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Blood Demon
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Bennie Norh

Last five threads posted in:
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Contests2018 Winter Bloodies Winners
Created by Cersei Lannister
Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Mackenzie 09/08/19 Are you literally going to force my hand, Jack?

F-ck off.
Mackenzie 09/08/19 Says the man who comes around, throws a fit, threatens everyone, and generally acts like a child being denied candy at the local grocer's checkout line.
Mackenzie 09/08/19 Whatever you say, Robin the Luggage Boy. How is all that baggage?
Mackenzie 09/08/19 You done throwing your toys out the pram, yet?
Amethyst Boru 09/08/19 Ami notices the new man in gold and smiles at him.

" Congrats on the gold sir. I remember After Dark I was in there years ago. Its good to see it back."
Matt Boru 09/08/19 "I remember the After dark coven when I was younger glad to see it back. Good luck with gold.
LillyEmperium 09/08/19 *walking to her tavern, Lilly stopped and did a double take* well well, welcome back Jack!
Mackenzie 09/08/19 Honestly, I get this threat weekly, soooo...
Mystic-husky 03/30/19 Okay soo I'll give you that. But Its still great to see you out from where ever it is you go Jack minus the old part.
LillyEmperium 03/30/19 Always good to see a darlin ya doing Jack
Mystic-husky 03/30/19 Okay so Maybe not so old as to maybe well seasoned. Nice to see you Jack.
Mystic-husky 03/30/19 Nice to see you up and about old guy!
Mackenzie 01/23/18 She hadn't gone far. In reality, Mackenzie never would. She had made promises. She broke promises. She intentionally pushed back plans based on promises, because they are not quite what she wants. And always, always, she would still get her way. It is who she is. Lucky b-tch.

So, sat at the table in the kitchen, the sounds of a child running around behind her in a pair of her heels (someone would pay for this) - she goes through piles of mail that she had yet to bother opening. Bills. Junk. More bills. Literally nothing of importance. Until she spots that specific handwriting she would never forget, postmarked from the very state in which she lives.

Her nose wrinkles in that same way it always does when she finds herself in an undesirable situation. This is not on her terms, and therefore must wait. So, she goes. She goes about her business, and does as she pleases, and it would be hours before she finally saunters her way back to that table, and envelope. It would be torn open carelessly, as though ripping off a band-aid. Really, that rather is what is happening. She reads.

Three times.

A day lasts until it's chased away, but love lasts until the grave.

Oddly enough, there is no rage, nor sadness. Mackenzie finds herself in a peaceful state, unchanged from the moments and hours before. She doesn't know so much about love anymore, finding it difficult to give. Impossible, possibly. But she can care. And she can be happy. Or as happy as a vampire can be.

The short letter would be tucked away in the pocket of a jacket owned by another man, kept as a token of period of her unlife that had been defining and meaningful. And, when the nights may be long, or she needed reminding of the way she once was - she would find that jacket and the note, and take comfort.
LillyEmperium 01/23/18 congratulations on being Mr popular again*winks* Have a good day Jack.
LillyEmperium 01/21/17 Congrats on being handsomely popular Jack.
Mackenzie 08/31/16 Dear Jack,

Yea. You're still married.

Mackenzie 07/25/16 Dear Jack,

It is the 25th of July, and you are still married.

Thought you should know.

Mackenzie 06/17/16 Dear Jack,
You've been gone days and guess what? I still f-cking love you. Find me when you come back... I know you will.
Mackenzie 05/28/16 Hey. Hey you. We have a very important meeting to attend with our good friend, wine.
Lenny Shultz 05/10/16 I found these two dancing in my room. I think they belong to givesies backsies.
Mackenzie 04/28/16 You are my husband. There are many like you but that's a lie and if anyone ever tries to say otherwise...
Bennie Norh 04/21/16 The gold...they're yours? Capri's?
Bennie Norh 04/21/16 It's unreal that you and Kenz can share clothes.
Mackenzie 04/20/16 You look so f-cking good in Gold.
Mackenzie 04/18/16 You were successful in stealing $1,022.00 from Jack Horton.

Mackenzie grins widely, "That's more like it."
Mackenzie 04/17/16 You were successful in stealing $182.00 from Jack Horton.

