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Born: February 10, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 0
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"Listen up there's not a moment to spare it's quite a drop from the top so how you feeling down there? It's a cold, cruel, harsh reality getting stuck here with your enemies.

Who do you think you are tearing us all apart? Where did you think you could go? Cause everyone already knows it's twenty to one yeah so you better run!!

You got the world on it's knees, you're taking all that you please you want more but you'll get nothing from me

You started something that you just couldn't stop you turned the ones you loved into the angriest mob and their one last wish is that you pay for it and there's no way you're getting out of this. ~Shinedown~


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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
White chocolate Otter Pops - Easter 2017

Draven A Ravenwalker's Biography
 photo pizap.com14560010105871_zpspvzfymaf.jpg

Name: Draven Alexzander Justicano Ravenwalker

DOB : November 20, 1994

Age : 22

Height: 5'9

Weight: 225 lbs Muscle built

Birthplace : Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Hair Color : black/brown short above ears

Eye Color: Blue turns purple when happy. Turns red or black when angry

Piercings: None

Tattoes : None

Relationship Status: Taken and Married to the beautiful Skylar (Whitmoore) Ravenwalker


Mother Name : Cassandra Carnivale Ravenwalker Boru

Father by birth : Lust Justicano (Deceased)

Father since Little and forever : Moon Ravenwalker (Deceased)

Siblings : Twin sister Saphire, sextuplets (3) brothers Mikhail, Nicolas, and Zacarias (3) sisters Raven, Natalya, and Tatijana. Twin sisters Melanie and Elizabeth. Little sister Luna who pasted away, and my twin brothers Daeyan and Agustus, Fraternal twins Kalani and Garret, Khalessi

Cousins : Ami & Ciaran (married)-(their children) Cierra(deceased),Paige Leigh (Stepdaughter), Hope Shauna (stepdaughter), Dessy Rose (daughter), Twins Ciara Brianna (daughter) and Connor Arthur (son), Elijah Ronan (son),twins Kathrine Angel and Kristin Kerry (1-27-16)(daughters). Matthaw, Airmid, Triplets Alexander, Tabitha, and Arwen, Twins Elessar and Cira.

Uncles and Aunts : Ronan and Lilly Emprium (Boru), Siobhan and Killian, Twins Cassidy and Rayna (Deceased) Agustus (Deceased) Templar (Deceased), Moshe (deceased), Perstephanie Lynn, Vamp Goku

Familiars: Dire Wolf named Shadow(Male) and his mate Shia(Female) and a Blue Dragon named Demaris

 photo pizap.com14649388513581_zpslgoolbhr.jpg


My name is Draven Alexzander Justicano Ravenwalker. Born in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania on a wintery day on November 20th 1994. I was born the oldest twin only my parents Cassanda and Lust thought they were just having me little did they know I was protecting and shielding my twin sister Saphire and that is when they knew that me and my sister were going to be a handful. They had my other brothers and sisters adding on to the family which was pretty cool considering me and my siblings have always been close and been there for one another. Growing up seeing most of everything protecting my siblings I watched my father Lust Justicano grow ill and acting weird and became ill with the red plague leaving my mother, my siblings all alone not really understanding what was happening but I knew that I was the man of the family now even if I was little. My mother was heartbroken for a long time but she never showed it she showed strength and courage and just continued to take care of us and never complained once.

Mom later remarried to a great man by the name of Moon Ravenwalker who took me and my siblings adopting us as his own. Both my parents have taught us everything we needed to know about life. They have always done right by us and so has my Godfather/Uncle Ronan and the rest of the family.

My mother has trained me along side her my uncle and family all that I was to know. She has taught me to be the man I should be and who I am today. I come from a race called the Carpathians with a lot of abilities. My mom taught me so much growing up about what we can do and what we shouldn't do. She taught me that respect is something that you learn and earn from someone and to never disrespect anyone and not expect to be handed everything you must earn it with patience and knowledge.

Things that have happened have taught me how to never take life for granted always live for the moment. Watching my mother die was a very big blow for me and I stepped up to help take care of my younger siblings. My father Moon went insane whe he lost my mother and on the same day I lost my other parent who helped raise me and taught me what I needed to know. Thankfully my godfather and the rest of the family was there for us and that made me feel a little better to know that we were not alone and never will be. Then a few months later we were blessed to have our mother back all she needed was a long dirt nap I guess. (~He chuckled a little bit at the thought.~)

In recent events my childhood best friend came back into my life. Always had a kid crush on her but when you get older you think that all it was but when you see them again and you can't stop staring at them that is how you know that it wasn't just a crush. Well that is what happened to me and her name is Skylar. When I saw her again I was in shock cause I never thought I would see her ever again but the the gods saw it fit to have our paths cross again. On May 28, 2016 I married my best friend and life mate the other part to my heart and soul together we are as one and no one will ever sever or come between us. I will always protect her and cherish her. Her life comes before my own and that is how it will always be for eterniy.

