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William Vance
Killed: August 28, 2019 at 12:12 am EDT
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Born: July 21, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt

William Vance's Biography
Two words: Were-Puma. Wait...that's one word.
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Last five threads posted in:
Merida Campbell 07/24/19 Merida was going thru her mail from Addie and Tiber. Taking a deep breath she made her way to various members to introduce herself and to say hello. She spied one of the newest to the Den "Hello.... I'm Merida. Good to see a friendly face."
Averly Godfrey 07/22/19 Vance?
Like Vance Refrigeration?
A friend of Bob's is a friend of mine.
Welcome to the Realm.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
The blood test results would be interesting.
You just mentioned it. We're all, ah, unique here. Don't take a chunk out of me when you go kitty cat and we'll be gold.
I mean, if younger men are your thing...
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
You must have killer calves.
Nah, there are worse things to be aroused by. Like Taylor Swift.
Be out in a jiffy.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
Why didn't you say so? Jfc.
Where, exactly, are you? I'll come out and meet you.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
Such modesty.
Why would I? I barely know you and you haven't given me a reason.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
I'll be the judge of the smiles.
Never Enough is the runner up favorite. Gives me goosebumps.
I bet you could hit those notes with assistance, but I'm not that mean.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
Well, it's settled. I'm keeping you.
We're gonna sing all the songs, and I dunno... the man is pretty damn sexy. My favorite song is Rewrite The Stars.
Tiber Loche 07/22/19 So, like.
What kind of hair gel do you use?
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
F-ckin rude.
The acceptable thing was to start singing with you.
I have one condition to this so called night of culture:
We watch The Greatest Showman, too.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
Really? Wonder why.
Oh well. Their loss.
Alright, I know what Highschool Musical is but never seen it.
I swear I wasn't born under a rock.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Liam
Hah! Well, snooze you lose.
Welcome to the Den. You should have your own cabin, too.
One of them should give you the grand tour. My cabin is close-ish to Tiber's. He's the large blonde man running about if you haven't met him yet.
Adara Litvinova 07/22/19 We do have a wearbear! We're all inclusive. Even had a vampire once. -stares, enjoys cookie a lots, almost forgets to shake his hand- You'll meet all sorts of odd and interesting people. Makes life fun! It's a pleasure to meet you Liam, and welcome home!
Adara Litvinova 07/22/19 -noms cookie. Ecstatically.- Um... Well, probably the same feelings I have for werepenguins. -grins- Haven't seen it, but so onboard!
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 It's... new. Still trying to figure it out myself, to be honest. They seem like good people.
-gives a lopsided smile-
They'll fix that if you decide to come.
Adara Litvinova 07/22/19 -holds hand out- Share, please.
-is always hungry-
-distracted easily too-
RIGHT! Pack, family, cult... we're pretty much all of it. We have each others backs when sh-t hits the fan and also throw some pretty outrageous parties. And make our own booze. Well, Tiber does. -nods more and waits on cookie-
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 Everyone starts out starts out as some rando.
-looks thoughtful-
I may have a suggestion.
-pulls a Lycans Den card from back pocket-
If you're interested in a change of pace, contact one of these two. I'll be there. Oh, in the mean time...
-scribbles name and cell number on the back-
-hands it over-
Call or text me any time.
Adara Litvinova 07/22/19 OH! So, that works? Nice to know. -blinks- Sooo, Lycan's Den, not just a normal bar where everyone in our family drinks for free. But, we do have nice little homes for everyone. Most of them are still standing. I think. -rambles- Right, so, I'm Addie and you can always just stop by anytime. And stay. Like Hotel California. -nods sagely-
Adara Litvinova 07/22/19 HEY! You look homeless! -pauses- Not to say you look like you need a bath and a meal or anything. Ummm. -thinks- Free drinks for life?
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 You are terrible. I love it.
I've never seen a single episode of Grey's Anatomy.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 -blinks-
-blushes slowly-
I... did not expect that. Well played.
-clears throat-
There's already a Mr. Pretty running around, sorry to say, so we'll have to find a different title for you.
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 -grins-
Friendly... hungry... whichever.
-offers her hand-
I'm Cadence and I won't try to take a bite out of you.
Tiber Loche 07/22/19 *squints*
Oh... OH yeah... *clears throat*
That one guy, from that one High School. Definitely see it now. *has no idea wtf he's talking about*
Cadence LeBlanc 07/22/19 I'd welcome you but it smells like I don't need to, so I'll just say good luck. Cheers.
Tiber Loche 07/22/19 *wanders through, armed with a tennis racket*
What the hell dude. Are you famous or something?
Caitlyn Darrow 07/21/19
LillyEmperium 07/21/19 On behalf of Sine Metu, Welcome to the Realm.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 "You're quite welcome, handsome. If you need any assistance, look me up." She gave him a wink and a coy smile.
Caitlyn Darrow 07/21/19 *trips*
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 Welcome to the Realm
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