She pouts, looking up at him as her hands move to press lightly upon his chest while she leans into him, "I thought we agreed on a $500.00 spending limit, daily..."
Mackenzie 04/08/16 One day you will sleep from dawn to dusk... It will be glorious.
Mackenzie 04/06/16
Mackenzie 04/06/16 F-ck. I told you it was getting out of control last night.
Mackenzie 04/05/16 Jack, have you seen my carving knife, baby? I'm feeling creative and I cannot find it anywhere.
Mackenzie 04/01/16 Mayhaps? You mean yes.
Mackenzie 03/31/16 Mine?
Lenny Shultz 03/30/16 "Y'all need to stop leaving After Dark. Y'all come back eventually. It's the best around. There's nothing out there better. Leaving After Dark opens up a hole in our already flimsy wanna-be souls." I roll my eyes, flop my arms at my sides and turn away, still quietly rambling to myself.

4 "Fricken third person this month to come back. Damn. Y'all just stay put..."
Bennie Norh 03/29/16 *flicks unanointed water*
Mackenzie 03/28/16
Mackenzie 03/24/16 Really?

Lenny Shultz 03/23/16 GROSS!
Lenny Shultz 03/23/16 JACK! I mailed you a thing. Have you gotten it yet?
Mackenzie 03/23/16 I'm ruined.
Mackenzie 03/10/16 No beard lasts forever. But some things do.
Bennie Norh 02/26/16 I crave the forbidden. Yes.
Mackenzie 02/18/16 You were successful in stealing $1,453.00 from Daichi Tatsuo.

This is only a very small portion of what you owe me for emotional distress.
Mackenzie 02/13/16 One more day till revolution, we will nip it in the bud! We'll be ready for these schoolboys, they will piss themselves with blood.
Bennie Norh 02/07/16 Catch the scent, but you'll never catch me.
Bennie Norh 02/07/16 Could you...not?!
Mackenzie 02/07/16 No.
Mackenzie 01/24/16 See, I knew you were the sexiest man.
Mackenzie 01/22/16 No matter what... I think you're the sexiest man in the Realm.
Mackenzie 01/17/16 Hello, dear.
Mackenzie 01/17/16 You look sexy with you hair pushed back.
Mackenzie 01/11/16 I like the first picture. And the second. And pretty much every one after that. Yea. Pictures are good. I'm going to order magnet versions for the fridge.
Mackenzie 01/09/16
Shadwyn Drake 01/03/16 "Welcome back Jack!" Drake hands Jack a pair of steel toed waffle stompers and a bottle of Jack Daniels. "Happy Holidays!"
Kharybdis 10/31/15 ψ Dragging the launcher with a basket of pumpkins behind her, Khary stops in front of the door and loads a pumpkin into the device and then fires. The pumpkin, a bit on the ripe side due to the unseasonable heat, splatters all over the door, leaving stringy pumpkin entrails and seeds dripping down the wood. Grinning, she stabs a note on the door with a cheap steak knife. ψ

Mackenzie 10/29/15 Missed you too, dear. Arsehole.
Mackenzie 10/29/15 You put the damn ring on it! CHRIST.
Mackenzie 10/29/15 Rule #1: Your wife is always right.
Mackenzie 10/29/15 ...You're late.
Lenny Shultz 10/16/15 I can haz meme?
Mackenzie 10/11/15 Mackenzie slinks up to her husband, walking two fingertips up his chest before taking a gentle hold of his chin and leaning up upon tip toe to place a kiss to him. "Your face smells like peppermint..."
Mackenzie 09/26/15 To: Sexier than Batman
From: Walking Stereotype

Text: OMG IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. CHRIST. I might have kicked it. BY ACCIDENT.
Mackenzie 09/26/15 To: Mr. Husband
From: The Wrath of the Wife

Text: I may have broken your desk...
Kharybdis 09/20/15 Jack Horton just failed at stealing money from you!

That's it! I'm stuffing my pockets with electric eels!
Shadwyn Drake 09/18/15 "Congratulations! I see Mackenzie made an honest man out of you! Two words of sage advice. Rule #1 The Missus is always right.. Rule #2 Don't argue with the Missus Rule %3 If drunk or confused, refer to Rule $1." Drake hands Jack a bottle of Champagne and two tall glasses.
Mackenzie 09/07/15 Magnets...
Mackenzie 09/05/15 Oh...oh my god.
Mackenzie 08/31/15 "Her eyes blinked vertically!" Stares a moment longer before a look of total defeat comes over her. "I've lost my mind..." Aaaand she wanders off to the office.
Mackenzie 08/30/15 Spots and immediately marches up to, "You. The new girl. Her eyes. Poseidon. You're going to have to commit me."
Shadwyn Drake 08/19/15 Gratz on PotD! Well done and have fun today!
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/19/15 Congrats on POTD, sir :)
Lenny Shultz 08/13/15 dissying devilish delights
Mackenzie 08/13/15 ...but *****es be...
Lenny Shultz 08/11/15 Rupert enjoyed many
Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 After pocketing 538$ of the 25,538$, she made her way to Haagen Dasz then to BNP Paribas. Yup...she couldn't keep that much money no matter how much the Louboutin's screamed at her from the shop windows. Damn her conscience! With a feigned smile, Livia handed over the giant wad of money to the teller and requested a transfer into Jack 'Batman' Horton's account. Hopefully next time he wandered the streets of Paris in search of pretty girls to spend his money on, he'd stop by her club. She might even comp him a bottle of water...

Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 She had been restless as of late, unable to sleep. And what better way to rid herself of thoughts that plagued damaged psyche than to walk? There wasn't she did. Past l'Hotel de Ville, across Pont d'Arcole that connected the 4th to Ile de la Cite. South on Rue d'Arcole until she reached Parvis Notre Dame, Place Jean-Paul deux.

It was then she remembered the Haagen-Dazs shop back on the corner, near the bridge. The wonderful crepes they made to accompany their amazing ice cream. And it was an especially warm day, too. Her heart swelled with elation at the thought of chocolate ice cream and crepes. Yes, she must imbibe.

Shoving her hand deeply into empty pants pocket, Livia frowned. She had left her money at home. Seriously? She was nearly melting! With a huff she retraced her route, when lo and behold, Bat-fvcking-man came into view. He would have money! Jack, I mean, Batman...was loaded!

The Czech woman slipped past tall frame, dipped slender fingers quickly into his pocket and withdrew a FAT roll of cash as she continued on towards the ice cream shop. was the size of a baseball. Brows furrowed over pale pools. How much money did he have on him? And why? She began to count the large bills, jaw-dropping as she did so...

You were successful in stealing $25,538.00 from Jack Horton.
Mackenzie 07/29/15 Mackenzie stares at Jack as he butchers a song from a well-loved Disney movie. Now, it's not that she's very fond of the movie, or anything else that the Disney franchise tries to sell. She just... can't. Finally...

Shadwyn Drake 07/27/15 Drake shook his head sadly and he blushed beet red when his attempted steal on After Dark's Leader Jack Horton failed. Drake grinned sheepishly as he gave the coven leader a smack on his behind. "Next time! I will get some pccket lint!"
Mackenzie 07/26/15 You are so cheap.
Edward Brollachan 07/23/15 Don't spend it all in one place...
Bennie Norh 07/20/15 "This almost covers the cost of therapy for emotional trauma and psychological damage. Almost."

You were successful in stealing $1,506.00 from Jack Horton.
Mackenzie 07/18/15 You were successful in stealing $2,122.00 from Jack Horton.

I love it when you spoil me.
Mackenzie 07/15/15 *Stares at and grabs for Oxyclean*
John Doe 07/15/15 "Now you are going to make me blush all pink...oh wait, I'm already pink! See what you did!!"
John Doe 07/15/15 "That is a most beautiful creation Jack, truly a stunning bit of craftsmanship. I can barely see the seams where you stitched it together. I heart it!"
Livia Vlcek 07/15/15 *freaks out!*
*bleaches everything*
Livia Vlcek 07/14/15 *covers eyes*
*runs blindly away*
*like lightning*
*like there is a 99% off sale at Prada*
Livia Vlcek 07/14/15 *tosses a red sock into his whites*
Livia Vlcek 07/14/15 I'm so glad someone understands...finally. *sniffles*
Livia Vlcek 07/14/15 Lil' extra bleach in your laundry?
Livia Vlcek 07/13/15 *nods* I didn't ask for names, details. You had said something about a dinner date, so I was just being polite and inquiring. *grins* Wouldn't want anyone to think I was so self absorbed I couldn't inquire how another was doing.
Livia Vlcek 07/13/15 *stares at*
*shifts weight from one foot to the other* So um, how was your dinner date?
Livia Vlcek 07/13/15 *waits for Jack's rendition of 'Hit me baby one more time'?*
Livia Vlcek 07/13/15 But I like your head in ruins...
Roman_ Reigns 07/11/15 Welcome back Mr Horton glad to see you leader of after dark once again. I once was a member of that coven with Danica and you, and Mack. Glad to se you back in golden robes again, as Roman Bows his head in Respect to the Leader of AD.
Livia Vlcek 07/08/15 *smiles* Do they serve stakes steaks...or should I bring my own? *waves her hand* Nevermind...sounds lovely, I'll be sure to bring two of my closest friends along. FN and his twin FN.
Livia Vlcek 07/08/15 My pleasure. You taking me to dinner or having me for dinner...*half c*cked grin*
Livia Vlcek 07/08/15 Raw silk is not clingy Jack. *glares* does have a strange smell.
Livia Vlcek 07/08/15 I'm sure you'll look smashing. *smiles*
Can I recommend a color for you to wear to dinner? *arches a brow but doesn't wait for him to answer*
Crimson, maybe in a silk button down with a black dinner jacket. I really think that crimson is your color.
*ponders* And change your name to Oliver...
*because it's Oliver your face*
Livia Vlcek 07/08/15 *presses teeth deeply into her lower lip*
*shakes head 'no'*
*motions with her hand down the one side of his face*
*pulls hand away* You's really nothing.
*shifty eyes* My bad.
Livia Vlcek 07/08/15 *tosses Jack a wet wipe*
*motions with index finger at his cheek* You got a lil something...
Bennie Norh 07/01/15 *HUFFS*
Bennie Norh 07/01/15 *snubs*
*is aware that in snubbing Jack she also calls attention to herself*
*does it anyway*
John Doe 06/04/15 Truly I have neglected you! That just isn't right at all. Don't worry, I won't let it happen again!!
John Doe 06/03/15 John Doe Fact #278: A rock and a hard place once got stuck between John Doe.
Mackenzie 05/10/15 You were successful in stealing $5,641.00 from Jack Horton.

