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Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 "Me, too.." For a moment, he is overcome with emotion for the one on the other end of the line, reminded just how much of an anchor he is, and the deal that had been struck just hours ago. Clearing his throat, it takes effort to push the inevitable from his mind and press on. "I'll leave her behind with Mackenzie, under the guise of preparation." He knew better than to lock her up, perhaps better than anyone else, given his own history. "It'll give us the headstart we'll need... Oh, and do me a favor?" This time, the humor is undeniable. "Try not to have me shot this go around."
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 "You don't have to play a part." Just like that, Jasper offers the man a way out, one he rightfully deserves. "I can whisk her away and do this myself. I've done it before," he adds with a humorless chuckle. And then, "but Claire doesn't hold a grudge, not really. She's smart, and she understands the raw necessity of things. It's why her and Elias got on so well. And Sarah, well..." He shrugs, knowing Gray couldn't see. It is more a gesture to ward off his own dread in the face of hurting the girl he's grown so fond of in such a short time. "I'm only interested in prolonging her life. We do things, for the ones we love, remember?" The ghost of a smile is in his tone, simultaneously apologetic and unrepentant.
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 She has nothing to offer.

He doesn't respond, feeling the pang of regret and, deeper down, fear. Fear for Sarah, fear for Claire, fear for Gray... And, deeper still, himself. When the time came, could she do it? Could he, in the terrible circumstance of her demise? Did they have a choice?

"It's important that she feels, Gray." The fight has gone from his voice, from himself, and he sinks heavily into a chair with Atlas' burdens weighing on his shoulders. "She has all this pent up emotion that hasn't been released, and I have to draw it out of her." Staring ahead, unseeing, he is quiet, deliberating. "There is no better caretaker for her, than you." It's a soft admission, one they both know, but it still breaks him to give it voice. "But I have to break her foundation, so she can build a stronger, better one. Just as I did before, just as she did before. Just as you and Sarah will help her do again."
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 Again, Jasper bites his tongue on the very retort he had for Sarah, in that he wasn't asking. The pair could stand between him and Claire if they so chose; it would not deter him from his path, and he has means beyond their own. But, tentatively, Gray remains on his side. "You know damn well it wasn't me," he snaps, pinching the bridge of his nose. "You know damn well that there was nothing I could do to stop it, either." Still, it sits in the back of his mind like a sentient gargoyle, with his peace of mind under lock and key. "It'll be fine," Jasper assures them both, with a forced certainty.
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 Teeth grit once more, the Taylor's collectively grinding on his frayed nerves. But, at least, he'd said the telling word: think. While Jasper can hardly believe she told Gray the nature of the deal, she must have at least implied that Claire was given a free pass. "Surely you see the necessity." It wasn't a question. "We have one chance, and she must feel all she can."
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 "Mmph," comes the gruff response, irritation flaring at his adopted sister. He has to bite back the retort of What of it? and manages, only barely. "She's upset," he continues, tone shrugging, "and she isn't thinking straight. I know what's best for my sister."
Victor Lockheed 05/20/19 Gray
Good or bad?
Actually, nevermind.
Do me a favor and make sure there's at least a little booze there.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
You have an odd way of asking for help.
If manipulation is telling her the truth, then fine.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
I wouldn't have to do this for my shrew, Gray, she can feed herself fine.
Just lay it on thick.
You helped the girl out of a sh-t situation, you're giving her a life back, and it's only what you thought best.
I'm sure she'll come around. She's a bleeding heart, after all.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
I'm not being judgmental!
Truthfully, I think the predicament is hilarious, and I'm so glad to know I rubbed off on you at least a bit.
I'm trhinf to help, really, I just don't understand what you're wanting from me.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
Your guess is as good as mine.
We never got around to hashing out her line in the sand when it came to human trafficking.
Really dropped the ball there, didn't I.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
I'm sure anything is better than the sh-tshow she came from, she probably would've jumped on any offer. You still bought a human, and that's really f-cking weird.

Just give her a better life.
And good luck selling it to Claire.
Before you ask, I have no advice.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
And I'm sure she's the only one you saw.
She's hideous, no doubt?

Treating her like she's stupid doesn't make it so, Gray, and lying to her will only make her not trust you.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
You bought her for Claire?
F-ck, man, do you know her?

How do you plan on hiding an entire human from her? I mean, your lives are pretty seamlessly entwined.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
Holy sh-t.

You bought someone? You know, people don't do that anymore.

There are dating websites, Gray, for f-ck's sake. I could've been your wingman.

I can't believe you went to a meat market, ahahaha, holy sh-t.

Can't wait to hear how Claire ties into this.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
Oh, so you're saying to keep keeping an eye on Sarah, got it.

Claire's and my tolerance levels for sh-t are vastly different, so hit me.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Gray
I just checked on Sarah, not even a slight fever, so it can't be that bad.
What'd you do?
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 He opens his mouth to shrug off Gray's concern, but the creak of the door freezes the words in his throat. An apologetic smile, and he accepts the embrace for the second time, clapping him on the back before squeezing perhaps a bit harder than intended. "Love you, Gray," comes the instant response, though it weighs heavily in the air between them. As the man would pull away, Jasper cuffs the side of his face in that masculine show of affection, as much as encouragement.

"Good luck," he calls after him in soft undertones, just as Sarah would come up beside him. An arm wraps around her shoulders protectively, and he slowly turns them away and back to her room.
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 In a display greatly out of character for the man, Gray lays out his emotions, clear and concise. He's afraid, and as he should be. So much is on the line, so much more than they ever could have expected. And Jasper had thought himself prepared for the worst, but Claire is unpredictable as he, whether she likes it or not.

Still, he holds a hand up, a signature smirk pulling at the corner of his lips. "You can. Both of you. Together." Such certainty laces each word, it leaves no room for misguided doubt. "You and Claire are two of the most stubborn, intelligent, manipulative sh-theads I've ever encountered. And she'll do anything to prove anyone wrong, especially me. Be scared, Gray," he adds, nodding, "but don't doubt yourself, or her. I've trusted you from the beginning, I'm not going to stop now. Just... use you telling me to your advantage." A pointed look finds him, wary of potentially prying ears just behind him, secluded in her room.

"If I think of anything useful, I'll let you know." It's as if there hadn't been a lull in the conversation, so clean was the transition. "I'll probably find a sh-t ton of useful information around here, Elias was meticulous on keeping notes on me, so undoubtedly, Claire as well..."
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 "Yeah, yeah," he waves it off dismissively, as they both know Jasper is incapable of such a thing. Responsibility. The word is barely in his vocabulary.