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Cassandra Carnivale

Saphire Lynch

Ronan Boru


Killian Doyle


Amethyst Boru


Siobhan Doyle

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Galen C Lynch


Rosa Ravenwalker

Taylor Black

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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
Galen C Lynch 07/18/17  photo EamonmoonframedpicBL_zpsrtqwvbaf.jpg Eamon Moon Lynch DOB: July 8 2017 Time 5:55 pm weight: 5 lbs 7ozs. Length: 20 in. Parents: Saphire and Galen Lynch
Ronan Boru 07/18/17  photo OrchidGaiaBoruBL3_zps6eocfvql.jpg Name: Orchid Gaia Boru DOB: 7/17/17 Time: 6:46 pm Length: 19 inches Weight 6 lbs 5 Ozs. Parents: Ronan Boru and Lilly Emperium
Cassandra Carnivale 06/06/17 Please help us welcome 2 more new memebers to our family.

 photo pizap.com14967930257721_zpsdljk4hvx.jpg
Marah Boru 05/13/17 Congrats on your little ones Drav. They are so cute and precious.Let me know if you need anything. Love you both.
Cassandra Carnivale 05/12/17 Please help us welcome the newest members to our family.

 photo piZap_1494641412993_zpsxw1q4ctl.jpg
Saphire Lynch 04/28/17 *Saphire runs to her twin all upset*
"Draven ...Draven our father is back and I dont mean Moon. Its Lust the sperm donor."
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
Skylar Ravenwalker 04/14/17 *Taking his his hand she walked with him.* "Great chocolate is good and very addicting. "
Skylar Ravenwalker 04/08/17 " Soccer huh? not sure about that."

Sky smiled when he asked about cravings

" Chocolate fudge ice cream."
Skylar Ravenwalker 04/08/17 Grinning when he dipped her then bringing her up.She wrapped her arms around his neck just before he pulled her up then kissed her.Felling the twins move she placed her hands on top of his.

" Not to much longer my love."
Skylar Ravenwalker 04/08/17 Slipping up behind him Sky placed her small hand over her husbands eyes. Then with her other hand she grabbed his ass and then spoke. "Guess who sexy? I do hope you have been behaving yourself I would hate to see your wife give you a spanking.Nice ass by the way"
Skylar Ravenwalker 04/07/17 Slipping up behind him Sky placed her small hand over her husbands eyes. Then with her other hand she grabbed his ass and then spoke.

"Guess who sexy? I do hope you have been having yourself I would hate to see your wife give you a spanking.Nice ass by the way"
Skylar Ravenwalker 01/07/17 * Hugging him back she listened to him then spoke* " I love you Draven Alexzander Ravenwalker.with all my heart. You saved me as well my love. Always. "
Skylar Ravenwalker 01/06/17 *Skylar hugs her husbandkissing his cheek*
"" Oh Dra I love you too. I'm not mad at you never was but I have to tell you something. Your thoughts screamed through my head a while back. I want you to know i will figbt any woman for you no matter who they are."
Ronan Boru 12/29/16 "I am fine . I am alive meeting at Camelot ."
Skylar Ravenwalker 12/27/16 *Seeing the roses she smiled taking them and smelling them. then when he called her his little Ruby she grinned* "They smell great. And you know no one ever called me that but you. I remember when you told me that it was because of my birthstone. " *Giving him a kiss she whispered* " You know I love you. Always have and always will."
Ronan Boru 12/25/16 Nollaig Shona
Nicolas_Ravenwalker 10/30/16 &Nick looked at his older brother then shook his head.& "Okay who p!ssed in your corn pops bro why you homicidal tonight?"
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/25/16 " Let them think what they want, but I know you and what they think doesn't matter. I know the real you and that is all that matters right?" * looking at him she smiled *
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/25/16 *hugs you* " Oh Draven I love you so much..and you my love has no need to worry if another guy looks at me like that I will knock them out."
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/23/16 " Well those pants better stay on if you know what is good for you. . Hey I'm hungry... you hungry."
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/23/16 " Well Marah is under those lights as well and she gets hot and sweaty and you don't see Marah stripping her shirt off in front of the customers now do ya?" * she looks at him with her hands on her hips.*
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/23/16 *Sky's jaw dropped hearing his come back and pouts* " My my what has you in a tizzy...? You know there is no men in the coven that notices me. And right now the only woman who would see you is Ami... And her comments don't matter cause she is married to Cici. But if you insist we can have some alone time if it will make you less crazy and cranky.. I do like our alone time."
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/23/16 " Draven Alexander I am just wearing this around the house and the Coven. You know I wont be able to wear my clothes much longer in two months I will be big as a house." * she looks at him * "And it was alone time that got me this way thank you very mucho!!"
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/22/16 " Ohhhhh spicy Cajun food I could really go for that." * she hugs him and grins hearing her tummy rumble.* " As for needing anything I got all that I need right here." * she said with a grin then kissed him on his cheek *
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/21/16 *feeling her husband's arms around her she smiled and hugs him. * " Yes love I'm feeling better. I love you more and miss you very much as well. So how are things going with you over there?"
Saphire Lynch 10/17/16 +Saphire looked at her brother after returning a hug then sighed.+

