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Born: November 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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~The kindest hearts have felt the most pain.~ (Open for RP. Just send a starter but no one liner, please.) (Please don't steal or attack when I'm online. Offline is fine by me.)
Ashlyn Starling's Biography
Name- Ashlyn Joy Starling Age- 25 Height- 5'4 Eye color- Brown Hair color- Brown Relationship- Taken by Spencer McHale Sexual Orientation- Straight Job- Photogragher/Baker Owner of Cake Dreamer Family- Maria Starling (Mother/Witch)- Deseased, James Starling (Father/Lycan)- Deseased, Julie Frost (Aunt/Lycan)- Missing Children- Layla Rose Starling- Age 1 Nickname- Ash, Ashy Markings- Cresent tattoo on her right wrist Ashlyn Starling was born in a loving family. She was a bright and generous little girl. Was a curious one as well, always curious about everything. She loved to read about anything that she could get her hands on. Everything was perfect until her parents were killed in a car accident one snowy night when she was 10. She went to live with her aunt until she turned 18 and moved out. A year after moving out, her aunt went missing and after a few months of looking, the police declared her dead. Ashlyn knew and felt that her aunt was still alive. She traveled to different places, looking for her aunt and any clues on where she might be. After two years of searching, Ashlyn lost hope of ever finding her aunt. She got a degree in photography and owns her own photo shop. One day a handsome man came in asking if she could take pictures of his sisters wedding and she told him she would. When the day came for the wedding, she got her camera and got dressed before heading to the wedding. She took lots of great photos of the wedding as well as got closer to the man, Jake. After several weeks of talking, Jake asked her out and she said yes. They went on dates and grew more closer to each other. She was in love with him. After a year dating and one a steamy night with Jake, Ashlyn grew sick and was nauseous all the time as well was late with mother nature. She went to the doctors, did tests and got the shock of her life; she was pregnant. After getting over the shock, she was excited and happy. She rushed home and looked for Jake to tell him. Once she found him, Ashlyn blurted out happily she was pregnant. Jake's face fell and a look of hatred flashed through his eyes. Her heart broke that night, Jake confessed to cheating on her with his ex as well as having two children with her and that he never loved her before leaving her for his ex. It took her three months to get over that heartbreak and move on, she had to for her unborn child. Now she's well-known for her photos as well as her recently opened bakery shop. She lives in a small house with her beautiful baby girl, Layla.

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Dr Van Helsing

Declan A Black


Spencer McHale

Taylor M Black

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Created by Spencer McHale
Spencer McHale 02/02/19 After a while of them playing he walked back over to her and plopped down next to her, holding her hand. "Are you sure you're ready for two of them?"
Spencer McHale 02/02/19 Spencer sat in the grass and laughed at her, picking up grass and throwing it at her as well, gently. He grinned over at Ashlyn and smiled a little.
Spencer McHale 02/02/19 Spencer wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek softly, smirking a little. "I love you but I'm going to leave you here and go roll around on the grass with our daughter in my $700 suit." He grinned and ran over to Layla, grabbing flowers for her.
Spencer McHale 02/01/19 "Well, one day you are gonna have to leave me alone with our kids." He chuckled a little down at her, grinning. "I promise I won't let her die, but I can't promise she won't destroy the house." He shrugged and kissed her temple then forehead softly.
Spencer McHale 02/01/19 "No no no, you are going to leave and relax. I am going to handle her, if I need to try and cook I can try but if not that's what personal chefs are for." He grinned and wrapped both his arms around her and pulled her to his chest, looking down at her. "I want you to have fun, relax, and not worry about anything."
Spencer McHale 02/01/19 "I can barely cook, we will be getting a lot of take-out and having a lot of mashed bananas." He grinned, kissing her temple and then the top of her head with a soft smile. "Let me know when you figure out when you're going so I can baby proof some things at the house."
Spencer McHale 01/31/19 "Oh sweetheart, you don't have to ask me. I will watch Layla every day for you, I love that tiny human." He pointed to Layla running around. "That tiny human, I love her." He grinned and laughed at her. "I want you to have fun, so yes."
Spencer McHale 01/31/19 "What's on your mind?" He questioned, looking down at her. "You seem like something is wrong or you want to tell me something." His large hand gripped her waist as he looked down at her, his eyes were two different colors, one blue and one a soft hazel color as he watched her.
Spencer McHale 01/30/19 "I love you." He looked down at her, speaking softly as his hand gripped her waist and pulled her closer to him, looking out at Layla. "Of course it's all worth it, years of building up these tiny people up to be amazing humans."
Spencer McHale 01/30/19 Spencer slowly stepped up behind Ashlyn, wrapping his arm around her waist gently as he watched Layla, grinning. "We are definitely going to have our hands full, my love." He looked to her, pressing his lips gently to her temple.
Taylor M Black 01/29/19 "That would probably be perfect. I can get John to watch the kids for the weekend, he's very helpful." she grinned and tilted her head a bit. "I will text you when, I have to talk to Kat."
Taylor M Black 01/20/19 "I could invite Kat, Declan's wife? Have you met Declan?" she questioned, forgetting who was introduced at one point, brushing it off. "What would you want to do? I can fly us out somewhere."
Taylor M Black 01/20/19 "Wednesday is fine, I'll come pick it up on lunch break." She smiled at her, tucking dark curls behind her ear and tilting her head. "Things with me are the same, boring, I need some excitement in my life.. we need a girls day!"
Taylor M Black 01/20/19 Taylor laughed softly, smiling at the girl. "Surprise me. It's for the office so nothing huge but we have someone retiring and need a cake. So how are you? How are you and Spence?"
Taylor M Black 01/20/19 With a grin on her face, Taylor practically skipped up to the bakery. "Hello, I was wondering if I could have as cake made by the best baker in town, it's highly important."
Spencer McHale 01/11/19 "If you didn't have a dress there is no way in this godforsaken realm that I would let you buy your own dress for our date. That's not how real men work."

