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Not Currently looking for a crew but when I am I'll be taking applications ^.~
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Logan Michaels

Ambrosia Celeste


Celeste Donovan

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RealmFun can be found anywhere
Created by Ambrosia Celeste
Mordred 02/24/21 Alright then I shall wear them with pride.
Mordred 02/24/21 Hehe what is the reason for the rabbit ears?
Ambrosia Celeste 02/15/21 "They are perfect!" Reminded her of the park so many different flowers. "Thank you. I just need to make sure they don't wither away." Flowers has always been her favorite.
Ambrosia Celeste 02/15/21 Takes the bouquet of flowers and smiles. "They are beautiful! Thank you for my present."
Logan Michaels 02/15/21 He smiles. "A tease? Hmm yes I can be then again I can fix that situation." Holds him tight placing another kiss to his lips.
Logan Michaels 02/15/21 Turning him around Logan grinned and kissed him. "Well then I will have to add more to it."
Logan Michaels 02/15/21 "True but I love that smile. So it might have been worth it." He laughs.
Logan Michaels 02/15/21 He kissed Asher's cheek back and smiled. "Well then I am glad I didn't order a full band."
Logan Michaels 02/15/21 Walking up behind Asher he went to wrap arms around his waist and gave a huge hug. "Happy Valentine's Day I know I'm late I'm sorry."
Logan Michaels 02/10/21 Stepping inside he stopped and waited for Asher. The waitress came with menu's and took them to a booth so they could sit down. Handing over the menu's and gave them a couple minutes. "Yeah, well at first I wanted P.E and I love to stay in shape. But I also have a love for History."
Logan Michaels 02/10/21 "I am certified in two subjects but here I am teaching History." telling him as they walked towards the coffee shop. "My other is Physical Education. It was either that or Art, I love that subject but I am really really bad at it."
Logan Michaels 02/10/21 He chuckles and nods, "True, just don't let it leak out to my students." Shaking the males hand. "Good to meet you Asher, so umm..wanna come having coffee with me?" Chews on bottom lip thinking it might have been to soon. "I was just thinking since you are probably the only person I have met around here." he ran fingers through his hair nervously
Logan Michaels 02/10/21 Nods at the males answer and then goes to hold his hand out. "I'm sorry, I think I forgot my manners. I'm Logan Michaels." He couldn't help but smile a little more, deciding he really should tone it down. Didn't want to make it obvious that he thought the male was cute. Not all liked that sort of thing.
Logan Michaels 02/10/21 "Thanks, I am not from around here, I was called in for a favor to teach here at the University. You don't go to school here do you?" His eyes followed the direction. Putting his phone away, tucked it into his jean pocket.
Logan Michaels 02/10/21 He watched as the male walked past him. "Excuse me, was wondering if you could tell me where a good place to catch a coffee would be?"
Logan Michaels 02/10/21 Leaning against the wall he watched him coming up towards the curb and smiled. Barely keeping up with stuff on his phone scrolling through the assignments due tomorrow
Astraea Cormier 02/09/21 Welcome!
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