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Created by Aubry Moon
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 If that's the case I will find him a cozy cave."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "Hah! Just send him to my cabin it is getting cold now. Don't they hibernate in the winter?"
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "Only cause you put him there!"
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "Pffttt...yeah right! I haven't been that lucky yet."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "And with that..*a grin grew* We sis will have fun with our family pack."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "And here I thought that all the years in that damn all boys school was to groom me for that spot." Chuckles
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "Sis always wanted to be Alpha. I am sure I can make it work" Grins
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "They 'had' that was the key word. He was killed in a bar brawl at the Pub. If ya can't hold your booze don't drink."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "Ehh..Only problem is no with Axel gone Grace is the only one who could help unite both packs."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "Well then I said I would work it out with Grace. but I did enjoy my freedom."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "You want it? After all you are married now. He may not be pure or wolf but.. They can't challenge a lick of nothing. I would just settle the marriage with Grace for both packs. But she is free to do as she wish. She is in love with someone else."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 Chuckles "I don't want It honestly. Not unless I have all family by me."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "Take the freedom. I honestly could careless what the snots of the pack wants. If they want to challenge me for run of the pack *gives a snort* Then they could try. But I learned more then just numbers being away.
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 "It's all good little sis. I got it handle. You finally seem to have what you want. And I won't let anyone take that from you."
Arik Daniels 09/01/19 Follows to the cabin "You know we will have to eventually give face to the packs."
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 "Is the bear still on your couch?"
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 "Pfftt.." Not exactly what I wanted. It was more like what the old man wanted. ut I learned a few things being there." He gave her a grin "Where can we get a drink?"
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 "No sis! I was just saying I messed up and someone taught you what I couldn't.. Standing your ground is the way your suppose to do it."
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 "He taught you what I couldn't. And he did it to well it seems."
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 "Ouch! Remind me again who wears the pants?"
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 "I was meaning from getting hit with another dead fish!
Hangs an arm over her shoulder and and kisses her head.
"You know I don't do the side thing but always got your back."
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 Scratches his neck giving a chuckle. Yeah she was pissed for sure if she hit her husband with a dead fish.

"Well little sis.. If that is the case I will help save his a$$ till you cool off."
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 He gave a chuckle "Awe sis only got her this morning. Was heading to find you but heard noises coming from your cabin. And made an exit to the left."
Arik Daniels 08/29/19 Glancing at his sister and the tone in her voice well..let's just say he remembered it all to well. She was pissed. "Hey sis! Um..What are you talking about?"
Jayden B Moon 08/28/19 "I had to see Adria before so I could get back home and well. Never mind the rest. Bar or couch? " Ouch he was in trouble. A slight grin appears and he nods. "Well the couch is better then the bar stool." It was simple he was coming home. Grin turns cheeky. "But you knows you loves me. And I love you to." He winks looking at her from under that mess of hair. "Whats da chance of a shower... would that be pushing it?"
Jayden B Moon 08/28/19 How long had he been back? Damn good question. Scratchs head and trys to remember counting in his head. Shyte coming back and getting drunk in the den probably wasn't the best of ideas. Eyes widen as the incoming fish came his way and being still half in the bag himself, reflexes suck, that can be counted on. Try to dodge and yeah well lets just say its a fail on his part. And that dead weapon of choice smacks him upside the head. "Dear God Bry!" He yelps trowing his hands up to cover himself in case more came at him.

"Maybe a couple days but not sure kinda got caught up in the den over there." He says still curled up slightly. "Could have been this morning though." He truly knew she was pi$$ed if she was tossing food at him.
Jayden B Moon 08/28/19 All he could do was stair at her before opening his mouth and yes nothing came out. Brown eyes softened as he gave out a extreme deep breath. He was in shyte and he knew it. "Bry...." Shyte what to say. Sorry really didnt matter to most. "Umm I goofed up. Fell asleep in the canoe and it went over the falls." He breaths out and looks back up at her from the ground. Then pushes his hair out of his face. "Sorry..."
