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Duncan MacNeil
Killed: October 14, 2018 at 02:05 pm EDT
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Sometimes ye got tae shake it aff.
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Duncan MacNeil's Biography
{I'm not good at profiles. It will be some point.}
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Mackenzie 09/15/18 One glance at the card in hand has Mackenzie thinking. She knows more than she lets on, this is for certain, though closure is something she would never find. It bugs her. Closure. And because of that, she would find herself itching to find out more.

"How's that, Mr. MacNeil?" Looking down at the card once more, the wheels start turning. Curious, and absolutely in the business of self sabotage, Mackenzie knows precisely what she will likely do.
Samantha Winchester 09/14/18 "Hello my name is Samantha Winchester and on behalf of Channel 4 CNFOXBS I would personally like to welcome you to the realm. If you should be in need of anything please by all means ask me."
Winter Summers 09/14/18 Winter was out and about without a real goal or destination, he simply loathed to just sit in house. It was boring, stuffy, and he drank way too much when he was there! Besides he enjoyed the fall weather! He loved the way his arms looked in a long sleeved shirt! The sleeves just hugged his muscles in all the right ways!! He bobbed and weaved between people careful not to run into anyone. His parents certainly didn't teach him any manners but his brother did and he would be damned if he was gonna be one of the rude people that believed they owned the whole sidewalk. That was until his icy eyes landed on a rather attractive male.

Winter never really had a problem approaching men and flat out hitting on them but it never usually worked in his favor. So he set a plan in motion it was poorly planned and he wasn't even sure if it would work but before he had a decent amount of time to think it through his feet were carrying him along. The original plan was to get knocked into the other male, apologize be smooth as f*ck and win him over but nothing ever goes the way Winter wants. No one was near enough to "accidentally" collide with so Winter simply ran into the man. Yep to get attention he acted like one of those horrible people. Yet he felt absolutely no shame!

Icy eye flicked to the man's face, and he was even better looking up close! "Oh sorry about that handsome kinda in a rush." Lies all lies! "Though I suppose not in that big of a rush." He would then look the man over. "I haven't seen your stunning face around here before are you knew? Need someone to show around? I can show you incredible things." A smirk would come to his face then.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 "No," Mackenzie lies. But it isn't really a lie. Not in her mind. The girl wears her heart on her sleeve, so as she locks her phone and drops it into her bag once more, her unamused expression says quite a bit. "It would appear, we were not."

One more wary look over the man before her brings her to sigh. What a trip. She rolls her eyes, mostly at herself, crossing her arms easily. "I apologize. It isn't every day this," she gestures toward him, "happens."
Jewel Valari 09/14/18 "Yes you do.." Admires from afar. "You look like you could lift just about anything."
Jewel Valari 09/14/18 You look strong. Are you strong?
Raven D Morningstar 09/13/18 *looks* *glares* *waves* Welcome!
Elouise Warrock 09/13/18 Hundred percent.
Athena Maximus 09/12/18 Welcome to the realm!
Estelle Kingston 09/12/18 *grins*
I like you already. You're going to need to beat the women off you with a stick.
*shakes his hand*
I have lots of beating sticks if you need one. Well used.
Mackenzie 09/12/18 Her gaze flickers to the card momentarily, barely taking her eyes off him long enough. Still, she pulls a face. Duncan MacNeil. That's a far cry from Solomon King. And this brogue. Jesus. Without having to think much on it, she pulls out her phone and easily pulls up her photos, holding it up to reveal the spitting image of the man before her and the man from her past.

"Solomon King. New York. I don't know what the f-ck you mean by braw," her own brogue twists into her own, personal impersonation of his own."
Mackenzie 09/12/18 "You f-cking left me in a goddamn cottage. I f-cking hunted people down and-" Wrinkling her nose in disgust, Mackenzie feels no need to go into great detail. F-ck him. Honestly. He'd only ever used her, calling upon her when it suited him. Some goddamn friend.

A useless breath is taken, and she narrows her eyes. "Why are you talking like that? Is that honestly what you think I sound like? You are so off base, Sol."
Mackenzie 09/12/18 "Oh, f-ck right off," she mutters. A Scottish dialect may be difficult for some, but not for the Irish. A set of icy blues meet his gaze easily, clearly annoyed. Small as she is compared to the man before her, she has a way of making herself seem laughably big. "Where have you been?"
Elouise Warrock 09/12/18 I'm into it.
Estelle Kingston 09/12/18 *strolls by*
I don't know you. I should.
*extends hand*
Mackenzie 09/12/18 Mackenzie catches a glimpse at the man out of the corner of her eye, and a mere look brings her to stop in her tracks altogether. There are seconds of consideration before she turns on her heel and approaches. “What the actual f-ck?”
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