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Born: February 24, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 15
Affiliation: The Attic Mail Replies Sent: 648
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03/18/19 at 9:37 pm
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Sucks being a wolf, lonely one in the pack and not knowing where to belong.

Rhianna's Biography
Name: Rhianna St Claire
Nickname: Princess only to Zarek. If you call me it I won't answer to you
Born: 4th June 1993
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft 6in
Hair: black
Parents:Danielle and Alexander St. Claire
Siblings: Marah, Marcus and David(deceased)
Powers: not telling
Relation Status: owned by Zarek
Occupation: model


Rhianna's parents were killed by Marcus, her older when he was 15 cause of a master female Vampire who turned him into wolf/ vamp and he went by Devil Wolf. The twins Marah and David were hidden and found by their father's second in command. Rhianna and Marah were then separated for safety and were reunited many years later.

When Rhianna the youngest out of the St Claire Phoenix witches, was protected by her older sister. As she came into her powers, life had changed for the best and the worst. She was watched by a powerful vampire the name of Alexander, who vowed to break her to his will. Her mind was stronger as well as her will, and went on living her life under the close eye of her sisters ex-husband Danny Ocean. He was jealous of the closeness of them, trying everything to break them apart.

Months of watching and waiting Danny turned rogue by attacking Rhianna as her sister watched, not being able to do anything. Rhi's brother's Marc and David went hunting for Danny and killing him. While laying on the ground outside the Plantation, Rhianna not giving up her life because of a sick and twisted male, she got up and ran for her life into the forest. After which she passed out from the loss of blood.


You were successful in stealing $228.00 from Nathaniel Tallios.

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Last five threads posted in:
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NeighborhoodForsakened world
Created by Rhianna
InterviewsInterview with Martha Davis of the Motels
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Marah 03/18/19 +Marah rolls her eyes as she read the note that Rhianna dropped off. One how dare she spy on eaves drop on her and Chris. And two she has no idea what her and Chris talk about in bed. And three she did tell Chris in private about her and it was him who agreed to let her be in the wedding , one she did not even stand up for her. Marah was to busy to deal with this drama. She was on her honeymoon. She also had a club and recording studio to run And a album to record.If she wanted to act like a child then so be it. She was not going to run and chase her. She had to realize that people were busy with there lives to check up on her every day. Hell Marah's family doesn't talk to her every day and ask how she and the kids were.Writing a note she gave it to her most trusted dragon Damian to deliver the letter dropping it off he returned home.+

"Look Rhianna may family doesn't do a day to day check up as for what you think you know about what Chris and I talk about believe what you want you have no idea what I do and don't talk to him about. Thats all I have to say. And also I hate spy's and eaves droppers."
Marah 03/14/19 +Marah heard her words about not having nightmares.NIGHTMARES she could tell her about nightmares for 11 years straight she had nightmares of Danny ..what he did to her killing her children with night Abigor, Mya. Then the memories of him sodomizing her killing her bringing her back. Then the worst of all him making her watch him blow up the house with their 4 small babies. Her seeing their little smiling faces not knowing what was gonna happen. The the house exploding engulf in flames burning her babies as she screamed no. Him holding her where she couldn't save them. So Nightmares how dare she say she didn't have nightmares. The Phoenix screamed out again this time long and very loud.+
Marah 03/13/19 +Marah looked over at her one eye of fire the other ice from both Phoenix's in side her. The Fire and Ice Phoenix only came out when she was really up set. +

" I'm not mad at you. So don't tell me what to do Rhi. I had been on my own since David and Marcus died after killing Danny for what he did to me and my 6 kids that are no longer here. I dealt with Vamp Masters like Alexander before . James the one who took Davy and me from my real parents and killed them taking them from me. 3 Years ago I found my biological family it took a while not being alone and having a family but I got use to it. So yeah Im a little up set that they could be in danger.We will talk later go to the stream down in the valley follow that trail the water will help you heal."

+ She no sooner said the last word when she turned into fire Phoenix with the smoking bluish black out lining her. It was both hers and Davids Phoenix together. Letting out the high pitch deafening squeal of the bird she took off into the sky+
Marah 03/13/19 "Rhi you tell me where they are. I just found them 3 years ago I am not going to lose them now. You they where to find this Alexander so I can help them. If you dont I will find that jerk on my own. And trust me he wont like me when he meets me."

+Marah was starting to get angry she wanted this Alexander and she wanted him badly looking over at the tree she had laid in front of she flicked her fingers and blew the tree into splinters.+
Marah 03/13/19 +Marah looked at her confused for she knew nothing about this.So she was curious and had to ask what was going through her head.+

" What does my dad has... Hes not in danger is he? Rhi you tell me where this jerk off is and tell me NOW!"