Ronan Boru 08/24/19 You managed to break out Aubry Moon. Be free.
Greer Luin 08/18/19 Thank you.
Jayden B Moon 07/25/19 Being covered in kisses was a awesome way to be welcomed home. And even in a bear standard it was fully noted. God dammit that women is beautiful. And Now breathless from the kisses, she not only stole his breath but his heart as well. Brown orbs peer through the fallen hair back at her softly. "Congrats Bry, And I love you." 🐾
Arik Daniels 07/23/19 "Oh yeah well..I am sure going to the would be last choice." Laughs acting out the how it would go "Excuse me officer I am looking for a body that could have possibly been eaten by a bear maybe..!" His head shook while his lips curled into a laughter. "Guess body won't be available." Shrugs
Cadence LeBlanc 07/18/19 New place. New people. New, new, new.

Regardless, Cadence promised herself to make an effort. She had initiated the change, after all, and needed to face everything that came with it. Thus, when the small unfamiliar woman approached and welcomed her, she smiled.

"Thank you, and I hope so, too."
Arik Daniels 07/13/19 "Yeah! But sometimes the never for sure things work out better then the side ones. But one thing is certain I would need to go back with a body or..what is left of it anyway. That way Grace can run the pack and things can move on."
Arik Daniels 07/13/19 "Cmon Lil sis..! Don't let that run through your mind. At some point he might walk through those gates. And judging by the looks of this place with fish in hand."
Arik Daniels 07/13/19 "Well that is a shame. He is a bear probably hibernation in some cave somewhere." He chuckles following her to the cabin.
Arik Daniels 07/13/19 "Sounds good! And you are going to have to fill me in on this Jay guy." Hearing her sigh was never a good thing but he would try his brotherly duties as best he could to cheer her up.
Arik Daniels 07/13/19 Putting an arm around her shoulders with a lite chuckle he kissed her head "Finally lil sis you are growing up! That is alright with me. No need to worry about the home front I got that covered from her on out. Now is it possible for a man to get a drink around here?"
Arik Daniels 07/13/19 "Ah so a pack den with slayer and angels?!" Brow raised "Christ sis they had said your ran but this..this is a whole new level of running!"
Arik Daniels 07/13/19 He smirked and crossed his arms "So that was the sent I was picking up?! Huh..!" He gave a shrug "Well he got what was coming to him. If they should ask we never seen him. No what exactly is the Lycans Den? And just who stays here?"
Xaljorn 07/13/19 "Not a clue." Xirrin chuckles "I haven't put much effort into it sadly..."
Arik Daniels 07/10/19 "Lil sis tell me all. And..where the hell are we? Look I know the story about Axel and why you left. If he is dead then so be it! Why is he or how he got that way well..since you know and will tell me it won't pass me. Truth would be I would have done it myself."
Arik Daniels 07/04/19 His brows furrow as he gave her a curious look as she asked the question. "Only thing I know is that he went out and hasn't been back. Right now his sister is standing in his place. There old man is to sick to stand as alpha so Grace is till and if Axel returns." His response may not have been one she was looking for but it was all he knew.
Arik Daniels 07/03/19 He let's her go and crosses his arms a smirk on his lips as he watched chew her lip "Ok lil sis what's going on? You only look like that when you are hiding something."
Arik Daniels 07/02/19 He let her go just to see her face as he let out a chuckle "Well I am done with school and came to take over as the pack alpha.. I gave the old man a good run and beat him for it. I heard what his plans were and about Axel and wasn't standing for it! Soo..had to challenge him for rights of alpha..only down fall is to keep the peace between packs I have to marry Axel's sister."
Arik Daniels 06/21/19 He smiled "Yes lil sister it is me!" He took her into his harms and squeezed her. Happiness was beyond the word he would use to finally have his sister back.
Arik Daniels 06/21/19 It had been a few years since he last seen his sister but her sent was something he would never forget. turning hearing a slight squeak of the gate he turned to see the female in front of him. A grin rose on his face as she stood there peeking out. "Aubry!?" She had changed that was for sure. She was not the little sister that he last seen many moons ago.
