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Drago Fyre


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I don't accept blind Friend request want to be my friend talk to me first.
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Born: July 22, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 14 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: The Fraternity Mail Replies Sent: 581
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 8
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09/18/20 at 1:03 pm
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Drago Fyre's Biography
Name:- Drago Fyre
Race:- Dargonborn
Gender:- Male
Age:- Unknown
Hair:- Blue Scale
Eyes:- Blue
Height:- 6' 8"
Weight:- 276lbs
Status:- Taken by Thora Carlson
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Thora Carlson


Ezra Ivy

The Preacher

Nina Parrish
Shadow Man

Geoffrey Drake

Santa Diabla

Last five threads posted in:
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Los AngelesFun Time
Created by Thora Carlson
Santa Diabla 08/21/20 She gave a nod "Thank you! Diabla nice to meet you."
Thora Carlson 07/30/20 You digging in my pockets? Sorry ate my lunch money.
Drago Fyre just failed at stealing money from you
Geoffrey Drake 07/30/20 "You are welcome, Brother from another mother!"
Geoffrey Drake 07/30/20 You managed to break out Drago Fyre. "Run!"
Laila 07/30/20 "No it's okay. Really. You wouldn't want to listen to my woes and be burdened. "
Laila 07/30/20 "I'm glad one of us is fitting in and finding or way. I should let you get back to it."
Laila 07/30/20 "No I think it came out just fine. I just have never been complimented before and thus food not react well. "
Laila 07/30/20 "Oh um hi. I just wanted to apologize for my behavior before. All of this is still new to me but that doesn't excuse my rudeness."
Laila 07/30/20 The woods? Of course that is where he would be. Yet, the woods were a big scary place and the small angel was not entering into them. She had gotten better about her fears but that one she was not ready to tackle. Instead she stood just at the entrance and waited.
Laila 07/30/20 Laila summed up what courage she possessed and went in search of the young male. Hoping to find him so she could apologize for her earlier behavior.
Thora Carlson 07/25/20 Well hey!! Welcome to the crew!
Thora Carlson 07/23/20 "Thank you!" She said taking the beautiful gift and putting it to her nose taking in it's lovely sent.
Thora Carlson 07/22/20 "I get that! More of a loner myself. New here as well so win win! Do you eat? Cause I am starving." She thought they might get along well.
Thora Carlson 07/22/20 "Oookay that is mean of people." Shrugs "Dragons are actually pretty cool. But hey that is just me. But where are your kind?" There she was talking and asking questions like a five year old. 'Stop talking Thora' she shook her head
Thora Carlson 07/22/20 "Now that is cool! I am just a plain wolf, so you got me beat!" She laughed softly taking her hand and placing them in her pockets trying to keep still.
Thora Carlson 07/22/20 She gave a good shake and smiled "Nice to meet you as well Drago! Drago is another word for dragon right?!" Yeah she talked a lot and was a bit on the hyper side. She tried her hardest to be suddle.
Thora Carlson 07/22/20 "Sorry to hear that! Names Thora." Sticks out a small hand to the new member of the realm. "And you are?"
Thora Carlson 07/22/20 *smiles and nods* No problem.should you need some help ask around someone is always willing to help.
Laila 07/22/20 "Its okay. You didn't know."
Thora Carlson 07/22/20 Welcome to the realm!
Laila 07/22/20 "Uh no. I...I shouldn't react like that. It's just I am kind of interested in someone and being called beautiful makes me slightly uncorfortable."
Laila 07/22/20 "Uh yeah. Im thanks."
Laila 07/22/20 "Nice ta meet you Drago. I'm Laila."
Laila 07/22/20 "So far it has been good. But I only arrived yesterday so it is all new to me too."
Laila 07/22/20 "You are very welcome, Sir."
Laila 07/22/20 "Welcome to the realm, Sir."
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