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Aubry Daniels 09/01/19 Aubry was mad, that was true enough, but she also loved Jay. Sighing she makes the couch a bit more comfortable, giving him pillows and a blanket. She sets a fresh change of clothing out for him as well. Heading into the kitchen she brings back out a hot plate of fresh fish and veggies she had been growing herself. She places it on the table next to a glass of water and a couple pills.

Strightening herself up she makes her way to the bedroom and closes the door behind her. Crawling into the bed she snuggles deep, grabbing his pillow from his side and cuddling into it as she had every night since he left her.
Aubry Daniels 08/28/19 "I will put your clothes on the couch. Hell I might even be nice enough to give you a blanket." Aubry turned to head back inside. Pausing she turned to look at him. "Pull something like this again Mr. Moon, and it won't matter how much I love you. I will kill you myself."
Aubry Daniels 08/28/19 "And your first thought was to drown in whatever liquud came your way instead of coming home? Damn it, Jay. Even in death I stayed devoted to you. Hoping like hell the gravedigger had gotten something wrong. That at any minute you would come through the door with that smirk of yours. And you turn to the god damn bottle." Aubry's chest heaved as she spoke her eyes glaring at him. "I love you but you can sleep on the couch or at the god damn bar."
Aubry Daniels 08/28/19 "Sorry? How long have you been back? How long before you were going to tell me you were back? How long, Jay?" Aubry stared at him still in disbelief that he was actually here. Yes, she was mad. Yes she was hurt and though it was probably the most irrational thing she had ever done, she threw something at him. Not just anything. No it had to be a dead f*cking fish of all things.
Aubry Daniels 08/26/19 Aubry heard he had come back from the dead. Not from him, because why would he tell his wife he was back. Every day she had visited his grave. Every day she had cried and wished like hell he would return to her. And here he was in the flesh. She stood looking at him, looking like hell herself. Her cheeks were tear stained, her eyes blood shot, and she had lost a little weight. She opened her mouth several times to speak and could not form the words. After all what did you say to the man you were devoted to even after he had died?
Aubry Daniels 07/25/19 He would be granted one of her rarest of smiles, green orbs dancing lightly. In between kisses she would speak softly. "Welcome home, Jay. Later I welcome you proper." She threw a wink in his direction before speaking again. "Congratulations, Mr. Moon. I love you."
Aubry Daniels 07/19/19 She quietly sneaks up on him, seeing his return. Launching herself onto his back best she could, Aubry covers his face in kisses. "I've missed you. " Under statement of the year but can't blame a girl right?
Aubry Daniels 07/19/19 Quietly sneaks up on him and launches herself onto his back the best she can. Quickly covers his cheeks in kisses. "I have missed you." Understatement of the year but hey it was all she could think of.
Phantom_ 07/15/19 Hides behind a tree with a rope leading to a massive box and stick trap, his bait being a massive supply of jack and beef jerky.
Aubry Daniels 06/09/19 She grins as she hears his voice. Her heart skips before jumping rapidly. Turning to face him in the doorway she makes her way to where he stands.

Standing up on the tips of her toes she kisses him, 'planting one' on him so to speak. Stepping down she winks and grins at him. "I believe I just did. Let people talk."
Aubry Daniels 06/06/19 There were a few things she could do on her own. One was to make sure he had sustenance. They both knew he would need it. Standing there she held it to him.

"Figured you may need this."
Aubry Daniels 05/28/19 She let his words sink in for a moment. 1100 lb bear. She tried to picture it but knew somehow she would only fall short of doing it any justice."Right behind you darling. After all you seem to know where you are headed and I can admire the view." She grins and makes a flourishing gesturing for him to go first.
Adara Litvinova 05/26/19 YES! We can have people tacos again!!
