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Sorin Nassir

Samantha Winchester

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Created by Cersei Lannister
Sorin Nassir 04/10/18 Jocelyn
I'm home.
Where are you?
WildKat 02/26/18 Congrats on PotD!
Samantha Winchester 02/14/18 Happy Valentine's Day to you
Gray Taylor 02/12/18 Thanks.
Sorin Nassir 02/06/18 Jocelyn
Oh he's it yours?
I'm gonna be honest I adore dogs but majority of them don't adore me.
Sorin Nassir 02/04/18 Jocelyn
I see, and what is it that you think of us humans?
Are we how you imagined us to be?
Sorin Nassir 01/28/18 Jocelyn
Is it odd I have questions? I dislike prying to I don't often ask them.
And this could be considered as prying but what was it that you were curious about?
Sorin Nassir 01/27/18 Jocelyn
I don't think it will be my cup of tea.
May I ask you a question?
Why are you here? Angels are usually in heaven no?
Adara Litvinova 01/24/18 “Oh yes, it’s a simple thing to look up as well. You have a phone, yes?” Addie would pull hers out of her back pocket, leaning slightly toward the woman so that she could see the screen as Adara would first pull up Google, to show how to ask it questions and then to youtube, for the videos. “You can basically put anything in and ask, so if you have questions and no one is around, it’s simple!”

Adara had met quite a few people that seemed to be out of place, not quite understanding certain things, and Addie had been one of those before; everything seemed new and wonderful (mostly) so to help someone like that, she didn’t mind at all. She had a guardian angel once too, so she wasn’t quite bothered by the entire coming from heaven, man, did she miss Alle. “I would love for you to visit. There are lots of places to take pictures as well and you can bring your friend! Oh.. I was born in Moscow, raised in Hungary. Gypsies. In Budapest.”

Drawing a card from her back pocket, Addie would scribble her own number on the back; the address of the The Lycan’s Den printed on the front was a lot easier than saying ‘hey, upstate NY, come on’… “Here, take this. If you want to visit, the Den has rooms above the bar for you to crash in or if you want permanent, we have cabins. But do come for a visit! I’ll see you soon…”

Turning on her heel, the blonde started to trot off to destinations unknown, but first she’d call back over her shoulder. “My number is on that card. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate!”
Sorin Nassir 01/24/18 Jocelyn
I have heard of it, I have even seen it.
Sadly it's not my type of game, I dislike puzzly type things besides it might make me want candy the whole time I play it.
Also sleep is important, so you should probably not stay up all night.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
A train? No I have not been on one of those, and of course we can go on one. It sounds like fun.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
You bring that up a lot...don't get naked and play in the dirt ever.
I fear where the dirt may end up.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
You can not get it back once it's out there it's um out there...
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
You didn't send me anything about the beach...
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
That's a hard question to answer, I am afraid I do not know the correct answer.
Maybe it's when you feel close? Or you like the person? Or you feel some trust towards the person. You will just know I think.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
Getting someones number is always important if you are friends with the person anyway don't get random strangers numbers.
Befriend them first.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
You did not get his digits? I hear that is an important thing.
You should ask for his phone number if you run into him again first. Petting thing can come later.
Yes I believe that is the saying.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
Oh I see well perhaps that type of conversation will make you closer? I honestly don't know.
And I am truly? I..thank you Jocelyn that means the world to me. You are my best friend as well.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
Well um approaching a stranger and asking them that may lead in all the wrong directions.
Perhaps if you ask a male you already know, surely you have more male friends than I.
Who are probably way more knowledgeable in this field.
Adara Litvinova 01/22/18 Someone that's nice! She was loving it. Addie already had a particular fondness for this one; she reminded her of someone else that was far too innocent for the things that go on in the world they lived in. She would tuck her hands back into the pockets of her jeans and rock back on her heels, wide mouth still stretched into a grin, that would only falter at hearing the question.

"Well, basements can be used for many things." Not that Addie would tell her what some people use them for, not going to scare this one off. "A lot of people like them for dark rooms, to develop photos. Or if there is a lot light and decorated correctly it can be an extra room in a house. Why are you staying in hotels? You can come home with me if you like, you'll have your own place. It's not much but we are family. Do you have any family? Where are you from? Have you met many nice people on your journey?"

It was probably a lot coming at once, but Adara was just tickled to find someone she instantly liked.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
I don't know why people lie on the internet they just do.
And honestly you can put everything and anything on the internet.
I also don't think that's a good idea may make you come off as weird, perhaps we don't need an answer to this question.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
I do not think that is a solid idea!
Also I suppose now is a good time to inform you not everything you read on the internet is true.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
Well they might if I am being honest with you I have very little interactions with my sex.
So I am most likely not the most ideal person to ask.
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Jocelyn
I mean no I wont bite you, that would cause you pain.
But I am not fond of being petted.
Adara Litvinova 01/22/18 "OH! Yes, I am." Smiles brightly because at least this one didn't question religion, she liked her a lot. Didn't run from her exuberance either; that showed promise. Abruptly sticking her arm out, Addie waited for the customary hand shake; not something she'd normally do but dammit, she had to learn how to be more... friendly.