Gray thanks him, and has Jasper arching an incredulous eyebrow. "No need," and he means it. In the short time that he has known the man's rambunctious little sister, she has wormed her way into his admittedly soft heart and made a home for herself. He would see her as healthy as she could be, and as happy as he could ensure. An outsider might think their odd sibling exchange remarkably suppressive, but it works for this dysfunctional, estranged family.

An appreciative smile stretches Jasper's face, but he still shakes his head. "You know her, Gray. Probably better than I do, I'll admit. But she's stubborn, and that man meant the world-.." He stops, feeling the beginnings of his voice cracking. "I don't blame her. I'm not thrilled with myself, either." Jasper didn't hate his father, much as he wanted to, and that makes this all the harder.

A glance is cast over his shoulder, toward the closed door that separated them from Sarah. Chuckling lowly, he rolls his shoulders in a playful shrug. "One of us will make sure the other doesn't do something stupid." He's kidding, but he also makes no promises. The pair tend to do stupid, together.
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 All the sh-t these two have been through together, and the embrace is still as easy as the first. Hell, even more so, and the thought brings a wary smile to Jasper's tired lips. A snort follows Gray's comment, but he'll take the criticism. He deserves that, and so, so much more. "I suppose it wouldn't help my case to say I had no idea there was a disease going around, huh." But the humor just isn't there, not when Sarah is still recovering in the room over.

He blanches with the apology, pulling away with a nod of his head. "Me, too..." Pained sincerity rings through the words, and he has to clear his throat of the sudden wave of emotion. He pushes through it. "I've inherited the estate, so... We'll be here for a while. I, uh... heard about Sarah and Claire, sort of... I'll keep two eyes on her, if not more."

It isn't enough, to make up for all this.

"She'll never forgive me now," comes the quiet atonement, and he shifts from one foot to the other. A deep sigh carries out the concern that it entails, if only because there is too much that's bearing down on them to worry about the inevitable. "You know, she used to look at me, the way she looks at you." With all the love and admiration and trust in the world, he wants to add, but the words don't find purchase on his dry tongue.

"Take care of her, yeah?" As if it needs to be said.
Victor Lockheed 05/06/19 Gray
Oh, I would never insult you by assuming it were possible.
I'll be there by tomorrow.
Also, I've secured a source for the sedatives you need.
Victor Lockheed 05/06/19 Gray
Of course I realize.
I had to wait for a red eye.
But if you're in such a rush, I can always just show up with a nice crispy sunburn.
Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
You're not the first to slut shame me.
Nor the last, I hope.
Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
Don't try to distract by baiting me.
That's weak, even for you.

Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
Christ, you're exhausting.
I'm assuming you'll tell me about the sedatives then?
Is there anything else you haven't told me?
Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
I'm sensing a story.
I'd like to know why you need sedatives for your adoptive sister.
Who is actually Jasper's sister.
Who you tried to have shot.
Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
Well, of course she is.
You had her shot while trying to shoot her husband.
Even if he'd been playing jumprope with your intestines beforehand, she'd still be bitter about it.

Claire, huh?
I don't know a Claire.
Why the sedatives?
Are we harvesting organs now?
Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
I did, and you haven't let me down yet.
Which is why I'm not jumping to conclusions about you putting a bullet through our allies.
I'm sure there are extenuating circumstances.
Believe me, I'm on the edge of my seat.
I'll be returning soon as well, as soon as I can find a flight.

I see.
I hope they're for me.
Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
You f-cking madman.
I don't know the details, so I'm not sure.
Although I'm sure I can probably stop her from feeding you your own eyeballs.
I don't want to see you in your grave, but you're making it bloody hard.

Get yourself a wheelbarrow for those massive bollocks you're dragging around.
Victor Lockheed 05/04/19 Gray
Let me get this straight.
You had Mackenzie shot.
While aiming for Jasper.
Is that true?
Claire Thompson 05/03/19 His optimism - along with the jab he tacks on to the end - earns him a withering glare before she delves deeper into her makeshift burrow. One hand pokes out and offers a dismissive wave before retreating for the foreseeable future. Still, mutterings can be heard from somewhere in the midst of the refuse, to the tune of "ridiculous" and "haven't even seen ridiculous, yet."
Claire Thompson 05/03/19 In spite of herself and the heavy situation, she gifts him with an appreciative smile. "I hope I can continue earning that trust."

Then, he brings up Sarah...

A grimace, and she realizes that pill may not have been enough. Claire sighs deeply, the internal struggle painted blatantly across her visage. "I don't think that will be a hard task, considering neither of us are in her good graces, but... It will be for the best, I think. Maybe she'll forgive me, when all is said and done." The smile melts into a pained expression.
Claire Thompson 05/03/19 She nods, a meek gesture, feeling entirely helpless in this situation. Still, her eyes find his face as he begs her understanding, punctuating the need for her to feel. A single blink leads her gaze away once more, and she shrugs her shoulders weakly. "What if I fail?"

At this time, she is smaller than she's ever felt, a slave to something she'd thought she'd mastered long ago. She stares daggers at her own hands, balling and unballing her fists out of reflex. "I don't want to hurt anyone," she whispers with a cracking voice.
Claire Thompson 05/02/19 You are my sister.

Her expression flickers with a twinge of emotion as she inhales a slow, shuddering breath. He is so certain, and she wants so badly to believe him, but the foundation of her confidence has been cracked deeply with the passing of Elias. He wouldn't be proud of her reliance on any substance, but then, he's no longer here.

The girl begins to shake, taking the hand holding her chin if only to steady herself. "Yes," she utters slowly, and she means it. Gray has proven himself the only person she can consistently depend on, time and time again. She knows Sarah thinks she was a second choice and, perhaps in a way, she was. But this man hadn't steered her wrong, and she needed someone as steadfast and determined to be at the helm of what she couldn't pilot herself.

"I'm so afraid," she whispers, feeling his hand shake within her grasp simply from proximity, "and I've never known such..." She lets out a frustrated huff, closing her eyes and nestling further into the comfort of her bed. "I don't know where to begin. I feel so much, and I don't know what to deal with first."
Claire Thompson 05/02/19 "Gray, I want to die." Dramatic as it seems, this desire doesn't come from an emotional place. It can't, because that aspect of her is muted and suppressed. As he opens his mouth - undeniably to protest or tell her that it would get better - she holds up a small hand, begging his pause. "You and I both know there's only two outcomes, here."

