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Circe De Pont
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Born: January 03, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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There is a darkness that lives within us all. Whether we chose to embrace it and become dark or beat it back and shine in the light is what defines who we are.
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once

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Mortal ThoughtsFour word story(All are welcome)
Created by mist
NeighborhoodThe SS Katara
Created by Li Kuroda
Lesprit 03/14/18 Her voice spoke in her friend's mind. "Congratulations on Profile of the Day, Circe." The words brought a shower of sparkles and a Bouqet of lovely camelia flowers to her hands. "I wish I could say it in person but you know how busy work keeps me. Call me sometime so we can celebrate properly."
WildKat 03/14/18 Congrats on PotD!
Blood Maw 03/14/18 Congrats on PoD my friend.
Marah 03/12/18 "Take it from someone who experienced it.Its not only heart breaking but its hard to get past it. Its been close to a year that I lost Angel Abi's dad. I still haven't gotten past it even though I tell my family I'm fine. In reality I'm not. Its not that easy trust me. I hope you never have to experience that hon."
Marah 03/11/18 +Marah smiled shaking her head as she gave a soft chuckle.+

" I guess I do have a lot of patience. But I would never trade my kids for nothing. I'm just glad that Angel and I had a couple more kids before he died.In a way he is still with me. But I would do anything to have him back. But I know that will never happen. He's at peace now."
Marah 03/11/18 + Marah sighs+

" Tell me about it. Besides my darling fair haired son I have 2 14 year old sons, Triplets that will be turning 2, and one that will be a year old. So I am not blind when it comes to kids. I always seem to have a handle on them."
Marah 03/11/18 "I was a werewolf and a Carpathian Vamp. Then I found out who my real parents were and my heritage and I embraced it. That's why it took me a while to be able to handle my emotions and my powers.I will let you know about drinks. Right now I have to get a handle on my son. I see his emotions and they are more his father. And that is not a good thing right now."
Marah 03/10/18 "Pleasure is mine. We should get together sometime. Drinks or lunch. And please don't think your a scatter brain hon. Like you I'm a witch and I get premonitions even those don't always happen."
Marah 03/10/18 "Well last year I went through something horrible I lost Abi's father. The one true love of my life. I loved him since I was 15. When he died I died and Loss hurt and anger built so bad my powers that I didn't have control over were out of whack. I was blowing up things left and right blowing up dark lighters I was on my way to being evil. But as I said I had family. It took a while to get me back. Which makes me think she lost...Oh god she is on the same path as I was hon. For my sons sake I hope she can get a handle on it. Maybe this love for Abi's brother could be a good thing. I mean I got through it and my powers are in my control."

+ I gave her a soft smile+
Marah 03/10/18 "What I feel is loss and anger. And that's not good trust me. I been there and gone through that just not to long ago. But I was much worse trust me. Had hunters and dark lighters on my tail. It took my family to help me out of it. And it took about 6 to 8 months. But my son cares for her and known her a very long time. I think what she needs is someone to help her. I tell you if my family didn't help me I would probably be ...well evil and blowing everything up that comes in my way. Abi said she wasn't like this when he left so it has to have happened recently. I know the signs. But who are we to judge. She may be a very nice girl. I do know she cares for my son and that gives her a plus in a way."

+Marah looked at the girl she didnt see any resemblance to Mya but it could be how she acts that reminded him of his sister.+
Marah 03/10/18 +Marah takes the girls hand and continues to smile+

" Call me Marah please , no ma'am, or miss Boru. Well nice to meet you Cici. I have a brother named Cici and my youngest daughter we call CeeCee. He seems to do that a lot adopt sisters and brothers. At least you came to me. The other one seems to be a loner except for being a little to close to Abi's half brother. Anyways how did you and my son meet?"

+ Marah looked at the young girl and got a positive feeling for her.+
Marah 03/10/18 +Marah turned around when she heard a young woman's voice. She wasn't sure how to respond but did in her fashionable manner.+

" Yes I am, why what did he do? If its bad then I don't claim him."

+She gave her a soft smile+
Blood Maw 03/08/18 You most welcome.
Blood Maw 03/08/18 That good I like you for you.
Blood Maw 03/08/18 So what got you happy now.
Blood Maw 03/08/18 Me happy for yyou. I grow stronger it be while for that again. but me train to be big wolf.
Blood Maw 03/08/18 Working hard me ranked again. I proud and strong. How be yyou.
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