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"You know there are no such things as demons.

There is only my kind.

You are not wise enough to fear me as I should be feared.

You do not know the first note of the music that moves me."

Nabumot's Biography
((WIP or something. Will play with it later.))

Nabumot is somewhat of a mystery. His name's etymology seems to be derived from a combination of two "Near Eastern" deities, one being "Mot", a god of the underworld and personification of Death, the other being "Nabu", a god of intellect, records, and bookkeeping. Nabumot is of the Gallu variety of demon, more specifically a 'Hunter', or Sharur whose purpose was initially to procure unwilling souls for the underworld by any means necessary. He would trick, cajole, or outright drag the metaphysical embodiment of a human into the Lands of the Dead at which point the Seven Chiefs, (the Main Gallu) would gain in power from the tormented souls. Many of the Gallu could be appeased by sacrifice upon the altar with the blood of lambs fresh from the mother's womb but Nabumot was and is quite different. The blood of a virgin after her first flowering but before her second was and is required to appease his rapacious lust until the next time he feels the need to rise. Perhaps it is quite lucky for humanity that he has been dormant for some centuries now
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Dempsey Kasdeya

Last five threads posted in:
Lilim 11/04/17 "Easy prey is all around us Nabumot. It's just learning to decipher what's not so easy." She shrugs softly. She was curious to see his reaction and so leaning close she whispered a single name. "Lillith." Stepping back she smirks giving him a light wave. "'Til we meet again Nabumot." Smirking she turns to leave.
Lilim 11/03/17 Tainted? Hmmm, possible due to the origin of her creation but she was by far, perhaps one of the last remaining 'innocents' of the realm. Smiling she shows no emotions towards his words of being tainted nor of her flesh being ripped from the bone. Instead she responds in like. "Perhaps my dear, Nabumot, you would find it not so easy to accomplish. But that is another matter altogether. If I may be so bold to ask, what are your intentions in coming to this place?"
Lilim 11/03/17 "Nabumot?" His name rolls of her tongue eloquently. Not taking his words as insults she steps fully from the shadows. "Most know me simply as Lilim, but you may call me by my true name. I go by Mera these days." She would extend a single hand in his direction after giving him a name in which he could call her.
Lilim 11/03/17 Soft laughter falls forth as she shakes her head. Blue hues dance with her laughter. "Hardly. As far as I'm concerned he can rot wherever it is he chooses to 'rule'. I have no inclinations of being one of his disciples. I couldn't stand him when I was imprisoned in hell. That won't change now that he walks about the rest of them." She paused for a moment, a slender finger tapping her chin as she thinks momentarily. "No, my intentions do not lie with a man that had only proved he is good at falling. Let's just say I'm still exploring this realm and have yet to place my intentions anywhere."
Lilim 11/02/17 "You are correct. So let me start by saying, I apologize for making an assumption before meeting the person in which I assumed. As for why I would assume you were here for havoc and chaos, let's just say since ******* of hell and yes I'm referring to _Lucifer_ arrived here many of his followers did as well. My inclination is they are planning a mass take over like none have ever seen." She shrugs her small shoulders before continuing. "Of course this is just another assumption of mine and holds no true merit."
Lilim 10/27/17 The corners of her mouth would inch upwards into a smile. Remaining quiet long enough to weigh his words she nods. "Pick my brain? Interesting concept. One I see nothing wrong with. I don't stay far from these parts of this massive place so I'm easy to find. I can't say my answers well be what you are looking for but I will answer whatever it is you desire to know."
Lilim 10/26/17 "Nay, a lack of will is not my weak point, I assure you. I have many weak points, just don't tend to show them much. As for my plan coming to fruition, I have no plan to get involved. I chose to come here for a different kind of peace, not watch a war unfold."
Lilim 10/26/17 She snorts. "Aye and we're famous for our kind deeds and words? Look around you. We have undead mating with mortals, angels and demons being friends, and other obscene gestures. Was only hoping someone was fixing to stir things up and make it a little more normal. Forgive me for assuming." Ass. She turned on her heel to leave him to his own sour bitterness that radiated off him.
Lilim 10/26/17 Blue hues watch from the shadows before a snicker follows. "Seems they let anyone out these days. Come to wreak chaos and havoc or are you just going to sit back and watch?" A single blonde eyebrow raises as she steps from the shadows. Placing her hands on small hips she waits impatiently for an answer.
Autumn Summers 10/13/17 Welcome to the realm.
Blaize E Summers 10/12/17 A scarlet brow arched at the male's unusual response. Was every man in this god forsaken place so rude with introductions? Crimson orbs met with the creature's eyes, sharing in intensity. Whatever this being was it had been around his kind enough to 'smell' their species. Impressive. "I wouldn't say tainted. I would say improved." A sly grin spread across the man's pale mask. One must never show their true face unless a situation called for it. This interaction was no different.
Blaize E Summers 10/12/17 "Welcome to the Realm."
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