Mackenzie had merely been playing a game of grab-ąss, and to her delight... got so much more out of her Vampire. Grinning, she runs her thumb over the bills as she extracts them from his ridiculous thick wallet.

"I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go."
Bennie Norh 04/19/15 Jack, I do believe I see a grey hair.
Mackenzie 04/18/15 She'd done it again.

Mackenzie had touched the butt.

She grins to herself as she nonchalantly looks the other way and pockets her small prize.

You were successful in stealing $34.00 from Jack Horton.
Lenny Shultz 04/06/15 The last time I approached my leader hadn't gone well. He seemed neither approving nor disapproving. He didn't...anything. I hate not making an impression (doesn't have to be good or bad). This time, I plan on making him remember me. I don't actually have a plan. Gonna rock this.

I approach Jack with arms swinging back and forth, legs taking long, easy strides. "Jack! Good job on the promotion!" I do that snap thing followed by that finger-gun point thing, offer a large, cheesy smile then continue down the hall as if we were in an office building. It all went well, I think. Except I walk right into a pillar and do my best to become one with the dang thing.
Mackenzie 04/06/15 Dear Jack,
It seems that even when I take some alone time, there is absolutely no escaping you. Today, you are the poster child of the Realm. What gives? I mean, I know you're Jack f*cking Horton and all... but, seriously? Billboards?
Sidenote: Batman is not with you on the Billboards. Coincidence?
EtaineNightBreed 04/06/15 Congrats n Realm Mugshot of the Day! Well deserved!
Mackenzie 04/05/15 Nice wig, Janice! What's it made of?
Mackenzie 03/21/15 Mackenzie gives steps up beside Jack, not giving a care to the world of how she got into the Catacombs without actually being let inside. Patting to reinstated Leader's shoulder, she looks up at him, and gives him a small grin. "Nostalgic, isn't it?"
Lenny Shultz 03/09/15 "Happy belated join, um," I scratch behind my ear. This guy had been a part of AD previously.

I frown, pursing my lips to one side of my face then to the other. "Let me try again. Happy belated re-re-re," I count the rejoins on my fingers but I think I missed some. Or over did it. "Re-re-joinment day." I nod once, grin and then stride off.
EtaineNightBreed 03/09/15 "Welcome to After Dark!"
Bennie Norh 01/29/15 *cringes away* Eww...weird vampire.
Ferrow 11/16/14 Wandering by the young woman saw a familiar face that was plastered to the billboards and quickly stuck a ribbon on his chest that said Congratulations PoTD on it. Smirking, she gave a small wink and skipped away.
River Song 10/10/14 I do..
*leans in*
But if I tell you them..They wouldn't be spoilers!
Edward Brollachan 09/21/14 The Scots seem to like it... *cough*
Edward Brollachan 09/21/14
Edward Brollachan 09/19/14 Part of my charity work, since the buggers voted "No!"
Dannica 09/11/14 *Hugs and runs away*
Roman Pierce 09/07/14 Not a sneaky thief but nicely done, Sir! And welcome back
Edward Brollachan 09/05/14 Word
Livia Vlcek 09/05/14 *stares curiously*