"Thanks Draven I just wish things were different is all."

+She looked down at the ground.+
Skylar Ravenwalker 10/13/16 ~Taking her husband she bowed her head the wrapped her arms around his neck as he led her in their dance.~

"I would love to you know this always brings back memories of our wedding."
Saphire Lynch 10/01/16 +She hugged him back then sighed as she listened to him.+

"There is but I will tell you later. But really Drav you have done so much for us siblings and you never once complained you never ask anything in return either. All I did was complain about you being over protective but in reality you have been there my whole life so I want to apologize to you for being a pain in the ass and I really am sorry. I love you so much big brother and I thank you."

+She continued to hug her brother.+
Saphire Lynch 10/01/16 +She giggled a bit and shook her head.+

"No nothing I just wanted to tell you how lucky I feel to have you for a brother especially a twin."

+She smiled.+
Saphire Lynch 10/01/16 +Saph walked up to her twin then smiled as she crossed her arms. She was so grateful to having a brother like him she couldn't help but to smile.+
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/27/16 * Kissing her husband back she looked at him and spoke*

" I what? Oh wow so I did I really didn't noticed. I was doing attacks , crimes and searching the city for goodies. "

* grins when he held out his hand and nodded.*

" Why yes sir would love to dance with my beloved."
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/24/16 *grins* " am I really? Well I will remember that and keep it in mind. Yes sweet heart we do if we don't get there in two licks they will think we forgot and we can't have that. Besides my brother is there tonight. He said something about new material." * Sky missed her husband and ran off laughing with him*
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/23/16 *grins* " Then no more nonsense of you quitting the band.You and Mar are great together. And I am sure she will say the same thing. I wish people would shut their mouths on things they know nothing about. My siblings have been in this business for years so has my family and they know winners when they hear them. So no more negativity. Let them come to me and i will personally knock them down." *scowls turning rabid*
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/23/16 * Sky laughed when he lifted her up and spun around. She Knew her husband would be pleased this is what he wanted since their wedding day.* " Yes my beloved it is true your gonna be a daddy. You will now have what you always wanted." * Hugging him she kissed him gently* " I do love you so Draven Alexzander Ravenwalker."
Ciaran_Boru 09/23/16 Congrats on the rank cousin. Nice job.
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/22/16 * Sky blushed* " Yeah I guess I did. All that training finally paid off wouldn't you say?"
Saphire Lynch 09/21/16 +Staring at her brother she smiled at him as his back was turned towards her. She cleared her throat and spoke.+

"Well are we keeping out of trouble there bro?"

+Crossing her arms as she waited for him to realize she was behind him.+
Marah Boru 09/21/16 " You know I wouldn't miss that for anything I love your moms get togethers I think that is where she will be doing the blood test. I am nervous to have a dad.. I haven't had one since I was 5. And as for practice I am there. This is so exciting Drav. We get to let our voices be heard and get to travel everywhere. And I have to say Rafe and Quinn are really cool. I really like them. "
Marah Boru 09/21/16 " I am fine and they are doing well They are growing so fast Drav. You may be getting a break with the training but I am doing double time. So how are you and Sky doing.? Bet she like the little break we have before the tour begins."
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/20/16 *Sky hands her husband a rose along with a kiss. * " Congrats my love on ranking great job.. And guess what? Your going to be a daddy!" * she looks at him with a big wide grin.*
Marah Boru 09/20/16 Congrats cuz.. you ranked.. coolness we are now the same..he he. Does this mean we cant spar anymore?

