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07/26/17 at 10:40 am
Gideon Abernathy's Biography

OOC: Props to Penny for my graphic, she's the best.
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Saito Eiji

Penny Blackwell

Quinn Loche

Ella Donovan

Taylor Ainsworth

Hadli Mercer

Last five threads posted in:
Quinn Loche 07/24/17 Reading over the text, Quinn lets loose a thousand watt smile. It had taken a while for her to get the hang of life on her own again, and even longer to adjust to a new home. Gideon made the transition easier.

Thanks, Giddy. Goodnight!
Quinn Loche 07/24/17 Giddy
You'd never lie to me, right?
You're a good person, and good people don't lie.
Catfish are bad.
I think I got this.
Quinn Loche 07/24/17 Giddy
Are catfishes good or bad?
Is it a documentary? Where can I watch it? I love documentaries.
Quinn Loche 07/24/17 Giddy
He's old?
People pretend to be other people on Tinder?
Quinn Loche 07/24/17 Giddy
He came up as a match on Tinder!
Quinn Loche 07/23/17 Giddy
Who is Ron Jeremy?
Ella Donovan 07/21/17 Giddy the Gardener
I thought it was Rodney Alcala. Good job!
Ella Donovan 07/21/17 Giddy the Gardener
OMFG What is that stocky thing outside my window? Is that a person? Wait. wait. False alarm. Do we have scarecrows?
Quinn Loche 07/14/17 Doritos are kind of like crunchy cheetos.
-Tilts head-
But in chip form. Like a close cousin.
-Phone rings-
-Face lights up-
Death and Style 07/14/17
Quinn Loche 07/14/17 -Stares, wide eyes-
...a taco with a dorito shell...
-Slowly puts down the tongs-
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Bright smile-
-Presses one last button-
35 minutes!
-Happily forgets the pineapple thing-
-Pineapple is yuck.-
I bet we could put cheetos on the pizza.
Like that dorito taco from Taco Bell! But pizza.
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Giggles. Blinks. Tilts head.-
-So many reactions-
-Lowers gaze in thought-
-Slooooowly munches another cheeto-
...How about a taco pizza?
-Glances up at, clearly afraid-
-Still smiling. A little. Trying to hide it.-
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 Oh my gosh. Pizza is it's very own food group.
-Nods, pulls out phone-
Lets get one. Right now. Pizza.
-Another cheeto, chews, swiping across screen-
-Pauses- do you feel about pineapple on pizza?
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Looks up at-
-Slow smile, presses lips together-
-Can't. Gives up and laughs-
-Tongs another cheeto-
You can't live off of cheetos. You need real food.
Like burgers. And french fries.
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 Don't worry. I can make something good!
-Grins, accepts tongs-
Thank you.
-Nips a cheeto easily-
-Looks at tongs-
These are so much easier. Why don't they make tong sticks?
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Listens-
-Is attempting to use chopsticks-
-...with both hands-
I bet he could eat cold spaghetti.
Then it'd be stuck together!
-Goes in for the grub-
-Looses a chopstick-
We'll pretend that didn't happen.
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 Agreed. And a spoon. Fork and spoon. No splashing.
-Is mentally preparing to accept chopsticks into life-
-Holds hand out for them, looks worried-
Why aren't you friends with Eiji?
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Watches, bewildered-
-Observes the magic-
-Blinks, takes tentative step forward-
Chopsticks are complicated.
-Squints, nods-
Can you eat spaghetti with them?
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Looks from bag to chopsticks-
-Looks at Gideon, bites lips-
I don't actually know how to use them.
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Nods seriously-
It's brilliant. You're so smart.
-Shakes head in disbelief-
So smart...
Quinn Loche 07/12/17 -Casually walks by-
-Doubles back-
-Snaps picture-
-Looks at screen-
Not bad, Giddy.

