she wrapped her arms around his waist*
"So what has you in this playful this morning hummm?"
*she looks at him*
Siobhan Boru 03/27/19 *Skylar hugged her husband back and kissed him*
" I've missed you too. Just as much if not more."
Cassandra Malinov 03/27/19 Cassie looked at her son but hugged him then spoke.

"Hi mom me nothing Draven you scared me when you just left like that."

She felt the tears fall down her face as she hugged him close.
Cassandra Malinov 03/27/19 Cassie walked up to her oldest son smacking him on the back of the head then growled.

"The next time you wish to go off and just leave not telling me where the hell you are going...grrr Draven Alexzander Ravenwalker you scared me half to death. You know you are not that old for me to put you over my damn knee and whip your damn arse. Do you know what you put me through? I have gone completely crazy sending every damn group of guards looking for you. So what do you have to say for yourself?"

She looked at him with her arms crossed waiting for a good damn answer.
Marah Whitmoore 05/13/17 Congrats on your little ones Drav. They are so cute and precious.Let me know if you need anything. Love you both.
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
Marah Whitmoore 09/21/16 " You know I wouldn't miss that for anything I love your moms get togethers I think that is where she will be doing the blood test. I am nervous to have a dad.. I haven't had one since I was 5. And as for practice I am there. This is so exciting Drav. We get to let our voices be heard and get to travel everywhere. And I have to say Rafe and Quinn are really cool. I really like them. "
Marah Whitmoore 09/21/16 " I am fine and they are doing well They are growing so fast Drav. You may be getting a break with the training but I am doing double time. So how are you and Sky doing.? Bet she like the little break we have before the tour begins."
Marah Whitmoore 09/20/16 Congrats cuz.. you ranked.. coolness we are now the same..he he. Does this mean we cant spar anymore?

Siobhan Boru 09/20/16 Shiv goes to her nephew tugging on his hair then in a playful manner she gently punches his arm. " Congrats Nephew of mine you did it you ranked I am so proud of you. Good job."
vamp_goku 04/02/16 LEAVE ME ALONE! This is the last time I babysit for Cassie..I swear..
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