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Born: April 16, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 14
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm

Synetta's Biography
( OOC-Working on bio. Syn is psychotic and has a bipolar disorder. At some point she will be upbeat and perky and other times she may be rude and mean then others she might be suicidal. I will play her as I see fit. Don't like it then bugger off. You dont need to interact with this character. RP with someone that you know gives a damn about your pathetic feelings. Player gives no f*cks. Thank you and have a wonderful bright sun shiny f*cking day! I look forward to Rping with some good writers. :D )

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Father Pat McGroin


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Contests2018 Winter Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
LillyEmperium 12/26/18 Merry fcking Christmas to you too dear.
Genesis 12/24/18 Thank you! May the Yule bring you all that is wished for!
*tosses confetti and laughs merrily*
Valentin Metzger 12/24/18 -turquoise optics appraise the woman- Danke..
-gives a smile, one that does reach his eyes- Frohliche Weihnachten.
Livia Vlcek 12/24/18 *hugs the stranger* Merry Fvcking Christmas to you too!
*releases abruptly...boundaries Livia...boundaries*
*toddles off smiling*
Mackenzie 12/23/18 "Sounds like you're going to find out," Mackenzie smirks, turning on her heel and walking off with skip in her step.
Mackenzie 12/23/18 Oye. Puppy b-tch. Look for the blind girl. She's your b-tch.
Jewel 12/23/18 I said what I wanted. All inquiries must be made to Mackenzie or Jasper. Good luck.
Jewel 12/23/18 Welcome to Sine Metu.

If you let any of those puppies in my room.. I won't be responsible for what will happen to those hell beasts.

Mackenzie 12/23/18 Dead. All of them. Quiet is good, right?
Mackenzie 12/23/18 ...there’s puppies in the back of my van.
Mackenzie 12/15/18
Jameson Orlav 11/28/18
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