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OOC: Open for RP feel free to send the my way
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Born: August 26, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 3 (House only: 1)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 36 (House only: 2)
Affiliation: Pirates Cove Mail Replies Sent: 445
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 77
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Farren Seaver 10/19/20 Farren had been on the hunt for her seal skin when she had come across a murder so foul; it should have made her a little squemish about being out and about like this but when you have a Siren for a mother.... A little death doesn't mean much.

"So, I was out hunting down males, because who else would have taken my seal skin, right? And I thought I had found one that was very sketchy. Young male, maybe late teens. But I was WRONG. That was totally a woman. And wow, was she ever good. The man paid no mind to bleeding everywhere, but kept rambling on and on and on. It was like he was hypnotized. I wonder if she could help me find what I'm looking for. She seemed like she could. If you can find her, that would be helpful to me. And if you see anyone else looking strange with a seal skin..."

Probably keeps rambling as she walks off
EtaineNightBreed 10/16/20 A woman who had accosted was either more direct or was blathering like an adlepated nincompoop. Her approach was very direct as Etaine slipped two PotBelly sub sandwiches in her shopping bag. The woman didn't introduce herself but then Etaine felt like an adlepated nincompoop herself. "Oh yes very bloody. You see a woman got hit in her head with a rock and I have the rock he chucked at me....These are the details. "I will give you what details I can. Though the police report has the gory details. I witnessed the murder. The murderer is insane. Glaring red eyes. He wanted to do more than throw a rock...I think. But his actions were interrupted by me. He had fangs and those fingernails....He 's out for murdering women who are Karens. I was in the club you know having a Bloody Mary and I was watching him and those women. I have never seen such 'bitchies' knew the entilted dregs called Karens.... He bought their drinks and he served one of them a rock. He said the word straw."

Etaine looked at the woman. "Did he mean the last straw. Or did he mean I was next? Well there was a scent of herbs in the area as soon he fled the scene or did I flee the scene as well? He also had a noticeable limp and wet pants as well.. He's out there. Be very careful..."

Etaine just wanted to hide from the world. But she sucked it up and she smiled at the woman. "You can also ask for a police report."
Mary Shelley 10/14/20 Mary could have tried to explain that she was only trying to find new subject material when she was tailing two men from a bar; but that would require too much time. People wanted the meat of it, the information on the killer.

Im pretty sure he was an American, the accent seems to lead that way and judging by the way he swung that ax, Id say he was a sociopath. Or psychopath. I can never get those two right, maybe youll figure it out. Oh, you do have your work cut out for you. I do remember seeing an old book, it looked like a bible. Maybe it was a cult thing regardless, Im pretty sure this guy, with or without a pulpit, would demand blind devotion.
Siobhan Boru 10/12/20 Siobhan looked at the person speaking to her. This was erie she never saw nothing like this before.

I didnt see much, I tell ya, but what I did would leave you scratching your head. Ever see a cat disappear in a fiery burst? No? Well, that could have just been her hair.
Doma 10/10/20 Thank you for the welcome I assure you I will enjoy my stay! :)
Kayne Morrigan 10/10/20 Thanks and hopefully it will be ;)
Walker Lee 10/10/20 Thank you.
Siobhan Boru 10/10/20 Siobhan heard of the murder and being of a curious nature she found the person who saw it first hand. " I heard you saw a murder what can you tell me about it."
Amethyst 10/10/20 Amethyst heard of the murder and when to the person who saw it."Excuse me lass but what can you tell me about the night in question? What exactly did you see and hear!"
Kayla Holloway 10/10/20 Kayla was no stranger to death, but this struck as different. She paused as someone approached asking about what she'd witnessed. "Yes, it was peculiar. She was singing as she worked this by over the cliff; it's pretty clear that this woman has embraced her abilities." She gave a shrug. The woman must have enjoyed it that much. "I have to wonder if she was a professional... singer, that is."
Virelai Tylwyth 10/09/20 Virelai approached the woman, the one called witness, and tapped her lightly on the shoulder. She clasped her hands behind her back and rocked, waiting to be acknowledged and when she was, Vir smiled brightly, eyes glittering curiously. Pale lips parted to speak, but no sound rose from the vase of her throat and she snapped her mouth shut, swiping a hand through her hair in frustration. I forgot. If the woman before her had been sleeping she could have asked her more directly, perhaps, but that was not the case.

After a moments' thought, she pulled out a leather-bound book and began scribbling in it, her usually elegant, slant script, scrawled impatiently across the page. Excuse me, the page said when she turned it for the woman to see. I was told there was an awful murder that took place and that you had the privilege misfortune of witnessing the affair first hand. I am searching for the killer. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Josie Janson 10/09/20 The world was going bat shite crazy. Not one but two new cases of murderous shenanigans had happened before she even managed to make it home from talking to the witness of the second case. Sighing, Josie turned and went in search of the witness to one of the cases

"Excuse me miss. Word on the street is, that you are a witness in the latest round of murderous shenanigans. Do you have any details to share?"
Shannon Taylor 10/09/20 Good news travels fast, and bad news even faster. Shannon couldn't believe that overnight TWO more murders had taken place! Grabbing her notebook she hurried off to track down another witness.

