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Born: December 03, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: Arcadia Mail Replies Sent: 926
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 68
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Circe De Pont
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow

Gabriel De Angelo

Declan A Black

Taylor Black

Louis Middleton
Viral Undead


Lucifer Morning Star

Blood Maw

Last five threads posted in:
Circe De Pont 03/16/18 "Sounds good."
Circe De Pont 03/16/18 "I'm in Transylvania currently. Haven't really explored much since being here but there is a small diner by the airport."
Circe De Pont 03/16/18 "Meet for lunch and I will tell all."
Circe De Pont 03/16/18 "We need to catch up. "
Circe De Pont 03/16/18 "Soul. "
Circe De Pont 03/07/18 "Its fine. I understand."
Circe De Pont 03/07/18 "Soul!!!!."
Blood Maw 02/28/18 BM comes up and nudges her hand in his wolf form. "Hi."
Blood Maw 02/17/18 "I help you if I can. I know I am not same rank yet but I will help you."
Blood Maw 02/17/18 "Maybe I can help I am doing good myself. I seem to moving up the ranks rather quickly."
Blood Maw 02/17/18 He sits with her and nods. "Sometimes it can be hard but I just do as I was taught to do. We have a good leader and she is very wise."
Blood Maw 02/17/18 "How goes things with you." His voice a little broken in his wolf form. He looks around. "This place has changed from last I was here. I find Training is the same."
Blood Maw 02/16/18 Blood Maw pads his way around the Sanc's grounds wondering who he should talk to. He remembered this one wolf speaking to him and he decided to go to her. "Hello."
Blood Maw 02/09/18 The Wolf nods his head in Acknowledgement.
Circe De Pont 02/06/18 "Well thanks. You helped me get here."
Circe De Pont 02/06/18 "You, Sera, Mike. I uh got my wings."
Circe De Pont 02/06/18 "Boo!" She calls from behind her friend.
Declan A Black 02/02/18 Chuckling he nodded. "You're freaking adorable." He couldn't help but grin. "Let's get coffee sometime."
Circe De Pont 01/30/18 Meet me at Cas' shop. It's important.
Dane Lee Hendrickson 01/15/18 "That is definitely not ominous at all."
Dane Lee Hendrickson 01/15/18 A brow arched upwards in inquiry. "The pack, hm? And what pack might that be?"
Declan A Black 01/10/18 "Death is our b*tch." He grinned.
Declan A Black 01/09/18 With a bit of a bow he grinned. "Thank you... can't keep me dead for long!"
Sorin Nassir 01/08/18 "Thank you very much."
Matias Alvaro 01/05/18 The man's eyebrows furrowed at the woman's welcome. Did she assume he knew Spanish? He didn't remember ever speaking to her in the past so how could she know? His curiosity was peaked. "Now, how did you know I would understand that, hm?" His head tilted forward so he may peer at the woman over the top of his sunglasses.
Rupert Berk 01/05/18 Strokes his beard in contemplation. "I suppose you make a valid point. I'm too lazy to commit homicide, anyways. Too much cleanup afterwards."
Rupert Berk 01/05/18 The man's brow arched upwards at the woman's welcome. Did she not consider how dangerous he could have been? A snort escaped his nostrils. "Yeah. Thanks. You know you might not want to walk up to rando's like that. Luckily, I am not one of those unsavory types. You can never know, though."
Gabriel De Angelo 12/05/17 -Gabriel's stormy blue orbs glanced over the newcomer. He shrugged his shoulders as he kept his distance. He knew what she was and he was curious about Lycans since his brother Michael had married one. He wasn't in the market for a wife or even a female friend of sorts. "Welcome to the Realm belatedly of course and Poster Person of the Day. Congratulations on that aspect. I will watching your progress and if you require assistance. Find me and I will help you." He turned away from her as he walked down the street. He thought of one person and that was the elusive angel he was supposed to protect. He went off in search of her.
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