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Boredom is the poor man's method of deciding to find a job. It is also a rich man's way to decide what to waste more of his wealth on that will make him even more filthy rich. Also word to the wise, every rich person alive got their wealth in some manner that exploited or abused someone else, usually a crap load of people all at once.

OOC: My irl brother had his firs kid and made me an uncle on May 23, 2017! So freaking happy!!!

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Phantom Wraith's Biography
Ancient and deadly, from a time so long into the past he himself refuses to speak of it except to those he trusts completely. A creature who's power is so massive he sealed it in fires around the many streams of existence so he could walk among the mortals without destroying them just by being near. A monster who slaughtered so many in his wake that his scent is not of brimstone and sulfur as is with most of his Kin, but of blood, death, and something that makes any able to scent it instinctively either fight or flee.

This is the lie he has told for eons, but the truth of Phantom, is that he was not born, he was created by the first beings to exist. Created for the sole purpose of saving the world from his chaos loving siblings known by the mortal realm as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He was the original balance to his father Razel, the Chaos, and his mother Therisa, the Order. He alone was granted the power to destroy all that was, is, and ever could be, but he knew to keep his power in check and simply watched the universe unfold. Waging war to keep his little brother in check and to keep his remaining family balanced, until he met the woman who changed that all, the woman who gave him the ability to no longer judge without objectiveness. She changed him and when his enemies framed his family for her death he lost control and ruptured existence in his quest for vengeance. This rage is what allowed him to follow a path that caused him to see just how dangerous he was, allowing him to take that power and splinter it into flames that he tossed into the multiverse before he took residence in the Realm, all while still traveling to his home realm from time to time.
At the lost of his daughter Beth, Phabtom has flown into a rage, reducing an entire city to a gaping hole within the Earth. He has destroyed his many businesses and properties within the human world and left the human world, his oath to only return to destroy the human race the only thing he leaves behind for the others as he has faded from the human world once more.



Styxx (Deceased)
Phantom Jr. (Deceased)


Terisa (Walking other Realms)
Claire (Walking other Realms)
Beth (Killed by humans)

Statistics: Covered in a black cloak that seems to move even when he isn't, his only feature that can be seen is his glowing eyes that shift colors to show his mood.
Eye Color:

Ever shifting and changing to show his moods or emotions, he usually has either bright blue or green as his base eye color.

Rough Height: Has been seen ranging from sizes between 2 inches and 200 feet in height, his weight is unknown.

Status: Taken!

