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You don't believe me when I had told you about my daughters getting hurt. Don't attack me while I'm online Thank you
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Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary

Calico's Biography
Deep in the Shendi forests stood a camp of the blood moon mamba's. The Inkosi and his mate await the arrival of the daughter Calico as it was for seen by the Sangoma (witch doctor).
When she placed her hand upon swollen belly of the Inkosi's wife during a ceremony to find out if the baby was a female. Flashing her razor sharp teeth of the mamba tribe, she spoke of a female warrior.
Many years later, a young woman runs through the shendi forests hunting for deer. Dressed in a furs and carrying a bow an arrows. Her skin white as bosk milk and eyes of pale emeralds. Her hair color of wheat, calico was a tare beauty and many mamba males wanted her to be theirs. She didn't want to be owned by any of them but then one day she was spotted by another Inkosi of the nearby camp named the black talons.

Calico's father was taken to his death bed and sent an order that his only daughter was to be mated to the male named Chaos. With a heavy heart, she agreed to the marriage. After the mating ceremony, Cali and her mate retired to the hut to consummate their union. Nine moons later, Cali gave birth to rare twins that both were seers of past and present.
Ice and Imashe were both beautiful like their mother but had fierce tempers on them. Each of them would die in order to protect the other. That was until one day, a warrior from the northern part of gor came and took Imashe. Sending Ice insane with grief of the loss of her sister.
She then also disappeared on a hunting trip, Calico and Chaos's hearts broke in two.
Claimed:AluKarde StrongClaw

The greatest steals to date.

You were successful in stealing $3,549.00 from Pheenyx.

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NeighborhoodAwakening In A New Place - The StrongClaw Appears
Created by Gryzus StrongClaw
NeighborhoodBottom's Up Bar
Created by Murmur
Pheenyx 10/27/20 "Hey pocketpicker, someone mentioned that you have news of the latest murder? Care to share?"
Shannon Taylor 10/26/20 The waxing Blue moon, with Samhain only days away. It could be the only reason for the the murders plaguing the realm. At least it was the only thing that made sense. With notebook to hand, Shannon went in search of the latest witness to observe the vile act.

"Excuse me Miss? Sorry to disturb, but I understand you were there and observed the latest act of carnage. Might you please let me know what exactly you saw?"

Josie Janson 10/26/20 So many murders... So many witnesses and the information had begun to turn into a convoluted mess. Unable to tell one case from the other, Josie looked down at the brief notes she had taken and scratched her nose. Fark!! There was another one in Paris, and it would all just become even more confusing. *folds the paper and sighs*

"Scuse me Miss. Do you have any idea what happened?"
Damian Veron 10/26/20 "Excuse me, dearie. There's news that you've witnessed a gruesome murder?"
Pheenyx 10/25/20 Leaves.
Pheenyx 10/25/20 "Tickle? Tickle. No one is tickling me. Death. Horrendous, brutal, gory death." She snorts and decides on wearing pants with pockets no more.
Pheenyx 10/25/20 But of course. "Well, tell him to pay for the next round of wardrobe then. And keep your grubby hands outta my pockets. Cali-free zone." Another smirk.
Pheenyx 10/25/20 Looks at the successful steal stat. Looks at Cal. Looks at the steal stat. Shifty eyes. "I want to see what shiny you buy with all that keesh "Missy"." Smirks. Huffs, turns, walks away grumbling.
Farren Seaver 10/19/20 Farren had been on the hunt for her seal skin when she had come across a murder so foul; it should have made her a little squemish about being out and about like this but when you have a Siren for a mother.... A little death doesn't mean much.

"So, I was out hunting down males, because who else would have taken my seal skin, right? And I thought I had found one that was very sketchy. Young male, maybe late teens. But I was WRONG. That was totally a woman. And wow, was she ever good. The man paid no mind to bleeding everywhere, but kept rambling on and on and on. It was like he was hypnotized. I wonder if she could help me find what I'm looking for. She seemed like she could. If you can find her, that would be helpful to me. And if you see anyone else looking strange with a seal skin..."

