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Dita Morgenstern


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Born: November 12, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 31
Affiliation: The Faceless Mail Replies Sent: 1448
Home City: Paris Mail Sent: 103
In Union With: Dresden Morgenstern Last Login:
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04/26/18 at 2:46 am
Current Mood: Amused  Amused 
I hope all your dreams come true.
But keep in mind, nightmares are dreams too.
Special Items:
 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back

Dita Morgenstern's Biography
"Loving you was like going to war; I never came back the same."
Warsan Shire

Current State: Human, deceived, un/knowingly on the path of corruption. Still not fully aware of all that goes bump in the night.
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ParisHeaven is under our feet..
Created by Dita Morgenstern
ContestsRoleplay of the Month
Created by Zeddicus Zorander
W_Kat 03/30/18 Thank You Dita!
Dresden Morgenstern 03/13/18 His eyes pierced the dirt covering her the moment she appeared in the doorway, he still couldn't see her brilliance but he knew it must be there. Something must have happened on the trip back from Hell which limited his perception, that was the only thing that made sense...the truth of things was too much to accept.

A wide range of emotions ran through him; happy, sad, afraid, love but he settled on confused. "It hasn't been that long Dita, but look at you... Knife in hand, dirty, looking like some feral beast. You've let the house fall to disrepair too. We need to remedy this, first by getting you into the shower and cleaned up. You smell like the animals you appear to have just been feeding." He nodded to the knife at that before stepping forward to grab her wrist and begin leading her to the bathroom.
Dresden Morgenstern 03/12/18 Again the shadows gathered, creating the doorway through which Dresden stepped into Dita's room. Like everything else, the room was covered in dust which only confused Dresden more. It was bad enough that he couldn't see her Aura, but the state of things made it seem like no one had been in the house in ages. He'd only been gone a week giving his report but with the way things looked it seemed like it had been much longer. Walking quietly over to Dita's bed, floor creaking under his feet, he pulls back the covers and let out a cough at the wave of dust and for the first time the bite of some vaguely familiar sickeningly sweet smell reached his nose.

Under his breath he muttered, "What happened here Dita, where are you?"
W_Kat 03/12/18 Welcome to the Coven!
Dresden Morgenstern 03/12/18 The shadows outside his old door thickened, growing inky black in the faint moonlight before Dresden stepped out of the darkness. He gazed solemnly around the dilapidated building, it had fallen into some disrepair in the time that he'd been gone. He wasn't sure exactly how much time had past, only that it wasn't until now that He let Dresden return. What made things worse, when he looked around Dresden couldn't see Dita's glow. The brilliance that he'd always followed to her wasn't present. At his feet though there was a small box, dusty with the passage of time the tiny animals on the wrapping paper told him exactly who it was from. Reaching down he collected the box and slipped it into his pocket, he'd open it once he'd found his Dita again. Turning on his heel he stepped back into the shadows leaving nothing but footsteps in the dust to show that he'd been there.
That Girl 10/31/17 Darling Dita, you’re a Starr. Xoxo
That Girl 10/31/17 We’ve been missing your Beetles solo. xoxo
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