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Born: November 12, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 2
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BloemfonteinAnd a hunting we will go.
Created by Lucifer Mourningstar
Los AngelesThe Fall of a Seraphim
Created by Seraphina Morning Star
New OrleansBack to the beginning.
Created by Lucifer Mourningstar
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Stands at the doorway with Mrs Sera watching Mr Lucifer clean her mess on the wall. She quietly approached and taps him her brown orbs looking down. "I sowwys."
Lylith_ 12/11/18 Stiffles the giggles before answering. "I think Az might have one in the garage."
Crimson Belladonna 12/11/18 Paz skipped along into Me Lucifer's office. She was trying to do something nice and wanted to color a picture. Finding papers on his desk she paints a picture. Then wrote on his wall 'Paz waz herez!'
Arioch 12/08/18 Arioch finds himself shaken by Lucifer. A pair of feral yellow eyes become a golden color. He stiffens embarrassed at his loss of dignity. Hell what dignity, he lost that long ago along with a lot of what he used to be. Being shook by Ana's father and being told to stop running. He was running to protect the child keeping her close to his side. What honor he had left had shown through when he woudn't leave to the others. He calmed down,grabbed the whiskey bottle and took a long pull on it. He gagged and grabbed a couple of cookies and tossed them in his mouth. He nodded munching on those cookies feeling a sugar high. "I will go find Ana and keep the peace. IF no one wants her. I will take her." This time he walked out of the office like a man.
Seraphina Morning Star 12/08/18 "Alright let's settle down. We all on edge here and clearly a long day. She has chosen to speak. Lyl answered her." Pouring a drink and taking it down. "Let her speak. We can't force her we don't know what she is capable of."
Lylith_ 12/07/18 "Most of the time yes. Children are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. But I only eat the ones I have permission to eat so seems you are safe enough."
Lylith_ 12/07/18 "What in tarnation is going on now?"
Seraphina Morning Star 12/07/18 "OK I get that. But think she was in there for a reason." She gives a sigh and looks at the child. "What we going to do with her. Lylith maybe?!" She knew there was more to the child. But wasn't sure what.
Crimson Belladonna 12/07/18 Bells loose at Ari with a nod and then at Lucifer as he holds her chin. Giving a sweet smile she takes his face in her tiny hands and tells him her true name "I ish Pazuzu!" Shaking her head slowly as her big brown hues look to him. "Meh no goze back!"
Arioch 12/07/18 Arioch keeps the little one close to his side. "My cage opened. Her's opened. Took her with me. Why in cage. Don't know what she did. Just child." He knelt at her level and father her closer to his side.
Seraphina Morning Star 12/07/18 Turning to Ari and then at the child. A brow raised as she listened. "I can believe that from Amen. Wouldn't be the first time he did something that way." Dropping her head to avoid looking at the sweetness of the child. "She is to damn cute. But something tells me she was in the cage for more then just ball busting." Turning ever so slightly.
Seraphina Morning Star 12/07/18 Walking into the office to find Ari trying g to explain his story about Amen as she spots the child in his arms. "Are we holding a convention I didn't know about?"
Crimson Belladonna 12/07/18 The small child drops down. Another smile crosses her small child features. Holding Ari hand she stood still her brown hues fall on Lucifer. "Chu ish lookings fows meh." She spoke in a small voice.
Arioch 12/07/18 Arioch uncovered the small as he crouched low before Ana. A little girl child was sheltered between his wings. "Crimson. Who puts child in cage? I take her with me. I have her file. Says she kicked a guy in his crackerjacks. Me yes. Her no!" Arioch waits for the child to dismount from his back.
Samil 12/07/18 Please tell me that there are no restrictiins on file 15 and a fellow cell mate.