Claire watches his face carefully, searching for the change in feeling that she can't express. "If I mourn for my father, I will have to mourn for her, too. Sarah doesn't deserve to die because he did, and my life does not outweigh hers. I am dangerous, Gray," she reminds him softly, with conviction, "and this doesn't get better. Do you really think I can just bury this? Or shall I succumb to these drugs in the process of trying?"
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
Right. Four, then.
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
I'm not meeting with her.
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
That's exactly what I want.
Can't have her struggling for her next chance, can we.
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
Fine, see you at four.
It'll be a welcome relief to hear what gives her a free pass at almost killing me.
Thank you for always knowing what's best for me.
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
I'll still be touring the school.
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
Suddenly, you're booked all day, and I have orientation in fifteen minutes.
Another time, perhaps.
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
Read 1:04pm
Claire Thompson 04/04/19 Gray
What, then?
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
And I'm sure you'll handle it swimmingly.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
No, thanks.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
Read 10:22pm
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
It's a kind sentiment, but it's really not up to you.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
I'm still not sure this was a good idea to begin with.
I'll never feel as though I'm being too cautious.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
Then I suppose it's good one of us is.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
I'm giving it a chance, aren't I?
I think we can both agree that my head is just as important in this matter.
She must stay alive, after all.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
I'm going to pretend that didn't hurt my feelings.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
There isn't much to discuss, but I can summarize my thought process, if you'd like.

Things need to go slow.
Things aren't really going slow.
Furthering education forces things to go slow.
We adapt because we must.
Or we don't.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
I'll be working and going to graduate school.
She may be happy for me, but I'm near certain happiness doesnt necessarily translate to excitement.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
We can celebrate later.
Oxford, so you can stop worrying. I'm staying right here.
I'm sure Sarah's going to be disappointed enough as it is.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
The degree hardly pertains to the work at hand.
But, now you know.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
Excellerated programs and, again, time.
Also, I'm smart. Is that so hard to believe, or are you still comparing me to my brother?
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
Of course, as well as a bachelor's degree in biology.
It seemed prudent, and I had time.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
I have to have a drive in life.
Psychiatry seems a good fit, all things considered.
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Gray
We should probably meet to go over scheduling for the next few months.
On a whim, I applied for a scholarship, and I'll be starting medical school next month.
Albert Harris 04/02/19 *shakes off the grave dirt and starts again* Where were we, old chap?
Victor Lockheed 03/29/19 Gray
Victor Lockheed 03/29/19 Gray
Aw. Thanks, muffin.
Victor Lockheed 03/28/19 Gray
You either like me a lot more than you let on, or you must really hate your sister.
Which is it? Dying to know.
Victor Lockheed 03/28/19 Gray
What about that text made you think I wasn't thrilled?
F*ck. I wish I had your problems.
Victor Lockheed 03/20/19 Gray
You have a sister?
What the hell else do I not know about you?
Why don't you want them-
Right, no questions.
Anything I can do to ruin some of their happiness?
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Gray
Yours is coming to stay with me a few days.
Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.
I’m just assuming she hasn’t told you.
Spring Summers 03/16/19 A smirk settles over but she scoffed almost immediately. "Actually it was those ****ing daft business men and their stupid typist machines. Pretty sure they ****ing go along with Memoists like you." Spring points out curtly, but found she didn't move when Gray embraced her. Instead she curled her arms around his waist, pressed her face against his suit and started to sob. It wouldn't be her if she couldn't still manage to insult him between her sobs."That's only because you ****ing men are ****ing deaf selfish prats."
Spring Summers 03/16/19 Spring's icy tones moved to stare at her best friend. She had four f*cking days left being Death's maid. However, the only power that could have thrust her into reality was if another season had fallen in proximity. She had a bad inkling on whom it was, but instead she unleashed her words of ire. After the few intakes of shaky breaths the sound of her voice more draconian in its unquenchable fire." Oi.Wanker. How ****ing dare you not tell me that Xanadudu Xenu was ****ing fake?."
Jasper Thompson 03/16/19 Gray
Read 2:12pm
Jasper Thompson 03/16/19 Gray
The record also shows that you did.
Jasper Thompson 03/16/19 Gray
Jasper Thompson 03/16/19 Gray
You’ll have to come to New York, if you’re so dead set.
Don’t bullsh-t me this time.
I know you better than that.
Claire Thompson 03/16/19 Claire watches him go with a shake of her head, though her stomach suddenly seems hollow and endless. She turns to the sink, busying herself with washing the meager dishes just for something to do. All the while, she listens for the telltale sound of the door closing in his wake, cursing him quietly when it takes longer than she thinks it should.

There it is.

Still, she tries to hold it together, even as her hands begin to shake. Her body naturally turns in on itself, making her even smaller than normal. She feels so silly, and so much like a child, and the weight of it all leaves her weak and stupid and selfish. “I want to go home.” The whisper is barely audible, for no one in particular, and an unseen force wipes the tear from her cheek.
Claire Thompson 03/16/19 “You didn’t have to breach the contract, and I can assure you, my mother already knows.” The girl is haughty, meeting his stare with a cool version of her own. “Jasper does not deserve to know everything, whether the contract states it or no. What you could’ve done is tell him about Sarah, and left it at that, but you didn’t want to face his anger. You could’ve even told Jasper that you didn’t have any say, because you didn’t. He would have found me anyway, he already knew of my plans to get your sister back.” It’s obvious, the he that she is referring to.

Claire suppresses the urge to spit vitriol at him in response to his love for his sister. She doesn’t know why she feels the urge to defend her so readily, not really knowing her at all, but this conversation drives her toward frustration and anger. Quickly. “When I need your help, I will ask for it. I have already drawn a line in the sand once, I will do it again if I have to. If I feel as though I am leading her on, I will end our friendship, but dooming her to heartache so readily is unfair and cold. For all you know of her, maybe she’s changed. Drastic life events have that effect, no?”

Turning away, she rolls her eyes. “Tell him what? No, actually, I don’t care. I do not care what you tell him, it is between you and him.”
Claire Thompson 03/16/19 “Those consequences are not because of what I did,” she interjects, overcast eyes narrowing slightly, “but because you chose to keep it a secret from Jasper. You chose. If you recall, I didn’t care if he knew or not.” She feels bad for Gray, she does; no part of her wants him to be at odds with her brother on account of her. But in her eyes, this isn’t. She had no say in what transpired between them.