Abilities: Flight, Shifting (Shape and form), Growth, Strength, Able to turn insubstantial, immune to all elements, immune to most magics, and other powers that shift and change as he gains power.
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Athena Maximus 03/09/18 She laughed as he reminded her about his powers. “That’s right. You can turn back any time you want. I always forget about that.” When he mentioned again how much he loved her she blushed softly as he jumped to her shoulders. “You look adorable in this form though. I wonder if I would look just as cute in a fox form too?”
Athena Maximus 03/09/18 She giggled as she carried him off to their room to relax. “I know you don’t attack them without reason, and I love you for that.” He licked her cheek and caught her off guard. She laughed softly as she gently put him down on their bed. “Eat then slower? Hm.” She looked at him curiously as she sat on the bed next to him. “Maybe instead of turning you back to yourself I’ll have the boys turn you into a sloth instead.” She teased.
Athena Maximus 03/09/18 She watched as Phantom curled up against her in the Fox form and she smirked. “Because, I needed to teach the boys some magic, and you needed to learn a lesson.” She couldn’t help but laugh as she picked him up and held him as she walked to their bedroom. “I’m sure they weren’t even looking at me. You’re over reacting my dear.” Smiling she passed the twins cribs and watched them for a few moments. “Plus I had to teach our children a lesson. I don’t want them to go around eating people. That’s going to be a huge mess for us to clean up.”
Athena Maximus 02/25/18 She smiled softly as she heard him knock. She knew instantly who it was. She could feel his presence miles away, let alone a few feet from her. She grinned widely as she opened up the door and jumped onto him giving him a hug. "Too long. Thats how long you have been gone!" She kissed his lips passionately before finally pulling away from him. "The twins are getting so big!" Smiling she took his clawed hand and pulled him inside their home. "Come see them! They miss you very much."
mist 12/25/17
Amari Kohen 12/25/17 MERRY CHRISTMAS
Lucia Mitzi Dragon 12/12/17 As the days went by, she then came across of phantom once again, this time when she had Rend. She was a cursed black blade, now as Lucia held Rend in her hand the blade was still of pure black. But now on the blade was a detailing of dragon scales covering the blade. That and the temperament of the edge was as hard as dragon scales and has sharp as a dragon’s claws. And a dragon’s head on the hilt that in its eyes were two gold glowing gemstones. “Well phantom it seems Rend has become quite better since she was healed and also it seems she’s taken a morphing that she looks just like me.” She smiled, then held up the sword. “For tol shol, time to come out little one.” As she smiled as Rend, formed into her human form though this time her eyes and her hair held a golden shine to them. Plus she had started a pair of baby dragon fangs.
-Midori- 12/05/17 Nice Profile!
Li Kuroda 11/16/17 "He's that bad huh?" He asked leaning back and staring up at the ceiling. "What exactly do you mean by unfun?"
Li Kuroda 11/15/17 Li nodded as he thought it over. "Seems like I was right to come to you Phantom. You are quite wise." He said running his fingers through his hair. "I bare two Marks of Caine and they are trying to become one. The fight control myself becomes harder each day because of my thirst for blood. I was told that becoming the Grim Reaper would help. But I may need the blessings or permission from the others to become that."
Li Kuroda 11/15/17 "Well I know of a few like Norse, Greek, Egyptians and my own spiritual world." He said taking a seat. "But to accomplish what I want. I need to know of the others if I'm to ever protect my family."
Li Kuroda 11/15/17 He nodded. "Yea that's me. Long time no see." Li said. "Since you've been around for millennia do you know the different versions of heaven and hell?"
Li Kuroda 11/14/17 Li walked up to Phantom. A being as old as he would definitely give him a better insight than the dragons. "Hey I have a question for you." He said
Christine Nightshade 08/14/17 She smiles and bows her head. She pockets the paper. Take care my friend. If you are up for company I'm sure you will find me. Until then take care of that heart.
Christine Nightshade 08/14/17 I understand what you are saying but sometimes when you meet a friend they can ease the pain you are feeling. You don't have to endure it alone and for my sake you aren't. You aren't taking up my time unless you feel you have to go. If you do I hope you will keep in touch for you are an interesting being. Honestly I can really use someone like you in my corner if you don't mind.
Christine Nightshade 08/14/17 Im very developed. I had a mentor when I was a child and worked hard developing my abilities but a dominatrix demon got the best of me not too long ago but thankfully I got away from her and that evil angel I had met so I still have to work on my skills but I can sense yours very easily. I can feel your pain as if they were my own. Is there anything I can do to help ease your pain. One shouldn't have that much pain on their heart.