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 She slips the jacket from her shoulders and begins to feel down her neck and shoulder. Her eyes light up and for the second time in a few hours she finds herself throwing her arms around him. "Do you know what that means? I'm free. They can't track me now."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 She places a hand on his arm. "All that noise, that was you?" Yeah he just admitted to leaving a certain person as a present for her. As that finally hit her she blinks several times. "Wait? What? You killed, Axel?" The name like bile in her throat as she spoke.
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 He wasn't forcing anything upon her nor forcing her to do anything. Even as every part of her screamed to run, to go as far as she could, it was like she was being held in place. Green eyes looked at him as she bit her lip lightly. A million different thoughts racing through her head it was making it hard to focus. Without thinking another thought she found herself blurting out,"Want company?" A blush moved to her cheeks as she tried to figure out where that thought had come from. As her mind actually began to focus her eyes widen and reality hit her. "Wait? How did you know I would escape through my window and to meet me at this exact point?"
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 Shock would register across her face first. Before she could think about what was she doing she dropped her bag at her feet. Standing on tiptoe she wrapped her arms about his neck. Kissing him hard and deep she would reluctantly step back. She could continue to run like she had for so long or she could finally take a stand. She stood there looking at him before speaking. "I liked the idea of you kidnapping me but we don't always get our way."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 Shock would register across her face first. Before she could think about what was she doing she dropped her bag at her feet. Standing on tiptoe she wrapped her arms about his neck. Kissing him hard and deep she would reluctantly step back. She could continue to run like she had for so long or she could finally take a stand. She stood there looking at him before speaking. "I liked the idea of you kidnapping me but we don't always get our way."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 "I know no other way. Take care of yourself, Jay. And don't let anyone change you. You are fine the way you are." She sighs and with a nod turns to head down the street.
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 "Well you showed up. I've seen at dawn so I would say plan b was executed. But now it is time for me to go." She looked at him and then back at the street. "The sooner the better in fact." She smiles lightly. Standing on tip toe she hoped to catch him off guard as she brushed her lips across his cheek. "Thanks for everything. Perhaps we will cross paths again."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 ****! Caught again. She was seriously getting worse about leaving unnoticed. She grins sheepishly as she blushed deeply. "Thank you." She reaches for the coffee. "With all the commotion I should have known you would be up."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 During the late night commotion and her slip out the window they would find a note left in room 113. It was short and had 2 single words wrote upon it in large letters. 'TIME'S UP'. Check mate.
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 She stands there listening to his words. One thing she had in abundance was patience and she would make him sweat. She pats her jean pockets and smirks. "Sorry no number to give you. Phones mean ties and yeah well you know. Guess you are going to have to come up with plan b. I will be here until dawn and then who knows which way the wind will blow me in next."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 She leans forward inching closer to him as she speaks again. One eyebrow lifted in amusement as she not only teased but goaded him as well. "I'm a big bad killer. Make the big bad wolfs look like babies. I eat people who cross me. Snap their heads off their shoulders. Boo hooo. I wallow in my decisions because I know no other way. And people can't handle it." She smirks. "Know what I say fuk em. If they can't handle someone at their worst they sure in the hell don't deserve them at their best. You talk a big game about kidnapping and how you have your big boy pants on but you know what I see." She leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose before abruptly standing and grabbing her bag. "I see a grown man afraid of taking chances because of what he may have or may have not done in his past. I see a grown man who can talk the talk but has yet to walk the walk." As she reaches his side of the table she leans down to whisper against his ear. "He didn't make it to the point of getting into my pants either. I'm not that easy." Standing back up she smirked. "Enjoy the rest of your cold coffee, now darling."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 "So you get **** faced and puke your guts out or can't remember three days at a time due to some pills you popped. Big fricking boo hoo. You don't run from that baggage in the physical sense. You don't wish that everytime you closed your eyes it would be the last so you no longer had to deal with it. You drink. So drink. You like to get doped up on drugs that are prescribed then get doped up. But don't think for a second that someone can't handle it because of your ****ty luck with women. At least they don't pretend to be your best friend to get in your pants and then i stantly regret it when they wake the next morning. It takes time for them to walk away. One day you will realize some women are built of sterner stuff." Nope, didn't make her run. Just brought her temper to the surface but she remained where she had been since they sat at tje table.