Good day Miss Balkan. My name is Shannon and I am putting together an investigative piece on the murders currently ravaging the Realm. Sources indicate you may have seen or heard something in London? Would you be kind as to share?"

Damian Veron 10/09/20 Another killing, another killer to decorate his mantel. It had become a twisted obsession, a game he was playing with himself more than anyone else. A curious interlude to entertain the mind between the bursts of barbarity. Stepping out of the darkness like some nightmare slowly coming to life, a raven's brow perked as he approached the anachronistically attired female - She looked like a portrait frozen in some other time, in the land of the lost, stuck in purgatory for the souls who were left behind. She was waiting for something, or so it seemed, a wild westerly to push her sail forward in these still, barren seas. Or maybe she was waiting for another life. "Pardon me, miss," He inquired softly, the gentleman butcher, "I promise to not keep you long from your own insanity but, I've heard you've witnessed something quite erot-, um, horrendous?"
__Nyx__ 10/09/20 *I mewed then thanked her before rubbing myself against her leg and leaving towards the scene of the crime.*
__Nyx__ 10/09/20

*You hear a telepathic voice echo in your head.*

Forgive the intrusion. I'm hunting down someone. Did you happen to see anything...heinous?

*The telepathic link leads back to a black cat sitting before you.*

Honoria Louviere 10/07/20 "H-hello? Oh! Yes, yes this the witness." Of course, Nora wouldn't think to question how they got her number or that they could potentially be the murder themselves. Who knew? This was an insane time to be alive. Still wouldn't stop her from providing the 'deetz'.

"She totally killed her friends, unbelievable, right? Who would ever think someone could kill her friends so violently? My mother was always right about seeing the devil... but I never expected, who I think was literally be soooo pretty."
Murmur 10/06/20 Smiles warmly " We both are doing just fine little tired but fine everyone will meet the little one soon." She smiles happy as can be.
Savannah McCarthy 10/05/20 One would think that witnessing a few murders would be a traumatic experience for most people, but Savannah was not most people. Not when she's been around the block a few hundred times since the damn Dark Ages. Could she have helped those poor souls? Maybe, maybe not. Savannah was human now though and she wasn't about to become a victim herself.

She was told she would have to give her statement to those who asked, she when she was approached by those seeking answers, she told them exactly what she saw, "A crown sat on top of the murderer's head. Her face was hidden by the shadows. Yes, I'm quite positive she murderer was female...however, I could smell a strong scent of...burning moss and a lot of alcohol at each murder scene.
Walker Lee 09/29/20 He walks over to her Cell and smiled then winks. he opens her cell and holds a hand out for her. You managed to break out Silviana Balkan.
Raven Black 09/27/20 You managed to break out Silviana Balkan.
Josie Nathan 09/24/20 Sneaking into the dungeons, getting past the guards, and doing it completely undetected was the hard part. Springing the cheap locks she knew by heart was the easy part. With a satisfied grin, the child opened the dungeon cell door for the prisoner. "Be free! Quick, before the guards wake up!"

You managed to break out Silviana Balkan.
Damian Veron 09/18/20 "Why, thank you. Always happy to bring some class back to the realm.
Walker Lee 09/15/20 "Congrats on ranking."
Walker Lee 09/15/20 He followed her lead and nods. "Nice place."
Wren 09/13/20 "Thanks for the welcome."
Lucinda Dracul 09/09/20 Welcome to the crew apologize for being a little late.
Alix Ambrosia 09/09/20 (Congrats on profile of the day!!!🤗)
Alix Ambrosia 09/06/20 Thank you! ^^
Murmur 09/04/20 Smiles " Of course and if someone isnt kind well you can send them my way." She giggled giving her a little wink.
Murmur 09/03/20 Welcome to the Coven as well as the realm young one if you need anything feel free to let me know. *smiles*
Daxx- 09/02/20 "In our kind a home is a Coven and a place of safety to meet and find help to gain your bearings. In my case sea legs. I tend to say thing in Pirate terms cause I am a old soul that has been on the Sea more then land."
Daxx- 09/01/20

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm and bows gracefully. The Pirate King smiled and spoke softly. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me. If you should need any help please feel free to ask. My friends call Daxx. If you require a home please feel free to talk to me about one."
Raven D Morningstar 08/29/20 Oh how did you slip by me? *she smiled* Welcome to the realm. It is late so forgive me for it.
Ariadne 08/26/20 Good evening and welcome to the Realm! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me or another elder!
Briahne Christiann 08/26/20 Welcome to the Realm. Hopefully you'll be able to stay for a long time. If you need any help, please reach out. There are plenty of folks who will at least guide you along the way.
Ciaran_M_Boru 08/26/20 Welcome to the realm.
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