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Born: December 20, 2010 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
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12/25/18 at 3:34 am
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person
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Edward Brollachan
Mallory Quarters
Blood Demon

Amethyst Boru


Siobhan Boru



Dark Vagor

Last five threads posted in:
Addison 12/24/18 Just a heads up, because both are big fat liars...Livia and Genesis HAVE NOT been good this year. I know this. ~sage nods~
Nemesis Wolfe 12/23/18 Nemesis c*cks her head to the side as she noticed the fat jolly old man roaming about. With a smirk she raised her cup of joe in salute to the magical dinosaur.
Happy Christmas, Santa. Or shouldn't you be known as Krampus? You certainly look like Father Krampus.
Lucifer Morningstar 12/02/18 Hands the old guy the whisky bottle and bag of green."As you know, That naughty list I have pretty helped create. So any chance that I can have that ice machine this year?"
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 *smiles brightly* Thanks Daddy!
*skips off*
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 *smiles sweetly* Thank you Da-...Sata-...Santa.
*hugs* You're the best.
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 *tugs on his sleeve* Daddy?
*sheepish smile* I mean, Satan...Santa...Santa.
*whispers* Do not give Edward the Naughty Girl list he has been asking for since 2012.
*narrows eyes* He's been neither good nor careful.
Mackenzie 12/01/18 Dear Santa,

Every year, I do my very best to make it on a very specific list, yet you deny me this honor each and every year. Please allow me to prove to you why I deserve to be on the Naughty List.

First and foremost, I f-cking hate Christmas. It's a sham of a holiday, and the only thing enjoyable about it is receiving gifts that I can then put in a closet until it is suitable to re-gift them. Next, you might remember, that I actually enjoy murdering innocent people. Honestly. Terror tastes so good, especially after playing with your food for a good, long while.

Lastly, I'm fairly certain that there are more than a few around here that believe I belong on this list. Not entirely sure why, but just this once, I will agree with them. It f-cking sucks doing that, by the way. What a tough pill to swallow.

F-ck off,
Bree Ravencroft 11/30/18 Yay Santa :) I have been very, very naughty this year too *preens*
Edward Brollachan 11/26/18 Did you ever send me that list of Naughty Girls I asked you for? I've been good.
Well, I've been careful...
Miryam 12/24/17
EtaineNightBreed 12/24/15 Dear Santa Give DVH whatever is on his xmas list and I will take coal in y stocking! Etaine
Ferrow 12/24/14 So Santa... any chance you'd like to share this egg nog and rum I have? Merry Ho ho!
Bree Ravencroft 12/09/13 Dear Santa

I have been a very good witch this year. Well except for the one time I had a broom malfunction, we're going to forget that, right? *looks hopeful*
vamp_goku 06/02/13 You managed to break out Santa Claus.
Dessa Chambers 12/28/12
Livia Vlcek 12/27/12 "Dear Satan Santa,

Please do not believe all the rumours. I have been an especially good girl this year. I hope you will remember my home when you are out delivering presents. There will be a nice bottle of Gentleman Jack waiting with gingerbread cookies.