Edward Brollachan 09/05/14 Dafuq!!
lacigam 09/05/14 Yes Coffins have been made from i believe 17 legendary coffins! we find them from FC,regular searches and Horde parties.
lacigam 09/05/14 Hi! Jack. Grats on having a legendary coffin made in your honor! Good too see a legendary player on here today!
Crystal 11/26/09
Livia Vlcek 11/23/09 *breaks into Jack'*

*searches for his prized action figure collection*

*steals only the boxes*
Livia Vlcek 11/17/09 *blinks* Wha? I'm not suspicious...*shifty eyes*
Stalker 10/26/09 Nope, cause I try to keep the crap to a minimum.
Stalker 10/26/09 *Shrugs* I still didn't get the award I wanted the most, so that basically should set your mind at ease. If not, maybe you need an enema, to get rid of that "Full Of Crap" feeling.
Shayden Rayne 10/22/09 *Shayden approaches the man with the golden pants and surveys him while her lips are pursed in thought.*

You know Mr. Horton, there is one thing missing from your ensemble and I feel that I must do something to help.

*She reaches into her pocket and produces a vial of glitter, of which she pours some of the contents into her hand before tossing it in the air above his head and dashes off in a fit of giggles.*
Livia Vlcek 10/22/09 Livia on her nightly stroll, stops quickly and squints her eyes. Was she seeing correctly? Was the infamous Jack Horton wearing gold robes? So much had changed in the last few days, so much she had missed. Stopping briefly, Livia nods her head to the man and smiles.

"Congratulations Sir."
Mackenzie 10/21/09 EWWWWW! I'm TELLING on yooooou!

*Runs for Dannica - stat!*
Mackenzie 10/13/09 "Sorry Jackie boy... Liv said..."

Flings UNGH
Livia Vlcek 10/13/09 *stops and stares*

*takes a photo*

*continues on her way*
Mackenzie 08/12/09 Ooooo that smell. Can't'cha smell that smell?
Mackenzie 03/17/09 Mackenzie strolls up, garbed in a simple green sundress that falls to her knees, the heels of her Couture ‘leprechaun’ stilettos clacking on the ground beneath her. A basket in one hand and a bottle of Jameson in the other, she grins impishly and lifts her liquored hand to tip her green top hat before speaking in her thick Irish brogue. “Bloody good day, this one is. Happy Saint Patricks, drink up!” With that, she sets the basket down and pulls out a matching green top hat akin to her own and plops it on your head before walking off again, weaving about.

