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Dovima Bastet
Killed: November 14, 2018 at 01:24 pm EST
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To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world.
That's what everybody does every hour of their lives.
If I asked you to keep your soul - would you understand why that's much harder?

RIP Tucker Reid - September 22, 2018
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Tiber Loche
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow

Last five threads posted in:
Tiber Loche 10/06/18 *finally bursts theough the door*
*big gulp of air*
*flops down somewhere*
There better be liquor here.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *is effectively tackled to the ground by a very large cat*
Good... Kitty...
*pats at gently*
Oh, look at you. Not so bad, huh?
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 Vee
Ok, good. Danke, for the input.
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 Vee
Is it bad to instruct a small child on how to throat punch another child? Just curious, of course.
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *definitely screeches as he tumbles to the ground*
No! No! Don't kill me!
I'm too young to die!
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 -chuckles- Nein, technology comes easy for myself. It is more efficient to simply give my phone to you and have you input the number than exchange numbers.
-gives a small bow of his head- It has been a pleasure Vee. Have a good evening.
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 -looks mildly disgusted at the suggestion- Nein, no Patron. Vodka ok?
-reaches into a pocket, presents his cell-
-sighs and just hands it over- It will be easier if you input the number.
Valentin Metzger 10/05/18 -chuckles, large frame heaving- Ja.. Uh.. it is a long story. Perhaps one to tell over a drink or two.
-cants head side to side to stretch his neck- Maybe we can meet for a drink after I finish my business in the city? A few days from now?
Tiber Loche 10/05/18 *freezes*
*starts to back away slowly*
G-Good... Kitty...
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -finds her wording.. odd-
-chuckles at the jazz hands and tongue- You sure?
-shakes his head- Nein, they just did not approve of my departure. My parents expected for me to carry on the family business. I had different plans.. it was a different time in Germany though. The wall had just fallen a few years previous. I wanted more than what my life there had to offer.
-nods- I have not been here for very long, personally. I have known Adara for quite some time however and she and a few other people are who I consider family. But thank you, I appreciate the sentiment..
-genuine smile- I would be honoured. I just need to get some fake papers..
-larger smile-
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -nods as he listens- It is quite impressive and yes, very unique. And I am envious as that sounds truly amazing. Something I have always been interested in but have never had the chance to do.. visit Egypt I mean.
-wouldn't be visiting that area anytime soon due to some business issues-
-lifts a brow as her sentence trails off- I figured if you were Egyptian, you were of old lineage since now they are of more Arabian heritage and you are quite fair.
-chuckles, gives a wink- Ja, I was wondering if I had lost you somewhere..
-posture stiffens- And no, I have not seen my family in many years. I am no longer welcome home. I once had a younger sister but she passed away when we were in middle school. Whether my parents had children or not, after I left, I am unsure. I was young when I left home.
-shrugs, slightly guarded- It is possible that I have siblings.. but I do not know of them.
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -a true look of surprise- How very interesting.. so your youth must have been quite exciting then Fraulein. I am, honestly, a tiny bit jealous. What a wonderful way to grow up. To see the world and ancient civilisations. Do you see your parents often?
-he now understood her interest in languages- And very curious.. your surname is Bastet? Are you Egyptian then?
-the woman was truly interesting, to say the least- And ja, livestock.. butchers.
Tiber Loche 10/04/18 LionLady
What! I thought that was already the agreement?!
Be over soon.
Tiber Loche 10/04/18 LionLady
Deal. I'll even shake Raul down for a side of fries.
He can't say no to me. Secretly, he wants to murder me a little less than everyone else.
Tiber Loche 10/04/18 LionLady
Um... Me. If you ask nicely.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -listens, enraptured by her story- That is very interesting, Vi. Did they do many digs in Egypt? I have always been fascinated by Egyptology. Have you been to the Neues Museum in Berlin to see the bust of Nefertiti? It's quite beautiful.
-brow furrows- So you are inclined to learning languages then? Does it come easy for you?
-chuckles quietly- You must be hated by many women then. To have such a metabolism. And me, in shape? Just large from manual labor. Working on the farm as a child and teen. There is really no gym routine I have.
Valentin Metzger 09/30/18 -clears his throat- German is sometimes a difficult language. Capitalisation of a word can change the meaning, drastically. I may be able to help you from time to time.
-lowers his head, chuckles- Very astute, and nein.
-raises a brow- I think you're fairing quite well, Fraulein. However, I do not think anyone needs as lithe of body as the model Dovima. She was terribly thin.