To the rest, Claire blinks, and blinks again. This is a delicate topic, and private, but that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. It isn’t as if she hasn’t given it any thought; she knows what can’t be. But something he said doesn’t sit with her well, or rather, hits her ear wrong. “Break her heart, or don’t. Do you not care for her at all? I’ve not seen you try once, and if we’re breaching the delicacy of each other’s affairs, then let’s do it. She is not something to just be discarded so easily, nor is she someone to take for granted. I’m not going to let her die, Gray, do not think me so naive to think there’s even the slightest glimmer of hope where none could prevail. Not to mention that I think you’ve entirely misread this situation. We are friends, nothing more. She is fond of me because I saved her life, as she puts it, but this will pass because I am boring and too different and I would never do something so irresponsible.”

She lets out a huff, the mug coming down a little harder than intended on the counter. “Now. Are you finished insulting me?”
Claire Thompson 03/16/19 One eyebrow arches elegantly, and she lets out a sigh. She has a heavy idea of where this is going, but for now, she will humor him. “You don’t strike me as a delicate person, so by all means.” A hand waves a small gesture in front of her, offering him the floor.
Claire Thompson 03/16/19 “She is home,” the girl answers easily, not even looking up from her working hands, “she’ll always have a place here. Seeing as she’s never more than fifty feet from her own bed, it hardly seems like sending her anywhere.” Before the kettle can scream, she lifts it off the burner and pours the steaming water into each respective mug, setting one in front of her guest before taking the other one up. A finger swirls in the liquid, seemingly oblivious to the heat, as she aids in the steeping process. “Well? What was so urgent and private?”
Claire Thompson 03/16/19 Gray
Well, I just had to check her pulse.
Door’s open.
Claire Thompson 03/16/19 Gray
She’s out now.
I can make tea.
Victor Lockheed 03/15/19 Gray
I think more context might be in order.
Victor Lockheed 03/15/19 Gray
I'm not drunk enough for this. Hang on.

Okay, go.
Claire Thompson 03/09/19 Claire makes a show of considering, though she knows he’s being more than gracious. Finally, after a few seconds of feigned deliberation, she nods. “Indeed. And I want feedback. Things to improve on and the like. We can talk about a raise when the time comes.” Another small, almost dismissive nod leads her out the door, a smirk playing at her features as she goes.
Claire Thompson 03/08/19 She bestows him with a small smile, folding her hands over her lap carefully. The truth is, organization is a lame passion of hers; everything has its place, and all things run more smoothly if there is a plan. “Pay me what you think I’m worth.” Having never had a job before, Claire can’t even toss out a ball park figure that might be within agreeable range. Instead, she trusts him. And she will undoubtedly make his life that much easier.
Claire Thompson 03/08/19 “Oh, good,” Claire brightly exclaims, having stuck her head in his office and, upon finding him, ushering herself into the chair across from him, “you’re here. I felt bad about the loss of your secretary so I took a few liberties.” His scheduling book is set in front of him, and she deftly flips to the page for the current week. “I rescheduled some appointments, worked them around so that you have minimal traveling, and even convinced some of your nearer clients to meet here. It should be to your convenience, not theirs.”
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Desperation is unbecoming.
Jasper Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
I’ll be there.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Not force me into interactions I don’t want to be in.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Not enough.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
No, you haven’t.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray

Two minutes.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Oh, poor Jasper.
After centuries of getting everything he wants, including from you, he’s expecting everything to be fine after a week.
Well, it’s not. And he can just continue being patient, for all I care.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
That’s not fair.
You said you wouldn’t do this.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Okay, great!
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Then tell him I’m out with your sister.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Tell him I’m with your driver.
Don’t make this harder than it has to be.
And I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.
She’s fun. We have fun together. We enjoy each other’s company.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
I’m sure you two have a lot of fun together.
I’m not really emotionally ready to interact with Jasper.
I’m sure you understand the implications.
What would you know about my ‘friend’ smile?
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
We weren’t really talking about me, either.
You suggested something I didn’t want to do, I suggested an alternative.
I’m smiley because I’ve never had a friend before.
Sorry, should I be as dour as you, or Jasper?
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Do what to you?
You’re not here to mend my relationship.
I’ve also noticed you haven’t taken any steps in your own department.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Good thing it’s not really up to you, huh?
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
I’ll take her out.
Jasper Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Ha, alright, fine.
Just let me know date and time.
Jasper Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Okay, yeah, sure.
If she’s up for it.
Jasper Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
I’m still not so sure, but I trust your judgment.
I’m okay.
About as good as I can be?
You? She’s not driving you crazy?
Jasper Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
So you think there’s a chance for me?
Jasper Thompson 03/04/19 Gray
Oh? That’s good.
She’s taken to you pretty well?
Victor Lockheed 03/01/19 Gray
Jesus, fine.
I hope you've got whiskey.
What's the address?
Victor Lockheed 03/01/19 Gray
Full bar?
Say no more.
Do you mind if I bring one of those drunk college students up to your room?
I'm starving. I swear they'll be quiet.
Victor Lockheed 03/01/19 Gray
I could use a drink.
Where are we going?
And it's too late, I'm salivating.
Victor Lockheed 03/01/19 Gray
No sh-t?
I'm here too.
Probably why you sensed an excess of depravity, tbh.
Victor Lockheed 03/01/19 Gray
You got it.
Travel is f-cking overrated.
Where are you?
Claire Thompson 02/27/19 Gray
By the way, I took your credit card.
Claire Thompson 02/27/19 Gray
So helpful.
Claire Thompson 02/27/19 Gray
Ah, yes, because convincing your sister - who just came back from the dead, let me remind you - to come with me, a perfect stranger, is so much more plausible than you telling my brother no.
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 Uncle Gray
You got it.
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 Uncle Gray
Of course.
Need anything while I’m out?
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 Uncle Gray
I’m coming over.
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 Uncle Gray
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 Uncle Gray
Any update?
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Gray
I’m sorry.