Arik Daniels 06/19/19 He followed her sent to a mountain with a hidden but big enough gated sanctuary. With a shake of his head and slightly chuckled he proceeded to buzz a bell that was sitting there. Damn place looked deserted he paced back and forth waiting for someone to magically appear.
Arik Daniels 06/13/19 He kept heading where her sent was the strongest. Leading him out of the city he couldn't think of anything or any place she would want to go. His thoughts began filling with rage as the other sent made him think of her being taken.
Arik Daniels 06/12/19 He had been in the city for over a week. Searching for his sister as he took in the sites as well. Her sent was faint but was good to track. With backpack on his shoulders he took off where it was the strongest and headed in the direction. For what he could tell she wasn't alone."where are little sister? Where are you going?" His thoughts wondered as he followed the trail.
Jayden B Moon 06/09/19 Leaning in the door way of the cabin he watched her and then grins. "Soo I heard a rumor." Points towards video."So what do ya what me to do about it?" He clicks his tongue, then bites his inner cheek.

"Well I can shut 'em down, tell 'em all they're crazy I can do whatever you want me to do, baby Or you could lay one on me right now We could really give them something to talk about."
Aurora S 06/06/19 *shrugs* If you wish. They make water balloon fights a lot more fun! I shall leave you to get settled then *she gave another smile and headed off to her cabin*
Aurora S 06/06/19 "Sounds great! Enjoy your stay at the Den. Oh if you see any of the witch's or whatever in the main house they just neighbors from next door. They visit from time to time.
Aurora S 06/06/19 It's a pleasure to meet you Aubrey. I am sure you will get along great here! My cabin is up that way should you ever need anything. Just give me a knock or a shout whichever. *she chuckled*
Aurora S 06/06/19 Welcome to the Den! Your a fresh face around here. Happy to have you with us. *putting out a hand for a shake* Name is Aurora.
Arik Daniels 06/02/19 He had been in this place for about a week, Arik had searched a few places before landing in NY. It had been years since he had last seen his little sister he was both excited to finder as well as nervous. He had discovered a few things when he had went home. But the news he carried would change everything for both of them.
Jayden B Moon 05/28/19 Watching intently as she patted her self down and eye brow raised and he grins. "Yeah darlin, I think it does actually. Least from what I understand of werewolf statistics." He holds her bag out. "Um time to go, anywhere but here. To many people questions to be asked. Especially if someone actually noticed a 1100 lb bear wander through a hall here."
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Well she took that better then expected, so far. Biting his inner cheek he wasn't sure if he should say yes or not. But he closed a eye and nods. "Pretty much! Yeah, well I am pretty sure it was him. Alpha son of a alpha. Known within the werewolf nation as romp and dump Axel." He glances over his shoulder and picks up the bag at his feet. Picks up her bag as well and looks around, then back at her.
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 He stood there like a dummy for what felt like hours and then she surprised him with the do you want company question. He was just about to answer that when an eye brow went up over his left eye. And a smirk appeared. "Well um." He scratchs his head and thinks for a moment. "I, well okay um yeah I pumped the guy at the desk for your room number before, hunting letting the big guy out to hunt down a guy and left him as a present for you." Yeah that's it, tell her the truth. "Soo if your still willing I have my bag and I think it might be time to leave."
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 With a smile and a wink he kisses her nose softly."I still can if that's whats wanted, no strings attached. But your right we don't always get what we want. And I am not that guy that is gonna make you run, your doing enough of that on yur own." He looks into her eyes softly. "Like I said if you need me call, Bry." He wouldn't push it. It would be her choice and hers alone. He writes an address down and hands it to her. "Its old and dusty but mine. Cant call but are traveling that's where I am when I am in the states. Key is under the squirrel."