Siobhan Doyle 09/20/16 Shiv goes to her nephew tugging on his hair then in a playful manner she gently punches his arm. " Congrats Nephew of mine you did it you ranked I am so proud of you. Good job."
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/06/16 * Skylar giggled and hugged him tight. " Whoo hoo homeward bound Dra man. Just don't trip and drop me." * she said in a laughing voice.*
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/05/16 *placing her two hands on both sides of his face, looking deeply into his eyes*

" Yes I know and I feel the same way about you. Hey Dra.. can we start now? you know on uping out family?"

* Looking at him seductively with a devilish grin*
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/05/16 *Sky smiles and hugs him he face glowing with the love she felt for this man.*

" I know you been very patient with me and understanding that i was scared to have a baby. But Dra I really think I am ready. I love you so much I want to show you just how much by giving you this precious gift.I am so lucky to have you in my life no man in this world is calm and loving as you. I also know you will be here with me always and never leave me no matter what."
Skylar Ravenwalker 09/04/16 * Sky giggled being swept up in her husbands arms. Never once did he raise his voice to her, make her cry or made her feel like a idiot. She knew there was one thing he wanted just as much as he wanted and loved her. Hugging him she kissed his cheek and spoke as she looked into his dark eyes.*

" Dra I have been thinking and I think its time. I am ready... So here it goes... How ..would.. you like to expand our family?"

*She looked at him and waited for his reaction to her comment.*
W_Kat 07/12/16 You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Draven A Ravenwalker. No it works!!" Becomes annoyed
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/29/16 *Wrapping her arms around him when he picked her up she started to giggle.* " I cant wait I am starving."
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/28/16 *Giggling when she was scooped up she was glad to hear the happiness in his tone and actions. She was worried about him but now that faded. * " I say yes I cant wait to eat your mothers cooking."
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/28/16 * She let his head rest on hers for a few minutes then pulled back looking at him studying his eyes.* " Love what has you in this state? I understand if you cant talk right now but I am always here when you feel that you can."
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/26/16 * A smile crossed her lips feeling his kiss on her neck and looked upward at him.* " Hello my love. I love you. What has you in such a mood or need I have to ask?"
Saphire Lynch 06/17/16 +She sighed but she understood that he was just worried about her. A soft smile appeared upon her lips and spoke.+

"I am fine Drav really I promise. Still couldn't find him huh?"

+She looked at him.+
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/15/16 *Skylar laughs kissing the top of his head. Holding her arm out pointing straight ahead she spoke in a singing tone voice.* " Onward straight ahead husband who made me a trouble woman."
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/15/16 * Skylar laughs hugging him as she climbs on his back. " I know you were framed love, cause my Dra man is sweet and innocent. That is what I told Cici. Trouble woman huh? " * thinks* " I like that name."
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/15/16 "Dinner sounds great I am starving. Seafood , surf and turf sounds good actually. what do you think?" * keeping her forehead pressed against his she looked into his eyes. * " So what about dinner my love?"
Saphire Lynch 06/14/16 +Walking up to her twin she tilted her head a bit looking at him then she spoke.+

"Well dear brother What and who p!seed in your cornpops to make you so angry?."