Uncle Gray
Just keep me posted.
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Gray
It’s your call.
You know her better than I do.
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Gray
You could convince her to come you New York.
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Gray
She did say she wanted to earn her keep.
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Hray
Taking over?
What do you mean?
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Gray
What alternative is there?
An apartment seems excessive.
She’s fine. She’s been very helpful and supportive in all of this.
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Gray
We’re just getting our hotel.
Is everything okay?
Jasper Thompson 02/24/19 Uncle Gray
I’m fine.
How’s she?
And you.
Jasper Thompson 02/23/19 Uncle Gray
Aw, she’s already taking after her uncle.
I could cry.
Jasper Thompson 02/23/19 Gray
If you try anything with my sister, I'll cut you.
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 -huffs-
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Uncle Gray
Invitation not necessary.
You're taking care of my baby sister, Uncle Gray.
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 My greatest achievement to date, surely.
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Uncle Gray
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 That’s... alright.
Maybe next time.
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Gray
God, I know.
I'm sorry.
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Gray
She's five.
Claire Thompson 02/22/19’re welcome.
I will remember that.
All of it.
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Gray
I'd sage tf outta you.
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 Then what’s your favorite drink.
I’d like to thank you, for your help and patience.
Is anyone old enough to drink? I’ve seen what it does to people, if that’s what you’re asking.
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Gray
Oh, my sweet, summer child...
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 Quite...
Speaking of, what’s your favorite kind of alcohol?
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Gray
Please don't die though...
Something tells me she took a lot after our mother.
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 Don’t patronize me just because you’re drunk.
We both know who won that battle of wits.
Call me The Godfather, or whatever.
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 Gray
Is this because you made an offer someone couldn't refuse?
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 And will always remain so, it seems...
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 Is this a reference?
You should know, I don’t understand most of those.
Claire Thompson 02/22/19 I’m... not going to do that.
Jasper Thompson 02/17/19 Gray
See you soon.
Jasper Thompson 02/17/19 Gray
Can I come there?
Probably can’t do public right now.
Jasper Thompson 02/17/19 Gray
Are you free tonight?

Can you be?
Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray

Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
Not a fan of blondes?
Is it because they have more fun?
And you hate fun? 😮
Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
You won't catch me arguing that.
I'm about as delicate as a rhino.
You're into ginge? Huh. The more you know.
Is there a reason for your question?
Or are you about to send a redheaded stripper to my room?
Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
Says the pot as he calls the kettle black.

Victor Lockheed 01/29/19 Gray
They all look the same on the inside.
But, I'll admit, I've always had a thing for the color red.
Jasper Thompson 01/27/19 Pride and vulnerability are a hell of a pairing.

He wants to tell Gray everything, just as he’d always done. He is desperate, and terribly cynical about this ordeal. The idea of facing his father after years and years, knowing what it would mean and what it would cause... It leaves a sickened feeling in his stomach. But what choice does he have?

And what can Gray do?

He smiles at the message, nonetheless. Jasper knows it isn’t for the man to put aside his pride; his own is remarkably heavy as well.

Thank you.
I’ll see you soon.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Leaving soon for Siberia
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
I don’t need you here to gloat.
But thanks, all the same.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Where, then?
You know where I’m at?
You have a tracker on me?
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
No, you won’t.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Read 2:22pm
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Close, thanks.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
God, it’s so easy to talk to you.
You make me want to keep you in the loop and be honest, always.
I don’t know, Gray, I don’t spend my time thinking about him.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
I am being clear, you know, I could just lie to you in the future.
She goes through these spurts where she doesn’t remember who I am, or she thinks she’s back with Victor.
I don’t know anymore than that.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Nothing. It was a lapse in consciousness.
I’m going to need more than that.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
I’m not deflecting, this is a give and take conversation.
How are you?
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 Gray
Well, she tried to kill me once already, but I’m sure that’s normal.
How’s the single life?
Zaynah Mubarak 01/23/19 "Gray, if I may say.." The words hang from her lips for the briefest of seconds. How does she express what she thinks of a man she hardly knows without insulting him. It is admirable, the way Gray concerns himself with the welfare of those he has never met, in a country he does not call home. But she imagines it is because of his experiences under the rule of a madman so long ago that he finds himself.. obligated?.. to worry. "It is fine to free yourself of your burdens for a day. What is one day in a vast sea of many you will live?"

A quiet laugh escapes the Djinn, to hopefully lighten the conversation, to show she does have a sense of humour. It is a dry one but it exists. Maybe she and Gray are more akin than she realised previously. Except Zaynah feels the male might actually be kinder than she herself ever was. For all the silliness in the past, the friendships forged, there is still a darkness to her. But that is Fate, is it not? Zaynah's job was never a nice one.

"You are most welcome." Mercurial orbs gaze at Gray's open hand, the coin that rests there and she leans over to inspect it closer. It was a time of much growth and much change. A time that inspired many empires that came aft. A time when she was adored. A warm smile pulls again at cupid's bow. "I am certain. I do not think I could ever tire of you. Polite, handsome.. what is not to love?"
Zaynah Mubarak 01/14/19 "I am not speaking of any other country. They do not interest me." Rapt attention is fixated on Gray at the moment. His 'history' and how it heavies his 'soul'. "I am referring to you.."

Mercurial eyes never leave the male's strong gaze; even as his fingers brush over hers to enclose around the coin. Had he realised the coins of her top were all different? Probably not. He should realise, however, that this is an exchange that has never occured in all her years; to give another a coin from a 'time' in her history.. that may be relevent to him, his people. A single Signos bears a lion and bull, the fundamental forces of life and death in their terrible struggle, from the Achaemenid Empire, during Cyrus the Great's rule.

"It has nothing to do with buying my way into your head.." She croons, "It is simply a way for you to contact me if you should require my assistance. A token to busy your hand if your mind becomes too much of a burden. Whatever it can be for you, that is what it is."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/12/19 A soft smile touches bowed lips as he inspects the garment, it's tight weave of silver that the coins dangle from. It is not only for decoration, it serves a purpose. It protects much like armour does. Chainmail if you would. "Is it though?"

She is not trying to stir painful memories, she is sure that they are heavy upon his mind. And to be so youthful in appearance, the Djinn knows he has lived with this for decades, so many decades. But in that pain, he can find retribution. Vengeance. And maybe she can assist. If only he asked, the Unnamed would answer.

"I walk shadowscapes when I can find a way in.." Alabaster hand reaches for the garment as it is given but she does not slip back into it. Instead, she pulls a single coin from bralette and hands it to Gray. "Dreamscapes.. when they sleep. There is so much to learn from the mind and dreams of people. Hopes and fears.. their own truths."
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Jasper chews the inside of cheek, waiting and listening as Gray makes his stance on the matter known quite readily. He starts to speak, but seemingly thinks better of it, and stormy eyes trail out the window in the wake of the silence.

Are you happy?

He doesn’t answer right away.

Jasper is happier than he’s ever been, but what a thing to say to someone who made him inexplicably content in his own right. And still, Jasper had left him. They are better off as friends, rather, they would be, but he’s none too keen on making that harder to achieve. He brings his gaze back to Gray’s, searching for any kind of clue to what would make this the easiest. The man cares, and for that, Jasper is grateful. There’s just no way to soothe his concerns when it comes to Mackenzie.