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Watching her go he turns to leave then stops and swiftly writes something down. He looks back over his shoulder and jogs back to her and grasps her arm to stop her a moment. He then places a deep hard kiss to her lips and then releases her slowly, shoving his number in her pocket. "Call any time, anyplace, I can be there within hours." Two fingers hold up her chin slightly and he places another soft kiss before. Moving out of her way.
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 And he was caught off guard. He touches her cheek softly and smiles while nodding. "Stay safe out there Aubry."
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Taking a bite of his bagel and chewing it down. He chuckles as he wipes his mouth. "Yeah well dawn always comes, and what better way to torment you then to actually show up with plan two." He says before washing down the bagel with some hot coffee. "Which is me showing up just for reference."
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Standing at the corner of the building as she climbed out her window, he makes a habit of gingerly clearing his throat and shoving out a fresh coffee towards her along with a bagel. "Leaving with out saying good bye is rude you know."
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Twirling his keys in his fingers idle like, He smirks and then laughs. Brown eyes dance and he bites his lip softly while scratching his beard with the hand holding the duffel. "Well then till we meet again, dawn you say?" He chuckles and heads for the elevator. GAME ON!
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Well ****, that girl told him. He sat there and watched her. Then stood up and smirked,while Brown eyes danced, and he breathed out. "So I guess kidnapping you is out then? Can I at least get your number." He grins. "Walk the walk, damn woman. I could have just tossed you over my shoulder and hit that high way on foot. But kinda figured it would be bit forward." He picks up his bag and stands there looking at her with his head tipped slightly.
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 He was very amused, she was a feisty one. And absolutly beautiful when she gets pissy. He grins then smirks. "You pretty much got it all other then the fact doping and drinking aren't cause of women in the least. There has been only two in my lifetime and both just couldn't handle my issues. And yes I have my big boy panties on. I do believe I said my issues. But pretty much for 80 yrs I have done a **** load of stuff I am very good at yet not proud of. For a normal human it would mean mental facilities. And many life sentences." He sits up and folds his arm on the table getting closer. "As for the problem of people in yur pants and regretting that darlin, well.... I could honestly say.... Haven't been there, so highly doubt I'll regret it." Grins then winks at her.
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 He grins and winks. "Darlin I am a hundred and forty years old." Waves empty ring finger. "See whats not there. Yeah cause of baggage darlin. They all say oh were just fine, then you wake up one morning and suitcases are gone along with the one owning them. So yeah I get the baggage thing. Puking over a toilet at 3am, from to much booze or slipping one to many oxys trying to wash out memories and pain of things you have done. Done that." Yeah probably enough to send her packing, most would by now.
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Two hands hold that coffee cup as she was telling him part of her story. And he was impressed, even for a wolf to live of berries and jerky. She actually had him intrigued in her from the moment he met her and that stupid map that he had actually memorized about twenty years ago. He nods lightly and then smiles. "So it seems we all have ghosts Aubry. Still would likely kidnap you though. Scars are lifes way of saying look I am alive Darlin."
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 An eye brow lifts as he scratches his beard and then chuckles."Don't scare you. Well I am glade of that. But that other side likely has his doubts. You see once upon a time a girl said you don't scare me. She found out she was a angel of a dead girl, seen me as my other half and lets just say. Prozac and ativan didn't help. Neither did mass amounts of herione and other illegal drugs. Needless to say she killed her self." He drinks his coffee some more and bites his lip. "But stealing you away to a life in the woods, were plaid is my friend and weapon of choice is an axe. And fresh salmon and beer are your friend can also be a nightmare for some." he wouldnt mention the countless night with out sleep holding his ponytail as he puked from his own problems.
Jayden B Moon 05/25/19 Biting his lip as he sat back and held his cup in one hand he smirks."Ya never really know. But its safe to say that I would likely have to take up traveling again just to get to bump into you." He drinks from the cup and peers over it. "Or I could kidnap you with your permission. But not sure if a lone wolf could handle a lone kodiak bear either."
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 He laughs softly."Darlin it you only knew. I know exactly how you feel there. My species is loners as well." He finds a seat and pulls out one for her before taking the one in front of her. "At least take me up on the scented thing it will help the hunted."