Quinn Loche 07/11/17 Giddy
I won't. Promise. If it's okay, can I take them at random? Candids?
Quinn Loche 07/11/17 Giddy
Pretty doesn't always mean interesting. Besides, you're different. And my friend. I don't have any photos of you.
Quinn Loche 07/10/17 Giddy
Would you let me take photos of you?
Quinn Loche 06/17/17 -Reads-
-Screams- GIDDY!
Quinn Loche 06/17/17 Giddy
I was cleaning out my room. Well, I claimed it as my room. I don't know if it is. But there was a big spider, and I smacked it, and it exploded with more spiders.
Am now standing on a chair.
I'm outnumbered.
This is the end.
Quinn Loche 06/17/17 Giddy
I exploded a spider by accident. If I don't make it out alive, I want you to have my Dr. Seuss collection. And my coffee maker.
Ella Donovan 06/09/17 Giddy On
Elouise is a foul beast. I'll send a note to Lufcuh so she knows to build the memorial. Are you ready to face it?? IDK if I am. That mf was scary af.
Ella Donovan 06/09/17 Giddy On
I'm going to name it Elouise.
Hopefully Elouise dies, or crawls out the window..omfg what if it flies?
R.I.P New bathroom walls.
Ella Donovan 06/09/17 Quinn's Party Pal
Are Possoms .. large brown things with orange teeth? Ew. That sounds like a giant sh-t with carrots. I promise it's not that. I'll come scream with you.
Ella Donovan 06/09/17 Quinn's Party Pal
Wtf kind of animal looks like a giant rat with no ears??? PS It's hanging out in the bathroom. OK Maybe it had ears. IDEK I ran away.
Quinn Loche 06/07/17 Group Text: Ella's Party People
Greetings from the Lufcuh! I haven't met some of you yet, and I'm sorry for that! My real name is Quinn. I like moonshine, puppies, and karoake. I'm currently practicing my drinking skills to beat Orson on our next bar trip! If you need anything, let me know!
Quinn Loche 06/03/17 Ghost clothes? I don't have any of those...
-Frowns, considers-
...maybe let's be new ghosts.
-Nods, small smile-
You look perfect, Giddy. Don't change.
Quinn Loche 06/03/17 No, no. You're the genius.
-Laughs, clasps hands together-
I'm gonna go change.
-Offers back bottle-
And get more rum!
Quinn Loche 06/03/17 -Eyes go wide-
-Takes the bottle-
Are we gonna scare 'em?
-Takes a drink, then another-
-Makes a face-
Quinn Loche 06/03/17 Only some rules.
-Nods at his confirmation-
The tour starts at 9. And guess what?
-Biggest smile ever, thinks she's sooo bad-
We're crashing it.
Quinn Loche 06/03/17 -And so, a nickname is born-
-Raises eyebrow, quiet laugh-
Okay. But we're sneaking booze.
-Holds up bagged bottle-
-Whispers- It's rum.
Quinn Loche 06/03/17 -Spins around-
-Spots, smiles bright-
Giddy! Let's go out. We can go on a ghost tour!
Quinn Loche 06/03/17 GIDEON!
-Searching for a Gideon-
-Narrows eyes-
Winter Summers 05/24/17 Again Winter found himself behind hauled off to jail. "Honestly I think you just like putting me in handcuffs. Would it be too much to ask for the fuzzy ones?" His question was responded to by being roughly shoved into his cell. "Should I take that a no or a maybe?" He would proceed to waggle his brows at the cop before they walked off.

He moved to the front of his cell door and glanced down the hall. He waited for the guard to completely disappear from site before he quickly picked his lock. Blue hues looked to the man who was locked up in the cell a cross from his. It would be a shame to let something so nice to look at rot in such a place!

You managed to break out Gideon Abernathy.

"There we are handsome, you are welcome now need to swoon I know I am amazing." Flashes him a smile.
Quinn Loche 05/20/17 Gideon
Okay. I'll see you there in 20?? This is gonna be so fun!
Quinn Loche 05/19/17 Gideon
Wait. Where are we meeting? Is there a dresscode? How do I know which parade? And do they take song requests?
Quinn Loche 05/19/17 Gideon
That includes four of my favorite things! Parades, booze, dancing, and you! Let's go!
Quinn Loche 05/19/17 Gideon
Whew. No scary animals! New Orleans is magic!
Quinn Loche 05/18/17 Gideon
Are there bears in New Orleans?
Ella Donovan 05/13/17 Quinn's Party Pal
Great. Can I count you in on fertilizing the front lawn?
Ella Donovan 05/13/17 Quinn's Party Pal
Are you good at gardening?
Quinn Loche 05/08/17 -Has a big grin on her face-
I borrowed them from the main house.
-She gives a gentle shrug-
No one there to ask, though.
-Looks at him-
I also borrowed from your room. Thanks, Gideon!
Quinn Loche 05/07/17 -Has built one hell of a fort in the mutual living area-
-Sits in the center of the structure-
-Pillows. Pillows everywhere.-
Quinn Loche 05/07/17 -Glances between phone and Gideon-
-Hesitates before refiltering-
-Pushes the button-
...$600 a night. Two bedroom cottage on some estate.
Huge beds.
Ohmygod. There's a treehouse bunkbed.
Quinn Loche 05/06/17 I've been learning all sorts of stuff.
-Nodding, she pulls out her phone and opens the app-
-Holds it out so he can see, too-
We can stay at any of these places.
-Glances up at-
It costs more for actual beds, though.
Quinn Loche 05/06/17 You slept on the floor!?
-Glances around-
-Looks at, leans in-
A last minute AirBNB.
Quinn Loche 05/06/17 Of course you are!
-Glances around-
Have you worked out the living arrangements yet? I slept on some random couch last night.
Quinn Loche 05/06/17 Eiji is really quiet, but I think we're friends?
-Assumes he's joking-
-Actually, hopes. Because friends are forever.-
-Beams up at him-
I'm so glad you're here. I never met Ella before this. Or anyone else here. Will you be my party buddy, whenever those happen?
Quinn Loche 05/06/17 But you were always... huh.
-Purses lips in thought-
But we're friends, right? Please?
Quinn Loche 05/06/17 -Fastest like ever. Totally satisfied he's real.-
I'm good! Alive, like you. Where is Eiji? Are you two still friends?!
-Very, very concerned now.-
Quinn Loche 05/06/17 -Gasps. Smiles. Squeals.-
This is so awesome! How are you?!
-Reaches it with the intent to poke his arm-
-Must make sure he's real.-
Quinn Loche 05/05/17 -Passes-
Ella Donovan 05/04/17
Penny Blackwell 05/01/17 Chin still pointed high as she stared up towards him, pale pink lips continue to smile as she looked to him. Soon a small bundle resting within her lap would begin to move about, stop and again start. No sound along with no real rapid moving but both of her hands were exposed, so it wasn't that.