Finally, he nods. “Of course I am.”
Jasper Thompson 01/05/19 “It’s not been...” he begins defensively, but stops himself, taking a deep breath. This is hard, and he has no right to get up in arms over Gray’s incredulity. “It’s been a long time, actually,” he amends quietly, stormy eyes soft as they watch the man next to him with a careful stare of his own. There’s nothing he wants more than Gray’s approval, not for the sake of the marriage, but for the sake of their friendship. He doesn’t want this to be hard anymore, but he also understands it’s not for him to just demand.

“Just tell me you don’t hate me.”
Jasper Thompson 01/05/19 Jasper grins with amusement, knowing just how deeply that rage goes. Lazily, they stroll through the airport and out to the waiting car, where he shrugs as he slides into a seat. “As well as it can be. I’ve been getting around a bit too much.” An appreciative smile is offered, nostalgia evident in the expression. Gray has always gotten him out of trouble, and it seems he always would. “If it’s not too much trouble.”

Now comes the hard part.

He’d been wrestling with telling him, and what good it would do. Could it come off as sincere and just wanting to be honest, or would it just seem like he was rubbing Gray’s face in it. Even now, he’s not sure. But thinking about it too much makes him question it too much, and his gut is telling him this is the right call. So, taking a deep breath, he wings it.

“I’m getting married. This weekend.”
Jasper Thompson 01/05/19 Jasper smirks at Gray’s whispered reverie, looking past him to the one that could only ever be his seat buddy. A friendly wave garners his attention, and Jasper calls out, probably much too loudly, “Thanks for keeping him company, Big C, I hope you enjoy your time in New York!” He receives an enthusiastic wave in return, and Jasper returns his sights to Gray with a look of mingled appreciation and amusement. “Why did you fly economy, then? Don’t tell me you’ve lost your small fortune.” He gasps. “Don’t tell me... the cheap Chinese... flying with the peasants... You’re destitute, aren’t you?”
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 And there it is.

The proverbial olive branch.

Unable to keep it from forming, a dazzling smile splits his features. The pack slips from his shoulder to land on the floor, forgotten. “Get your best booze ready. We’re killin’ some f-ckin’ Nazis.”
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 Both eyebrows raise as Gray spins his tale about one of their members. “Like out of I Dream of Jeannie.” He chuckles lowly, if not a bit awkwardly. He’s about to ask if it was anything like the show, but before he can open his mouth, the man presses onward. Always a point to make with this one...

Automatically, his grip tenses on the strap over his shoulder, but he shrugs off his apology. “You’re allowed your opinions, and I’m not upset.” With the last declaration, he sets his own storms on him, even as they narrow ever so slightly.

Shaking that off, too, he moves toward the door, still intent upon his decision. “I didn’t mean to take you away from one of your associates. I’ve already booked a room for the weekend. If you’re feeling up to it, maybe we can get a drink.” The lightness in his tone feigns his indifference, but the invitation would always be extended. Far be it from him to assume that he could shift such an immovable force such as Gray Taylor; but God, if he wouldn’t always try.
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 It had been a bad idea to come here.

Selfishly, Jasper had hoped for a friendly face and a moment - just a moment - to forget everything that plagues his usually carefree mind. Fate had taken him to London, but choice had brought him to this apartment. Looking around at all the affects of his past here, he realizes this wasn’t the move.

Gray doesn’t deserve this, invitation or not.

Pack still slung over his shoulder, he remains frozen in the middle of the living room, hating to leave, but undeserving of staying. Too late, he makes the decision to go. Too late, because Gray has already arrived.

“Hey,” he breathes, shame-faced, “I was actually, uh... just leaving...”
Jameson Orlav 12/02/18 Jameson wasted no time tearing into the letter. He hadn't been sure at first what contents it contained, but it looked official and so his interest flourished. It was from Spring. It had been a decent amount of time since she had passed and sufficed to say he wasn't anticipating being part of any last will and testament. Regardless, he always knew he held a special place in her heart. Even if it was a very small, very black little place. He would never enjoy hating someone the same way he did with her.

Alas, an abundant supply of douches weren't something he would ever have to contend with. Jameson had no intention of making arrangements to pick them up or have them delivered. He felt for Gray in the moment, having to execute the estate of Spring Taylor (and no doubt deal with a sh-t ton of backlash). He wouldn't go out of his way to make it any harder. The vampire grabbed his phone and began to type away a text that he'd send to Mr. Taylor right away. Despite everything the lot of them had been through, Gray had never earned anything other than respect from the coven leader.

G. Taylor
So thoughtful, that Spring. I'm touched that she'd
leave me anything at all. I don't want to put you
in a tough spot, but I'm not going to collect, sorry.
I could think of a few better uses for them.

G. Taylor
One of thm being to distribute them among her
ridiculous excuse of a bloodline. I hope you've managed
to avoid the embarrassing parade of pseudo anguish.
Perhaps a supply of extra strength douches could cover
up the overwhelming smell of bull- ****.

You know what they say. You can choose your family.
Spring Taylor chose hers. And she chose well.
Summer 12/01/18 Nearly two full months after her sister had died, she received the FedEx envelope from what was clearly that wretched demon. Summer despised that man quite intensely. It didn’t surprise her in the least that he’d taken his sweet time acting as executor for Spring’s estate. Why not? It was his world, the rest of us were just living in it. Until he drove a person to death, as he did with her sister. With a smirk, she tore open the second envelope contained inside, thinking that if she found herself entranced by a low-level demon such as he, she’d have welcomed sweet death as well.
Her smirk fell as she read the misguided last words of her youngest sister. Nothing had changed. The blame was placed elsewhere, even where no blame needed to be given. Spring was so young in every aspect. And now she was stuck with the damned sapling. What the f-ck was she going to do with it? Grabbing a burner phone from her chest of drawers, she sent a text to the number within. What would be the first and last time she’d ever communicate with the piteous man, she sent a very abbreviated text.

Unlisted Number
Send the sapling to the Azhi Dahaka compound in Syndey. Exact address follows.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Jasper is dumbstruck, staring at the phone. The man couldn’t even deny it, and he can’t process what to say in response. Should he list everything off, noting how cold he’d been, and how careless? Is this just a tactic to push him away? That’s probably more accurate, and he’s left feeling torn.

Forget it, Gray.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Don’t ignore me. Why are you doing this?

You want to break up.