I'm Addie. Or Adara. Do you have a home? Do you live somewhere? Do you need a basement?"
Sorin Nassir 01/22/18 Snapchat Sent
Adara Litvinova 01/22/18 Addie generally didn't get out much, didn't leave home much; but today, she had a reason.


She had to find women. There was only so much she could take.

Finally, she spotted one. Innocent looking. The kind Addie would likely want to wrap up and protect from the big bad world; that's what being a mother would do to you. Still, she was a little rusty at starting conversation. Clearly.


Sorin Nassir 01/18/18 Jocelyn
You do not have to apologize to me, you should experience things I just wish for you to be safe about it.
That's a fair question, just come over today if you are not busy I will explain than. It's rather hard to do through text message.

Sorin had just now caught himself using the excuse it's hard to explain through text message a lot when it came to talking with Jocelyn. He just hoped she wouldn't bring up what they talked about just the other day. He had not mentally prepared for that yet.
Sorin Nassir 01/18/18 Jocelyn
Well he might but that's just what people call the drug you did.
I'm not saying you can't talk to people just maybe don't take stuff from them without knowing what it is first.
Most drugs can really hurt you.
Sorin Nassir 01/18/18 Jocelyn
I may be out of line on this one but don't accept drugs from strangers. It could have been something that could have hurt you.
Stay away from the devils lettuce Jo.(AKA what you smoked, I am assuming)
Sorin Nassir 01/18/18 Jocelyn
You inhaled smoke and it made you hungry?
Do you know what you smoked Jocelyn?
I don't suggest smoking it a lot and who gave it to you?
Sorin Nassir 01/17/18 Jocelyn
Yes sure....
Sorin Nassir 01/17/18 Jocelyn
Um...well yes but that's not something we should talk about over text message.
Sorin Nassir 01/17/18 Jocelyn
Um well in this particular instance it means someone who is mean, jerk that type of thing.
Sorin Nassir 01/17/18 Jocelyn
Uh no it's merely an expression, it's just a thing people say when someone wakes up grumpy.
Sorin Nassir 01/17/18 Jocelyn
Perhaps they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?
Or maybe they are just a d*ck. Some people are just rude.
Tiber Loche 01/17/18 The man's eyes fall to where the much smaller girl's hands lay at her side. Hand shake? Friendly introductions? Tiber had had enough of both to last a lifetime. It's not that he was in the habit of outwardly adapting to such rudeness, but he really wasn't in the mood. Tiber owed exactly nothing to no one.

"I'm sure that is customary, yes." He acknowledges, but still doesn't budge. "Though I'm not the one who went seeking new friends." The man gave a half of a shrug.
Tiber Loche 01/17/18 "It's possible..." Tiber's thick brow furrows over his skeptical stare. Just because people in the Realm had made a habit of approaching strangers, didn't mean he'd ever get use to it. "I don't delve too deep into my time in the dungeons." He rubs his hands together, brushing off an invisible force before his arms crossed over his chest. "Not a big fan of having my picture taken, sorry."
Sorin Nassir 01/16/18 Jocelyn
Yes that is much better, and while that statement is true. Perhaps we should befriend them before we take pictures of them.

Sorin Nassir 01/16/18 Sorin stared at the words Naked human playing in the dirt thing He had made such a terrible mistakes he would have to explain to her. At some point.

No it's more of you can't take pictures of strangers and things such as that.
There is nothing wrong with capital letters just normally people use lower case ones.
Sorin Nassir 01/16/18 Sorin's eyes flicked towards his phone as it lit up, seeing it was an unknown number caused him to arch a brow at the device. He reached for it quickly unlocking it he began to read the text and immediately knew who it was. A small smile formed on his face.

I am glad you got a cellphone, even more so that you have given me your number. I was aware it could take pictures just be careful of what you take pictures of.
Also why are you typing everything in capital letters?
Castiel 01/15/18 Um... I have been on earth since my orders were to come here. I have learned much about them, especially about the Pizza Man and the Babysitter.
Sorin Nassir 01/15/18 "What!? No!" Sorin shook his head though he could somewhat understand why she thought that. This woman was far to innocent for her own good. Didn't the angels explain anything to her before she came down. This just seemed like bad planning to him. "I'll explain it to you later." And by later he meant never. It would feel too wrong.

Sorin smiled and nodded. "That is correct you are a fast leaner." He was even somewhat he proud of himself that he had taught her something that was rather important.

"Right you come from Heaven huh? So you have no where to sleep tonight? You need a home on earth." He started fidgeting with his phone making sure she could see. "We shall get some pizza than." He phone started speaking giving them directions to the location of which they would get the pizza, but he froze not moving yet assuming she would be amazed the magic box started to talk.
Sorin Nassir 01/15/18 Sorin's eyes went towards the hand that was placed upon his arm. They remained there until she finished speaking of how he was loved. He slowly looked back to her and offered her a smile. He did find comfort in the words she spoke but he could not bring himself to believe in what she said. He wasn't natural, he killed so many and was told it was to save people. He doubted god would love him, he kept these words to himself however.