+She gave him a soft smile.+
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/13/16 *Skylar holds him close kissing him back. When they parted she looks at him and smiles* " Well I have to work hard my love if I am ever going to catch up with you now aren't I?" *She looks at him and grins*
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/08/16 * Hugging him back Sky leans up and kissed his cheek* " I love you Dra. You are my life. I was worried I did something. Just glad it isn't me. Yes we will definitely talk later in private."
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/07/16 * Skylar looks at her husband and noticed his mood* " Drav are you alright? I hope its not me that attitude is directed at."
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/07/16 Congrats on ranking love.
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/03/16 * she smiled * " Now room service for me but I know you need to feed. Trust me I remember that well. I kinda miss it actually." * She kissed him back running her fingers through is hair.* " I love you Draven"
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/03/16 * Sky giggled some when he lifted her up into his arms* " Well sleep does sound good but maybe we could get room service for dinner?" *She could hear her tummy growling*
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/02/16 "Well you were sleeping so soundly and I know how those nasty sun rays can hurt trust me but since I was transformed into a demon they don't hurt at all cause my vampire born in me is now dormant. But the next sun rise you can watch briefly before the rays get bad."
* hearing him tell her he slept well cause she was in his arms she smiled.* " As I sleep well feeling myself in your arms my love. "
Skylar Ravenwalker 06/02/16 * Feeling her husbands arms wrap around her her hands went on his. and smiled leaning back with her eyes closed taking in his scent.* " Hello my love how did you sleep? I just love waking up early to watch the sun set and how the colors illuminate over the water. The smell of the salt and the ocean is like no other don't you think?"
Skylar Ravenwalker 05/26/16 * Looking at him she smiles speaking in a giggle * " I have top say you grew up well also. And look at those biceps Ummm.." *Rolling her eyes when he mentioned drinking the night before she laughed "Well I saw you in that pub last night and you were preoccupied by some one trashy. And it took a handsome guy to come and rescue you. He even said she was trashy. And you walked right past me with out noticing me. And I was only a couple of stools away. So tell me why were you drinking yourself into a stupor?"
Skylar Ravenwalker 05/26/16 * She looked at him rolling her eyes * " ah no its the Devil incarnate" *she then cracked a soft flirty smile*
Skylar Ravenwalker 05/26/16 *Ruby was walking the streets and bumped into a tall dark handsome man. Looking up she couldn't believe who it was.* "Oh my goodness Dra you really need to look where your going."
Killian Doyle 04/13/16 Something like that. Her and Ronan mother actually. We are back and that is all that matters right now. We are all together and I am sure your sister will be back tomarrow the latest.
Ciaran_Boru 04/12/16 Thanks. * Drinks the beer*
Killian Doyle 04/12/16 thanks. Yeah the other side decided I belonged here longer. * he smiles*
W_Kat 04/11/16 Congrats on Ranking. WTG!!
Saphire Lynch 04/09/16 ^She shreked as he picked her up throwing her over like ^She was some sort of sack of vegetables and she started to smack him on his back and growled.^

"Draven you put me down right now you big ogre I am not a child damn it you can't keep me in a bubble you know. I mean it Draven Ravenwalker you put me down now this is not the cave man days you know."

^She was getting very mad and knew he meant what he said. Growling as she placed her fist under her chin ^She sighed in frustration.^
Saphire Lynch 04/09/16 ^Rolling her eyes she looked at her twin and then spoke as she moved away from him.^

"Draven I am not a little kid I do know how to take care of myself you know. And besides I needed the wall and you will live I didn't damage your previous face. Besides you deserved it for scaring me like that lucky I didn't shot you in your arse with a arrow it probably would of made a improvement. Now of you don't mind your highness can I finish my walk before rounds?"

^Placing her arms crossed as she stood there waiting for him to answer.^
Saphire Lynch 04/09/16 ^Watching the man fall down to the ground she pulled out her dagger so she was ready in case this man wanted to fight but then she tilted her head when she heard her brothers voice and she placed it back in her pocket then growled.^

"Draven what the hell are you doing? What do you have some sort of death wish I could of killed you."

^She bent down and grabbed him by his shirt to help him up.^
Saphire Lynch 04/09/16 ^Sapire thought it was a nice night for a walk her mind was a bit troubled this night and a walk would do her some good. Trying not to think about certain things were very hard not to and she would talk with her uncle about it later at some point but tonight she would just enjoy the walk. As she started to come up the street she saw a wolf in the woods to her left and listened to it sing and a soft smile played upon her lips. Not paying attention as she continued to walk she jumped high when she looked up and saw someone hang upside down and tell and without warning she screamed and then punched him square in the face them stepped back.^
vamp_goku 04/02/16 LEAVE ME ALONE! This is the last time I babysit for Cassie..I swear..
W_Kat 03/30/16 "Maybe...maybe not".
W_Kat 03/30/16 You managed to break out Draven A Ravenwalker. " RUN FORREST, RUNNN"!!
W_Kat 03/30/16 Yells "LET GO OF THE BARS"!!
W_Kat 03/01/16 Smiling happily, Kat extended her slightly, her hand opened to shake his. she did her best to stand still. "Thank You so much and it's a pleasure meeting you. Oh My God!! I can't believe I won"!
Saphire Lynch 02/24/16 "Thanks bro." +She smiled+
Saphire Lynch 02/13/16 +She looked at her brother listening to him tell her about their mom not doing good at all broke her heart. Having no words she just followed her brother to their uncle's.+
Saphire Lynch 02/13/16 +Saphire saw her brother and hugged him back. When she got the call from him about their mom she left school right away then came as soon as she could. Holding back her tears for the moment softly she spoke.+

"Yes how is she Draven?"

+Pulling away from him she looked up at him and waited for the answer to her mother's condition.+
MysticRose 02/11/16 Welcome to the realm I hope you find all that you seek here.
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