You just don’t want to do it because you’re afraid I’ll off myself.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
Did you have to cheat on me? You could’ve just told me you wanted to f-ck my mom.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
If you’d rather go after a lost cause, go right ahead.
I’m not sticking around to dry your tears though.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
I’m more mad that she’d lower her standards, I think...
What a weird feeling.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
I swear, I’ll light you on fire if you f-ck my mom.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
You know she still pines after my dad, right?
But do you, booboo.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Gray
The password is Graysuxd1ck, no spaces.
Love you.
Jasper Thompson 10/25/18 A sharp downward spike of his lips tells of his dissatisfaction, but Gray would never be able to tell through physical cues. So, with a wicked smirk, he types his reply.

I’ll be the judge of that.
Jasper Thompson 10/24/18 Jasper would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt how easy it was for Gray to go off for days without a word. It’s because of that, perhaps, that his messages are a bit colder than normal. He’s just a little raw, that doesn’t mean he can’t feel guilty.

I love you, too. Safe travels, I’ll see you when you get here.
Jasper Thompson 10/13/18 It’s been days.

I can’t be this for you.

It replays constantly in his head, and blatantly, Gray agrees. It’s the only explanation as to why he’s not reached out. His lips pull into a scowl and, grabbing up his phone, he considers typing out a message filled with all of his angst and upset. But he hesitates.

Scrolling through, he rereads older text messages, his expression melting into a small, sad smile at their antics. It had been so easy, and then, it wasn’t. He wishes they could just go back.

The screen is pulled down suddenly, and his eyebrows cinch. Gray is typing. Breathless, he waits.

But it never comes.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 The flight was agonizing, and Jasper spent the entire time practically bouncing off the walls. Impatient didn’t begin to describe it; he just needed to be with Gray, and the airplane wasn’t going fast enough. Thus, when the plane finally did land, he was out of airport in record time.
An admittedly short time was spent in Death, but it had been so significant that walking the halls doesn’t make him feel like a stranger. A beeline is made for the lab, don’t ask him why, it just feels magnetic in its pull. He doesn’t announce his arrival, he just walks right in, needing to get to the bottom of this emergency now.

He freezes.

The scene before him is morbid. Jasper doesn’t have to know what happened to know that’s Spring’s limp body is devoid of life, and Gray is merely holding her. A lot of questions pop into his mind, but somehow, none of them seem appropriate in their timing. So he settles on the vague.

“Christ, Gray, what the f-ck is going on?”
Jasper Thompson 09/23/18 A package had shown up at Gray’s apartment, but he hadn’t made it back from Moscow before Jasper could get his hands on it. He sets it on the counter, nose wrinkling at the distinct scent of stale perfume and sugary confectionaries. It’s adorned with a certain scribe, and the man’s stormy eyes narrow.

Packaging disassembled, he takes in the one word note before idly flinging it into the waste bin. He plucks up one of the cookies, takes a bite, and promptly spits that in the trash as well. Much too sweet; he’ll never understand people’s obsession with sugar these days, as his tastes lean more toward the umami sense.

Without another thought, the entire ordeal is deposited in the bin, and for a moment, Jasper hesitates; to take out the trash, or leave the message...

He opts for the latter.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 “You don’t leave me much room to.” His statement is punctuated by a yawn, and as Gray vacates the bed, he rolls over onto his side and buries his face into his pillow for a nap.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Another hum follows the kiss. “Yeah, yeah, love you too...”
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 The man smirks. “Our relationship has been nothing if not the unexpected.” A kiss is placed on Gray’s cheek. “Everything always changes.”
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Eyes shut, he smiles when he feels Gray’s proximity, letting out a hum of contentment. He expects what the man is going to say, so he nods his affirmation. “Take as long as you need. I’ll be here when you get back. Specifically right here.” One eye will open, and Jasper appraises him. “Let me know if anything changes, alright?”
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Jasper looks up when he hears the door, meeting Gray’s steel-filled gaze easily. He smiles just before being pulled into the apartment, returning the embrace with a quip of his own. “Yes, but I’m yours, remember?”
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
I know you hear me knocking.
I can make a scene, if you’d prefer.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Oh, stop pouting, I’m in the building.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Aww, poor baby.
I’ll leave you to your sleep then.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Somehow, I think making you wait works more in my favor.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
You’re so f-cking filthy, I love it.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
Fine. Be there soon.
You better make it worth my while, and this ever growing stack of sh-t.
Jasper Thompson 09/20/18 Gray
I’m doing paperwork.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
Great, well now that we have the obvious out of the way, let me be abundantly clear.
You are a f-cking ******* that really f-cking hurt me.
And I’m going to help Mack run SM because it’s my home.
But so are you. So. Stop being a d-ck.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
And you realize you haven’t said a single word to me at all?
I never said when I was leaving, Gray.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
Between what? You lying to me and...? What, exactly?
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Gray
You know, the least you could do is acknowledge my feelings.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 His shoulders sag infinitesimally before his spine straightens and a hard look takes up residency. This is not his mistake to fix, he reminds himself, and he’d be damned if he would be made to follow after Gray like a lost puppy.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Jasper turns, considering the man’s retreating form. He’d wanted some sort of satisfaction, some minuscule win, and instead he receives something closer to guilt. “So that’s it, then?” he’ll call after him softly. But he won’t follow; his pride is too great for that, especially after the damaging blow it took by Gray’s hand.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 He cants his head to the side before feigning a dawning look of comprehension. “Oh, that.” Fixing Gray with a hard stare, jaw locked, he merely shrugs. “Mack and I are going home. Spring already booted us out of Death.”
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 “Hmm?” There’s an undeniable enjoyment in this process, simply because Jasper still holds a hard grudge. “Dont worry, I’ll pay you back.”
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 “Perfect, I’ll just put this in my going home fund. Looks like patience really does pay off. Except when it doesn’t.”

You were successful in stealing $492.00 from Gray Taylor!
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
You make my skin crawl.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
About what?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Your priorities are quite admirable.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 9:32pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
You seem quite sure.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
The night is still young.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Don’t objectify me.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Boring? I can go back to hating you if you prefer.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Yes. I’m too tired.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
I f-cking hate you.

And f-cking miss you.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Oh good, you’re lovely sense of humor is back.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Believe me, you are not the one I’m taking it out on.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Well, how f-cking noble of you.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
There’s nothing I’d love more than to f-ck right off, Gray, but per your orders, I’m f-cking stranded here. And no, I don’t want you to f-cking come back, this isn’t about you coming back, because I still won’t want to f-cking be here.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Oh, good, because you can go f-ck yourself.
F-cking abandon my ass here, then tell me, a grown ass man, that I can’t f-cking leave. You’ll be damn f-cking lucky if I don’t up and leave after burning this house down.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
F-ck off, Gray.
I’m absolutely not f-cking done and I won’t be until I’m out of this f-cking state.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 3:39pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Don’t worry, your majesty, your wish is my command.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 3:27pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Read 3:20pm
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Why, why are you doing this? You were fine with it before. Is this just part of the gimmick, that we constantly be on opposing sides of the issue?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Which sounds like a perfect reason to gtfo to me.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
And now I’m not.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Tell me why that matters now. You were more than ready for me to abandon ship before.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Okay, see you in Moscow.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 He smirks.