Spencer took her hand and held her gently in his own rather large hand, just for a second before he bent his head down and kissed her forehead, to try and be a gentleman.

"If you look and you don't have a formal dress, my numbers on the pen you stole from me and I want you to call me. I'll have someone bring you shopping." He smirked, obviously teasing her about the pen before letting her hand go and slowly backing up. "8. Don't stand me up."
Spencer McHale 01/11/19 Enjoying the feeling of her hand in his, he smiled down at her, he didn't know why he felt so attracted to this female but she was definitely hitting him somewhere. "Keep the pen, in memory." He winked, teasingly. "Actually Formal but bring a change of clothes. Do you have formal? If you don't have formal I can pay for your dress, I am the one forcing you to have a good time and eat some high-quality mac and cheese with me later on." He laughed, still messing with her, but it was beyond funny at this point.
Spencer McHale 01/11/19 Spencer handed Ashlyn a pen from his pocket and held out his hand to her. "Here, on my note pad write down your address so I don't forget where you live." He grinned down at her, his bright blue eyes watching her.
Spencer McHale 01/11/19 Spence held out the palm of his hand and pretended to flip through pages. "hm." He contemplated, obviously just messing with her but it was fun.

"You know, I'll have to move some things around to make it work but I would love to. Do you want me to pick you up at your place?"
Spencer McHale 01/11/19 He listened and nodded, he had never taken another person with him during his climbs or just in general to anything height related.

"How about it's a date? Name a time and I will pick you up for a dinner surprise."
Spencer McHale 01/10/19 He smiled at her, looking her up and down. She was so incredibly interesting but she also had this sweet innocent housewife look to her. With a deep breath, he shoved his hands in his pockets and let her in on a secret.

"Heights. Heights scare me but it's fun for me. I push myself to climb buildings and look down at the ant-sized people but by God, if I don't almost sh*t my pants every time I do it."
Spencer McHale 01/10/19 He loved a stubborn girl, they were always the best to have around. He let his hand drop from her cheek as he smirked a little down at her, thinking about what they were going to be doing.

"Well, I have plenty of things in mind, but I do want to hear your definition of fun. Something that scares you but excited you at the same time."
Spencer McHale 01/10/19 After letting her hand go, his thumb reached up and touched her cheek with a soft laughed. His stay had actually been interesting as far as he could tell, for some reason women were fawning over him like he was rare or something.

"Well, my stay has been pretty boring, until now. You look like you could use a little bit of fun and I think that fun should be had with me, but if you're not up for it I understand. Nothing illegal, I promise."
Spencer McHale 01/10/19 With a raised eyebrow, he couldn't help but smirk a little, running his free hand over his slick-backed black hair.

"Well considering someone as breathtaking as you live here, I think my time will be phenomenal."

He held out his muscular hand to the female, eyeing her up and down for a quick moment. "My name is Spencer, Spencer McHale."
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