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Born: August 04, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 12 (House only: 12)
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 135 (House only: 121)
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 5244
Home City: London Mail Sent: 19
In Union With: Phantom_ Last Login:
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09/19/21 at 4:05 am
Current Mood: Creative 
Tá do chuid ama ag dul in éag Ba chóir duit féachaint i ndáiríre ar do bhéal
Special Items:
 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
My head is pounding to much to be here, New Years day 2021
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person

Celeste Donovan's Biography

Please to do attack me nor steal from me while i'am online. All Role play are welcome just ask.

Full Name : Celeste Avalina Donovan

Nick Names: Cel, Celly, and Ava.

Titles: Night Warrior

Age: 27

Home Town: Belfast Northern Ireland

Reside: Her own Lands

Race: Eclectic Witch

Hair; Raven Black

Eye Color: Gray

Eyes : Color can change at will also mood base.

Familiar: Great Horned Owl and a Black hawk-eagle.

Relationship: Is one with Phantom

Children: Has adopted all of Phantom Children. Aster, Ayana and Amaryllis Cade. Roisin, Nova, Ilithya Fionn, Eamon, Leon, Yseraand Lucian Valeera Sira Levi Orin Lilith.

Languages: English, Gaelic, Japanese, Chinese , Latin, French German and Koran.

Tattoos/Piercing/Birthmark/Scars: She has a scar on her right side from her breast down to her hip. Piercing are ears for now. She has many Tattos

Powers: Elemental control her main Element is Earth. Conjuration, Teleportation, Clairvoyance, Telepathy , Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Strength, Spell-casting, Glamour, Potion Brewing, Transmutation, Invocation and Telekinesis.

Bit of History: Celeste grew up in Belfast with two loving parents that had given her the world and taught everything they new about magic no matter what it was. Grown up she loved to learn just about any type of magic from others from books. She was a very smart child and knew what magic would harm or help others. Celeste also had a strong connection to animals while her parents noticed this and had given her an owl egg to hatch. This excited her and was lucky to hatch a beautiful Great Horned Owl she had named Helene.

Going in to her early 20s she left her home of Belfast to attend school in London England where she now lives. She love the beaut and history of London but it would never beat her home back in Ireland. While she was away in school her parents had sent her a gift anther egg this time it was her Black hawk-eagle she called him Ozzy. When she saw what Ozzy was she got a bit nervous with how him and Helena would get along but luckily for her they both get along great. Celeste is excited to see what the Future will bring for her and her birds. She truly welcomes the challenges ahead.