Sorin let out a small sigh as the conversation still lingered on the undressing in front of someone. "I suppose it's not actually a big deal, I just have only done it if I was doing something dirty with someone else." It was the best word he could think of, saying lewd or sex at this woman just somehow felt wrong. "Just never undress in public, privacy is important."

He pulled up his phone once more and clicked an app. "This is a GPS and I could eat. I'm thinking we get some type of fast food but of course you could always grocery shop but you will need a place to store the food like at your home. Anything in particular you wanna eat?"
Sorin Nassir 01/14/18 "I think it's important to have, I mean you can talk to people who aren't angels and lack the ability you seem to have. It can make calls to food places and have it deliver to your home. can help you find places with a gps system."

Sorin realized he was probably just confusing her more. His teeth once again found his lip as he bit down. "Perhaps it's easier to show you. Are you hungry? Do angels get hungry?"

Sorin was at a loss for words at what the dear sweet innocent woman popped out of her mouth next. "Oh um...I'm not embarrassed about my body. It's just you really should not undress in front someone so easily." He itched the back of his neck this was getting uncomfortable. "Uh yeah you don't want to get arrested jail isn't a good place to be."

Sorin got a look on his face before he shook his head. "No I have not met anyone else like me. I..was made this way it's not natural."
Sorin Nassir 01/14/18 Sorin's eyes went wide and he just stared at Jocelyn as she stole his phone and proclaimed it to be a magic box. He couldn't help but laugh some, he didn't mean to come off as rude but she didn't even know what a cellphone was. She called it a magic box it was just too good.

"It's not a magic box, it's a cellular device also known as a cellphone. People use it to keep in contact when they are no where near each other. They actually have a lot of uses I'm still working on it. But the cheetah isn't inside of it, those are merely pictures of them. Cheetah's tend to live in the wild."

Gods he was hoping he was explaining this well enough. "You should probably invest in one if you plan on staying on earth. I assume you came from heaven, I don't know where else angels come from." He bit his lip before he nodded his head. "I can I would show you but when I shift my clothes, I either shred them or I have to take them off and I'll be arrested for public nudity. Plus I don't wanna show you my naked form." Upon looking closely enough the smallest blush could be seen tainting Sorin's cheeks.
Sorin Nassir 01/14/18 Sorin stared at the woman she didn't know what a Cheetah was? How was that even possible? "Um well it's like a big cat but it has spots and it can run really fast. Hold on." He reached for his phone, he figured it would be easier to show her using the internet. Once he got to the pictures of the cheetah's he would show her his phone. "I can change into those just bigger."

Sorin smiled as she said he smelled good but it went away when she said he could smell terrible. "Maybe? I'm not overly upset over it. I don't think I smell bad, but I certainly didn't put on whatever most males and females do to cover up their scent. It gives me a headache I don't care for it."
Sorin Nassir 01/14/18 Sorin was beyond confused at this point what was she looking for? Wings? Maybe this lady wasn't right in the head but she seemed innocent enough and if he could exist as well as vampires why couldn't angels. "I am sorry I have never met an angel so I wouldn't know what one looks like."

"Oh I'm a wea-" He stopped himself and coughed to cover it up. He couldn't very well go sprouting around that he's a weapon. "Um...I'm not sure what you would call it but I can turn into a cheetah." There was more to it but he would leave it at that for now.

Sorin became somewhat flustered as she began asking him questions and he bit down on his lip once more. "Um...I actually think you have a decent scent, you don't smell like death like most the people around here. And I do not think you are displeasing to look at but I'm not a expert in this field so I don't really know."
Sorin Nassir 01/14/18 "Oh I see well thank you for thanking me." Was he suppose to thank her for that? It was the polite thing to do after all.

He gave her a confused look as she asked if he was an angel. Those were real as well? He was learning so many new things. " I am not an angel are you?" Was that rude of him to ask? Should he tell her what he was. "I'm not exactly mortal but I am not an angel. I am also unsure if you need my help you would know that more than I would, would you not?" He had started to whisper just as she had.
Sorin Nassir 01/14/18 "I do believe that is the proper response yes, but you do not need to thank me if you do not wish to. In all honesty I do not think I truly did anything worthy of your thanks." Sorin's eyes looked down to the woman's hand before looking back to her face.

He reached out and took her hand into his own giving it a firm shake before letting it go. "I am Sorin I also believe people offer their help. I am uncertain if I will be able to aid you but if you need something you are more than welcome to ask."
Sorin Nassir 01/14/18 Sorin bit his lip as he approached the woman. "Welcome to the realm. Please don't ask me what it means people just do it. From what I understand it is the polite thing to do." He smiles rather awkwardly at the woman.
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