Christine Nightshade 08/14/17 She twirled her blonde curls nervously, " We can't enough friends now can we, Phantom. Her heart was heavy but she just met him so she would be friends with him if that was applicable to him. She was happened empathetic abilities were correct but this one had a lot of pain on his heart maybe he did need a friend to ease his heart.
Christine Nightshade 08/14/17 She smiled sweetly at him, "You have interesting features Phantom and your hair is beautiful. I can understand your paranoia. This place is a dangerous place. I'm actually lucky you didn't hurt me but I felt to take a chance. You just seem alone and I wanted to see if my empathetic abilities were correct. Thank you for showing me your face. My name is Chris and it is a pleasure meeting you."
Christine Nightshade 08/14/17 She coughs, " we don't know each other but I've never seen your kind before curiosity got the best of me. I hope you don't mind interrupting your stroll. You weren't going anywhere important were you?"
Christine Nightshade 08/14/17 She sees the dark figure and decides to walk toward him slowly. She feels a darkness within him but decides to be brave. "Hello..," says the blonde beauty.
Athena Maximus 06/25/17 She smiled softly as she walked into her library which seemed to be their meeting spot. She had something unique draped across her arm as she carried it in. She walked over to the table and gently folded it before casting a spell. The cloak had royal markings sewn into it and had a protection spell cast on it. Any spells cast toward him would literally bounce off and fly back to the maker of the spell. She grinned at her finished work and gently laid down a rainbow rose on top of it. She spoke softly, "Stay safe my Phantom." Before leaving the library and leaving it for him to find.
EirieNightBreed 06/06/17 It's good to be wanted even this way brother :) lol.
LillyEmperium 05/15/17 Hmmm curiosity is going to strike old friend
W_Kat 05/13/17 Thank You.
LillyEmperium 04/16/17 *Drops a bag of chocolate at his door. Then vanishes*
EirieNightBreed 03/31/17 A belated Thank you Phantom :)
Athena Maximus 02/06/17 She smiled proudly at him. "Congrats old friend."
Kenny R 02/06/17 Congratulations Phantom on PotD
LillyEmperium 02/06/17 Congrats on POD
Athena Maximus 01/23/17 She had tiredly made her way to the top of the building before face planting into the ground. She made a loud sigh noise before making any attempt to get back up. "This backpack weighs a million pounds." She finally sat up and unzipped the backpack pulling books out. "Looks like all of them are here." she said before pulling out a pen and paper and writing a note to him. "Missing anything? Ama said these books were from your library. She also urged me to remind you to not stack them on top of each other or else the monster could come out again." She smiled softly before sticking the note on top of one of the books before standing back up, and stared at the kingdom Ama was rebuilding. "Looks like I better get started."
MysticRose 01/01/17 Newyears picture from
Athena Maximus 12/29/16 She smiled softly as she looked over the rooftop. This is where Ama told her to meet him. So here she was. She had Amas last gift for him and she knew he could use it. "Oh dark one...?" She said in a seductive tone as she waited for the man to appear. She gently held the present wrapped behind her back as she waited for him to come.
Evaine Sterling 12/27/16 Eva Sterling blinked her greenish-blue eyes and managed a weak smile His appearing behind her made her very nervous. "Do you always sneak up and scare strange women? Merry Christmas..."
Evaine Sterling 12/25/16 To: Tall, Dark and Cloaked one. Eva left the card tucked between a wrapped gift and a red Christmas rose. The gift was a rare blue stone from her old desert home and the red rose was something that appealed to her hidden talent of small earth magic. She watched from the night shadows in hopes of a glimpse of him,
Athena Maximus 12/15/16 Athena smiled softly as she walked up to who she believed was the correct person. She smiled softly, "Hello there! I'm sorry to bug you, but I had a patient that in their passing wanted me to give you something." She reached into her medical bag and pulled out a shadow box. She gently handed it to him and as she did an elemental flame ignited. "Take care of it well."
W_Kat 09/16/16 *fist pump* You managed to break out Phantom Wraith.
Spring Taylor 07/24/16 Spring crooked her neck as she went to work on the padlock. She had been proven unsuccessful on multiple occasions. Spring:0 Baton Wielding arses: 9000. A grin crossed her lips once she finally felt the click of the lock successful. "F*cking finally.Lets get you out of this place."

You managed to break out Phantom Wraith.
Shadwyn Drake 06/07/16 "Welcome to the Realm!" Drake spoke. As a representative of After Dark. Please contact me if you have questions or need a friend to help you! Contact Mack or Jack if interested in joining the realm's best coven!"
W_Kat 06/05/16 Welcome Back!
Ronan Boru 06/04/16 Welcome back dear friend.
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