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 "Scats are also ones way of keeping others away. Hence lone wolf. Most see the scars and tuck tail, running in the opposite direction. Scars tell people 'Look at me and all the baggage I carry'. Not many can handle it." She takes a deep drink from the mug before setting it on the table. Green eyes challenged him as she spoke, unable to help herself in his presence. He brought the playful nature out and yet irritated her all the same. "Again can't kidnap the willing but think I may have changed my mind on the willing part." She teased. Hell she hadn't changed her mind about a damn thing but you couldn't blame a girl for trying.
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 She sat back in the chair and took a drink from her cup. Green eyes slide shut as she inhales deeply. Removing the leather jacket from her frame to just the tank top beneath she speaks. "I lived through the unimagineable. Death called me several times as the scats can show. And yet here I am. I have lived on the run for 6 years. Never stopping for more than a week in one spot. I survived on berries and over dried jerky for 6 years. So when I say you don't scare me, the other side of you don't scare me, I mean every word." She picks her mug up and drinks from it as if she hadn't just shown a male who she had simply met a few days prior, her deepest secret. Though not all of the scars were visible and mostly just the start of them showed, it was still something she hid mostly.
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 She was thankful she had yet to take a drink of the dark hot liquid as she snorts. "Is that the newest scare tactic?" She leans forward as she drops her voice, her green eyes twinkling mischievously. "You can't kidnap the willing and you don't scare me."
Aubry Daniels 05/25/19 She takes the seat he pulled out for her. Once he is seated she smirks softly. He left himself wide open for what she was about to sag and well he wasn't the only one who could tease. Of course it was not like her to tease in anyway and yet she couldn't stop herself. "If I didn't know better darling, I would say you are trying to keep me in one place. Perhaps so you can bump into me again at a later date?" A soft chuckle left her lips as she looked at him.
Phantom_ 05/24/19 “In any event, it’s good seeing you back where you belong man. Welcome home!” He grins and gives Jayden a big hug before patting him on the back.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 "Perhaps so. However being a lone wolf for so long makes it difficult to be a part of something. Maybe in time if I find the right place that fits." She shrugged again.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 She had opted for just plain black. Taking it when she finished she steps back and watches him. "I am sure a coven or sanctuary as you call it could be helpful. But you've met me and so far I have not been exactly socially adept. Mostly the opposite." She flashed a soft smile that reached her eyes. "Besides being a sanctuary means it is easier to get tabs on me." Small shoulders shrugged softly. "But I am interested in this masking thing."
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 "A controlling alpha father and the man he promised me to 12 years ago." She walks with him to stand in the line. Her eyes dart around but nearly as frantically as they had previously. "Should they actually find me this time, it will be more than torture to endure." She shrugged lightly as if it was something she had come to accept and in her own way she had. Didn't mean she liked the idea or welcomed it.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 She couldn't deny that she had indeed been surveying all exits as he had caught her. Her cheeks flame bright red and she bites her lower lip. Throwing her hands up in defeat she hmphs. "You caught me. Old habits are hard to break. I will come with you. I promise I will be on my best behavior."
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 "Mighty Mouse?" She raises a dark eyebrow in his direction. "I am neither a mouse nor mighty. Just a survivor." She grins as she looks at him and then to the coffee shop. Taking a quick inventory of the exits and amount of people inside she nods softly. "Coffee does sound rather nice." Like she needed to be more jittery than she already was.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 "Not going up. Staying ground level. Makes escape easier." She clears her throat stepping back. After all everyone needed personal space. He was no different just because he was a man. As her thoughts began to wander again she forced them to focus. "I never stay in one place long and that includes continents. Makes it harder to track by scent."
