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Sabina Fairchild
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Born: July 06, 2014 Forum Topics Started: 0
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"Got dirt?”
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Sabina Fairchild's Biography

Life of a Slayer is what Mumsy and Pops did not want for their precious little girl. They would flip if they knew that she was with a military organization made up of various countries. So, the hell with them. She’d leans back within her chair holding a crystal within her grasp with two fingers of whiskey within it. Her gaze moved towards the open window as the cool autumn breeze brushed over her face.

Memories come crashing through the silence like a summer rain storm. Soon, it will be dark. Time to hunt the undead. Lifting the glass to her lips savoring the amber liquid once again before speaking up. It was time to go hunting. Sabina found her mental conversations to herself very amusing. Way too amusing at times. Quickly she finished off the whiskey while standing up.

A quick glance around the room while sitting the glass down upon the nightstand. “Well its time to go.” Her hand moved to the leather jacket on the back of the chair, then slipped it on while walking out the door.

~Back to the beginning ~

Sabina was born to Lord William & Dr. Emilia Fairchild. She lacked nothing while growing up as the only child. Her mother was a brilliant archaeologist who spent most of her time traveling to digs. While William staying back in Kingston, England with their beloved daughter. But, when Sabina was old enough, Emilia would bring Sabina along to her latest digs, especially within the deserts of Egypt.

She would keep to herself as she continued her education. Her parents believed she was a child prodigy by receiving her Doctorates from Cambridge and Oxford in Ancient Civilizations, Languages, Chemistry and Biochemistry.

"The Bio is a work in progress, so be patient please.”

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Dr Van Helsing

Briahne Christiann

Templar Knight

Dexter Gein



Kiernan Tigra

River Song

Regginea MacFowlen

AJaye Michaels

Last five threads posted in:
Malek 01/19/19 Malek simply stares at the woman, eyes narrowing slightly. She is trying to start a conversation. Should he try to talk back? One of those "social niceties" some shrink or another might have told him back at some point in history. Maybe. Quietly, the man stares on, taking another swig from the newly acquired bottle of whiskey, so similar yet so different than the twelve or so that sit empty and lidless on the table near him.

The Beast threatens mutiny, scrambling for a chink in the wall of red rage and will that keeps it at bay.

Malek taps a non-filtered cigarette out of a crumpled, worn pack and slides it between his ripped lips. A wooden match crackles merrily over a rough thumbnail, sending curls of sulfur smoke into the air before adding to it the smell of Turkish tobacco from the tip of his cancer stick.

Dead things? Wrapped up? Like body bags? He shrugs it off and waits. What is the ulterior motive? There is always one... nothing comes for free.
Malek 01/19/19 Malek's head cants slowly as the woman approaches him with a basket of... goodies? Yes, goodies. He regards her with calm eyes that reflect the light with a luminescent glow of yellow-green from darkness to light. He reaches up idly and scratches his chest through his wife-beater, the rasp of fabric on skin the only sound that permeates the silence following her little welcoming speech. Finally, he regards the offering with a more critical eye.

Whiskey? Check.
Tobacco? Check.

The Beast gives a ferocious growl, demanding the death of the stranger. Malek suppresses his feral instincts beneath a wall of willpower and anger. The Beast screams a bestial bellow of base aggression.

"'t'll do," Malek mumbles and reaches out to grab a random bottle. Jim Beam. Not a horrible choice as Dirt Whiskey goes. "Jus' set't n'wheah," Malek says, gesturing to the interior of his room. Spartan. Bare. A bed. A television. A wooden chair at a table. A few sets of dirty clothes on the floor in a corner. Definitely not a "lived in" sort of place. Malek cracks the bottle and takes a long, gulping pull. With that, he drops into his chair, somehow making it look like a luxuriant sprawl despite the hard surface.

She can stay or leave, it is quite obvious that he doesn't care one way or another.
Genesis 10/29/18 ~looks to the bottle and grins wickedly~ "Why Sabina, you know I cant so no to such a thing. Lets sit and talk, tell me all about your latest project!" ~pulls them out some chairs in rec room of the Azhi halls.~
Genesis 10/29/18 Sabina! Its good to see another friendly face roaming around. I know the two of us took extended leave of absenses for one reason or another. How was your latest dig?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/22/16 Thank you!
Castiel 02/17/16 Thank you.
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #324: John Doe is the life of the party that he never even went to.
Addison 01/01/16
~Leaves a picnic basket full of single serving sizes of creole crawfish, gumbo, collard greens with ham, black eyed peas, fried corn bread and peach cobbler. The note attached states:~
'A holiday meal tradition from my home city of New Orleans. We southerners believe a meal including black eyed peas and collard greens are for good fortune for the New Year. Hope you enjoy! Addison'P.S. There's also some of my special moonshine. Nothing is complete without moonshine.

Genesis 12/21/15
"Congrats on ranking. Keep on working hard!"
Addison 12/21/15 "Look at that spiffy new rank...looks good on ya, girl!! Congrats!"
Addison 12/01/15 "I'll take a pass on the tequila...I have some meddling to do this evening and need a clear head. Well, as clear as it gets..." Gives a good bark of laughter before leaning in close to the new crewmate. "Dont let Genesis get too liquored up. She either babble about her crush or blow something of importance up." Gives a sage nod of wisdom.
Genesis 12/01/15 ~accepts the bottle from Sabina before Addison could touch it.~

"I'll have my fill before the weirdo, thanks."

~takes a good hard pull off the tequila and wipes her mouth on the back of her hand.~
"Too bad Dexter isnt here now to enjoy this with us."
Genesis 11/30/15 "I'm always up for having a drink." She said, offering another small smile. She wasnt the over friendly sort, but good first impressions were important. "I hope you like it with us. A right fun bunch of peeps we have here, except Addison. Total weirdo." Snickers a bit. "Lets take that bottle and give your first day here a proper kick-off."
Addison 11/30/15 "FRESH MEAT!!!"

"eermm...I mean, welcome. Wanna go through Genesis' stuff? She has things that explode. OH! And Sprew smells funny, but some people like that sorta thing..."

Babbles on incoherently, grinning ear to ear with an occasional maniacal chuckle.
Genesis 11/30/15 "Welcome to Azhi. Stay out of my room." ~smiles and hands the newcomer a bottle of her best tequila~
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