Love always,

The Slayer, completely inebriated, failed to realize that Christmas had already come and gone. The joy of being twenty three in a world full of Christmas parties...
Moon Fyre 12/27/12 *Moon wandered around shivering from the cold of the North Pole. Approaching a building marked Santa's Workshop she scans the area making sure no one is looking. She slips inside the building. Her eyes widen seeing all the tiny elves bustling about. A smile spreads reaching to her eyes, showing her fangs. What a delight it was to see such a happy sight. She yells out in her amplified voice.* "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!"
Shadwyn Drake 12/27/12 Drake looked once, then looked twice at the visage of Santa Clause. He loved Christmas with all his heart and he knew his beloved Mystic Rose did as well. But he was feeling a bit nice/naughty of sorts. So he couldn't resist giving the old fella a heartfelt hug. He slipped the jolly old elf a gift certificate to Victoria's Secrets. "For the wife...or whom you figure need this boost to their ego.."
Nathaniel Tallios 12/25/12 Santa! I didn't know whether I was supposed to leave cookies and milk or candy canes or a gingerbread house for you to snack on. So I decided to leave all of it for you! It is Christmas after all and no one works harder on the day than you do so eat up sir! It's about time you got a reward for your hard work!
cao cao 12/25/12
Time to put the joy ole St. Nic out of business and shop at the realms Costco. :D Vampires are getting rotten garlic cloves, werewolves are getting clippers, angels are getting pitch forks, witches are getting faulty brooms and cracked cauldrons, and the slayers are getting weapons that does nothing but cause splinters to its users. Oh and Don't forget, I gave the reindeer, lots of beans and wine. Merry Christmas.
Bella Swan Cullen 12/25/12 Merry Christmas Santa and a happy New year.. And also Ive been a very good girl
Selina Kyle 12/25/12 Santa baby I have been an awfully good girl this year. I think I deserve one thing and that would be that rechid vermin Rhett Butlers head on a platter. So come on down my chimney tonight. ~Scarlett kisses his cheek and smiles mischievously~
Bree Ravencroft 12/25/12 *Ahem* Santa, this is degrading. Maybe you should trim the expense account instead.

Sprew 12/25/12 Keep your pimp hand strong Santa!

tiggy 12/25/12 I'd like to say I'm nice, but we both know the truth.. I'm about as naughty as they come. *Holds up a cookie* Bribes work right? Cookies work.. Right? Happy Ho-Ho? Hmm, Merry Christmas? Should I sing a Boney-M Christmas song now?
EtaineNightBreed 12/25/12 I wish you Merry Christmas. *hugs* I wish all in the Realm. A safe and Happy Holiday Season *hands Santa a Starbucks coffee and chocolate chips cookies*
Siobhan Boru 12/25/12 *Shiv goes and sits on Santa lap , her arms wrapped around his neck and smiles* " Well you know I would be lying if I said I was a good girl, everyone would laugh at that so I will be honest. I have my moments when I was a wolfie I attacked and maimed but since I became I vampy I have seen the light... no i haven't I am still a Very bad bad girl. So what ever you have in that bag for me I know you will choose wisely on my behavior.But a Merry Christmas to ya." *grins*
Amethyst Boru 12/25/12 Dear Santa, "I have been a good girl all year and all I want for Christmas is Peace and Good will for the year to to come." *smiles and hands you a large box of skittles*
cao cao 12/24/12
Time for you to go down Chimneys. Merry Christmas.
Edward Brollachan 12/24/12 Dear Santa,
Okay, I've been good...sorta.
Well, maybe not that good.
Okay, I've been a complete shyte, but I meant well.
Well, not that well.
Could I please get that list of naughty girls and we can call it all good? That would totally rock!
Bree Ravencroft 12/24/12 "Ohhh...." *Tapping lips thoughtfully.* "Then we will have to see what is under the tree for you tomorrow, or do you prefer the stocking instead?"
Bree Ravencroft 12/24/12 "Well have you been naughty or nice?"
Bree Ravencroft 12/24/12 *Flops down on Santas lap* "So Santa what is on your list this year?"
EtaineNightBreed 12/24/12 "Merry Christmas Santa Claus. Thank you for granting my Christmas Wish. It was one nice stocking stuffer. Thank you for everything. This little witch got her wish!" *from EtaineNightBreed and EirieNightBreed.*
Amethyst Boru 10/29/12 Well its nice ta see ya Santa, even though it is a tad bit early for ya yes? *smiles hands ya a candy cane*
EtaineNightBreed 10/28/12 "Welcome Back Santa Claus!"
Edward Brollachan 10/28/12
Bree Ravencroft 10/28/12 *blinks* Aren't you a little early?
Amethyst Boru 12/20/10 ~*Hearing that Santa came to the realm Ami runs up to him out of breath.She looks at him tilting her head~* "Oh Santa Clause what nice sharp teeth you have!! Well welcome to the realm.I am Ami if you need anything please feel free to stop by or drop a line.Oh and you a vampire Cool." ~*She says with a grin and giving him a wink from her eye~*
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