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I like pointy things.
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RealmHold my beer..
Created by Iodine Violet
W_Kat 08/26/18 Congrats on PotD!
Kristoffer Forseti 08/12/18 A hearty laugh erupted from the male's chest. She thought he had a classroom? That he just stood there and gave lectures? "Oh, heavens, this isn't like public school. No, this is hands on hunting and ecological investigations. The best place to learn is in the field."

The next question caught him slightly off guard. There were so many different kinds of demons, it was hard to tell. "Well, what kind? Nordic? Wiccan? Christian Mytho? Arcadian?"
Kristoffer Forseti 07/30/18 Kris was tempted to show her why they were so deadly but he had to keep some secrets. This woman was still just a stranger. While she hadn't given him a reason to doubt her yet, many hunters took a while longer to show their true colors. Creatures were easy to read. Humans? Not so much.

"Yes, in a sense. I've dealt with beasts and entities of all sorts in my time so I pass on my knowledge to the next generation. I won't be around forever, you know." The male let out a hearty laugh at the sentiment. Forever was a long time. hopefully he wouldn't end up being around for so long. "It's not boring at all. I get to beat people up and study monsters to pass on my wisdom."
Anyssa 07/24/18 *smile deviously at her*
" I know I am."
* Nessa then raises her brow as she continued her smile*
" My Leader El dont call me Party Girl for nothin now"
Kristoffer Forseti 07/23/18 Just from their short correspondence Kristoffer had already learned a great deal of the woman. So simple, yet so interesting all at once. If he didn't know any better, he'd have thought his brother was reincarnated as the woman before him! The thought brought a bright, toothy grin to his face.

"A pointy bat, huh? Interesting. I usually stick with these puppies." Two large fists were raised infront of him revealing countless scars and blemishes of past scuffles. If the woman wasn't a complete stranger, he probably would have shown what really makes them special. In the future, maybe he will. "Of course, some beasties need a little extra something to kill. If you are taking up jobs around here you will definitely be seeing more of me and my pupils."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 Good The Realm needs more friendly faces.
Anyssa 07/23/18 "Your welcome. You know if you soak them in some moonshine they are even better."
Nessa smiles at her
Kristoffer Forseti 07/23/18 Blue hues blinked incredulously. The woman was blatantly admitting to hunting. In the open. To a stranger. Either she was joking, the most unlikely, arrogant or oblivious to the way of the world around her. As a mentor to hunters, his papa bear mechanism began to kick in.

"Uh, if you do hunt demons and sh!t, you should profile your company before making such remarks. If I were a beasty,well, this would have gotten real awkward, real fast." The man munched on yet another dorito before speaking again. "Luckily, I am a hunter, too."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 Welcome.
Anyssa 07/23/18 *Nessa had been gone for a couple of days so she thought she would catch up on those who are new to the realm.*

"Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 -gives a big, toothy grin-
"The name's Kristoffer. Glad to make your acquaintance. "
-gives a nod in greeting-
"I am a resident snack addict so if you ever get a hankering, I always got something on me."
Kristoffer Forseti 07/22/18 "Welcome to the Realm? Care for some gummy worms?"
-offers a bag-
-munches on a dorito-
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