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"I've learned that people are funny. Especially when on fire."

"I am Kenpai. Your argument is invalid."

"Why yes, I'm quite mad, you know."

"I'm not always nice, but I'm always honest."

"Hey, hold my coffee, this is gonna be fun."

"I remember the wars. Covens and Sanctuaries tearing each other and themselves apart. These kids don't know the first thing about vengeance or fear. The wars will come again, and then? They'll learn. We all best be ready."
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
A basket of Bad Kitty jelly beans - Easter 2017
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Blood Demon




Asher N0ble

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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Amethyst 02/20/19 "What did you do to get on the most wanted list? Dont tell me you made something go Kaboom. "smiles.."Congrats on POD big brother"
LillyEmperium 02/20/19 *poking him, Lilly held a poster she pulled off a wall.* Ok Ken what did you do now? Congrats
Mystic-husky 02/20/19 Looks at the mug shot and then find him at the ship. "Leaning against the wall she watched him with the maps and such on the over sized table. "Baby, Their at it again. Your face is plastered everywhere. Not sure what you did, but best be epic!"
Mystic-husky 02/15/19 Hazel eyes opened feeling the bed bounce as he landed beside her and she smiled. A finger traced over the necklace and she sits up turning so he could put it on her. "Is beautiful Ken, I love it." She says then curls along his side one leg laying casually over him. Glancing at the hanging body she looks back and grins."They are still alive. You haven't been off the ship in days figured you were eating your crew."
Mystic-husky 02/15/19 Curled up on the huge bed that Ken and her called theirs in a dark wood based quarters. just past the bed, shears separates the sleeping quarters from Kens work space of a large table with rolls of maps laying every where. Brass equipment for sailing holding down open maps. Oil lamps lighting the room softly.

She was wearing one of kens shirts but that was about all. After this weeks training blast small bruises dotted her fair skin. She dozed silently against his pillow.

A body layed limp on the floor and another was strung from the canopy poles on the bed. These were gifts for him for Valentines, but he was no where to be seen.
Zaxton Vermillion 02/13/19 “Welcome my coven brother, I do hope we can be the best of friends.” He then held out a hand for him to shake.
LillyEmperium 02/12/19 Congrats Ken......what did you do?
Geoffrey Drake 02/12/19 Guy looked at the new coven member's and at the new PotD. "Man they sure got you both ways a double welcome and double mugshot!" Guy threw the new member a stick of dynamite and a zippo.
Ophir Jadu 02/12/19 -Ophir looks at the poster and shakes his head.- "Congrats on POTD."
Mystic-husky 02/12/19 Looks at the mug shot and then find him at the ship. "Leaning against the wall she watched him with the maps and such on the over sized table. "Baby, Their at it again. Your face is plastered everywhere. Not sure what you did, but best be epic!"

Congrats on POTD!
Elisa Stratten 01/12/19
Summer 01/09/19 Summer listened, chuckling softly at his words. He was right- she’d ruined enough expensive shoes to make Imelda Marcos clutch her pearls. Still...there was something immensely satisfying with the first hit.
Fishing her phone back out, she sent a text to his number on the paper so he’d have her number. He’d know it was her because she sent the photo of them together. Seeing it made her laugh, the picture capturing his closed-lip pleasant smile, the frame cutting her off at her chin on account of his being over a foot taller than she was. Returning her phone to her pocket, her attention turned back to him. “Ken, this encounter has been unexpected in all the right ways. I’d take you up on your offer for coffee now, but I don’t want to monopolize your time.” She figured he was likely actually on his way to do something when she’d accosted him for a photo.
Mackenzie 01/06/19 Mackenzie squints, barely grasping the coffee as her brows pull up. "...we have a pool? Oh. Oh, no. You lit the sewer on fire? F-ck me."
Mystic-husky 01/05/19 "Welcome home Kenpai, its about time. You have been missed way to much lets stop missing you now please!"
Mystic-husky 01/04/19 She wraps her arms around his neck and laughs softly. "You know I am just bugging you. You look awesome you heathen! But this time I want a ride on the ship! Still jet lagged from the last time."
Mystic-husky 01/04/19 She bites her lip while watching him and grins. "Not Johnny Depp, but you do have it going on! That look does suit you actually. Old world meets new, in a classy way."
Mystic-husky 01/04/19 She couldn't help but blush slightly at his compliments. Then smiles and tips her head slightly."I am good, but more importantly Ken. How are you and where on earth have you been?" She looks up at him and shakes her head. "You know I should have took you home last time you were here. Maybe then you will stick around!"
Mystic-husky 01/04/19 *Spots him and stalks him quietly for a moment then the tiny witch. Runs pounces and epically fails as she hits him in the gut and slides down.* Crap I think you got taller!
Amethyst 01/04/19 "Im sure you do have a name for her and thats what worries me. My brother the pirate. Glad you got your arm back. If it was still gone id have to call you Captain Hook."
Ciaran_M_Boru 01/04/19 It is good to see you back lad.
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