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 He smirks."Yeah, well under the right leader you can be untraceable Aubry. Some have that ability I have been off the records for years. My leader tagged me but its only as what I become. I at times blackout and need to be brought back in. That was my choice though. But others work under her totally untraceable. Masking means a trip to what most packs haven"t seen before. Its a hunting store, and simple hunting soaps that cover over scents."
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 "Med Black three sugar, and what ever she would like." He says to the waiting staff then looks to her and nods."Well not sure how long ya been out of pack life darlin. But this day in age being in a sanctuary or working in one helps." He takes his coffee and waits for her. "My kind doesn't have packs to contend with. Also masking your self can be done easy enough as well. Been doing that for years."
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 Walking towards the shop, he looks at her and chuckles. "So you know I am gonna ask. Who or what are you running from. And I am fully aware your not a mouse darlin." He says stepping inside the open concept coffee shop and waiting in the line.
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 He chuckles. "Okay Aubry, how about you make sure every exit between here and there is totally safe and I'll pick up some coffee. Cream... sugar... decafe?" Yes he was teasing her. "I promise your not gonna get kidnapped with me."
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 If he had been human, he would have likely thought she was nuts. But not he raised an eye brow then smirked. "Mighty mouse ya know that there is things that can fix both those problems right?" He chuckles then points at the inside coffee shop. "Want one?"
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 Creep, counter, eyes halfway between green and chartreuse green, Rambling. He grins and then nods glancing back at the desk and guy there. Then looks down at her while playing with the key in his hand still. "Well I doubt he'll be much of a problem for you. He is bound to get booted at some point." An eye brow lifts and he smiles. "You headed for the elevator? I am going up. By the way what bring ya to the big apple?" Small talk was the key to not rambling.
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 Cell phone in hand, key between his teeth as he looked for the elevator and grabbed his duffel. Brown eyes scanning over the lobby as she hit right smack dab into his chest. Brown orbs looking down at her as his eye brow lifts hearing her voice, A cheeky grin escapes.As he removes the key from his mouth. "I just keep running into you darlin. Part of that nasty habit you have, I suppose." He winks at her and then chuckles lightly.
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 Screw this he thinks. Addy likely isn't back yet anyway. An hour later and a elastic ties back the top half of his hair and he changes his shirt. Stepping inside that hotel head glances around and Brown orbs land on the desk. "Room for one, nearby a stairwell." An eye brow lifts when the man looks at him oddly. "Yeah I said stairwell, those things that have stairs, required by law as an escape route." Was the man that dense. Key slated as 204 slides across the counter and cash replaced it.
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 210 lbs of burly man with a main of dark hair and a mountain beard, walked thumb out along the highway headed home. Who would pick him up? No one, but the thumb was for looks. Meandering that last stretch of highway was his normal, normal. Soon enough he would be face down flopped across his bed, ****faced and drooling just like old times. Only thing to keep memories at bay it seemed. Adventures were for adventurous people, Beds, booze and naps for Jayden, just the bear essentials.
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 Giving her hand a soft shake, he nods. "I have a tendency of that my self. So I welcome that run in, should it ever happen. I'll let you be now and get to getting my arse home."
Jayden B Moon 05/24/19 Brown Orbs watched and sparkled slightly as she spoke, a free hand goes to push back his bangs from his face, voice soft. "Thank you mam, I'll do my best to get where I am going. Thank you again. Names Jayden, but Jay to most. Hope to see you around."
Jayden B Moon 05/23/19 He watchs her a moment before looking at where she is pointing and tracing. He bites his lip and then nods glancing at the street sign and back at the map. "Thank you mam. I think, I know where I am headed now."
Jayden B Moon 05/23/19 Watching her turn to walk away, he glances down at his map and back at her back."Hey, um." He points at the map. "Could you tell." Flips over map and turns it again. "Where the heck the road out to the interstate is?"
Jayden B Moon 05/23/19 Thank you kindly mam, I appreciate it
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