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I can go on and on as long as you’re with me
Janus and Flahme will have moved on to their new life in Hell.
Their love knows no boundaries.
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My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
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Jasper Thompson

Elisa Stratten


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The Black Rose~Closed - Yule Ball in Valhalla - VIP Lounge~
Created by River Song
Jasper Thompson 02/02/20 Jan-Jan
I don't have a favorite. Is that a thing? Do people have favorites?
A drink is a drink.
But a drink with you... Now, that's something else entirely.
Jasper Thompson 01/29/20 Jan-Jan
Consider my interest very piqued.
Just tell me when and where, macho man.
Jasper Thompson 01/26/20 Jan-Jan
The best part of everyone is me.
But you deal a special kind of hurt.
I don't know if I can forgive you.
What are you working on to get back into my good graces? And my life.
I need you. 😭
Jasper Thompson 01/26/20 Jan-Jan
I'm not even sure who this is anymore, I've gone so long without you.
Mackenzie 11/24/19 Janus
When is guys night, again?
Jasper Thompson 08/06/19 It had taken the better part of three days of non-stop working, but damn it, he'd done it. The old lady that helped him - understatement of the year, though she was not given a vote in the matter - lay dead on her floor and is most certainly being eaten by her nineteen cats, but that is no skin off his teeth. The finished product is beautiful.

If you consider mismatched patterns, terrible stitching, and bloodstains (all of them from his own personal supply) to be appealing. And he has a feeling, or at least hopes, that Janus does.

Sneaking into the shared space, he finds Flahme, but silences her with a finger to his lips, shooing their ginger cat off the bed with a gentle hand. With a flourish, Jasper spreads the quilt over their comforter, enjoying the lopsided way in which it covers the surface. There are no straight edges, the patches are different shapes, and he is fiercely proud of it.

Blowing a kiss to Janus' lady love, and with one final, loving glance at his handiwork, Jasper slips out of the room before he can be discovered as this particular Secret Santa.
Jewel 07/29/19 Aren't you just the sweetest?
You just got my vote.

We are voting, right?

Jewel 07/29/19 Well, that's different.
You see her nakie.
It's in the relationship by-laws to eat all unedible foods made by significant other.

I've already broken free from one contract.

Jewel 07/29/19 -scoffs-
Then it's all Chips Ahoy for you, buddy.
No home baked here.

Unless you enjoy your cookies dark? I mean black.

Jewel 07/29/19 So, I have to break you out..
Annnnd.. leave you milk and cookies?

This is bullsh-t.

Elisa Stratten 07/21/19 Whiskey stained clothes, and bloodshot dry eyes came down on Janus like knives being cast in his direction. She wasn't going to cry over this one. Janus had no idea what this recking ball of a woman had endured while away. She'd admit she wanted him to feel her pain, but why spill tears over a man that couldn't keep it in his pants while his wife was being tortured and held captive by the state? She'd seen them together, once or twice. His new replacement. Who can blame him? She didn't even know his name the night they were hitched. And what's worse? He brought the woman into her home.

She wasn't even allowed to be mad. After all, she was the one that disappeared. The small blonde chucked her diamond ring at him, with as much might as she could muster. Her body was warn down and beaten to a pulp, and the ring probably missed him by a few feet. Smoldering eyes now watered, and she broke her attention from Janus and clutched at her chest. This feeling of abandonment, it shouldn't be there. This feeling of heart ache, shouldn't exist. Elisa turned herself away from the man, ready to find a drink. She needed something to numb all these new sensations. El would be damned if shed let a little jealousy get in the way of her celebrations tonight. She had bigger things coming her way.
Jasper Thompson 07/13/19 Careful, Budget Thanos.
I'm already falling in love.
Save me a bottle, I'm on my way.
Jasper Thompson 07/12/19
Jasper Thompson 07/12/19 Oh, holy hell...
Are you here to play your love games with me?
Mackenzie 06/16/19 Budget Thanos
Did you set my dinner free?
Tall. Blonde. With a tan.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 You are a life saver.
-very sincere-
I'll even share half of whatever you can get out.
-nods sagely before leading them somewhere... private.-
Jewel 05/07/19 No problem. I figured I should be nice to any man that Elisa hasn't, ya know, killed.


Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 -coughs-
It is my sensitive place...
-blinks deliberately-
Hence, the secret keeping.
Also, this really sets the tone for us, y'know?
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 -brightens considerably-
Excellent, okay.
-deep inhale-
Mackenzie and I just got back from out of the country with... sensitive cargo that she made me swear not to hide in a... sensitive place.
-blinks, hoping he understands-
-and that he's not completely put off-
All the girls are on her side, and I just need some male camaraderie, plus I'll give you whatever you want, deal?
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 I have whiskey...
-considers, comes to a decision-
How's your secret keeping?
No lies, our relationship's on the line.
Jasper Thompson 05/06/19 Budget f-cking Thanos.
-glares up and down-
Can your fingers fit in small places?
-arched brow-
Mackenzie 05/06/19 But did you die?
Mackenzie 05/06/19 You foul little f-cker.
-Points at-
Come along, Budget Thanos.
You're coming home with me.
Mackenzie 05/05/19 -glares-
I bought stock first.
Mackenzie 05/05/19 -sniffs at- smell...
Is that... is that eau du Elisa?
Elisa Stratten 03/18/19 Surprise flooded the young femme's features as he plucked the cigarette right from between her lips. She had no use for it now anyways, coming to the realization the lighter usually kept in her back pocket was nowhere to be found.

Nimble fingers rummaged through her bag to find a loose piece of receipt and a pen. El scribbled a phone number down, and slowly tucked the paper into his pocket with extra care. She wanted to make sure it was in there nice and snug. Elisa leaned in, her lips now brushing his ear.

"Call me when you're ready for that drink."

Smoldering eyes never faltered, even as she plucked the now lit cigarette from his fingertips. The small blonde took a nice long drag from the cigarette, offering a warm smile before disappearing into the darkness.
Elisa Stratten 03/18/19 Smooth

"A man as suave as yourself should have women lining up around the corner. How should I have been so lucky as to have caught your eye?"

Her smirk never faulted, even while placing an unlit cigarette to perfectly pouted lips. Gray hues remained locked into the man's gaze.
Elisa Stratten 03/18/19 "Well I guess you're gonna have to take a long hard look, hot stuff."

Flowing blonde locks cascaded down past her shoulders as she flipped her hair for dramatic effect. Stormy gray hues locked into him intensely, as if she were the hunter and he her prey.

"What's a girl gotta do, to get a man like you to buy her a drink?" Blood red lips curved into a smirk, and a playful wink followed.
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