This girl had obviously started celebrated… early.
Mackenzie 03/08/09 Mackenzie walked about London and in passing, caught sight of Jack. Doing a double take, she took in his batman garb and could have sworn Christian Bale was hiding under that costume. Silly. Mr. Bale does not live in the Realm. That means... Jack. A snicker escaped her and she covered her mouth.
Dannica 12/22/08 *Smacks him and smirks* Got something else to say? That's what I thought.....
Mackenzie 12/02/08 Mackenzie walked along the London streets whistling to herself, peering into every alleyway she passed. It was nights such as this that she found herself completely dissatisfied and listless when it came to the hunt since her inspiration had gone missing. Bored out of her mind, she sung in her head. Oh where, oh where did that Jackie boy go? Oh where, oh where could he be?
Minou 11/11/08 *She looked at the pillow and blinked, was it his? It was kind of a dusky pink so more his colour than hers and with a smile she handed it out to him* "I warned you about loitering on park benches... well I am busy, you are going to have to take responsibility and look after it! And don't you go and use the old 'I have been in hell' rubbish as an excuse!"
Minou 11/10/08 *Wandering up with a pillow half stuffed up her T-Shirt, the velvet tassels on each bottom corner hanging down Min pressed the back of one hand to her forehead, the other on her back in a classic pregnant woman pose. She sighed looking at Jack then fanned herself* "How can it be? I simply sat on the park bench last eve and this morning, poof! I think it will come soon, vampires have very short pregnancies you know..." *She smirked and dragging the large stuffed pillow out she hit him with it attempting to get him to smile*
Allesondra Dylan 10/20/08 ~Looks at the gathered groupies, panting and screaming. Sighs as she tries to get through but alas the groupies have begun to toss their panties at Jack. Dodging the flying undergarments she simply waves from afar and shouts.~ "Welcome back!"
Minou 10/20/08 *Standing with mud caked knees, a shovel resting over her shoulder, dirt smudges adorning nose and forehead she gave a satisfied nod as she saw him then a knowing smile* "Knew you weren't there... Never stayed still long enough to get a drink out of you so there was no chance you were gonna lie there for all eternity"
Mackenzie 10/20/08 Mackenzie had waited a few hours after hearing of his return before approaching him. Surely the man needed some space. Honestly, she didn't quite believe the words of her leader just yet either. Seeing was believing. Trudging forward, she followed her nose to her partner in crime and looked at him, tilting her head slightly as she studied him with dull eyes that, once satisfied, he was truly back, lit up back to their usual menacing glint that he was so used to. "Bloody hell. Brilliant to have you back."
Tala Hemming 10/20/08 Sitting at the Abraxas' kitchen table by the window, Tala's nose tickled and she then realized a familiar scent has returned to the realm. Shouting out to her husband, "HoooooNeeeey, Guess who's BaaAaack."
Edward Brollachan 10/20/08 He sniffs the air...and winces, "Jaysus, smell...bad." He hands him a bottle of Lynx Voodoo®. "Here ye go, mate. Oh, and Welcome Back!"
Mackenzie 10/13/08 Mackenzie had just worked up the nerve to move forward with her plan. Walking through the halls of After Dark, her tiny hands pumped a super soaker full of water... with a highly concentrated lime green dye in it. Busting in on him, she gave no warning before ruthlessly spray him with the concoction, in turn dying his skin the bright green color. Once satisfied, she ceased fire and winked.
Mackenzie 10/02/08 *Doesn't care.*
Mackenzie 10/02/08 After their little tiff the previous day, Mackenzie was set on putting things right so that once again they could go and kill everything in sight like they so loved to do. After a special trip, she walked to the gates of After Dark and placed a package outside the entrance with 'For my Partner in Crime' sprawled on the top. Opening it, durable black cotton is revealed. Lifting it up, it looks like a normal shirt until the sleeves fall out of their place. They're longer than usual. After a moment, you see it is a straight jacket, specially made for her insane friend. The buckles are made of white gold, each strip made of the same black cotton as the rest of the jacket. Only one design rests across the chest of it, a yellow bat... the official sign of Batman.
Dannica 08/31/08 Dont you ever die on me Jack Horton!!! You understand?!?
Dannica 08/14/08 *Stares out the window at the moon and sighs* I miss you my much my heart aches. I can't wait for you to return, and I can hold you in my arms once again. I love you.
Bennie Norh 07/09/08 Profile of the day...and you're not here to witness your own greatness...
Tala Hemming 07/09/08 Congratz on Profile of the Day... *whispers* I just hope Stalker doesn't see this.
Minou 06/19/08 *Looks up from her book with a puzzled frown* "You went somewhere? Really? Huh... well I never.." *Looks back down hiding a smile humming to herself*