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 LionLady
OK WELL I can look dashing without glitter and spandex.
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 LionLady
You mean Travis? He has a huge crush on me, I know. Itís adorable.
KaraokeBar 1000 sounds like Studio 54 disguised.
WHOOOSE idea was this anyway?!
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 LionLady
But this isnít a bet I want to take part in.
Where in the ever loving f~ck are we going??? Studio 54???
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 LionLady
I donít DOOOO shebang. I can pull off blue flannel or red flannel.
Maybe both.
NO GLITTER for the love of god
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 LionLady
Please talk Travis out of wearing leather pants.
Valentin Metzger 09/28/18 -ponders- Taught? Nein. Most of my friends were from Slavic countries.
-nods- Ja, I come from a very long line of Butchers.
-grins, oddly proud- She was a beautiful woman. Classically beautiful. Elegant. I can see why your mother would name you as such. A blessing, ja?
Valentin Metzger 09/28/18 -raises both brows- Uh.. it is actually Russian for Butcher.
-clears his throat- Metzger is German for Butcher.
-contemplates sharing- Which happens to be my last name.
-tilts head- Dovima is an interesting name.. it wouldn't happen to be short for Dorothy Virginia Margaret, would it?
Valentin Metzger 09/28/18 -gives a smile- Ah, well then, I cannot take away a lady's nickname.
-cants head- Thank you.
-frowns- Spike? I would prefer not. Myasnik, the Butcher, it is then.. Hm?
Valentin Metzger 09/28/18 -stops on his way to.. someplace, to welcome the newest member- Guten Tag.
-places a fist over his chest and gives a small bow- Willkommen. If you should need anything, please let me know. Myasnik is what I am generally called but 'V' works as well. And is much simpler to say for most.
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 Ah, no. My bobcat is-
Hmm. I never actually gave him a name.
He seems to respond well to, 'Hey!' and 'Come over here!'.
Raul is a very grumpy, knife wielding gremlin who lives in the kitchens. If you're fast, everyone will be fine. If not?
*makes throat cutting motion with his thumb*
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 I... Wouldn't do that.
I don't even own a gun.
*raises a brow*
Do you have a pet lion or something?
Don't let it anywhere near Raul.
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 *narrows eyes*
No.. But I've seen a Bobcat.
He's back at my cabin, actually.
*clears throat*
H-Have you?
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 Ehhhh.
The closer you are to The Den proper, the more likely you are to deal with a bunch of drunks after midnight.
Not that that would be the absolute worse thing.
Unless you're a fan of, you know. Sleep.
Tiber Loche 09/28/18 *strolls over*
Hey. Have you picked a cabin yet?!
*clears throat*
I know it smells a little skunky around here, but thatíll pass.
WildKat 07/05/18 Congrats on PotD!
Beau Theroux 04/12/18 "Not poor? Living a life of poverty one tends to imagine living rich. I never would fit in with the uptown snobs anyways." Beau couldn't help but scoff at the thought! "thanks again for the welcome. Maybe I will see you at my bar sometime."
Beau Theroux 04/09/18 "As long as the tarnish ain't on my money maker." The man then gestured to his face giving a rather charming smile before wiggling his eyebrows. When the woman protested at his decision he gave a soft shrug. "What can I say? I'm a tease. If everything was fair I'd be rich by now.",/i>
Beau Theroux 04/09/18 A hand was placed over his heart; a feigned look of offense painting his features. "I want to be new and shiny forever!" A teasing grin replaced his offense while his hands slid into the pockets of his jeans. "Yes, the legit circus. What I did? Well, I can't go around telling my past to just anyone! That's ruin the mystery."
Beau Theroux 04/09/18 "Quite the welcome wagon it is, too! I haven't been this popular since my days in the circus! Thanks for the welcome."
Tiber Loche 01/08/18 *eyes the hand for a moment before grabbing at it with his own*
Ok, yeah. Hi, Vee. Why not Dovima? It's much more interesting.
That sounded rude. That was not my intention.
Tiber Loche 01/08/18 *offers a simple shrug*
Practice makes perfect. In an ideal world, wooden beams or not, a flick of the wrist would shake free even the most delinquent of prisoners.
*narrows eyes*
Alas. Until then..
*waves hand ominously*
Tiber. I am called Tiber.
Tiber Loche 01/08/18 And I promise that I don't believe you!
Tiber Loche 01/08/18 *huffs*
You're not very big. I have a strong opinion about how you should have been much easier to break out.
Caitlyn Darrow 10/11/17 *squeals*
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