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Born: January 02, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
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Derek Norse

Quinn Abernathy

Jocelyn Fairchild

Tiber Loche

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New OrleansM I S S I N G
Created by Weston Norse
Lloyd R Darrow 01/20/18 Thank you. It's quite flattering to be recognized by fans. It doesn't happen very often that true art is appreciated.
Tiber Loche 01/20/18 Anotha 'Notha Brotha
..Okay, well. Maybe we can come to some agreement.
Namely that you keep your d!ck brother off my jock.
THEN, the moonshine is free.
Also, did you know he has your badge?
Lloyd R Darrow 01/20/18 None of those, actually. My most recent work was in American Booty, and the Da Vinci Load.
Lloyd R Darrow 01/20/18 Are you flirting with me?
Derek Norse 01/20/18 Wes
The dude is hiding in the kitchen.
Good fcking luck, sh-tbreath.
PS. She is totally into me.
Tiber Loche 01/20/18 Another Fkng Norse
I'd have been happy to oblige. No threats necessary.
But now I have to abide by a code of honor.
Come @ me, ponyboy.
Derek Norse 01/20/18 Wes
It is on like Donkey Kong.
The girl is mine.
The fck you want with Sloth?
[Contact attached]
Derek Norse 01/20/18 Wes
Your league, definitely not. Mine? Totally in it.
This dude up here, I call him Sloth, he makes moonshine.
He ran when she came in. It’s like he knew there was no competition to be had. Totally going woo this girl.
You’re a fcking idiot for not trying.
Jocelyn Fairchild 01/20/18 Jocelyn got the feeling the man had passed a kind of judgment where she was concerned. Nothing large, perhaps, but he decided something about her. They were still talking so it must be a good thing, right? As such, her smile brightened considerably, especially when thinking about where she was from.

"Heaven. It's beautiful." Her shoulders hunched again, this time against the cold. "Warmer. Is it always this cold here?"

Blue eyes examined the man from head to toe and back, and realized they hadn't exchanged names, but that could wait. More importantly, "maybe we should go inside? If I'm getting cold, you must be."
Derek Norse 01/20/18 Wes
Listen, if this is you trying to lay some sort of claim, back off. This one is taboo. I just got shunned from frisking her by like two people. She knows the boss lady, any like everyone else here, apparently.
Wait. Did you already... dude. Not cool.
Derek Norse 01/20/18 Wes
[Video Attachment]

[Address Attached] Dibs.
Derek Norse 01/20/18 Wes
That's what I'm trying to do! I'm in upstate New York, dude. They think I'm FBI. Get up here! About to frisk some blond. I'll try to get a pic.
Derek Norse 01/18/18 Wes
DUDE. YOUR BADGE IS MAGIC. I just scored a cabin, all the food I can eat, a BAR, pat down privileges, AND A GARDEN.
Jocelyn Fairchild 01/15/18 New Orleans.

Jocelyn nodded as if it made complete sense to her, when in fact it didn't help clear anything up. Her expression and the way she glanced at him were telltale signs of that. They screamed, I have no idea but I'm going to pretend I do.

The change of the man's tone had her shoulders hunching slightly. He seemed less friendly than a moment ago. Maybe all humans weren't as kind as Sorin. Nevermind he wasn't entirely human. Details.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just... still learning. It's a lot to take in, you know? Where I come from is very different."
Jocelyn Fairchild 01/14/18 Jocelyn accepted the cell phone. While she appreciated the gesture, she had no idea how to make it work. Sorin made it look easy. Even if she did... "Thank you, but I have no one to contact." The accent marked her as foreign.

With another smile, she returned the device to the man.

"I come from a long way from here." Now Jocelyn looked uncomfortable. She closed the distance between them and lowered her voice. "Where is here? Earth, yes, but where?"
Jocelyn Fairchild 01/14/18 Truth be told, Jocelyn wasn't paying attention to her surroundings. Likely unwise, but she didn't know any better. She was too busy taking in new delightful sights and scents, and the noise! Goodness, the noise.

Hearing the man's voice, Jocelyn spun around, blue eyes wide. Her face scrunched. "Help? You're the second person who's mentioned it." Maybe it was time to admit how clueless she was. "Okay, yes, I am a little... turned around. I've never been here before and-"

What did Sorin call that thing? Oh!

"I don't have a cell phone. I may need some help." She offered a timid smile.
Derek Norse 01/13/18 Wes
I think I'm going to find myself a woman.
Not too prettier than me, though. It's hard to accomplish, I know, but it happens.
Thanks to my badge, I'm going to find her.
Derek Norse 01/08/18 Wes
How’s your douchecanoe?
Derek Norse 01/05/18 Wes
I got the munchies, anyway.
Derek Norse 01/05/18 Wes
Alotta Phat Babes? I'm down. Do people even say phat anymore?
Derek Norse 01/05/18 Wes
You stupid genius. I didn't even think of that. Why didn't I think of that? Free **** and ladies.
Derek Norse 01/05/18 Wes
Badge? What badge? You never had a badge. I do. And I get all the free sh-t.
Raven Dragoon 01/02/18 "Welcome to the Realm! Hope you find what your looking for."
Soul Darklander 01/02/18 *Walks around the man and chuckles* You will soon figure it out.
Caera Marie 01/02/18 A wry grin crosses her lips at his words. "I came across him last evening I believe. I welcomed him as well. "
Caera Marie 01/02/18 She looks at the photo, her brows knitting in concentration. "Do you have a name perhaps to accompany this photo?" She was much better with names than just random photos.
Soul Darklander 01/02/18 A grin crosses her lips "Welcome to the Realm. Good to see another like me. Any help you need just ask."
Caera Marie 01/02/18 Amber eyes look to the newest member of the realm, a slight smile gracing her lips. "Welcome to the realm. May all you seek be sought and your time here enjoyable. "
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