Arioch 12/07/18 Arioch unleashed his own special gift of combining blue inferno with his fire flame. He blasted the ground in front of Lucifer Mourningstar. He tossed down the head of the demon who had unlocked the cages of fifteen prisoners. "A present courtesy of a roaring lion!" He flung a list tied to a stone and it missed his intended target. His mismatched wings covered him and he disappeared from sight.
Raven_D 12/05/18 "That should show you, you never come between a girl and the bond she has with her pillow. Especially when she sleeping." Raven couldn't help but laugh. "Here!" Tosses a bag of frozen peas. "would give you a steak but that was dinner."
Raven_D 12/05/18 Umm..Hmm Is that song a cry for help?
Samil 11/29/18 I already told your wife I would be at breakfast. If nothing else I keep my word. Aurora is a friend. She doesn't see me in the capacity you think so you have nothing to worry about in that regard. And I will meet you in your office after breakfast. *Well he wasn't a chicken nor stupid but he always was not about to let someone intimidate him.*
Seraphina Morning Star 11/21/18 Oh darling Jr is cleaning your car! *the vision was a priceless one. Shaking her head*
Jr Morning Star 11/21/18 He had watched daddy wash his pretty car a few ties. So on his day he decided he would help. There was always stuff for his car here."Says the boy as he crawls into the cupboard and backs out arms full. Un capping the bottles his pour them over the hood of the Charger. And there he sits finger painting on the hood.
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *She smiled at him with sparkling eyes.* "That's my daddy! We visited Auntie Lyl's and Jr tried to make yuck!" *She handed him the small gun.* "Can I have it back soon? Hug!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 "OH my goodness!" *She yelped as the bullet made him wince in pain. "You got a hard @ss, daddy?" *She looked at his backside and shook her head.* "Jr said it was a toy gun.." *She bit her lower lip and attempted to look miserable to her daddy."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/20/18 *Hearing a big popping sound Sera runs to the noise to find Luciana on the floor and gun on the floor. Picking up the princess into her arms* What happened?!
Luciana Morning Star 11/20/18 *She looks at her father as she sneaks up behind him. She pulls a small toy gun and pretends to fire off a shot. She lands on her small bottom as a red hot bullet goes toward her father's bottom. "OH my goodness! Right in the @ss!"
EtaineNightBreed 11/16/18 "Welcome to the Dark it the real you or your Doppleganger? If you need anything seek me out."
LillyEmperium 11/13/18 Welcome back Mr. Morningstar
Lylith_ 11/13/18 "I am the only damn hunter and tracker you got. You ended up burning bridges a long time ago bossman."
W_Kat 11/13/18 "Yeah but that didn't answer my question. Who is the evil one? You or the other one? And I said Angel to be...nice."
Lylith_ 11/13/18 Shakes her head with a scowl. "Doesn't matter. What is done is done."
W_Kat 11/13/18 Now she had to ask. "So, who is the 'true' or..him?"
Kenia Shani 11/13/18 Kenia raised a brow at this one. It felt like she'd seen him wandering the Realm before. Interesting. She shrugged. "Welcome. I'm Kenia. If you need anything just ask."
Lylith_ 11/13/18 "I've only been your number one hunter and tracker since your first fall. No one important." Hmmm, she had said something similar to Azazel when he came home too. Was she literally going to have to beat the hell out of both of them?
Lylith_ 11/13/18 "Pain in the ass? Grumpy? Yes thats him. " She nods in confirmation. What the hell was wrong with the bossman? She had spent years chasing Az so how did he not know her?
Lylith_ 11/13/18 "Would still be fun to pluck. Ask my husband Azazel. He will tell you I live for that kind of stuff."
Autumn Summers 11/13/18 My pleasure.
Autumn Summers 11/13/18 Welcome back.
Marah 11/13/18 +looks+

+scratches head+

"Well , well look what the hellhounds brought in. Welcome back Luci."

W_Kat 11/13/18 *feels confused* "Welcome...back? "
Lylith_ 11/13/18 "Well well well. Seems there is a new birdie I can pluck. This should be fun."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/13/18 "Hmm.."
Lyria Montoya 11/13/18 "Welcome to the Realm!"
_Aurora_ 11/12/18 Um..hmm.. Welcome to the realm. *The look of confusion fell on the angels face.
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