Giggling a bit as the kitten had exposed itself. "This is Phineas." She'd pet on the kitten as she focused on the feline for the moment before again glancing up towards Gideon, sweetly.

Penny Blackwell 05/01/17 Looks up slowly, smiling as she watched Gideon approach her. Penny's calm demeanor was almost eerie, mostly due to the fact she was so quiet and so content with being so. Sitting so patiently upon a park bench in the late afternoon, an over cast of dark clouds began to drift and take over the sky above them.

Saito Eiji 04/26/17 'Sup fam.
Katarina Valentine 04/26/17 You're welcome...If you need anything just let me know
Katarina Valentine 04/26/17 Welcome to the realm
Penny Blackwell 04/26/17 Hadn't noticed a thing. Penny's guard was off.

Hands lifted to rest upon her hips. "If that word slips, so might my hand." She'd warn though wasn't sure if her tiny structure was much of a threat to the man. Thin brows wrinkled as she attempted to peek within his palm casually as he scribbled something, unsure of what he was doing exactly. Paper was felt within her palm as he had squeezed her hand once more and as he moved, she'd curiously investigate this paper noticing a number on it. Did he just give her his number? He had known the lessons were but a joke.

Tucking in her lower lip between her teeth as he spoke, she'd nod. "Yes, of course, Pupil

." Watched as he backed away and had departed from their interaction, she'd slowly begin to venture off still staring down at the tiny paper; thinking.
Penny Blackwell 04/26/17 Rose tinted lips would purse together tightly as she tried to hold back a toothy grin, to also pretend some sense of seriousness which was typically very hard for her.. he was making it even harder. "Oh, yes? All the other bad stuff? You look like the type that has been throwing the word 'ma'am' around like a loaded a pistol." She'd teasingly tsk as she shook her head, playing with him a bit. Penny never approached many. Self proclaimed Queen of the Valley of Misfits, she took pride in noticing the diamonds in the rough that others perhaps looked over for whatever reason.

Outright laughed as he called her out on her look of distraught when he spoke that cryptic word that added about twenty years to her life. "I'll look over that hiccup for now." Her giggles faded, staring at him for just a second after he asked for her guidance in the art of a woman's mind. "I don't know if I can tell you such delicate information. People have died for less." Brows waggled.

"I'm not going to be your pimp, though! I draw the line there."

Penny Blackwell 04/26/17 Penny had never been one for hiding her emotions or thoughts. Some would call it a fault of her character but she felt it made her 'real' even if it may come off as insulting at times. It was never her intention. If she was going to be rude and hateful, you'd know, but that wasn't hardly ever her demeanor. Accepting his hand in hers while delicate fingertips ran along the outside of his grip. "Sorry. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate your kindness, of course. Just don't ever, -never- call me 'ma'am'. It hurts my heart a bit." Had been a tiny bit serious with the last statement as her hand had dropped back to her side. "You might give me a complex."

His manners again proved to be much better than her own as he offered up his entire name. "Sorry. Blackwell. Penny Blackwell. That is my whole name." Acknowledging her ridiculousness at the moment, she couldn't help but mock his very own grin with one herself. Spreading across her features, even flooding her cerulean hues with delight. "Never break yourself of something good.. and attractive in a person."

Penny Blackwell 04/26/17 Cringed as the word 'ma'am' slipped past his lips with ease as if he never even hesitated. Most considered her to be a child. Most likely he was just being just as too generous with his kindness as he accused her of being.

"Not sure if that is true or not but you'll always have my kindness.. as long as you never call me 'ma'am' again." Placing much emphasis on the word to make a point. With that said, her right arm would shoot out to offer the man her hand. "My name is Penny."

Penny Blackwell 04/26/17 "You're welcome just the same."
Penny Blackwell 04/26/17 "Welcome."
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