See you soon then.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
You can either respond so I know you’re alright or I’ll be on the next flight out.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Stop it, you know I’m kidding.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Don’t make me choose...
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Aw, I love her. Does she have to die?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Maybe that’s who she’s referring to when she talks about her children.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Using fake children to garner pity?
How absolutely devilish.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Great! That’s settled then.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
I’m not sure there can be much more implication.
Maybe I’m just confident in my innocence.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
I’m glad you brought that up.
You know, I could just board a plane.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Well aren’t we a fun pair.
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Don’t apologize. It’s what needs to be done.
How’s London?
Jasper Thompson 09/05/18 Gray
Do I have to answer that?
Victor Lockheed 09/03/18 Gray
Hate is a strong word.
But, it depends.
Do you intend to break any of my windows at some point?
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
As long as we’re clear.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
I hope you’re not setting unrealistic expectations for when we don’t have a houseguest that you passive-aggressively despise.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
It means I know you did it on purpose.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Of course you don’t.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
And you did not.
Got that earful first thing in the morning.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
What part of me makes it seem like I can contain myself in any capacity?
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
F-cking feisty. Can’t wait.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Oh this is just business?
Good to know.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Whatever you say.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
That’s not a type, Gray.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Oh really? What’s your type, then?
And acting like what? What are you talking about?
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
You have a type now?

No, Gray, I do not.
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Do you have a crush on her??
Jasper Thompson 09/03/18 Gray
Nice try. I leave a path of destruction in my wake, and I’m fairly certain you don’t hate me.
There can be more than one reason, you know.
Jasper Thompson 09/02/18 Gray
Listen. We’re emotionally driven people. Whoever produces strong emotions is very appealing. Why do you think I’m with you?
She just hasn’t found the right one yet.
For someone who dislikes her so strongly, you sure tend to focus in on her personal life. 😏
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18 Gray
Absolutely. I took a dance class from Mikhail Baryshnikov back in the day. Sadly, I have weak ankles, so it didn’t take. I’ve always loved ballet.
...should I not come to dinner with her parents?


Are you sleeping with our secretary?
Jasper Thompson 08/24/18
Jasper Thompson 08/22/18 Jasper is still getting used to his new home, having only been a part of it a few days. One thing he knows very well by now, however, is the living quarters. Only he and the resident brooder really seem to be around on a regular basis, so it gets pretty quiet.

Fitting for a place called Death.

On the handle of the only other constantly-occupied door, he will hang a bag, fresh from the dry cleaners. It’s a finely pressed suit, pristine and elegant, and he felt it a favor he owed him, for showing him around.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 Jasper narrows his eyes, but it’s a gesture of amusement. A challenge, this one, and a very good one. “I suppose you could say that, yes. I can be very influential... and very persuasive.”

Not one to mince words - or emotions - he admits (to himself, of course) that this particular being is very alluring, which makes him all the more fascinating. The need to proceed with caution and observation has never been more prevalent.

He clicks his tongue, as his lips press into a thin line. Folding his hands behind his back, his head cants to the side in a show of disappointment. “Now, Gray, even someone as pretty as you doesn’t get that information for free. I believe someone once told me, what was it... Ah, yes, patience.

Again, he smirks, clearly pleased.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 Feisty.

And he wears his heart on his sleeve.

A laugh lights up his face as he shakes his head in disbelief. “She was not kidding about you. Missing someone like me can make you change your alliance, but I’ll tell you what, I’ll make sure to keep her in line this time around.” He gestures in a show of offering, as if that would be enough to smooth things over with them.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 He grins in response, nodding his acknowledgment. “And you’re very perceptive.”

What comes to mind next are a series of wildly inappropriate and devilishly snarky quips, but he bites his tongue on them and settles for the truth. Partly because he wants to see for himself how deep the hatred for his friend runs. But only partly. “Actually, she seemed to think me trustworthy enough when she found out I’m an old friend of Mackenzie’s.”
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 Mackenzie had been right; very brooding, indeed.

“Jasper Thompson,” he responds, body bending into an exaggerated bow as he speaks. When he straightens, it is with an air of completely propriety. “It is, I can assure you, an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance.” His own stormy gaze easily meets the slate of this man’s stare, and the corner of his mouth twitches upward into a smirk.

This will be fun for him.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 “Bless my damned soul, is that you, pretty boy?” Jasper doesn’t even bother hiding his amusement. Then, it dawns on him, and he steals a very thorough up-and-down. “Don’t f-cking tell me... you’re Gray, the closet Jew I’ve heard so much about?”
Jasper Thompson 08/03/18 “Yeah, yeah, young grasshopper, all that...”

He’s not disgruntled.

Jasper Thompson 08/03/18 Acute observation, Mr. Taylor, it is indeed a f-cking rat tail.

“I’m more of an instant gratification type person. But I’ll admit, the pay off can be worth it.” One corner of his mouth flickers with the hint of a smile, but he waves his hand in something similar to a salute as he turns to go. “Until next time, pretty boy. I hope these little lessons continue.”
Jasper Thompson 08/03/18 “Moving too fast?” Jasper ponders a moment, his own storm-filled gaze flashing. “Sound advice, but I’d like to counter it.”

He moves in close once more, flicking the pocket lint into his face. “You move entirely too slow, pretty boy.”
Saito Eiji 03/10/18 Normally the impolite way that western foot traffic flowed wouldn't trouble Eiji, but the pr!ck that just checked his shoulder and glared at him lit his fuse. The past few weeks of his life had been a trial, and he was filled to the brim with a smouldering wrath that was suddenly choking him, asphyxiating his reason.

With a sudden spring in his step, he would sink his fingers into the collar of the offender's suit and attempt to jerk him back as forcibly as he could muster, snapping his own head forward to meet the hardest part of his skull with this sh!thead's brainpan.
Victor Lockheed 02/11/18 Gray
It's cool that you're back and everything, but I should probably tell you that I'm involved with someone right now.
So, you know. Don't get your hopes up.
Welcome back.
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