+She said the word now very sternly. She wanted to see this so called bad ass and put him in his rightful place.+
Marah 03/12/19 +Taking a break from recording at the studio Marah decided to go for a swim in the lake behind the studio. She was close to the waters edge when a breeze blew which sent her the scent of blood. Marah followed it to a tree that was near by when she saw some one. Going to them she put her hand on them when she knew who it was.

Rhi? Rhi what the hell happened?"
Ronan Boru 03/11/19 "Ciaran and I will handle this . it ends now."
Ronan Boru 03/11/19 "OK its time to end this where is this ass? this can not continue."
Ronan Boru 03/11/19 * Ronan sees her* Are you feeling alright? Whats going on?
Geoffrey Drake 03/06/19 Geoffrey turned back to watch Rhianna open to the door to a motel room and slam it hard. His shoulders almost slumped but he straightened them. He had been there and had gone through something similar to her circumstances. He had fought someone or something that almost took his very soul. The darkness that had almost engulfed him became his turning point. He walked on wondering and hoping Rhianna would find that inner strength. The phoenix necklace had helped him and he had passed it onto him. IF she could unlock it's power she would find some comfort.
Ronan Boru 03/06/19 "Drinking doesn't kill the pain. I know I have tried. The voices that you hear we can end but we need you too show us where he is."
Geoffrey Drake 03/06/19 Geoffrey turned to glance at Rhianna. "Have hope, Milady and trust the ones that family sends to aid you. You and they will defeat those demons within you and remember words have no power over you less you give them the power. The phoenix within you will mete out the justice soon enough. Consume the fear within and release it on them." Geoffrey turned and went on his way. The battle was not his to fight but others would aid the woman. He wished no anger or retribution from those close to her.
Geoffrey Drake 03/05/19 Her angry voice and words seared through his mind and he spoke gently to the woman. "Be at peace, Milady." He shifted at a respectful distance and he withdraw a money clip from the pocket of his black duster. He reached in another pocket and drew out a phoenix necklace with eyes of fire opals. He met the space between and slipped both items in her hand. "Milady, I am not an evil man. I would never harm a woman. My people call them treasures to have and to cherish. My futile attempt has meet in some disapproval from you. Take these small gifts and if I ever find the ones that wish you or any other woman harm. They will wish they never met the likes of me." Geoffrey turned and walked away from the woman. He would not interfere further unless it was required of him.
Geoffrey Drake 03/05/19 Geoffrey heard the low growl. It had the undertone of a feral nature. He stepped back his arms at his side. His palms were open at his sides. He saw the woman shift to a flame red fire phoenix. He smiled sadly as he shifted to a form he rarely used and it was one skill his twin didn't have. A white dragon with grey-white scales took to the skies after the fire phoenix. There was witch or mage in that woman. His innate curiosity was aroused and he flew after her.
Geoffrey Drake 03/05/19 Rhianna just failed at stealing money from you! *Geoffrey knew since his arrival it seemed there were a bevy for people vying for what they could find in his pockets. It was a pair of hands who felt everywhere in his back pockets. It got slightly personal when that hand tried the front pocket of his jeans. He gently grabbed the wrist of a woman.* "I'm a married man, Milady. My male merchandise isn't up for grabs. IF you are in needs of a potion, spell, BM and cash. I can assist in that humble way."
Kyla 03/05/19 I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps a cup of chamomile tea?
Ronan Boru 03/04/19 *Ronan takes the necklace from her.* Then I will make sure Ciaran gets this . I know he is going after this man.
Kyla 03/04/19 *notes the blush*
*raises her brows*
Are you alright? Too hot? Do you need a cool drink of water, maybe?
Kyla 03/04/19 *smiles*
*keeps her eyes fixed firmly on the woman's face*
Hello again. Rhianna, right? How are you?
Marah 03/01/19 "I will warn them. I haven't been married in a while. He is wonderful. He makes me happy and he wants whats best for me. As I want whats best for him."
Ciaran_M_Boru 03/01/19 "I know who you are. I am Marah's brother, Ciaran Boru. I can help you but you have to trust me and tell me how to get to Alexander.You have to tell me how to kill him. Why are you watching my family?" Ciaran waits for a response. For now he wold not harm the girl. She was someone of importance to Marah.-
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/28/19 -Ciaran walks out to the court yard and speaks .- "Rhianna I know it was you last night.Come out come out. Why are you watching. You can talk to me. "
Marah 02/28/19 " I know both of them. Amethyst is my sister in law. You leave them alone you hear. My father and brother will kill anyone who should try and harm Ami. And I will too. so you need to tell me who this master is. NOW"
Marah 02/28/19 +Marah wasnt sure why Rhi read her own note and then looked out as she spoke.+

