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Siri Ridire


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Born: September 24, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 3
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 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019

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Hela Jones_

Jacob Ander Morningstar

Raven D Morningstar

Belladonna Jones


Last five threads posted in:
Siri Ridire 10/23/19 Siri and Malak had decided that seeing the teens took over the second floor at mommas coven. They had every right to do so for them selfs at the new coven. So after spending a couple ours with paints and stuff Siri posted the signs at all exits to the second floor!

Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/21/19 Noo you it again! *He chuckles*
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/09/19 "The dragon lady? You mean my mom?" He asked with a chuckle. "Hm..maybe we can get Malak to take them far away." Poor kid if it was only this simple. "Ok tell me where to look and I help."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/09/19 He chuckles listening to her. If she only knew the truth of that one. She will be looking for that bug for a very long time. "Want my help?" He whispers back. Hell if you can't beat this just join in the fun times.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/09/19 Watches her at the door way and smiles. These kids are always up to some thing or another. "Siri princess what are you looking for?" He heads further into the room and kneels by her.
_author 10/07/19 thank you Siri!
Ramiel 10/07/19 Scratches his head while deciphering what the tiny one said. Bitey bugs and baby seeds. He wasn't sure he even wanted to know. What are these people putting in these children heads? He blinks again and looks at her. "Thank you for the welcome. And second of all. Someone your size shouldn't be worrying about bugs and seeds unless they are in the garden." He points down the hall. "Malak is whom I think you said your looking for? He went that way. Oh and who do you belong to?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/03/19 " Bells won't explode. So we won't have a mess."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/03/19 Picks her up and looks at her with lips between his teeth and thinks about how to answer. " princess why you ask that question?"
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/03/19 "Way to go little princess! You working hard." Hands over peanut butter cookies.
Mara Lenore 09/29/19 Thank you young one.
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 *Lilly chuckled as she watch Siri poof again. Shaking her head she smiled* oh that's going to be interesting when she gets older*
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 I won't tell him. If he asks tell him to ask me...ok
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 *laughing Lilly smiled* if I gets you some cookies, will you go back and be safe lil one? *Holding out her hand, she smiled* there's a bakery not far from here, my treat dear
LillyEmperium 09/25/19 *Lilly chuckled* time has flown lil one. So why did you poof Siri?
LillyEmperium 09/24/19 *kneeling down in front of the child, Lilly looked to her* Siri.....when did you get so big? Does your momma know your out an about?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 09/24/19 Chuckles "Just couldn't wait for Miss Hela to bring them huh?"
LillyEmperium 09/24/19 *walking up, Lilly smiled softly* hi there lil one. How are you?
Jacob Ander Morningstar 09/24/19 "So the number one cookie bandit has escaped the care room." Kisses her head "Who was watching you that you poofed?"
Raven D Morningstar 09/24/19 "Well I am heading to the fourth floor. want to go with me and Ro?"
Hela Jones_ 09/24/19 Taking Malak and Kara into the kitchen for a snack after their long day Hela spotted a little blonde and giggled. She sneaks up on little Siri. "Did you escape Patch you little tippy toe ballerina?" She poked her nose as she smiled asking her the question.
Raven D Morningstar 09/24/19 Raises a brow and smiles bright "Thank you princess! Where is your mom?"
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