Probably keeps rambling as she walks off...
LillyEmperium 10/13/20 Looking to her, Lilly shook her head* he got you a little bit darling. I believe you may need to feed more for it to heal though
LillyEmperium 10/12/20 *watching she whispered* go ahead
LillyEmperium 10/10/20 Some be tasty....some bitter....but most can be nasty
LillyEmperium 10/10/20 *seeing her Lilly whispered* careful
Murmur 10/08/20 She smiles and looks at the gift basket " Thank you so much iam sure we will love everything in here." She smiles giving her anther pet.
Murmur 10/08/20 Mur herd a visior at her door she opens up with a smile " Oh hello." She smiles giving her a pet and steps to the side to let her in.
Savannah McCarthy 10/05/20 One would think that witnessing a few murders would be a traumatic experience for most people, but Savannah was not most people. Not when she's been around the block a few hundred times since the damn Dark Ages. Could she have helped those poor souls? Maybe, maybe not. Savannah was human now though and she wasn't about to become a victim herself.

She was told she would have to give her statement to those who asked, she when she was approached by those seeking answers, she told them exactly what she saw, "A crown sat on top of the murderer's head. Her face was hidden by the shadows. Yes, I'm quite positive the murderer was female...however, I could smell a strong scent of...burning moss and a lot of alcohol at each murder scene.
Pheenyx 09/29/20 "It wasn't him today, but it might be him tomorrow. He's a dirty boy." Grins.
Ice Queen 09/23/20 Looking up at her mother as she watched her near the babies "thank you momma, I know ye miss papa as do I and imashe" she hugged her mother tightly as she looked at her newborn daughters
AluKarde StrongClaw 09/17/20 Thank you
The Xenomorph 09/10/20 Hovers tail tip over Kill button
Whooo'sssss Hissssssing Noooww?
Jared 09/04/20 *he put his hands up in mock defense and mouthed* scary
Jared 09/04/20 *shrugs* nosey female *he sticks out his tongue*
Jared 09/04/20 Somethings are worth being annoyed over female
Gabe Marlowe 08/29/20 *Gabe laughs* Age doesn't matter to me, darling. Hair is beautiful, no matter the age.
Gabe Marlowe 08/27/20 Excuse me, miss? *Gabriel smiles* I wanted to let you know that I think you have very beautiful hair.
Raoul Silverblade 08/22/20 Congratulations on your monthly profile of the day *Raoul said chuckling*
Ice Queen 08/22/20 Momma, I swear you cause trouble in a tiny cave on ye own *ice grinned* congratulations momma
-Savannah- 08/22/20 Congratulations again on making the most wanted Cali
imashe 07/24/20 Well done momma for being profile of the day
Ice Queen 07/24/20 "Momma, what ye do?" Looks around for the warriors "congratulations momma on Profile of day"
Asger Thorbergsson 07/24/20 "the place in the spotlight is well deserved mother in law" Asger says to her smiling
Raoul Silverblade 07/24/20 Congratulations on Profile of the Day *cheers*
-Savannah- 07/24/20 Congratulations on making most wanted
Azreal 07/19/20 Azreal open the door and see the deer with the note he waves a hand and exotic fruits and veggies appear with a note Thank you I love deer meat enjoy the fruits and veggies with the meat.
Azreal 07/18/20 He leans against the wall " It has been long time since iv return to my home and i though it was time to do so. Iv also never see you here before. Thus I am Azreal pleasure." He smiled.
Azreal 07/18/20 Azreal gazes over at the lioness in amusement and claps " Well done."
Briahne Christiann 06/15/20 Welcome to the Realm, I hope things turn out for you. If you need help settling in or need any other assistance, ask around...someone, somewhere can at least guide you.
LillyEmperium 06/15/20 Welcome to the realm
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