"Hey are you ok? I just brought that note you left me. And to prove to you I care about you by inviting you to my wedding March 5th at 6pm and see if you would like to be one of my brides maids. But who are you talking to and what is ths Master thing?"
Marah 02/28/19 +Marah goes to Rhianna with the note in her hand and showing it to Rhi+

" I will deny all of this. While you been so called dead my life has been confusing. At first I find out that Danielle St, Claire wasn't mine and Davids mother but Uncle Chephs wife was before they married. Then At our families home I find a document with my Aunt Cassie saying they were my parents. Then this Psycho Master Vamp named James planted that note. And he confronts Ronan and me saying that him and Marie had triplets . Yeah me and David being 2 of them. He kidnaps me and Dave brain washes our mother. He replaced me and David with the real St.Claire twins. But they died just months before he told us. It took me over a year to get use to not being a St.Claire and having a father and family who loves me and protects me. The St.Claire pack still wanted me as their Alpha. A true Alpha one who didn't kill to get that title. And now your back after I believed you dead and ... Im getting married to a wonderful man. So yeah I am confused. Sorry if that offends you. I still love you Rhi you will always be my baby sister. Blood has nothing to do with it."
Amethyst 02/26/19 Ami goes to the window when she hears the wolf howl then runs to find Ciaran
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/26/19 Ciaran looks around hearing the wolves
Anyssa 02/26/19 Congrats on your ranking
LillyEmperium 02/25/19 A long time ago? Well then welcome back. Hmmm... our paths may have crossed then. I'm known as Lilly Emperium. Might I ask your name?
Blood Maw 02/25/19 "Tis a pleasure to meet you."
Blood Maw 02/25/19 A large black wolf walks up and bows his head. "Hello my name is Blood Maw and I wanted to welcome you to the realm."
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/25/19 "Can I help you lass? Are ya lost or hurt?" -Ciaran looks at her.-
Marah 02/25/19 "Oh. Well I learned to control the werewolf when I was 14 but when I get mad it sometimes use to come out same as the Phoenix. Just like my new pow...Well lets just say that I had to learn to control lots of things the past 2 years."
Marah 02/25/19 +Marah watches as Rhianna went to sit down+

" What happened"
Kyla 02/25/19 *laughs*
*shakes her hand*
Well met, Rhianna. I half expected you to slap me for being so forward.
*moves closer*
*lowers voice*
Just between us... Have you ever knocked anyone out with the girls?
Kyla 02/25/19 *wanders up*
*peers at*
Two things... First, I have to say, you have a fantastic rack.
Second, I am a wee bit jealous.
Oh, and I'm Kyla. Guess that makes it three things.
Marah 02/25/19 +Marah looked at the hair and blue ribbon. She was just a teenager when all that happened. If only David and Marc were here. Marah ran her fingers on the silk ribbon+

" Rhi David and Marcus are dead they were murdered by this psychotic monster named James. You dont have to worry about him he was killed by my aun... by Cassie Ravenwalker. Rhi where have you been all this time?"
Marah 02/25/19 "I saw Danny kill you. I SAW IT.. After he killed you he killed the 4 kids I had with him and made me watch the whole thing. And he would kill me bring me back and kill me again. That was when our Uncle Cheph David and Marc came and got me and Dave and Marc killed him.You cant be Rhi she had golden blonde hair and you don't. Who sent you ? why are you doing this to me? My baby sister is dead."

+ Marah burst into tears remembering the horror of it all.+
Marah 02/25/19 +Marah looked at the wolves her eyes turned to Alpha red letting them know she was an Alpha not some normal Beta or Omega. She then shifted her gaze to the girl who knew her.+

" Look who are you and how do you me?"
Marah 02/25/19 +As she walked to where the presence led her she started transforming back to her human form. She now stood out side and knocked on the door+
Marah 02/25/19 +Marah felt a presence she hadn't felt in a long time. It was Boru blood but that of another family.By the time she looked out side she saw the car drive off. She knew there was only one way to catch up and she hadn't done this in over a year. Closing her eyes she held her arms out and in moments she was the fire Ice phoenix something she hadn't told Chris yet. Taking the dark black skies the fire bird followed her and landed in the road a mile ahead. She remained in that form+
Ronan Boru 02/25/19 ok will ask her
Ronan Boru 02/25/19 She doesnt have a sister Rhianna. Not from this family. I will ask her though. If you need anything let me know.
Ronan Boru 02/25/19 *Ronan notice the woman a nd looks at her.* And you are who lass?
LillyEmperium 02/25/19 *looking at the woman for a moment, Lilly spoke gently as she touched the women's arm*
Ma'am are you ok? You seem somewhat familiar, but can't place where....
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