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Mmmm. The sweet spot.
Left of the spine, fourth lumbar down; the abdominal aorta ...
What a gusher.
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Born: April 04, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 1
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 Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
A basket of Bad Kitty jelly beans - Easter 2017
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Under Construction!

Searching for a profile magician to help me spruce up the place!

Will pay in Blood Money! Mail me if interested!


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Edward Brollachan
Ransom Porter

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Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Mikaela Marshal 02/25/16

You, youre everything I want
And I, Im everything you need
This night is cutting into me
You tie me down, you watch me bleed
And we risk everything tonight

I, I am the misery you crave
And you, you are my faithful enemy
This hunger seems to feed on me
A sacred sin, a dying breed
And we risk everything

They can never know just what weve done
They can never know just what weve done
They will never know all the blood weve shed
The scarlet cross we bear until the bitter end
And they, they can never know just what weve done

Nothing good will come of this
Im screaming out with my last aching breath
Ill be yours until my dying day
But I can never see you

We, we knew how this would end
And we knew wed die before we lived
But Ill never let you go
Ill never let you go

They will never know all the blood we shed
The scarlet cross we bear until the bitter end
And they, they can never know just what weve done
I will never let you go
They can never know just what weve done
I will never let you go

We knew how this would end

Ransom Porter 02/24/16 Ooooo look at you, getting stronger!
I'm so proud.
+wipes tear+
Mikaela Marshal 02/03/16

Attempting to give a f*ck: ███████████████████] 99% Complete ... ERROR!: Unable to give a fawk.

Mikaela Marshal 02/02/16 Rules of Engagement!

First and foremost: NO cyber-s*x. Don't let the door hit your a$s on the way out.

Second: Your character does NOT know anything about Mikaela unless she tells him/her. If it's on my profile, it's for the writer only. If I think you're using that info when we RP, you'll promptly recieve a PM and I won't bother writing with you again. Its that simple.

Third: You will not be put on my friend's list unless we have RPed via Forums or Mail at least once so our characters know each other. Comments may count as I see fit.

Fourth: After stating that, I welcome any and all RPs/Mails. I will help with RP skills if you're looking for a mentor in that area.

Fifth: OoC/IC must be separate, if I think you're not doing such, then I will cut off any and all contact with you. First, and only warning. Do NOT bring Drama to me. I hate it. Plain and simple.

I reserve the right to change the Rules as I see fit.

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