Ozzy and Helena

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Eleri Nenharma

Eibhlin Nenharma



Ezra Ivy


Lucinda Dracul


Strahd Von Zarovich

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Eibhlin Nenharma 09/19/21 Lin scratched her head. She shook her head and spoke quietly. "No I been too busy learning from my daddy and uncle Ajani." Albert her squirrel chittered and held up a lesson plan for Lin. "Grandpa bribed someone to make me get in trouble...I did another box of funny things in is secret hidey hole." Lin put the box on the table. "What is this for?" Lin held up French maid outfit. "I was wondering why he had a funny look on his face. When e died to hide it. Was he gonna wear at Halloween?"
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/25/21 Lin had planted a row of seedlings as he had requested as he tilled the new field. Lin slipped away after she had fulfilled his request. She had a final delivery to make to her grandma. She laid the handcuffs and leg irons on the table. "Grandma, grandpa told me to ask you about festival time and why those items get used? What is festival time? Grandpa hemmed and hawed when I asked. He told me to ask my parents. Somehow I think daddy and mommy will not like it..." Lin was getting the idea but she wasn't quite sure about the outcome.
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/24/21 Lin looked at her gramdma holding a new born baby. "You are innocent period. Daddy knows that. That's why he and Uncle Ajani didn't it to the house! Mommy was hard put to restrain daddy from doing it! Did you know grandpa tole me he had handcuffs and leg iron for special festivals? You make him wear them trinkets while shoveling this shit?" She spoke softly to her grandma. "He says I can't do naughty things and I gotta behave."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/24/21 Lin watched as her daddy and Uncle Ajani were moving the big truck into position. Her daddy and mommy were in the truck cab as her Uncle Ajani was giving them directions to pace the truck into position for it's in front of Phantom's residence a good distance from the house. "Drop the load" sounded Uncle Ajani with a roar of a humaniod cat that he was. Her daddy and mommy unloaded the several tons of manure on the ground. Lin smirked playfully and she spoke to her grandpa. "That's for almost getting me in trouble! Daddy and mommy say this is gonna really keep you busy. NO magick! Just start shovelling!" lin handed her grandpa a pail and shovel.
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/23/21 Lin set a basket of baked goods and assorted teas on her grandma's table. She put a piece of paper next to the small basket. "Mommy sends this basket of stuff to you. I booked grandpa for an eye checkup and a test to see if he has memory issues...I told daddy about the undergarment mischief by grandpa too..."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/23/21 Lin held a box of assorted women's undergarments that had a label of Victoria's Ladies Lingerie. She looked up at her grandmother. "Grandma, grandpa has a strange hobby collecting underwear! These ain't little girl underpants! He gave me the wrong box!" She shoved the box at her grandma. "You gotta talk to him or get his eyes checked for glasses."
Eibhlin Nenharma 08/12/21 "Oh no! I dont do that naughty stuff. He can do it! He wants to teach me to blow up police fundraising events. I promised my daddy. No monkey h business...'
Phantom_ 06/17/21 He watched her sneak in and leave her gift before running away as he blinks, "Wait...did...did she just do that to tease me, or was that just supposed to be a hint to go play instead of doing work?"
Strahd Von Zarovich 04/23/21 Thank you!!
Phantom_ 03/20/21 “Seems like you’ve been having your own fun beloved, so who took your photo? I need to murder them for clearing not taking millions more for me!” He hugs her close, “What did you do to become famous though? I’ve been stuck doing paperwork again.”
Phantom_ 03/14/21 He puts the head of one of the most wanted men in Africa on the table as he sips his tea, "I brought you a bad man's head and soul...also a bunch of that human money that everyone seems to want a lot."
Phantom_ 03/14/21 "Blew up three police stations, got into a fight with War...and I may have wiped out a lot of those people in the Africa warring areas who had a lot of hostages."
Amethyst Boru 02/14/21 *smiles and nods*" Your very welcome. Enjoy the skittles I have a box filled with them. My Aunt Rebekka sends them to me weekly, so I have plenty. That is if you like them. You can always come for more."
Amethyst Boru 02/14/21 Noticing someone new she hands her a bag of skittles." Sorry I haven't come sooner haven't been around much caught a tad bit of a cold. Here's a bag of my favorite skittles. Sweet and sour. I'd like to Welcome you to OoD. If you need anything please feel free to ask"
Phantom_ 01/05/21 He looks up from the photographer who was holding his eyes from the pepper spray, “Wait...he got the photo in?! I’ll kill him!”
Phantom_ 12/06/20 He carries her off to make her seared chicken with creamy mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and freshly made cake with enjoying his own fresh brewed tea.
Phantom_ 12/06/20 He lifts her up and takes flight just as a smashing of a car can be heard and the screaming stops before he pauses and looks down with mild surprise, "Huh...they are alive...meh, the muggers in the nearby alley will fix that for me, do you want some steak, chicken, or pork for the meat?"
Phantom_ 12/06/20 He raises and eyebrow at her as he drops the human he'd been dangling over the edge of the building he had been on, "Behaving? Love you know better than that...also, I think you just made me kill someone...does that mean you are paying for dinner tonight or I'm paying extra for dessert? I never remember the rule on this one."
Phantom_ 10/19/20 “To earn my wrath? Absolutely nothing, but according to the mafia guys he likes to slap around little kids and make them work like slaves...nevermind, he has earned my did I miss him during my last purge of abusers?”
Phantom_ 10/19/20 With a kiss to her cheek and a nod to the men he leads her in a random direction, literally walking through walls and leaving a very easily followed path him their wake, “That’s a good idea! I have someone there I need to punch, two birds with one stone love! I make you happy and give you a show while you enjoy your ice cream!”
Phantom_ 10/19/20 He blinks and looks at the mafia members with the bodies on the ground before he scratches his cheek, “I mean...we didn’t do anything that I don’t do at a lawyer’s office, so no, we’re behaving...want to go get ice cream love?”
Phantom_ 10/11/20 Hugs her, “Love, my wallet is not in my front pocket...or even in my pants, I gave it to you remember? No matter how throughly you search you wont find it...and no, those other wallets aren’t mine...don’t even remember where I got them.”
Phantom_ 09/27/20 He chuckles, “Celeste, love, I don’t remember any of the translations without reading them. Galic is a language I’m unable to learn at all. Though, thinking on it, so is Russian...I should look into that as well.”
Phantom_ 09/27/20 “I learned Spanish, and Japanese, but I can never learn any language tied to the fey courts...I have powers than can translate them so I can understand them yes, but they are oddly unable to remain in my mind. It has to do with a curse from the oldest fairy queen I got into a fight with long, long ago. We aren’t enemies any longer, but I refuse to ask her and she forgot about it...hasn’t really been a needed thing for me thanks to the leprechaun I have living in my lands always translating the languages for me...where do you think I got the notes I’m using?”
Phantom_ 09/27/20 He had studied her quote for the longest time since she had told him it, a personal belief of hers meant he wanted to know it, but he didn’t speak the language of the fey or the galic that was born from it, but finally, “Treachery rebounds on the treacherous? it treacherous or traitor?”
Ariadne 08/31/20 Think nothing of it! Seems we're all running behind these days!
Ariadne 08/26/20 Hello and a late welcome to the Realm! Let an elder know if you need any help!
Dante Silverblade 08/06/20 thanx
Briahne Christiann 08/05/20 Welcome welcome, looks like you're settling in. If you need help with anything, please reach out. There are many around who can at least guide you along the way.
Murmur 08/04/20 Welcome to the realm of you need anything or help feel free to ask!
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