Bennie Norh 06/18/08 Welcome back.
Dannica 06/17/08 Rose are red, violets are blue, my tears haven't stopped cause I miss you....
Edward Brollachan 06/02/08 *bows deeply* Congratulations, m'Lord...
Minou 05/27/08 *Sneaks up and with a smirk empties a bag full of squirrels into your comments box to shred your other messages whilst you are away and then wanders off humming to herself*
Bennie Norh 05/15/08 Ah...*She glances down, rubbing her arm.* Seems like Fleta's trick back in February didn't cure me totally. *Eyes widening, she looks up at Jack's face and quickly blurts* Not that I'm doing that again just *she sighs* With the sanctuary, the stress has been building up and my body couldn't handle it anymore.
Bennie Norh 05/14/08 *She steps back and playfully smacks his arm.* Don't hey me! You've been gone f.o.r.e.v.e.r! *Then the million questions in one breath begins* How are you? What did you do? You won't be leaving again, will you? Did you bring any souvenirs? Did you meet Passenger? *Her eyes light up* Did you take pictures?!
Bennie Norh 05/13/08 *Runs up to Jack, waving her arms around all sorts of excited.* OMGOMGOMG! *She throws her arms around Jack's middle and hugs him tight.*
Bennie Norh 04/21/08 *A fun, bouncy, 80s style arcade beat picks up* I see you nearly everyday, I see you but you don't see me... *followed by an ominous dial tone*
Minou 04/21/08 *Min glanced up* "Batman's gay?"
Dannica 04/20/08 My Dearest Jack: It's been a year, and I can't believe it. I'm the luckiest woman in the Realm and as long as I have you by my side, I always will be. I love you with all that I am and all I will ever be. Happy Anniversary my love.... Dannica
Bennie Norh 04/19/08 Happy One Year.
Bennie Norh 04/18/08 *glomps* THANKS!
Minou 04/03/08 *Endures his hug patiently with her arms down at her sides* "Yes Ok, very cute......."
Minou 04/02/08 *Folds arms and scowls at you* "So, what's the deal telling people I smell of strawberries and telling them to SNIFF me!!???"
Dannica 03/28/08 Hey!!! If YOU'RE the dork magnet...than does that make ME the dork????
Bennie Norh 03/27/08 Tetley? *She giggles, taking her pom poms back*
Dannica 03/08/08 *Looks at him for a moment and then smacks him*
Dannica 03/02/08 *Taps back on the shoulder* Give her back Jack. You can't run around stealing other people's wives and expect nobody to notice!
Minou 02/26/08 *Nods with an amused smile* "Life isn't bad, chasing puppies and pulling the wings off angels, what could be better?" *Grins and holds out a bowl* "Strawberry? Still trying to cram in my 5 a day and I can't live on vegetarians....."
Dannica 02/14/08 ~ My Dearest Jack:
Our first Valentines together, and I can hardly believe it. I've spent days scribbling notes here and there, attempting to describe how amazing you are and yet here I am, stumbling through my words - breathless. It's been almost a year since you walked into the Realm, and you still leave me breathless. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my after-life partner, my lover, my everything. I can't imagine a single moment without you, and the thought that I could've spent an eternity without you is almost more than I can bare. Know, that wherever you are, my heart beats with yours in time and that I am counting the seconds till I see you again. I love you. Happy Valentines Day my love. ~
Yours Eternally, Dannica
Lavender Myst 02/12/08 Great, just what we need.. more distractions.. *Ponders painting the duo's room's bright yellow, Smirkles*
Dannica 01/24/08 *Smiles* To my husband, my partner and my best friend. I love you with all my heart. *whispers* And you're super sexy!
Dannica 12/24/07 *Jumps on him, wrapping her arms and legs around him kissing him passionately* I've hung mistletoe all over the house! *She smiles* Merry Christmas baby....I love you!
Minou 12/17/07 *Looks up, eyes wide with suprise then bursts out laughing* "Wow, being propositioned by the sexiest guy in the Realm, I am truly flattered!" *Shakes her head chuckling*
Dannica 12/15/07 *Giggles as she steps into the bedroom wearing a big red bow* Merry Christmas baby!
Minou 12/12/07 *Pokes you* "Hey look, you are all big and Calli & stuff!"
Dannica 12/08/07 *Would love to give them to you if she wasn't the undead*
Stalker 12/05/07 "I mean are YOU sexier then me??!! Did you give them gifts as they voted?"
Dannica 12/02/07 *laughs and pulls him closer* Oh no....if I'm paying, I'm getting my money's worth!
Dannica 11/27/07 Bloodletting Awards '07 Figurine - Best Couple As this is also yours!!!
Bennie Norh 11/26/07 *she shrugs, a grin on her face and she bops away, singing* "You caaan't maaake meeee!"
Bennie Norh 11/25/07 *she spins around and presses her index finger to her lips* It's a seeecreeet!
Dannica 11/25/07 *looks around and pouts* Baaaaby....I miss you!!!
Bennie Norh 11/24/07 *smiles as she walks up, looking as if she was up to something* "This is from your best-est-est friend ever!" *she stands on her tiptoes and press her lips against Jack's cheek, leaving a sloppy wet one* "Enjoy!" *giggles, bouncing a bit, then skips off*
