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Cassandra Malinov
Anakin Drake



Xander Kuma

Gordon Fisher

Lukas Justicano

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Last five threads posted in:
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NeighborhoodKuma No Shima - Island of the Bears
Created by Xander Kuma
TransylvaniaMalinov Castle
Created by Cassandra Malinov
Xander Kuma 12/02/19 Oh would you look at this... My niece has got Profile of the Day... Way to make the family proud, kiddo. Keep up the good work.
Zacarias 12/02/19 Congrats on POD Pagiey.
Gordon Fisher 11/17/19 Walks up holding a couple bags. "Hey Paige, I was doing a little shopping for mine and Zac's place and saw these few things for the twins I thought Jer and Sandra might like. It's not much just a soft stuffed animal baseball and a unicorn for Sandra."
Anakin Drake 11/09/19 I smiled as I brushed the confetti out of my hair. "Thank you."
Vexa 11/08/19 *jumps out of the bushes*
*jazz hands*
*hands the woman a card that reads..* 'Welcome to the tribe! I'm Vexa'
Zacarias 11/01/19 Is holding a cupcake in his hands as well as she walks up to him a lit candle stuck in the middle of it. "Happy birthday to you too Pagie."
Gordon Fisher 09/24/19 "I can understand that and all I wanted to do was come tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I was going to do that for Jericho to but I heard that he has passed away to?" He could tell by the young girls face he had surprised her. "I am sorry on both accounts. If you need anything or someone to talk to I probably have some crazy stories about Derek."
Gordon Fisher 09/24/19 He had gotten her name from Derek back when they had been married. With Derek gone now Gordon thought it would be a good time to come for a visit and pay his respects. Seeing her across the hall in the coven house he walked over. "Excuse me Miss. You must be Paige I believe that you were married to my cousin Derek."
Zacarias 09/18/19 "Alright..." clicks his phone off.
Zacarias 09/18/19 Feels his phone vibrate and checks the message. "Ok.. sure.. where?"
Daxx- 08/08/19 "Congrats on your Ranking."
Xander Kuma 08/07/19 Looking back at her and the twins, I sighed softly. With a snap of my fingers, the twins were out of her hands and floating in the air as I crushed her in a tight loving hug. "Don't you ever leave us like that again."
Zacarias 08/06/19 "Not sure how long it will take but I'll come find you when I get back." Shakes his head bit. "No I don't mind at all."
Zacarias 08/06/19 "Not to worry." He smiled a bit more. "Mom's taking me to get an egg so it will be some time before it's ready..." He glanced at his watch. "...I'm actually late..." he couldn't help but smile more. "Maybe we can do lunch."
Xander Kuma 08/06/19 I had been leaning against the counter of the bar in the gaming room of the family mansion. Things had taken a slight lull in the midst of a very tumultuous time for my family. The voice sounded and I groaned softly. "Not another hallucination."
Zacarias 08/06/19 Letting go of her hand he pulled his sleeves down over his fingers again. "I do." He smiled a bit more. "Getting one of my own soon."
Zacarias 08/06/19 Taking the number she stuffed it into her back pocket. "I will make sure to call thank you again. I'm Paige. Maybe sometime you can meet the twins.." "No problem." He nodded slowly. "Perhaps later." He held out his hand. "I'm Zac."
Zacarias 08/06/19 He nodded slowly setting them down against the wall near the closet. Turning he returned her smile. "If you need anymore help just let me know." Reaching up he ran his fingers back through his short blue hair. "I'm just down the hall or you can call me." hands her a piece of paper with his number on it.
Zacarias 08/06/19 "You're welcome." scoops up both duffels like they weigh nothing putting them over his shoulder motioning for her to lead the way.
Zacarias 08/05/19 Welcome to the realm, the coven and the family.
Matt Boru 08/05/19 Welcome to the coven. I am Matt Boru. Let me know if you needed anything.
Geoffrey Drake 08/05/19 Welcome to the coven.
Ronan Boru 08/05/19 Welcome back and home Paige
Daxx- 08/05/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Jameson Orlav 08/05/19 Welcome.
Aurora Crane 08/05/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Geoffrey Drake 08/05/19 Welcome to the realm.
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