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Darius Ravendale


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Darius Ravendale's Biography

Name: Darius Ravendale
Age: 1,000 years old
DOB: 1018
Blood Type: Pureblooded vampire
Hair: Long White Hair
Eyes: Silver
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Status: Widower
Occupation: Pirate

Darius was born in London and brought up with vampire parents. He was to a vampire by birth just like his parents. His family was rich in the human world and the vampire world. They threw parties at their manor for the vampires and had some humans invited for dinner. When Darius was 116 he was betrothed to a vampire named, Celia Black. His parents picked her out when they was young and loved to play with each other while their parents mingled and went to parties together. They both was happy and glad their parents agreed to wed them soon. After 2 years when he turned 118 Celia was his to claim and he was hers to claim. They was happy for 3 years and Darius had a child on the way with Celia and was happy to have a family. When it was close for Celia to have the baby, she was bed rested to not loose the baby. He would go out and feed giving more to Celia since she was eating for 2. One night when Darius was out finding food for him and his 2 loving people. While he was coming back with 2 jugs of blood in his hand he ran towards the house that him and Celia had bought on the outskirts of town. When he was 2 miles from his house he seen smoke rising up in the sky and seen orange light below the smoke. Running towards the smoke, stopping at the front of the house he seen it was a blazed hearing nothing coming from the house. Thinking that he thought his wife got out. Running around the area he couldn't find his wife or unborn child. Falling to his knees looking helpless at the house that was falling by the fire as it was dimming down starting to become embers.
After 100 years later he started a new life as a pirate, having a ship called The Black Vampire named after her wife's last name for remembering her. He searched for Artifacts and placing them in his manor that he had built over the house that burnt down many years ago.

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