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 Cheeks turned bright red as harlequin green eyes seemed to look up for miles before they landed on a familiar face. Thank goodness it was simply him and not someone else. She shakes her head lightly. "No no. I ran into you this time I am afraid. Must have been due to the creep at the counter. My apologies. I am usually more aware of my surroundings. Have to be." And now she was rambling. Great. Just the way she wanted to start her experience in New York. Barreled into the broad chest of a man she barely knew and now rambling like an idiot making the situation worse.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 "Rm 113, Miss." The young clerk flashed her a flirty grin as he slid the key away. A dark brow raised as she snorted. "Give it up junior. I would smell you coming a mile away and I assure you by the time you hit my door there would be no trace I had ever been there." She grabbed her key and her duffel and turned to look at him over her shoulder."Besides might want to stick to those in your own league. You have a better chance."

She was still shaking her head as she hauled her duffel over her shoulder and headed across the lobby. Her head had been done into she ran right into a brick wall of a man. Her small 5'1 frame hit hard at least hard to her but most likely barely touched him. "Errr, sorry. Wasn't paying attention to where I was going." Which was stupid of her. What if the big burly male she had bumped into had been the exact one she had been running from?
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 Alcohol was not her forte. Hard to stay alive and on the move if your brain was addled with alcohol. True it kept memories she would rather bury at bay but it also made her an easy target. She had no expectations or why she had even come to New York except for a change of pace. It was easier to get lost in a crowded place and New York was definitely crowded.

She stepped into the lobby of the hotel. She had requested a room on the first floor after studying the blueprints of the building. If needed she could jump through the window and survive the fall from the first floor. She had precautions every where she went. It was the safest way to survive.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 New York. The big apple, so they say. Aubry stepped from the plane and looked about. What was the appeal of this place? She shook her dark locks headed for baggage. She wanted to explore the world and this was just one stop in her long line of stops. The life of a wolf on the run she supposed. Finding her duffel bag she hauled it up and decided to make the most of her adventure. After all, that is what life was. An adventure.
Phantom_ 05/24/19 His eyes turn to a light yellow as he nods, “Been there, the only difference is I think they found my anger a little too much. I nearly wiped out the Russian secret service and then the Chinese special forces.”
Phantom_ 05/24/19 With a snap of his fingers the mace is gone as he grins, “Man it’s been a blue moon since I saw you last! Where the hell you been?!” He hugs the man while chuckling evilly.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 "See that you do darling. I am sure you are being missed." She offered another smile as she turned to walk away once more. "Again be careful. You never know what is out there." She teased as she threw a wink over her shoulder.
Aubry Daniels 05/24/19 She watches briefly before extending a small hand. "A pleasure Jayden. I am Aubry. You are welcome for the help. And since I have a nasty habit of not staying in one place for long, I am sure our paths may cross again."
Phantom_ 05/23/19 “GHOST!!” He pulls out a can of pepper spray and shoots it at the man before blinking, “Wait...Jay? You’re back?”
Aubry Daniels 05/23/19 She smiles softly, the smile lighting up her green eyes. "You are welcome. May you stay safe in your travels and you make it to your destination safely."
Aubry Daniels 05/23/19 She glances down at the map and then back up at him. "If I am not mistaken it is this one here." She traces her finger along one of the lines that meets the interstate.
Aubry Daniels 05/23/19 "You are quite welcome, Sir." A soft nod and smile would accompany her words before she waved lightly. Turning she began to head off in the direction she had come.
Ciaran_M_Boru 05/23/19 Ah there is a old face. Welcome back
Marah Whitmoore 05/23/19 Welcome back to the realm
Briahne Christiann 05/23/19 Welcome back.
LillyEmperium 05/23/19 Welcome back Jayden.... been awhile
Aubry Daniels 05/23/19 "Welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay."
Geoffrey Drake 05/23/19 Welcome to the Realm!
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