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Born: April 13, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 146
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 6
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09/10/17 at 5:35 pm
"I haven't gotten any more sane, any less dangerous, or any kinder. I'm no less prone to violent outbursts or bouts of random bloodshed. I just hide it better."
Special Items:
 A basket of Bad Kitty jelly beans - Easter 2017
Kenpai's Biography
Name: Kenpai Sashi

Height: Six feet Six Inches

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Blue

Weight: He doesn't own a scale to weight himself.

Distinguishing Marks: Littered with more scars than anyone should ever have, and a missing left arm.

Ken is old, not just old, but old demon old. Ken is near on Primordial. For those that want or choose to believe in God, Ken and his 'Siblings' if they could be called that, are after God, and before Angels. Ken is something ancient, and for the most part, he's enjoyed his existence, more or less.

Ken is often seen simply wandering when he isn't actively working a job, more often than not, with a cup of coffee in his (only) hand, and a cigarette hanging from his lips. His desire for sweets is borderline legendary, going back to the great Cheesecake Famine of '05 for which he was entirely responsible (Disclaimer: Accounts of Famine may vary from region to region.)

Some have asked Ken what he was like before he entered the realm, or his early days in it when he first showed up so long ago. Often times, he refers them to Amethyst, his Sister some days, best friend others, and certainly his closest confidante and the person who knows him best. Ken was, to be plain, borderline genocidal, simply out to kill everything that wasn't Ken. Ami has worked long and hard to keep him in check.

When it comes to how he works, Ken is old and powerful, able to control and move through shadows at whim, often using them as very physical weapons, however he often finds that unless his opponent is nearly as old as he is, such methods of combat are short and unfulfilling, and often opts to use his katana.

Ken has recently changed his dress code, opting for a classier look. Now often seen in a white, button down shirt and black tie, with matching slacks and leather shoes, black vest, and black jacket draped over his shoulders with his sword on his hip, Ken looks every part a classy and dangerous Yakuza. Something he takes great pride in.
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Cassandra Carnivale
Blood Demon


Last five threads posted in:
Amethyst 04/19/17 *rolls eyes* " Well uh yeah .... duh. "
Amethyst 04/19/17 " True and I cansa y I knew you when.... when you were lets say evil before I changed you to being good."
Amethyst 04/19/17 *AMI looks at her brother shaking her head* Your nuts and insane but good to know I am the only one who can figure you out right?"
LillyEmperium 04/15/17 *pokes again* who told you I'm always nice.... Had to make sure you were real.
LillyEmperium 04/15/17 *pokes*
Amethyst 04/14/17 Ami goes to her brother trying to remain calm from her encounter. Placing a smile on her face she sings out to him as hands him an ice cold beer. " Remember dear brother we Do Not Do Trashy. "
Cassandra Carnivale 04/14/17 Cassie walked up to Ken with a soft smile upon her face. She crossed her arms as she looked at him up and down she then cleared her throat a bit.

"So you will let me know when you are ready for another shower right. You never know maybe this time you might just get lucky. I like helping you it was exciting actually."

She bit her lower lip as she stared at him still having images of him.
Amethyst 04/13/17 " Ken Run don't do it don't do it or I will make you loose your other arm."
Amethyst 04/13/17 "She is the sexy chick in the black dress chopping down trees thinking it's someone's face. You can be healed. Let her do it. I can also give you my blood.."
Amethyst 04/13/17 Grabbing her brother by his good arm she looks at him with a stern face. " Ken one thing.....WE DON'T DO TRASHY .. And there are a couple around here who will try to get in Your pants.if I find out they even look at you I'll kill them."
Amethyst 04/13/17 Looks at him " You know aunt Cassie can heal you. You know you two have a lot in common. You should get with her. Her husband vanished and she is all alone.. this time you need to listen to me. Little sister is always right." Hands him a beer.
Amethyst 04/13/17 Runs and gives him a hug." I so love you and missed you big brother."
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