Dannica 11/20/07 Alright ...only one person has taken up your offer...and that was DVH! *pouts* They're all afraid of me.....
Bennie Norh 10/25/07 *gasps* BATMAN!
Dannica 10/10/07 Hello baby.....I love you!!
Minou 10/03/07 "Hey look at you! You did it!!!! I am so proud of you!"
Bennie Norh 10/03/07 Congrats on the gold!!
Dannica 09/30/07 *Dannica dials his cell phone just to hears his voice. She smiles as his message comes on and she listens to the whole thing before hanging up and sighing* I miss you.... *She whispers out loud*
Stalker 09/21/07 *Waits ompatiently* "How long do you expect to make this devastatingly handsome hunk waiting?"
Dannica 09/20/07 *Smiles coyly and turns around giving him the wiggle* You're pretty sexy yourself there.....that was just for you!! *blows kisses*
Minou 09/20/07 “You don’t have to, just do what I do, come along for the walk & when he starts getting his a*se kicked we haul him out, stick a plaster on his knee, give him a lolly & take him home”
Dannica 09/19/07 *Laughs and grabs his arm to smell it. Smiles at him and licks it..* You taste pretty yummy too!
Dannica 09/10/07 Mr. Horton...I do believe you've been busted! *Dannica laughs and shakes her head*
Dannica 09/08/07 *Shakes her head* You boys!! We can't leave you alone for five minutes and you're getting into trouble....*Smiles* I love you Jack Horton...
Bennie Norh 09/08/07 *raises a brow* lack that ability...breathing-ness...*she chews on her lip and shrugs* Sorry, Jackie-dono.
Lavender Myst 09/07/07 *Looks up at him* Shouldn't you be jumping on my sister and not me?
Dannica 09/07/07 *Laughs* Oh don't act all innocent Mr. Horton...everyone around here knows about YOU!!
Dannica 09/07/07 *Dannica smiles at Jack as she leans back on the bed* Baby.....YOU SUCK! *She laughs* And boy do I love it!
Bennie Norh 09/04/07 *thinks about the comment a moment then shakes her head* you and only you, Theo-kun, asexual as he is *rolls her eyes*, married a Japanese girl slayer version of himself?
Bennie Norh 09/03/07 Hey! Hey! Guess what! I went to a Ren Fest! It was fun! I got a new dress! *she spins around* Weee! Isn't it pretty?
Dannica 08/23/07 Hi baby! I miss you! I love you! Can I keep you?
Bennie Norh 08/21/07 No no, biting is naughty. *swats you on the nose*
Bennie Norh 08/20/07 Jackie-dono! What large teeth you have! *pulls her red cape tighter around her*
Minou 08/20/07 "Welcome to you then, newly pointed teeth one!"
Dannica 08/18/07 I love you too baby! Always....
Bennie Norh 08/17/07 Jackie-dono! My hero! *pokes him and runs*
Dannica 08/12/07 Hi baby! Just wanted to tell you that I missed you, I love you and I hate when you're gone! Can't wait till the 19th.
Bennie Norh 08/09/07 *poke* You. *poke* Are. *poke* Never *poke* On!! And I need to talk to you!!
Bennie Norh 07/25/07 *straps a stamp to her foot and jumps all over your profile til all anyone can read is 'Bennie Pwns You'* HA!
Dannica 07/24/07 *Smiles* Actually...yes. But it's one of those things you don't mind hearing again, and again, and again, and again. By the way *leans into whisper* you're sexy...and you're all mine *kisses his cheek*
Bennie Norh 07/23/07 I like Theo-kun's soul just the way it is!! Oh, and congrats on entering Shadow Man Land!
Dannica 07/23/07 *Smiled and bit her lip* Good...then I'll just go get the water started....*She turned to walk away, glancing over her shoulder as she passed the door* Oh and Jack...*She smiled* Bring the bubbles!
Bennie Norh 07/18/07 .> But he can't see me cuz I'm Ninja! *runs away*
Bennie Norh 07/12/07 *attempts to poke, but thinks better of it* How's the appendix? *blinks* ja vu...
Mordent 07/08/07 *taps on shoulder* Tag! You're ugly! ...I mean you're it! No tapbacks!
Bennie Norh 07/04/07're just like a kid...a really big, spandex wearing kid....awkward.
Dannica 06/26/07 *misses you more*
Dannica 06/19/07 Dear Jack, I wish I was there too...*thinks for a second* or maybe that you were home with me instead :D I miss you and I can't wait to see you. ~All my love~ Danni
Bennie Norh 06/19/07 *looks your eye patch* Don't you mean eye? *giggles* Thanks. tying up Theo-kun? *bats eyes*
Bennie Norh 06/15/07 *glares at Mr. Yum Yum* Jackie-chan is my nickname for Jackie-chan!!
Bennie Norh 06/12/07 I was thinking of a nickname for you and Jackie-chan popped into my head. Honestly though, it would be Jackie-kun. But from hence forth, you will now be Jackie-chan!
Dannica 06/07/07 I love you! Always and forever...
Dannica 06/06/07 Just wanted to say, "I love you"....And announce that Jack is now OFFICIALLY claimed! ;)~
Dannica 06/02/07 Hello baby....I miss you!
Bennie Norh 05/24/07 I can't imagine anyone calling you anything but a sweetheart!
Dannica 05/02/07 *Narrows her eyes at Jack, bops him on the head and recovers her precious Mooby....* HANDS OFF!
Lavender Myst 04/25/07 Beep! ~*~And POKES~*~
Dannica 04/20/07 Do you make it a habit to go around POKEING beautiful vampires with your stake or is it just me???? And by the way...POKE...POKE.....
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